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March 23, 2008;/h3>

{     Steel Cake     }    


Steel Cake is the brainchild of Matthew Burnett, a designer dedicated to bringing street-level innovation to watchmaking while eschewing the bling-bling bravado of the prevailing urban aesthetic. His pieces are smooth, solid and functional, with an emphasis on shapes, materials and forms that both overtly and subtly challenge industry standards.

The Steel Tag series (seen above) is a stellar example of this, combining the familiar image of the dog-tag with a fully functional chronometer. The result is a casual and cool approach to timekeeping- cast in polished steel, it looks great without falling prey to diamond-encrusted pretension. The piece has significant heft and hangs solidly around the neck, a unique but unassuming accessory. The Steel Cake logo is frosted across the surface, and the Tag has an almost industrial utilitarian feel to it, in keeping with the military origin of the dog tag. With that origin in mind, I'm wondering if maybe this isn't also a bit of a sly commentary on fleeting mortality, on the tendency of modern man to clock-watch every minute of one's perpetually diminishing time on earth. The Steel Tag serves as the perfect reminder of the still-beating heart that rests beneath the chest it adorns, it's the signature timepiece for the kind of person who couldn't give a fuck what time it is.



{     Komodo     }    


There are very few smaller companies that have truly impressed me, but Komodo is definitely one of them. Started in 1988 from a small Indonesian island, Komodo was the venture of Joe Komodo in an effort to create some jobs for himself and his friends. Komodo is a brand that follows an ideal that is beyond the shallow minded designs of its competitors.


{     Why? live!     }    


Ever since I found about the Anticon label and the various groups and projects that fall under the name of Anticon I knew I liked these cats. I think my first encounter with them was when I heard Doseone on the track Drawbridge with Aesop Rock, I'm not sure though, that could be a lie.


March 15, 2008;/h3>

{     Poketo First Editions Art Show - March 22     }    


The first in a series of art events for 2008 at Poketo's new studio, "First Editions" will showcase limited-edition letterpress and giclee prints by 25 international artists, including Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Chris Pew, Leif Parsons, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Susie Ghahremani, Keith Shore, The Little Friends of Printmaking, and more. All prints are first editions, with runs of 50-100 pieces of each print available for purchase at the opening reception on Saturday, March 22nd, from 6-10 PM. Attendance is free and open to the public; please RSVP to before Wednesday, March 19th.

You can find all the info by clicking Here.

By A.J. in Singles

March 13, 2008;/h3>

{     Hanger 3     }    


During the winter season it’s sort of hard to wear a chain around your neck, at least in the unpredictable east coast weather. After all, it’s never considered a true fashion accessory or form of expression to have metal frozen to your neck. Thanks to the thawing spring season, I feel its my duty to bring to your attention Hanger 3.

By A.J. in Other, Reviews

March 8, 2008;/h3>

{     PNAU 'Baby'     }    

Hi there, I'd like to introduce you to your new favorite song and video.

It's made by PNAU, some dudes from Australia, they're down with Uffie, Feadz, & Mr. Oizo, their new EP is called 'Wild Strawberries', the song I can't get out of my head is called 'Baby', and you can find it in the links below. Enjoy.

     » PNAU "Baby"
     » Official PNAU site
     » PNAU on MySpace


March 5, 2008;/h3>

{     12 Stupid Blunt Wrap Flavors     }    

12. Maple Syrup
11. Mojito
10. Banana Split
9. Kristal
8. Cotton Candy
7. Sizzurp
6. Apple Brown Betty
5. White Russian / Black Russian
4. Peanut Butter
3. Peanut Butter & Jelly
2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
1. Lychee

Honorable Mention (These are more "flavas" than "flavors"):
Urban Assault
...and for my dudes Chris and Chris down at University Liquor:
Wet Mango


March 3, 2008;/h3>

{     Cai Guo-Qiang "I Want to Believe" at The Guggenheim Museum New York     }    


Cai Guo-Qiang (pronounced Sigh-Goo-Oh-Zh-Ang) has had smaller shows in the US at Mass Moca and pieces at The Whitney Biennial but never has he had the chance to really stretch out like he does here at the Guggenheim.

From his early work to newer large scale installations, to works on paper made from gunpowder explosions, it's all there with ample text panels and video to lend insight. What amazes me most is Cai's ability to hold a conversation with every aspect of China's millenia old culture without coming off as a dry revivalist historian.

If you are an art viewer who is overwhelmed by large scale spectacle then this show will be a fire cracker hurled straight at your face.

     » Guggenheim Museum


March 2, 2008;/h3>

{     George Condo "Christ: The Subjective Nature of Objective Representation" at Luhring Augustine Gallery     }    


George Condo never fails to delight me. This show largely concerns itself with the crucifix. But the best painting is one of the Holy Father himself.

It's in the back all by itself, lit dramatically. God looks like a really happy hippy with an over-the-shoulder hip sack and as you might expect Condo's painted him huge.

If this doesn't make you laugh you take church WAY too seriously.

     » Luhring Augustine Gallery


{     Erik Parker "Between Lines" at Marianne Boesky Gallery     }    


It's a shame Marianne Boesky Gallery's website doesn't have more up close details of Eric Parker's drawn streams because it's within a foot's distance that their weirdness really shines. Consistently original processions of silly stoner characters overtop the bold titles call to mind so many good things from the doodler undermind that the buzzy resonance generated is all one needs to be drawn in.

Pun intended.

     » Marianne Boesky Gallery

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