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May 31, 2008;/h3>

{     WeSC Spring / Summer o8'     }    


WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy (WeSC) has rolled out a really nice line for the spring / summer 08’ season. Partnering up again with noted design artist Fred Babel, to create a more unique spread of apparel. The preview of Fall has also caught my eye and in positive news I can report that WeSC has broken the evil faction of “slim” jeans that turn a man’s legs into sausage wrapping and a man’s sausage into dead meat.


May 10, 2008;/h3>

{     Ice Cube's Death Certificate     }    

After careful examination of his career trajectory, in addition to current market trend analysis and extensive demographic research, it becomes clear that the strength of Ice Cube's street knowledge rested in that drip-droppy Jheri Curl of his. I realize that some of you may be scoffing at the notion of Cube being some sort of modern-day ghetto fabulous Samson, but to those people I say look at the facts. Cube's Soul-Glo-era is virtually impeccable: Straight Outta Compton with NWA (aka the Voltron of Jheri Curl), Amerikkka's Most Wanted, Kill at Will and Boyz N Da Hood are all steady drippin’ perfection and activated like a mufucka. This fool shaves his head and what do we get: Anaconda, “We Be Clubbin”, and Are We There Yet? You do the math.

But "Hey!" you might say, "What about Death Certificate!?!"

     » the house that Jheri built


May 5, 2008;/h3>

{     Haribo - Happy Cola     }    


Haribo have proven that they truly are the Cadillac of the gummi candy universe. The German candy wunderkinds most famous for their Original Gold-Bears, have managed to achieve a sort of gummi-nirvana with these delicious 1 1/4" cola-flavored confections. Sticking with the "firmer is better" gummi-philosophy they are known for, Haribo's little bottle-shaped nuggets of goodness retain a wonderful level of pliability, releasing ample flavor with each mouth-crush. They are also delightful to look at, resembling an old-fashioned glass soda bottle half full of cola, easily the most whimsical and charming candy design on display in the wide-ranging world of gummi candy products. And as fabulous as they appear, the taste is even more phenomenal. The cola flavoring has a nice pungency, the soft spiciness of cinnamon meets the mellow sweetness of caramelized sugar for a rich overall taste that falls a bit closer to Coke than to Pepsi. It's nicely complex, revealing darker and lighter flavor notes as it is further chewed, and the fact that the same ingredients are used here as in real cola allows it to come closer to it's intended flavor than fruit gummis, which are often forced to shoot for chemical approximations that fall a bit shy. In my experience, the Happy Cola stands as the pinnacle of gummi achievement.

     » 12 5oz. bags
     » Ginormo 5 lb. bag


May 1, 2008;/h3>

{     Common Market - Black Patch War EP     }    


Let's just go ahead and get this out of the way upfront: This is not an EP. I know it's labeled as such in the press release and that it will be listed as an EP when it hits retail, but trust me when I tell you that there's more material and depth layered into the 7 tracks that make up Black Patch War than what you'll find in a dozen full-lengths from the reigning Top 40 crunkbuster crowd. This thing drops with a weight that can only be described as monumental, courtesy of lyrics penned, chewed up and spat back by RA Scion with devastating production from Sabsi (of Blue Scholars fame). The energy between these two is chocolate and peanut butter, start to finish, the whole piece has that "MC/producer collab hall-of-fame" feel, you're def hearing a couple of heavy hitters at the top of their game. And this is just the lead-in to a full-length?
That's the word, with their Tobacco Road LP set to hit in September.
It's blowing my mind to think it's even possible to follow this piece up that quickly, but the foundation is definitely here and after seeing what these two are capable of in 7 tracks there's no doubt that they've got the momentum to keep it going. Black Patch War is one of the smartest, freshest and most listenable slabs of hip-hop I've heard in a long while.

     » more info

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