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October 26, 2007;/h3>

{     Lisa Petrucci's Kick-Ass Cuties Vinyl Figures     }    

Dark Horse has released the second series of these amazing vinyl figures by artist Lisa Petrucci just in time for Halloween, so you can now add Penny the Pirate and Lil' Leona Leopard to your collection alongside Devilish Dolly and Lil' Miss Monster. Their charm certainly extends beyond the holiday, at 7-8" tall these little pretties pack a powerful visual punch and they've certainly spiced up my toyshelf tenfold. They are honestly the best non-articulated vinyl figures I've seen in a long long time.
It's all in their pedigree; Lisa Petrucci draws from a deep well of influence to create the unique yet strangely-familiar character designs these figures are based on. Equal parts kewpie and pure kitsch, there's a dash of Blythe in there and a bit of a wink to the classic head-nodders of yore. Petrucci mashes her old-school baby-doll love with a modern appreciation of pulp and pin-up themes, and the results are these stunningly adorable characters. I like to think of them as what might have happened if someone with decent taste and a bit of daring were asked to design a line of dolls in the vein of Strawberry Shortcake or Rainbow Brite, though instead of going all "sugar and spice and everything nice" she went with something a bit naughtier and infinitely more cool.

     » Devilish Dolly
     » Penny the Pirate
     » Lil' Leona Leopard
     » Lil' Miss Monster

By Adam in Art, Reviews, Toys

{     Iron and Wine "The Shepherd's Dog"     }    


As quickly as the yellow and orange leaves have started to pile up in my yard, fall is upon us. With every change in season it seems that my internal musical desire center updates my ears with the sounds it deems essential for the new change in temperature. With the days getting darker earlier and the trees turning bare, the musical soundscapes that fill my headphone have turned along with the leaves. Autumn tends to bring to mind solitude and solemness but not in a downtrodden way. The muted earth tone patchwork of beauty that fills my eyes when I look into the hills surrounding me seems to be a readymade visual interpretation of “The Sheppard’s Dog”, Sam Beam’s third album.



{     HOLY FUCK (MP3)     }    


Holy Fuck indeed.
The self-titled release from Toronto's primarily electronic Holy Fuck is one that I've struggled to describe for what seems like ages now. A swath of sound one part hardcore rock force, one part dance music energy, Holy Fuck have a chaotic drive akin to Lightning Bolt, a psych-power similar to what you feel while spacing and building to an Explosions in the Sky album, technique that's palpable and unique as with Battles, and best of all - the ability to move ass. Really. Serious ass moving? Check.


October 16, 2007;/h3>

{     Dinner With The Band     }    


Having only seen a few episodes, I can already tell you with confidence that 'Dinner With The Band' is my new favorite online video series. Simply put, it's NYC chef and Tailor restauranteur Sam Mason's talk-with-your-mouth-full indie music cooking show. Mason brings guests like Fucked Up, El-P, Tokyo Police Club, Pigeon John, Matt & Kim and more to assist him in making great dishes like miso butterscotch halibut, vegetable papillotes, from-scratch lox 'n bagels, paella and more, as well as great mixed drinks and deserts. Filmed in his spacious apartment, it's always a relaxed, funny atmosphere with plenty of in-jokes, lowbrow humor, cooking tips (of course) and stories, all culminating with a live performance by the guest and a nice chow-down session. Top-top-notch production and sound polish it off to be a thoroughly addictive, enjoyable and educational viewing. Bello!

     » Dinner With The Band
     » Get the Podcast on iTunes!


October 15, 2007;/h3>

{     FLYING COFFIN Brainz Sweatshirt     }    


Flying Coffin has brought back it's highly-successful 'Brainz' design, except this time around it's a crewneck sweatshirt instead of simply a tee, keepin' you creepy in the chilly months. I'm typically not much for HUGE full-front tee prints like this, but I can't front, this piece looks rad. The most important thing is that they've kept the reflective 3M ink that allowed the nefarious image of Kyra Schon from 'Night of the Living Dead' to have a fiendish iridescent shine in certain light. It's crazy. I saw one of the tees in person and when a flash went off anywhere nearby it was like your own little Captain Howdy moment. Can you say Halloween?

