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October 28, 2008;/h3>

{     The Sacred Book of the Werewolf by Victor Pelevin     }    


The Sacred Book of the Werewolf follows the life and mind of a completely gorgeous prostitute named A Hu-Li, a werefox whose primary means of sustenance is the sexual energy of men whom she hypnotizes with her red haired tail into thinking they are having the best sex of their lives while she drains them.

In spite of this A Hu-Li is concerned largely with the nature of perception and spiritual transcendence as she leads the reader from situation to situation through a dialogue that touches on literature, philosophy, contemporary Russian politics, history, morality and religion.

While discussing all this in brilliantly expository conversations with an ensemble of KGB werewolves, occultists, wealthy Johns, Zen masters and other werefoxes, she inches toward her goal of finding the elusive Super Werewolf. Not just a messianic being, the super werewolf turns out to be a spiritual path that leads her and others like her through love to werefox nirvana. (Would that technically be called "Werevana"? Hmmm...)

This is a tale whose wicked horror/fantasy shell is cracked into a million bits and put back together by an expansive conceptual exchange that is at once marvelously intelligent, touching, and uniquely witty.

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By Aaron in Reading

October 22, 2008;/h3>

{     Mike Giant at White Walls Gallery     }    


So, as most everyone should know by now, we're huge fans of Mike Giant here at and have been for years, so when there's a new collection of his work up somewhere we're all over them sharpie strokes like moles on McCain face. Sadly, I have yet to see a Mr. Giant show in person, but as for this recent collection I saw plenty via the giant (harhar, but seriously, they're big) pics up on the WhiteWalls SF site, as well as SuperTouch's exquisite coverage (as always).

Now, ah yes, now there's not only pics for us interwebber fanboys, but there's a video interview with the man himself thanks to video site It's a joy to watch and gain some insight into Mike's meditative head. Check it after the jump. Zzzzzzennnnnnnnnnn, zen, zen, zen, zennnnn.....


October 7, 2008;/h3>

{     Insight - Fall/Holiday o8'     }    


After a season of prints seemingly inspired by the hipster beach bum, Insight seems to be leaning more towards the taste of the old-timey inspired hipster with their fall collection. A re-emergence to diamond prints, cool cut preppy dress shirts, and old skool plaid inspired garments. Don’t think they’ve forgotten the unique, wild style design scheme as they’re still represented in force. They even managed to make a skinny jean that is somewhat tolerable called "Loose Joints." I still hate the f*ckers, but I know some people out there still like skinny's so, a ray of light exists. Insight has simply managed to take the outrageous and comfortable fashions and blend them together. At the very least, I’d drop by their website and give their Autumn line a closer look.

Click Here to check out Insight


{     Let's go dance to Joy Division . . .     }    

Not much to say about this. Good solid care-free-sunshine-and-rainbows-on-a-cloudy-day-dance-punk. It's just something I wanted to share. This song probably gets a lot of play on Michael Cera's Ipod and wouldn't be surprised if it was used as a song to back an MTV promo - - -

But despite this I like it. It's a solid upbeat downer dance punk song that gets some serious sing song at the end. The break at the end is killer. It's kinda the Daft Punk Playing at My House song for Joy Division.

Anyways, this isn't a song meant for a crowd older than 19 I think. It's a song for people who really really got into Joy Division after Donnie Darko and there ain't nothin' wrong with that. Donnie Darko got me into Tears for Fears in a big way.

- The Wombats - Let's Dance to Joy Division (320 zShare link)


October 6, 2008;/h3>

{     Top Twelve Hooker Flicks     }    

Fuck Pretty Woman.

1. Midnight Cowboy
2. Nights of Cabiria
3. Whore
4. My Own Private Idaho
5. My Life to Live
6. Belle de Jour
7. Naked Kiss
8. Dolemite
9. Trash
10. Willie Dynamite
11. Taxi Driver
12. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

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