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September 30, 2009;/h3>

{     Cupco Fear Demon     }    


New stuff from Luke at CUPCO - mean-lookin' little biker jerks called Fear Demons! From the site:

The Fear Demon captures all your fears, paranoia, neuroses and negativity and uses them for his evil, twisted slightly nazoid purposes! Basically to KILL! KILL! KILL! and then go back to the CUPCO clubhouse and get a drunk as is demonly possible.

The 100% handmade figure features a removable helmet, detachable head and a hand-printed back - plus it comes with a CUPCO Suicide Bomber keyring and stickers! It's 14" x 6.5". All that for just $60! Check it out in the CUPCO Shop...


{     Doomriders "Darkness Comes Alive"     }    


Just saw on Hoopers Electric, the blog of tattoo artist and painter Thomas Hooper, that the merch he designed for the new Doomriders album, "Darkness Comes Alive" is now up for sale on and needless to say, they rule. Plus, they're only $14, so you've got plenty of bones left to buy the LP from God, I can't wait to see that cover art on a big 'ol 12" sleeve!

As an added bonus, check out these two tracks off the album:

~ Doomriders "Crooked Path" (direct mp3)
~ Doomriders "Lions" (direct mp3)


September 15, 2009;/h3>

{     D*Face Installation at Jonathan LeVine     }    


To complement the exquisite corpse theme of London-based sculptor and street artist D*Face's site-specific installation at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC titled "Ludovico Aversion Therapy / All Your Dreams Belong To Us", the artist has unveiled on opening night an 8’ x 12’ piece in an unfinished state that will change over time. Beginning with an image of the artist’s own eyes, D*Face plans to add additional layers individually over the exhibition’s run (thru October 10th), so that visitors may return to see the work develop gradually into it’s completed state.

More info on the show following the jump!


{     REBEL8 - Fall '09     }    


Fresh out this week are the new Fall tees from REBEL8. The SF-based label, illustrated by bona-fide favorite Mike Giant, have just added 16 (!!!!) new tees, plus hoodies, hats, and accessories for both guys and girls, to their online store. I have to be honest in that I thought the Summer drop was a bit 'meh', but this stock is fresssssssssssh. They got that PMA!


{     New videos: Fever Ray & Cinnamon Chasers     }    


A couple great new videos that I had to make sure got seen. The first is a great new narrative from Cinnamon Chasers to accompany their subtle track "Luv Deluxe". The second is the video for "Seven", the latest single from Fever Ray, featuring yet more of their signature chilling, creepy, superb imagery. Watch the videos and download the MP3s after the jump!


September 14, 2009;/h3>

{     Riot Tuxedo     }    


There are a lot of small tee labels out there doing one-color, scrawly illo prints in the vein of classic 70s-80s punk and metal tees, Actual Pain being one of our faves (so much so they were 'adopted' by CrownDozen longtime favorites, Mishka). Well, fairly recently I stumbled upon the lookbook of young upstarts Riot Tuxedo, a crew of two making some absolutely perfect tees in their nasty simplicity. Printing badass, oldishly-new nasty skate-metal tees, reminiscent of shit the weird kid in high-school drew on the back of his notebook, these guys deliver a tee line that instantly hit the mark in my crusty, black heart.

These dudes print their tees up in a manner that looks and feels truly vintage, and that's before they're hand-distressed by Riot Tuxedo's own claws and paws. It all makes for an instant fave in your closet - one you better watch close when some slinky sleepover asks for something to wear the morning after, or you've got your fave crust band crashing at your place after a show, 'cause these shits'll be vapor...

So check 'em out at, and if you'd like to read more about Brian Anderson, the dude behind the curtain at RT, then check the quickie interview after the jump!


September 9, 2009;/h3>

{     Daisy De Villeneuve for TFL     }    


TFL = Transport For London = tube lines never functining = iconic tube (subway for those across the pond) symbols = lots more

Well, TFL has regular makeover and when they launched their new ticketing system, they had nothing but free Tracy Emin card holders distributed to random dazzled passangers.

The current makeover is by daughter-of-semi-famous-parents extraordinaire (very common title where it does not matter if you have anything at all to say as long as your lineage is even remotely rock and roll) Daisy De Villeneuve.


September 8, 2009;/h3>

{     Health "Die Slow" Video     }    


Just took the time to finally watch the video for "Die Slow" off 'Get Color', the new album from noise assailants Health and had to share it. The album's been getting a ton of play here at CrownDozen, and we've had the below-linked remix by Anticon-associated Tobacco on blast all week too.

- Health "Die Slow (Tobacco Remix) (Mediafire)



September 4, 2009;/h3>

{     Low Fidelity by Space Invaders     }    


This is a case in which the artist has become more famous than…er…the videogame his name was inspired by: the one and only Space Invader is back with a solo show at Lazarides Gallery Rathbone, central London.

We all know him for the small mosaic tiles applied to buildings all over the world: look carefully around you at about 3.5 meters from the ground and one will magically appear, whether in Katmandu, Varanasi or Mombassa (as well as the more prosaic Paris, New York and Sydney). A primordial form of street art before the word was even invented.

But this time this Frenchman is using something else to create his pixel fantasies, something by far chunkier but just as iconic: Rubik cubes.

By Tacita in Art, Reviews

September 2, 2009;/h3>

{     Cougar     }    


”Cougar style their music “epic emergency rock.” However, the presence of producer and Tortoise luminary John McEntire is clue enough that epic emergency rock also sits in the heritage of post-rock (and its own multitude of glories). The album is narrated by six numbered fragments built from found sound and muted voices. The compositions are melodically lush and rhythmically compelling. A penetratingly ruffed high-tom sample drives the hypnotic “Pulse Conditioner”. “Your Excellency” is sleepy and drifting, a reflectively rounded guitar tone carrying the riff before a more crunching coda replaces reflection with nagging doubt. The mellowed acoustic loop that opens standout track “Atlatl” is pushed aside by a gloriously precise and urgent second movement of dual lead guitars.”
- The Wire (Album review)

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