     » Check out more pics and buy your own, FAST, at Krudmart!


{     MISHKA Older Brother's Jean Jacket     }    


Ah, Fall. The trees shake out their leaves, the sun falls early in the evening, the nights get brisk, and it's time to throw on another layer or two. One of the staples of every fall wardrobe is always the jean jacket, and this year the mighty bears at Mishka NYC have brought the denim like no other with their new 'Older Brother's Jean Jacket'. It's got the thick comfy collar, Mishka buttons, Mishka badges, a stoner-rock patch on the front chest, and to top it off the back has an ol'school giant patch featuring the 'Rasputin' image from their fall tee line - just like the Motleyest of Ratt Mega-JudasTendencies jean jackets of yore. And yeah, it's painted by the same dude who made the Iron Maiden album covers. Let me repeat that: it's painted by the same dude who made the Iron Maiden album covers. Just for Mishka. Yeah, they're like that now.


You can find it for sale on Krudmart, whom put it best when they say: "Cigarette smell not included." $150 may be steep, but the details are spot-on (pink contrast stitch on one button, purple Levi-esque tag on front, and on and on), and fuck all, it's called the 'Older Brother's Jean Jacket' - isn't that nearly enough right there?!?!

     » Buy it at Krudmart!


October 13, 2007;/h3>

{     Sailor Jerry     }    


Jerry, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

When I found the Sailor Jerry line I felt like Indiana Jones finding a golden idol on a stone pedestal, the only thing running through my mind being the word “Wow.” Now that I’ve had the chance to see the line evolve I’ve also recently had the chance to enjoy some of their goods. I can’t even call this stuff “product” I have to call it goods, cause they are just that fine.

First off, the lowdown: Sailor Jerry. The Man, the myth, the legend. Back in the day, well before my time, there lived a man named Norman Collins. Born in 1911, he was probably labeled the coolest baby born in the hospital because the kind of cool this man became has to be a gift from some almighty deity. To borrow some material from the website (meaning you should go there and read on...when you’re done here, of course)...

”Sailor Jerry was tagged with the name Norman Collins at birth, but he began to distance himself from normalcy/ normancy when he was 19 (that's why he became a sailor). He traveled around the world, not only getting his first tattoos, but also gaining exposure to the art and imagery of Southeast Asia. This later became a crucial influence when he opened his first tattoo shop in Honolulu's Chinatown, ground zero for swaggering sailors, drunken soldiers and whoever else wasn't afraid to hang around volatile levels of testosterone.

You know that tattoo you saw when you were young? The one that made you think that having a piece of art on you before and after your shower, twenty-four/seven was a cool idea? Yeah, he probably did that. Old school master, all around cool guy, Sailor Jerry became a legend. Now, in 2007, the legend lives on.


October 12, 2007;/h3>

{     Greg "Craola" Simkins Show at Gallery 1988     }    


Greg "Craola" Simkins is a name that is quickily topping the pop surrealism food chain. Graffiti artist turned boy wonder with the paint brush. His latest show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles sold out in a bout 2 seconds. Even though it is gone it is not forgotten and you can view the show in its entirety by clicking the preview link below. Don't be scar3d!

     » Im Scared

By Manuel in Singles

October 11, 2007;/h3>

{     Hi-Fructose Vol. 6     }    


The art and toy world will be graced once again with the always spectacular Hi-Fructose vol. 6, come November. The dynamic duo Attaboy and Annie Owen have just geared up to put out vol. 6. Never to disappoint their under the counter culture magazine has another totally crazy line up. With cover art by the amazingly fun, Yoko D'Holbachie. Interviews with the incredible Marion Peck, the art of the always illusive Audrey Kawasaki, sculpture by Jason D'aquino. Plus Ken Keirns, Apak, and that crazy kid Angry Woebots. These never last long so order yours today!

