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January 29, 2009;/h3>

{     B2tF!!!     }    

back2dafutahcap.jpgThe future's so bright... my eyeballs just melted. Don't ride your hoverboard without one.

Preorder that shit.


January 26, 2009;/h3>

{     Theophilus London "This Charming Mixtape"     }    


So I was heads-up'd today to a mixtape from a mister Theophilus London... Entitled "This Charming Mixtape", I was instantly intrigued by the cover's reference to Elvis Costello's classic "This Year's Model" and the title's reference to The Smith's also-classic "This Charming Man". Quickly downloading and queueing up the 18 tracks I was immediately reminded of my absolute favorite mixtape from last year, Kid Cudi's "A Kid Named Cudi" by the vibe and London's delivery.

The sing/speak/rap approach is perfect and exactly what I feel was the progression needed for hip-hop to move forward in '09, and I can honestly say that along with Cudi, Kanye's current efforts, the upcoming Kid Sister album, and a few others, '09 is shaping up to be the year hip-hop rose to near-'80s worthy pop perfection and I'm soooooo excited for exactly that to happen.

Back to the tape, London's stroke of influences is indeed broad, consisting of Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, The Ramones, Prince, The Smiths & Kraftwerk to name a few. This knowledge assists in pulling together samples and hooks from various recognizable sources like Glass Candy, Whitney Houston (via some Baltimore bounce), Amadou & Mariam, Bill Withers and many more. This shit is choice, don't miss!

Download: Theophilus London "This Charming Mixtape"


January 25, 2009;/h3>

{     Cult of Luna "Fire Was Born DVD"     }    

By Aaron in Singles

January 21, 2009;/h3>

{     Netflix + XboxLive     }    


I never fucked with the "Watch Instantly" feature on Netflix until they unleashed Xbox compatibility. Now I am an unrepentant video junkie, and I've found myself wasting hours of my life on some truly repugnant shit (Wild Things: Diamonds In the Rough, anybody?)

Amongst all the straight-to-dvd National Lampoon's titles, 30 year-old made for TV dramas and several thousand hours worth of every flavor of Law & Order and CSI there are actually some worthwhile flicks available to stream at no additional cost to Netflix subscribers. Here's a few:

Inland Empire - Perhaps Lynch's strangest film to date, you'll either love it or hate it but either way will likely be happy that you didn't have to pay to see it. If you're looking for lighter Lynch fare you can also peep The Short Films of David Lynch, or see where it all started with Eraserhead.

Fame Whore - I was happy to see Netflix carried Moritsugu at all, and you can watch this and Scumrock instantly. I picked Fame Whore because I adore the vignette starring Amy Davis, Moritsugu's prescient meditation on Paris-Hilton-esque celebrity status.

In the Realms of the Unreal - A fascinating look at Henry Darger, one of the most well-known Outsider artists (savor the irony of that phrase) of our age, the film is equal parts documentary and celebration / homage to his work.

The Road Warrior - Arguably one of the best post-apocalyptic genre films to date, this sequel to Mad Max retains the gritty ultraviolence of the original without falling prey to the loquacious cheek of the third film. My parents took me to the drive-in when I was 10, expecting I would fall asleep after watching the main feature before this came on. I did not fall asleep. For days.

Fitzcarraldo - I have yet to watch this Warner Herzog flick, a dramatization of events in the life of rubber baron Carlos Fitzcarrold, but apparently it involves dragging a 320-ton steamboat over a mountain in the middle of the Peruvian jungle. And this being 1982, and the film being directed by Herzog, he insisted that they rely not on special effects to tell this part of the story, but that they needed to drag an actual 320-ton steamboat over an actual mountain. Klaus Kinski stars as the lead, and was apparently such an asshole on set that one of the Amazonian tribal chiefs who worked as an extra told Herzog he'd be happy to murder Kinski in his sleep if the director would only say the word.

Tales of the Rat Fink - A look back at Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's profound influence on the custom-culture hot-rodding scene, this piece uses some inventive animation (voiced by an interesting cast of celebs and car-lovers from John Goodman to Tom Wolfe) to bring the 50's and 60's scene to life. You'll get an eyeful of the monsters and mutants that made Roth the go-to-guy for imaginative, fun and subversive design.

Welcome to the Dollhouse - Todd Solondz has mastered the art of elucidating the most uncomfortable moments in life. This early flick plumbs the depths of middle-school pubescent awkwardness to a degree that approaches Degrassi Jr. High to the millionth power. You can also add Storytelling and Palindromes to the mix, though sadly Happiness remains un-Watch-Instantly-able.

Persepolis - Remember when you were all pissed about how Ratatouille beat this for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature last year, even though you hadn't actually watched this yet, but you could just tell it was the better film based on it's animation style and that trailer you watched that one time? Well now you can confirm your anger by actually watching this rather amazing bit of personal revelation.

Sukiyaki Western Django - Takashi Miike's half-breed Spaghetti Western can be a bit of a hit-or-miss affair (gunslinger pun ahoy!), but it's hard not to enjoy just how goddamn weird and beautiful it all is. The CG can be rather cartoonish and lends an air of unbelievability to the violence, but this ultimately works well given the outlandish cast of characters we're presented with and the often less-than-perfect special effects of the source material to which this film pays homage. And if you're not already laughing at Quentin Tarantino's performance in the frame story, then you're just not in on the joke to begin with.

