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December 31, 2007;/h3>

{     GSB Top TRACKS & REMIXES in the '07     }    

A baker's dozen of my fave tracks from '07, and just because, my Top Twelve Remixes as well. More info and MP3 links after the jump...


Top Tracks
1. LCD Soundsystem 'Someone Great'
2. The Field 'A Paw In My Face'
3. The Teenagers 'Sunset Beach'
4. Jay-Z 'Hello Brooklyn 2.0'
5. Thieves Like Us 'Drugs In My Body'
6. KanYe West 'Good Life'
7. Pete & The Pirates 'Knots'
8. Aesop Rock 'None Shall Pass'
9. The Rakes 'When Tom Cruise Cries'
10. José González 'Down The Line'
11. Simian Mobile Disco 'Hustler'
12. Lil' Wayne 'La La La'
13. UGK feat. Outkast 'Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)'


Top Remixes
1. Snowden 'Anti-Anti (Treasure Fingers Remix)'
2. Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse 'Valerie (Baby J Remix)'
3. M.I.A. 'Paper Planes (Remix feat. Bun B & Rich Boy)'
4. Matt & Kim 'Yeah Yeah (Flosstradamus Remix)'
5. Amy Winehouse 'Tears Dry On Their Own (NYPC's Fucked Remix)'
6. Kanye West "Get 'em High (A-Trak Remix)'
7. Rihanna - "Umbrella (VNDLSM Remix)"
8. Justice 'D.A.N.C.E. (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)'
9. The Cribs 'Men's Needs (CSS Remix)'
10. Fat Joe 'Make It Rain (Remix w/ R. Kelly, Lil' Wayne, TI, Rick Ross)'
11. Feist '1234 (VanShe Tech Remix)'
12. Notorious B.I.G. 'Party & Bullshit (RATATAT Remix)'

By Garrett in Notice

{     GSB Top ALBUMS in the '07     }    


Here it is, my Top Twelve ALBUMS from 2007. More info and some honorable mentions after the jump below...

1. Pissed Jeans - Hope For Men (Sub Pop)
2. LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver (EMI)
3. Chromatics - Night Drive (Italians Do It Better)
4. Justice - Cross (Ed Banger)
5. The Heavy - Great Vengeance and Furious Fire (Counter)
6. Baroness - Red Album (Relapse)
7. Panda Bear - Person Pitch (Paw Tracks)
8. The Tough Alliance - A New Chance (Sincerely Yours)
9. High On Fire - Death Is This Communion (Relapse)
10. Iron and Wine - The Shepherd's Dog (Transgressive)
11. Daft Punk - Alive 2007 (Virgin)
12. !!! - Myth Takes (Warp)

By Garrett in Notice

December 30, 2007;/h3>

{     12 Types of Nipples     }    

1) Bologna
2) Silver Dollars
3) Pepperoni ('Ronis)
4) Blind Pigs
5) Bubble Gum
6) Muffin Tops (aka Smurf Houses)
7) Puffles
8) Dipples
9) Pencil Erasers
.....a) Tart 'N Tinys
.....b) Lincoln Logs (aka Hot Dogs)
10) Candy Buttons
11) Fade-outs (aka Ghosts)
12) Crunchberries

Click "read on" for descriptions of each.


{     Wrap It Up: Music in 2K7     }    

2K7 was a pretty hit or miss year for me music-wise. It was either "OMG I'm in love" or "nothing has come out in months I like at all". I found myself listening to far more music containing lyricists and thought and far less grillz, hoez, and blips & beeps...perhaps I'm just getting old. With no further adieu, my list of the best albums of 2007.

1. M.I.A. - Kala
2. Feist - The Reminder
3. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
4. Jay-Z. - American Gangster Soundtrack
5. Jay-Jay Johanson - The Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known
6. LCD Soundsystem - The Sound of Silver
7. Beirut - The Flying Club Cup
8. UGK - Underground Kings
9. Mark Ronson - Version
10. Chromeo - Fancy Footwork
11. Bat for Lashes - Fur and Gold
12. Portugal the Man - It's Complicated Being a Wizard


December 28, 2007;/h3>

{     "Dizzy" Lizzy Rachtman's Top 12 Metal Releases of 2007.     }    


An ordered account of all the metal I heard and loved in the year of our Uberlard 2007.