By Manuel in Singles

October 10, 2007;/h3>

{     Cyberoptix TieLab     }    


I hate ties. I mean it. I hate to wear anything that will in some way shape or form require me to tie a knot around my neck (although I must admit there are times when I considered it some form or another). Ties can seem like the portable noose for social occasions. At the same time I have to give them props for the consistent ability to make you look spiffy and cool at the same time. Unfortunately that doesn’t take away the stigma of the leash we’ve chosen to symbolize that attempt for the respectable occasion.

Before you raise your clenched fists to the heavens screaming “Why?!” in comes the good folks from Cyberoptix TieLab to make it all better. While they won’t change the occasion that will require a tie, they will at least give you a tie that will leave others thinking, “Damn, that’s an awesome tie that guy has on.”


{     Justice "D.A.N.C.E." Live on Jimmy Kimmel     }    


It's going to be everywhere else in a minute, so it might as well be here now: YouTube video of Justice's "D.A.N.C.E." performed 'live' on Jimmy Kimmel. And when I say 'live', I mean by a group of impersonators - Justice turn it on, then Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, Prince, Rick James and a red-leather-jacketed Michael Jackson turn it the fuck out.

Lots of people are hating on it, but I think it's genius - if they had just came out and stood behind a table pushing buttons everyone would be hating on 'em for that too, so at least they tried something adventurous and entertaining. I love it. Also, I love the end when Kimmel cops an on-air feel from girlfriend Sarah Silverman...


{     PEECOLs from EbOY     }    


For many years now Berlin-based EbOY have been making beautiful pieces of meticulous goodness in a signature pixel-by-pixel style, but until now their work has been available only via screen or paper with few exceptions. In their own words, "EbOY is Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr. We create re-usable pixel objects and take them to build complex and extensible artwork." However, in a stroke of "why the hell hasn't this been done before" genius, the kids at Kidrobot finally matched up the pixel-pushers with the plastic-producers, and thus the Eboy PEECOL figure series was born.


{     Krames "Relax In The City" (MP3)     }    


DJ Krames, one half of East Coast party posse Cobra Kai, has provided with an exclusive Krames MP3 dubbed "Relax in the City" - a blend of of what else but Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "Relax" and Glenn Frey's Miami Vice saxophone-sleazer, "You Belong to the City." You know the one: "You belong to the city, you belong to the night. Livin' in a river of darkness, beneath the neon lights..." Smooooooth.

Krames can usually be found providing the sweaty-wet beats nationwide for the most dirty-damp of dancefloors, all the while holding down a steady Cobra Kai bi-weekly in his own stomping town, Richmond, VA. You can dig up tons of Krames tracks all over the interwebernets, many of which have been used in mixes by Diplo, Catchdubs, and Flosstradamus to name a few. Oh, and his mixes are the shit as well. Get at 'em...

     » Krames "Relax In The City" (MP3)
     » Krames' MySpace
     » Cobra Kai MySpace


October 9, 2007;/h3>

{     Coot from Wilfrid Wood     }    


If asked to cite evidence as to my personal belief in the phenomenon of love at first sight, I will offer this as Exhibit A. Based on Wilfrid Wood's original piece "Juggernaut", this fellow has been renamed Coot, and he will be seeing a wide-scale release via 7" vinyl reproduction thanks to Gum Productions. Though an actual release date has yet to be determined, we do know that Coot will be produced in a limited run of 400 and priced around 65 duckets.

I'm hoping this is the first of many of Wood's pieces to make the transition to collectible vinyl format, and if you've not seen his work before please do yourself the favor of stopping by to see what he's been up to.

