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December 19, 2008;/h3>

{     Holiday Gift Ideas (Part 2)     }    


Concrete TV DVD Set : If TV Carnage were all sex and violence x 20,000 you'd have Concrete TV. I've been watching this on Manhattan Cable access for years, wishing, waiting and wanting to share it with everyone I know the whole time. Now it's out on DVD and I can. Get a cinder block full of A/V awesome thrown at your whole soul.


SSS: The Dividing Line : Short Sharp Shock Ladies and Gentlemen. Short Sharp Shock


Bird Barbie : It's like everything I ever hoped would happen to my sister's Barbie dolls was made real. Is this sexist? Sure. But ask yourself this Rachel Maddows of the world: Would you laugh if Laura Bush or Sarah Palin got this treatment? I thought so.


Snuggie : From their website: "Blankets are OK, but they can slip and slide, plus your hands are trapped inside." Exactly! Thanks Snuggie! You are all I ever want to wear, ever again. Ever. As a matter of fact, can you take me to our leader? I want to give him all I own and study at the compound.


Coonskin : Ralph Bakshi's classically controversial cartoon movie about street life in 1970's Harlem. Super, supercharged racial movie worthy of review in our new "post-racial" era.


Bloodbath- The Wacken Carnage DVD/CD: Santa will you come down from heaven and grant my wish to be eaten by this DVD?


Logos From Hell: A WMD for the Cryptologic Jihad. This new release is the tip of an amazingingingingly rich body of illustrative goodies rooted in darkness and crafted with love. Riddick Owns.


December 17, 2008;/h3>

{     Converse X UNDFTD (Poorman's Weapon)     }    


BOOM. And here they are, the shoes I've always dreamed of - a new cut of Converse similar to chucks, but made over by LA-based streetwear giants UNDFTD. Honestly, I could give two Dunks and a Cobrasnake sticker whether or not these were made in partnership with Undefeated, actually preferring they not be so's I could actually track down a pair for a decent price upon release. But track them down I will, and I'll easily pay more for these than I ever have for any other shoe. Yup.

So yeah, these Chuck-ish Cons are inspired by classic military bomber jackets and designed by the Undefeated crew, looking sleek and simple at first but then bursting with subtle detailing. These high-dollar "Poormans" feature removable velcro logos, signature patches, contrast orange lining, and UNDFTD strikes on the side of the sole.

I am absolutely infatuated with this design and were Converse to offer these cuts in classic canvas, minus the Undefeated detailing then they just might have their next classic sneak. I'd buy these in black canvas over and over for years times infinity...


Get 'em exclusively at Undefeated and at in January. Sigh. A few more pics available at Wish me luck.


December 15, 2008;/h3>

{     Holiday Gift Ideas (Part One)     }    


Babel: Jim Houser : You can't go wrong with the whimsical work of Houser, and in lieu of purchasing an actual piece this book will suffice.
True Norwegian Black Metal : This oversize chunk of paper may as well be forged of black iron and inked in the ashes of burnt churches. Damn.


Penfield Hermosa Scarf : It's purple on one side and B&W on the other. Like it was made for me and only me, but I know you'd like it too.
Buddha Machine II : A little box that plays ambient loops over and over and over and over and over and zzzzzennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....


Stanley 8oz Flask : It's a flask made by Stanley, the company that made that steel thermos that your Dad took back and forth with him to work every day for years. It's the only flask I want and the only one I will carry.
Rebel8 / Mike Giant Tee : Anything from Rebel8, for reals.


Vania Zouravliov's "Vania" : My number one, absolute hands-down favorite illustrator of the year, and also proven to be one of the most elusive ones. Thank god for this book.
Panasonic DMC-LX3K : Shiiiiit, it's got all that the Canon G10 has plus more, and a Leica lens. Duh, sold.


Ninja Throwing Star Magnets : Just look at 'em. What else is there to say?!?!?
Stanley 24oz Thermos : And if yo're gonna have the flask then you may as well carry your soup or coffee in the real thing too...


Kikkerland Anatomical Models : I want any of these. I want all of these. I want multiples of each of these. I want them all around me.
Ear Force X3 Headset for Xbox 360 : Hear both your chat and game audio thru your headphones! These might not help with your own shouting, but at least you can crank the volume and hear the the bodies hit the floor without disturbing those nearby.


December 3, 2008;/h3>

{     Brixton Ltd. • Winter o8'     }    


Of the many labels I’ve gotten to review, Brixton Ltd. is certainly my choice for making quality and price their top priority. With their original market of truly excellent, quality hats for reasonable prices Brixton Ltd. has seen a continued progression into the clothing market. Brixton Ltd. now offers a great selection of jackets and flannels to help weather the winter seasons. The jackets aren’t quite “thick” coats, but when worn with your favorite flannel you’ll be pretty snug and very stylish. The quality behind the flannels themselves is the continuing trend of high quality for Brixton Ltd. and really makes for a great buy. There accessories line too, such as their wallets and scarves also achieve high marks. Brixton seems to prove the point that cost doesn’t need to be in the triple digits and quality should be a important to any designer. I strongly recommend checking out Brixton Ltd. and making your own purchases as soon as possible.

Check out Brixton Ltd.

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