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July 29, 2008;/h3>

{     Natalie Portman's Shaved Head • Glistening Pleasure     }    


When I saw the name “Natalie Portman” in the music section my heart immediately sunk. Another starlet trying to conquer the music biz, and not just any starlet but the idol for millions who appreciate the perfect blend of beauty and brains. It wasn’t until I read the rest of the name, “Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head” that I saw there might be something behind a band who could take a cool moment in pop culture and twist it to suit their own epithet.

The album, Glistening Pleasure is certainly a pleasure to listen to. Honestly, a great selection of tracks from start to finish with some kick-ass beats, good lyrics, and just a good time album. Some might see it as being a little bit pop heavy, but I think it comes out as a great album worth a repeat setting on your mp3 player.

Real jewels “Me+Yr Daughter” and “Beard Lust” steal the show but don’t make the rest any less worth the time. Check out their MySpace or get some tracks from TheDiscoWorkout, give them a try and see if they’re worth the download.


{     Kid Cudi "A Kid Named Cudi" Mixtape     }    


Kid Cudi's new mixtape ("Plain Pat and Emile presents the Kid Cudi Mixtape - a Kid Named Cudi") is without a doubt or a second's hesitation the best hip-hop I've heard in months, or even a year or two, or even more. Shit, it's just so......... it's just great. It's fresh, it's totally different than anything else. I'm sitting here headphone'ing again for the 4th time this evening and I'm just geeking and geeking more and more for it. Cudi's not throwback, not too future, just ridiculously good, or at least this mixtape is. Like, imagine if all the posturing Kanye has done in his career were true, he'd be Kid Cudi. The beats are like nothing else out right now and Cudi's flow is just so chill and rolling. No tech, no trick, just straightforward hooks that I promise you'll play for your friends and one by one I guarantee they'll be begging to get a copy for themselves.

So with all that said, the best thing about this mixtape is that it's totally FREE and can be on your hard drive in about 3 clicks. Just go to his homepage and get ready for a head change....

edit: Kid Cudi's site folded under the pressure. Here are some links to download the free mixtape: MediaFire - FilePanda - FileDropper


{     Chromeo "Momma's Boy" Video     }    

Yes! My favorite song off the last Chromeo album, "Momma's Boy", debuted on MTV over the weekend. "Momma's Boy" was stuck in my head for weeks, and when I watch this fresh "Take On Me"-esque video I wonder if America can ever enjoy something like this the way they once did Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing".... Alas, probably not. Thank god for the internet.

     » Chromeo "Momma's Boy" (zshare)


July 23, 2008;/h3>

{     Slept On Sounds: Pelican City     }    


First: There's candy if you get into this car, I promise.
Second: But it's that hard Grandparent candy that's hard to swallow.

DOWNLOAD: Pelican City "Sesame Street" (zshare 320)


Listen: Pelican City is wicked. Hear that. That's a big beat my friend. I miss those, and this one is like a caged wild animal that might make Billy Squier's wiener shrivel. It's the type of beat that makes my body listen. So I'm already sold on this song instantly. And I hope you are too.

But there's more...

This track crawls and creeps until your nodding your noggin and asking for more, and when you start surrendering your body to the guitars - they taunt and tease and build that crescendo baby until it winds down with a piano searching for solace with each stroke but falling . . . short

. . .and then it becomes something completely different - like a little addendum that bookends some quiet frenzy with a novelty car horn. AWOOGA!

But it's good.

And that fuckin' guitar. Seriously. Back to the guitar. I haf'ta tell you what I see when I hear that guitar wail, because it's kinda fucked up and doesn't make any sense.


July 16, 2008;/h3>

{     At The Gates @ Irving Plaza NYC: July 9th, 2008.     }    


The last time I saw anything Tomas Lindberg was involved with was in 2006 when Disfear played a show with Phobia at CBGB's. I broke my elbow on the way there in a bike accident. I wanted to see them so bad though, that I actually put off going to the hospital until after the show.

Totally metal or completely retarded? I'll let you be the judge of that. All I know is it was worth it (and hoodie pockets make good arm slings).

     » Children, Born of Sin, Tear Your Soul Apart
     » ATG


July 10, 2008;/h3>

{     Brixton Ltd     }    


It’s around eighty-five degrees here with what I can only imagine to be the humidity of the African rainforest. The sun is beating down with not a cloud in the sky much the way an evil scientist’s death ray would hold a city for ransom. Instead of waiting for a break in the weather we are left with few options but to do our best to walk in the sun or stay in the shade. I chose to cap my lid and walk on with a hat from Brixton Ltd.


July 8, 2008;/h3>

{     Tilly And The Wall - "O"     }    


I have been putting off reviewing this album because I really wanted to give it time to embed itself in my head permanently. I seemed to have had an epiphany, fuck reviewing this album. It seems to only take three listens at most to fall deeply in love so I am just going to give you this brief blurb and a few downloads. This album is a collection of 11 gems, only three of witch manage to break the 3 minute mark. I have been following this band for years now and it seems like they finally made the album I always hoped they would make.

The song "Pot Kettle Black" is an instant classic in my mind, the bands love for The Black Lips shows through a bit in that particular song. The rhythms in this album are second to none, I mean a tap dancer gives you something you just do not get in most modern music. I love 909 bass hits and snare drums, I also like drummers who still find ways to make 5 things to beat sound interesting, but the tap dancer makes me want to dance, and man, thats a fucking miracle. I offer you three cuts, do not pass this album up.

     » Tilly And The Wall - "Pot Kettle Black" (Zshare)
     » Tilly And The Wall - "Dust Me Off" (Zshare)
     » Tilly And The Wall - "Tall Tall Grass" (Zshare)
     » Tilly And The Wall Official Site
     » Team Love Website
     » Team Love Store

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