1. Pig Destroyer "Phantom Limb"
2. Neurosis "Given to the Rising"
3. Black Dahlia Murder "Nocturnal"
4. High on Fire "Death is this Communion"
5. Dillinger Escape Plan "Ire Works"
6. Big Business "Here Come the Waterworks"
7. Baroness "Red Album"
8. Blood Duster "Lyden Na"
9. Death Breath "Let it Stink"
10. Exodus "The Atrocity Exhibition- Exhibit A"
11. Darkest Hour "Deliver Us"
12. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum "In Glorious Times"


December 25, 2007;/h3>

{     Sour Xmas     }    


Christmas is by now dangerously close. Alarm bells are ringing non-stop in your brain but no matter where you run, you cannot hide.... What to do? Season this sticky sweet day with an abundant dose of healthy fun sourness with a dash of cinism...
These 3 killer products may just be the help you need to retain your sanity.

     » Cookie Cutters from Fred&Friends
     » Hot Guns
     » TheBrick Testament website


December 24, 2007;/h3>

{     Alternative Christmas     }    

Nativity. Small in-scale representation of the birth of Baby Jesus. Most of the world has never had one in their house for Christmas but maybe it is time the world starts.

In the year of Grace 2007 it would be time to update the concept, though, since the current one is a bit... ugly?

What about one of these three neu nativity sets for a change? According to how dissacratory are of this holy concept...

     » Sure you want to buy? Head towards the Amazon Forest...

By Tacita in Singles

December 18, 2007;/h3>

{     Glenn Barr - Hell's Proprietor - By Dark Horse     }    


Dark Horse is bringing the pain. With several amazing pieces released so far this year, DH have stepped fully into the designer-toy limelight and proven themselves a force to be reckoned with. They've significantly upped the ante in terms of detail and overall quality, and they've continued to prove that they have an eye for interesting and unique properties waiting to be given the 3D vinyl treatment. That said, Hell's Proprietor may be their finest piece yet.
For those of you who haven't yet seen this piece in person, be warned. Hell's Proprietor has positively MASSIVE presence, he seems much more ginormous than the 11-inches indicated by the design specs. This may be a side-effect of his cartoonish girth, but it's also in the details; of all Dark Horse's vinyl releases thus far, this piece has one of the finest paint applications I've seen. All those fades and blends you see in the picture above are expertly managed, giving this guy an amazing level of vibrancy, particularly in regard to the fireball he's cupping in his palm. The sculpt is dead-on, from the whimsical curves of the pitchfork to the perfectly shaped bowler cap, this rendering brings Barr's character to incredible 3-dimensional life.

     » Hell's Proprietor (Brown)
     » Hell's Proprietor (Blue)


December 15, 2007;/h3>

{     edIT "Certified Air Raid Material"     }    


So it's an early Saturday night, I'm waiting in Adam's car while he goes into the store to get some beers. He leaves the car running with the music playing when all the sudden a sound that can only be described as propulsive, starts beaming from the speakers. I proceed to turn the volume louder as my neck threatens to snap loose from my shoulders from the extreeeeeme level of head-nod induced by these beats of unknown origin. The one two combo of glitchy, intricate effects and serious club worthy beats is so fresh and familiar at the same time I can't help but think "how the hell do I not know who this is?"

Well after a bit of sleuthing it finally comes to light that the sounds that I heard eminating from Adam's speakers were none other than a man named edIT.

     » ediT on MySpace


December 14, 2007;/h3>

{     Benzi presents Jay-Z "American G-Funk" Mixtape     }    


That dude Benzi has brought it again, and this time it's the Hova.

That's right, the same head behind the now-classic Lil' Wayne & Clipse "We Got the Remix" mixtapes has throw down again, this time on the new Jay-Z joints. For this round the Benz got NYC's The Knock on board to do the knob work, remixing the whole American Gangster album top to bottom with plenty of classic deep-crate bites. Dude, we're talking "Hello Brooklyn" overtop P-Gabe's "Sledgehammer". "Blue Magic" over AIR's "Kelly Watch The Stars". "I Know" over Bowie's "Fame". Yeah, it's like that.

And guess what? Them shits is FREE. Download info and tracklist after the jump below...


December 11, 2007;/h3>

{     Sailor Jerry • Winter 07'     }    


The holiday season brings out the best and worst in a lot of us. In between taking in the majestic beauty of the various decor we’re also elbowed in the jaw by the shopper who wants to beat the evening rush hour. For this season however, Sailor Jerry has thrown you a wicked tattooed life saver with some new designs and, get this... great holiday deals. (And one more vital ingredient to survive the holidays I’ll touch on later...)