By Adam in Art, Singles, Toys

October 6, 2007;/h3>

{     Plush You!     }    


Plush You! is opening Friday, October 12th with over 100 international plush artists exhibiting their work at three Seattle stores. Kristen Rask, owner of Schmancy (only Seattle's very best toy store), first curated the show back in 2005 and upon so much interest both that year and the next, Schmancy's sister boutique, Fancy (owned by Sally Brock), opened their clothing store doors to expand the show. However, this year there's a new shop to add to the list - handmade goods store Nancy, owned by Kate Griener and Aaron Murray.

Plush You! has received so much attention in these few years that Kristen landed a book deal and is happy to announce Plush You: Loveable Misfit Toys to Sew and Stuff, which will also be released the night of the opening! The book is full of pictures highlighting the last two shows and also includes tutorials from some of your favorite plush makers on how to make your own masterpieces.

Some noteable artists in this year's Plush You! show are Heidi Kenney, Aranzi Aronzo, Lizette Greco, MAZ, Little Odd Forest, Spooky Daddy, Jess Hutch, PeeGee, Geek Freaks, 12Punt3, Spok-Spok and many, many more. From the cute to the creepy, the show will have it all!

To see more about the show and it's artists, simply visit the Plush You! Blog!

You can order the Plush You! book from Amazon here!


October 3, 2007;/h3>

{     Aaron Noble's "Rainbow6: Warsong"     }    


Rainbow6: Warsong, at Pavel Zoubok Gallery in New York City, is the artwork of Aaron Noble. Aaron is best known for his large scale mural work found around the globe, as well as being the founder of the early 90's Clarion Alley Mural Projects in San Francisco. Aaron has quickly defined himself in the gallery scene and with his latest batch of work he has brought some of the cleanest composition work around. Blending super hero comic book styling with a splash of graffiti, he has created a whole new madness.


October 2, 2007;/h3>

{     Recent Art Hits     }    


I may be a bit late on mentioning these recent art shows, but I just couldn't sleep at night if I didn't at least bring them all up in some fashion on Click below to get your eyes all sexxxed out with the work of Maya Hayuk, Jim Houser, Jeff Soto and Phil Frost.


{     Drifter • Fall 07'     }    


When I see the leaves changing and the days growing shorter, I think to myself, “Crap.” Summer is ending and fall is beginning, which means it’s time to find those clothes to keep you warm and “cool” at the same time.

Recently Drifter gave me the good fortune to check on some of their goods for the Fall line, keeping to their pledge to remain unique and damn fine at the same time. Sporting a new selection of long sleeve tee blends, new prints, and a new inspiration (my favorite being the 1930’s design schemes) Drifter is proving once again that they’re worth it.


{     Star Wars Tees from Chop Shop     }    


Anyone who knows me knows that whenever Star Wars comes up I just shake my head and sigh ("Yeah, it's okay I guess, but dude, you've got a Star Wars BLANKET hanging on your wall."). I mean, if you're going to put three flicks up on a pedestal, then all I gots to say is this: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! And if we're playing by sci-fi-only rules, then my money is on Starship Troopers every time. Then there's what has been Star Wars merch in recent years. The franchise has been taken from already ridiculous and cranked into some Teletubba-Barneyforce-in-space-type-shit. Maximum cheese.

Well, the guys at Chop Shop have managed to wrastle the vintage Star Wars goodness back from the double-ended-saber-dweebs and made some shirts that people whom do not think wallpaper made out of toy packaging is cool might actually wear. Instead of the lame-o way S'Wars shirts have been done oh so many times before, they've gone and gotten all Von Dutch on Lucus' ass with three shirts (Vader, Chewy and a Raider) and given them a beautiful pinstriping design. They may still be geeky, but they're kinda upper-class geeky. Less Boba Fett bedsheets, more Storm Trooper helmet if you will. More saber-severed Luke, less cutesy what's-the-face- dumb-character-from-the-new-ones- that-I-don't-even-give-enough-of-a- shit-about-to-look-up-it's-name.

Check 'em out at the Chop Shop Store!


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