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February 23, 2008;/h3>

{     Sylvia Ji at Corey Helford Gallery     }    


I've recently become quite enamored with SF - LA artist Sylvia Ji and her immaculate paintings. Sylvia paints women in their most supple-skinned subtlety, and then juxtaposes that beauty with what I guess you would call Dia de los Muertos or New Orleans voodoo fashion, creating what could possibly be the perfect concoction for getting me to reach for my wallet.

Sylvia has a show opening TONIGHT at LA's Corey Helford Gallery. Go if you can, I wish I could!

Corey Helford Gallery
Sylvia Ji's Official Site
UPDATE: Supertouch has photos from the show.


February 21, 2008;/h3>

{     SABRE - Skulls     }    


We here at Crowndozen totally ♥ skulls. It's a fact. So naturally our brains practically melted out through our ears when a couple of these lovelies showed up in our post-box. We're not exactly sure why Sabre (who's most famous for their rad selection of custom sunglasses) decided to get into the limited edition collectibles market, but we couldn't be happier that they did. The pieces are around 5 inches tall, made of a rubbery vinyl and sculpted in exquisite detail. They come in five wicked colors: Hot Pink, Snot Green, Coffin Black, Radical Blue and Ghost White with a little Sabre logo emblazoned on each temple. The jawbones are flappable, so you're welcome to carry on a conversation with your skull, or to just strike your best "...alas poor Yorick...." pose when delivering your soapbox soliloquy on the nature of mortality in the post-modern era.

The skulls come in customized packaging with a unique window-box layout that makes it look like they're wearing a pair of wacky eyeball-popping glasses. The effect is simultaneously cool and creepy, I was forced to take mine out of the box because I just couldn't shake the feeling that the damn thing was staring at me. Sabre says these are the first of a bi-annual project, leaving me wondering just what sort of badassery they've got in store for later in the year.

You can snatch up a black or blue skull from Karmaloop at the link below.

     » SABRE skulls & glasses at Karmaloop


February 20, 2008;/h3>

{     Sin In Linen - 2008 Calendar     }    


I've been a fan of Sin in Linen's pin-up and custom culture inspired bedclothes and housewares since day one, and I've always appreciated the classic work from which they've drawn their inspiration. With the release of their '08 calendar, I now find SiL not only paying homage to the old-school pin-up greats, but contributing to the modern canon themselves with a fun, sexy and classy collection of pics showcasing their products being cavorted upon by a bevvy of beautiful dames.

I was immediately reminded of the vintage promotional nudie/cutie calendars of yore, but with a decidedly more lighthearted and empowered twist. These aren't tasteless pictures of scantily clad gals draped over a company's product/logo, the Sin in Linen calendar trades in the sleaze for some clean and cheeky shots of real women who appear to be having *gasp* real fun posing for the pics included.

     » Pick up your 2008 Calendar Here!


{     SUCK UK • Spring o8'     }    


With one less commercial holiday down, I’m sure you’re likely suffering from Post Traumatic Holiday Disorder syndrome. You either tried to give your baby’s momma a glorious trinket of your affection or maybe you crashed and burned with the recycled shoe rack gift. Either way, the mad scientists (ala Dr. Emmett Brown) have invented some new “doo-hickeys” and “whatcha-macall-its” to help ease the transition from being over run with the unimaginative, manipulative, and shallow interpretation of romance day also known as Valentine’s Day


February 17, 2008;/h3>

{     Hate Eternal "Fury and Flames"     }    

Eric Rutan was a part of the "Domination" era of Morbid Angel (next to "Altars of Madness," my favorite MA album). He went on to produce Cannibal Corpses' most legible work to date "Kill" Not to mention boarding for Six Feet Under and Goatwhore, all while "Conquering the Throne" with Hate Eternal. When it comes to death metal this man trvly is "King of all Kings".

At this point, though, I didn't think it was possible for him to come up with something MORE brvtal than the aforementioned resume but "Fury and Flames" has turned my eardrums to dust. Cannibal Corpse OG Alex Webster is back to play bass.

Can you weather this?:

     » Hate Eternal


February 14, 2008;/h3>

{     Super7 Visighost - Valentine's Day Edition     }    

super7%20valentines%20day%20visighost.jpgAs you sit nestled in your workspace/office/toy museum surrounded by hundreds of brightly colored, ultra-collectible, limited edition, variant colorway, import-only bits of plastic, plush and vinyl this Valentime's Day (yes, I call it that) you may notice for the first time that despite the numerous adorable faces and eyes gazing out at you from your shelves, that you feel kinda lonely. Almost as if nobody loves you.
I mean sure, you've got a literal army of little dudes at your command, you can pose them however you want, or move them from this shelf to that, or arrange them in a line from tallest to shortest but there's something that's still missing. Some passion, some spark, some return of your adoration. Maybe you've tried to fill the gap with a couple of extra-busty Fafi figures or one of those special pillows from Japan with the full-body print of some anime-cutie adorning them. No doubt this just left you still feeling rather alone, and maybe a little bit sleazy.
Well, buck up, little camper. Because somebody loves ya baby, and that somebody is Super7! This special V-Day edition is designer Brian Flynn's love letter to toy fans, cast in candy-like clear pink vinyl with white and maroon accents. Visighost made our Best Toys of '07 list and it's easy to see why- the design is the perfect blend of old-school Japanese cool and new-school vinyl slickness, with this edition's wacky color-scheme calling to mind classic weirdo kaiju colorways. Stop by the Super7 store in San Fran today to share the love and make him yours.

By Adam in Art, Singles, Toys

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