December 10, 2007;/h3>

{     Snapshots from the 2007 Miami Art Fairs     }    


Miami was, once again, the center of the art world for 7 days in December. There were somewhere between 22-1000 fairs, shows, openings, parties, interventions, and performances this year. We went to as many as we could, snapped 2,466 photos of the art and posted them all on Who's got better coverage of the art at the Miami Art fairs than

Here is a list of what you'll see:

Art Basel Miami Beach
The NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) Fair
The Pulse Miami Art Fair
The Scope Miami Art Fair
The Aqua Hotel Art Fair
The Aqua Wynwood Art Fair
The Ronald Feldman, Pierogi 2000, Hales Gallery Show
The Flow Miami Art Fair
The Bridge Miami Art Fair
The Art Now Miami Art Fair
The Art Positions Container Party (with Iggy Pop performance)
Geisai Miami
I Love New Work at Locust Projects
Diet Art Space
Gallerie Emmanuel Perrotin Miami (Peter Coffin Show)

     » Enjoy


December 5, 2007;/h3>

{ '07 Gift Guide!     }    


Jingle, Jangle!

Hot off the interweberpress, it's the '07 Gift Guide!

Just like last year, we made a list and... that's right, you know the rhyme. TEN pages of great goods to pick over and get for your favorite peoples. So get your clickin' fingers ready, break out the plastic, and get to shoppin'!

Happy Holidays Y'all,

PS: A special thank you to our contributing illustrators - Reilly Stroope, Adam Old and Brian Jaramillo!

By Garrett in Notice

December 4, 2007;/h3>

{     Drifter • Winter / Holiday o7’     }    


You won’t believe it, but these guys are back. Once again, proving the imagination is only relative to necessity, Drifter has released a new line of apparel to get you through any social outing. Going to an office party? Sport up their line of Mayan/Aztec themed shirts to give it a real “Hey, my culture once lived in a WARMER part of the country” feeling.

Or do yourself a favor, scope out their other most recent design scheme of religious based rock and roll layouts. What’s the angels and the reaper without a little Kiss inspired makeup? I’ll tell you what, boring!


December 3, 2007;/h3>

{     Bountee & CrownDozen Tee Giveaway!     }    

Bountee Contest

Bountee works like this: you upload your design to, they put it up for sale, then you get a cut of the monies. Period. No voting, no worries. Just up it and sell it. Bountee prints on high-quality AAA shirts, uses state-of-the-art printing processes, and has a fun and user-friendly site backed by great 'how-you-doin'-buddy?'-type customer service.

As an example of just how great they are, every week in December will give away THREE FREE TEES to readers! Repeat: that's three tees a week for four weeks! So, how do you enter to win? Simply visit to register an account, then come back to and answer the week's question following the 'Read more' link below! Don't forget to leave your username with your answer!

As an additional bonus, all readers who place an order for any of Bountee's over 3300 submitted and purchasable tees get 15% off their orders! Just enter the discount code 'crowndozen15' while checking out!


{     Seen and Delta, Mars-1 Observer     }    


Over here at C12 we are secretly, and not so secretly huge fans of Mars-1. So the other night when I randomly bumped into legendary graffiti writer Seen who has just finished up tricking out the original Mars-1 Observer I figured this toy release was too good to pass up. The classic toy was originally released in 2005. But now it is back in a limited edition of 500 with totally trick Seen Graff(ics). There is a second version tricked out by Delta Inc., also limited to 500. Stoked on these two for sure and hoping Mars-1 and Strangeco keep up this trend with his other toy releases.

     » Seen Observer
     » Delta Inc Observer
     » Mars-1
     » Original Mars-1 Observer Post
     » Strangeco.


December 2, 2007;/h3>

{     Modern Amusement - Winter 07’     }    


Tis the season to be freezing your ass off. We can blame global warming, a vengeful Mother Earth, or just the continuity of unpredictable weather patterns for this winter’s cold front. Then again it might just be that your back yard was on fire and now there’s nothing to stop the wind from slamming into your house, it’s all relative to where you’re situated I suppose.

Either way, it’s a good time to consider if those trunks of winter clothes are worth bringing down as Modern Amusement has recently made available their winter line. With a unique twist on the redundant hoodie design, new suits to make your holiday spruced up a bit, and the odds and ends like caps and scarves to really round up the oh so pleasant feeling of looking more and more like a shivering mass of jello.

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