Straw Dogs - The Dustin Hoffman you meet at the beginning of this film is a lot like the Dustin Hoffman you've come to know in many of his other films: Bookish and a little emotionally withdrawn, he's a bit of a nebbish and the quiet sort of wimpy elitist who considers himself a step or two above the Average Joe. The Dustin Hoffman you encounter at the end of the film is an entirely different Dustin Hoffman altogether. The fact that this is a Peckinpah film may clue you in as to what sort of Dustin Hoffman we're talking about here.

Bukowski: Born Into This - Every guy I've ever known has gone through a Bukowski phase. This film helped me kick mine, while still respectfully allowing me to place those thoughts and beliefs in their proper context.

Clash of the Titans - Despite how cheesy much of it comes off now (thanks a lot Harry Hamlin's chest hair...), it's hard to deny the scope and intensity of this epic fantasy feature. There's so much here, from the pantheon of Greek Gods to a host of wicked-looking monsters and bad guys. This was Ray Harryhausen's final large-scale effects job prior to retiring, and it showcases a lot of his finest work. The Kraken scared me so thoroughly as a child that I actually covered my eyes during those scenes. I think I was 18 before I realized how Perseus actually defeated the damned thing.


January 20, 2009;/h3>

{      Black Bart Obama Bootleg T-shirt     }    


"My president's black, my lambo's blue..."

Mishka is throwing their own inauguration party today with of 44% off most everything for 44 hours, so you can pick up the above pictured, previously sold out Black Bart Obama Bootleg T-shirt for cheap! Simply enter the code OBAMA44 when checking out!

Today rules!


January 18, 2009;/h3>

{     Mark Mulroney "Follow the Nosebleeds" at Mixed Greens     }    


The Mc Scat Cat of 26th St, Mark Mulroney slaps down some multimedia slippery slop in an explosive season opener at Mixed Greens. This is no Paula Abdul duet.

     » Mixed Greens

By Aaron in Singles

January 16, 2009;/h3>

{     Tokyo Gore Police     }    


Got a horny horror hole? Well prepare to get it hammered with the hardest, hairiest, horse cock sized, whizzamagoo spewing thing-thang you ever shoved in there.

     » Buy
     » Trailer


January 9, 2009;/h3>

{     Tim Biskup - "Helper" Ring     }    


I'm not the jewelry wearing type. My wedding band, the only piece of jewelry I wear, redefines the terms "simple" and "plain". Most people upon encountering it anywhere other than on my finger assume it's just a spare part from some industrial-sized piece of machinery that I happen to have lying about. But this little beauty, crafted in sterling silver by Acorn Studio for Biskup's Flopdoodle imprint, has got me rethinking my stance.

The Helper has long been one of my favorite of Biskup's character designs, and he looks particularly smashing here in ring-form. And speaking of smashing, how great would it feel to sock somebody a good one and leave that imprint upside their head? Maybe I need a fist full of these....

Not sure where they'll be popping up for sale, so keep your eye peeled at your local retailers and online, they should retail for around 200 clams. In the mean time check out some of Tim's work here, or pick up some Biskup merch at

By Adam in Singles

January 7, 2009;/h3>

{     Birdy Nam Nam "The Parachute Ending" (MP3)     }    


I hate that it took Justice's production to bring my attention to this track, but with a name like Birdy Nam Nam I can guarantee I never would have listened to them otherwise. That said, thank jaheezus I got this track all up in my headphones because this shit is HUGE.

A little info on (sigh) Birdy Nam Nam: they are French, there are four of them, their music is composed all via turntables and in fact several are DMC turntable champions, and they have a new album dropping January 12th stateside (apparently it was released over there on the first) produced entirely by Yuksek save for this track produced by Gaspard and Xavier.

It begins on a slow roll, but trust me, this shit hits HARD like whoa. Looking forward to hearing the remainder of the album of it's Yuksek-flavored production.

     » Birdy Nam Nam - The Parachute Ending (192kbps via Mediafire)


January 4, 2009;/h3>

{     "Dizzy" Lizzy Rachtman's Top 12 Metal Releases of 2008.     }    


All hail the coming of what you will have thought is great in the world of and year in Trvth: 2008.

1. Cannibal Corpse "Centuries of Torment" DVD
2. Cult of Luna "Eternal Kingdom"
3. Gojira "The Way of All Flesh"
4. Meshuggah "Obzen"
5. Bloodbath "The Fathomless Mastery"
6. Made Out Of Babies "The Ruiner"
7. Genghis Tron "Board Up the House"
8. Zimmer's Hole "While You Were Shouting At The Devil, We Were in League With Satan."
9. Testament "The Formation of Damnation"
10. The Sword " Gods of the Earth"
11. Opeth "Watershed"
12. Hate Eternal "Fury and Flames"

By Aaron in Twelves

January 2, 2009;/h3>

{     Faesthetic Issue 10     }    


Ah yes, the 10th issue of art magazine Faesthetic has just been released and, as always, it looks to be yet another winner. "Scams & Deceit" is the theme for this issue, with over 35 artists contributing this time around to bring you 128 pages of 2-color goodness.

For those who've never heard, Faesthetic is "By Artists, For Artists! The Fast Aesthetic..." - an art for artists magazine that was originally an annual photocopied endeavor, but now drops 3 wonderful issues a year. The idea is to keep it cheap ($10), original and accessible while remaining entirely ad-free, so drop a bill on the new ish' and Think Faest!

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