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September 28, 2007;/h3>

{     Alife / New Era Fitted     }    


I am far, far, far from one of the fanatics that bugs out over new swag from NYC-based Alife, nor am I a fan of the trend of flat-billed fitted New Eras, but I have to say that this new all-over black-on-black piece with the small Alife red/white pop is one that I would not mind owning at all. I mean, I'd totally wear it twice and then eBay them shits, but hey, isn't that what you're supposed to do these days?

Found via The Hundreds, more pics and info available at Strictly Fitteds.


September 27, 2007;/h3>

{     Nixon "Precinct" Backpack     }    


As the bells of class cancel the serene days of lounging and summer jobs, we find ourselves once again caught by the web of school. College, high school, or if we’re fortunate enough jobs that pay the rent and then some. In either of these circumstances we could really use some help to get by. Thanks to Nixon’s creative team, someone’s got your back.


September 23, 2007;/h3>

{     Pressure Printing's Jim Woodring Print     }    


Just introduced a couple days ago, the well-archived inksters at Pressure Printing have a new photo-etching up for sale in their online shop. This piece happens to be from the in-imitable indie-comic legend Jim Woodring, titled 'The Artists Eye'. The print is a 32.5" by 26.5" (read: BIG) reproduction of one of Woodring's fans' favorite pieces, depicting the tunnel-visioned eye of an artist, troubled, strained, and focusing upon itself, uh, on acid dude.

See more pictures and read about Pressure Printing's 'The Artists Eye' from Jim Woodring here.

Pressure Printing is renowned for their highest of high-quality prints using antique printing presses and real, authentic human hands, representing work by artists such as Mark Ryden, Camille Rose Garcia, James Jean, Gary Baseman, Jeff Soto, Alex Gross... and the list goes on. They have a wide variety of works available from their online shop that I'm sure readers of would love to hang on their walls or rest on their shelves, so do not miss the other available prints and such while visiting the the Pressure Printing site!


September 16, 2007;/h3>

{     A Dozen Notable Fall 2007 Art Season Openers     }    


1. Steve Canaday "Black Dog, Green Leash, Orange Sun" at Black Dragon Society

2. Aaron Noble "Rainbow 6: War Song" at Pavel Zoubok Gallery

3. Ryan Trecartin "I-Be Area" at Elizabeth Dee Gallery

4. Jules De Balincourt "Unknowing Man's Nature" at Zach Feuer Gallery

5. Raymond Pettibon "Here's Your Irony Back (The Big Picture)" at David Zwirner Gallery

6. Julie Heffernan "Booty" at PPOW Gallery

7. Santiago Rubino "Delusive Contentment" at Jack Shainman Gallery

8. Jon Pylypchuk "Push a weight through the world, and I will watch this crush you" at Friedrick Petzel Gallery

9. Jeff Soto "Storm Clouds" at Jonathan Levine Gallery

10. Group Show "Mail Order Monsters" at Deitch Projects (click here to see what it looked like at Peres Projects in Berlin in it's first incarnation)

11. Saul Chernick "Protosapia (project space)" at Max Protetch Gallery

12. Susan Graham "Disaster Followed Fast and Followed Faster" Schroeder Romero Gallery


September 13, 2007;/h3>

{     HATE to love / LOVE to hate     }    

HATE to love
6. The O.C. on DVD
5. Robin Thicke
4. Xbox 360
3. Sausage McGriddles
2. Friday Night Lights
1. Dragon Dynasty

LOVE to hate
6. Carlos Mencia
5. Cloverfield
4. Texas (the State)
3. Poker Dudes
2. C.S.A. The Movie
1. Cuba Gooding Jr.

Click "Read on" to find out why....


{     Reese's Peanut Butter & Banana Creme Elvis Cups     }    

reeses-elviscups.jpgIf you had told me that such a thing existed, I wouldn't have believed you until I had it in my mouth. And now that I've had the pleasure, I'm still feeling the shawk and ohhwww of disbelief. Is this really happening? Is something this improbable and delicious really on store shelves? Are you sure this isn't some massive Maurizio Cattlean-helmed commentary on American obesity? Whatever the case, I imagine The King himself will soon be lured out of hiding to get his grizzled paws on some, they're just that damn good.
I won't wax overlong on the details, you can read more at, but I would like to say that for the 7 minutes it took me to chew and swallow these gems, I completely forgot about the war in Iraq, Bush, 9/11, Britney's performance at the VMAs and my own bulging waistline. They are that powerful.

     » Hershey's official Elvis cups webpage


September 6, 2007;/h3>

{     SABRE - "Sunday" Shades     }    


Everybody's got their own take on how best to cure a hangover. My buddy swears by Pedialyte, the electrolyte stocked beverage used to rehydrate toddlers with diherreah. Another friend insists that eating a slice of Wonderbread before passing out will stave off the hang'. Personally, I'm a fan of two glasses of water and a multivitamin, but since getting my hands on the Sunday, I'm adding a mandatory half-day of wearing these bad boys to my list.

It's as though they were specially formulated to enable advanced post-party recovery: The voluminous lenses envelop your eyes in comforting darkness, the thick frame rests comfortably and securely across your noggin and their size and opacity shield you from the prying eyes of the annoyingly sober and chipper morning crowd. Essentially, they make an otherwise intolerable day-after bearable.
The Sunday comes at you in 3 colorways - white w/ black accents, black w/ white accents, and my fave- the black and blue combo seen above.

     » Snatch up a pair of Sundays at Karmaloop

     » View All Sabre Shades at Karmaloop


{     Mike Giant in Juxtapoz Magazine     }    


I know I'm totally being a fanboy here, but the new issue of Juxtapoz is out and features a big 'ol interview with Mike Giant, also known as the only dude on the planet that I would let tattoo both my arms and back fully, with whatever he liked - just let him totally freestyle it all. Yeah, that's right, I love his work that much - shitty thing is he has claimed to be done with tattooing forever. And I cry.

But back to my point, here is the full Mike Giant Juxtapoz interview on the Rebel8 site, a great clothing label which uses only Mike Giant's work.

To round out the links, you should buy that whole issue of Juxtapoz, because you should ALWAYS buy every issue of Juxtapoz. Then you should check out more of Mr. Giant's work at where else but, and then you should buy some shirts from the great dudes at Rebel8. They're super high-quality tees with great prints of Mike's work - worth every damn cent. Oh, and get some socks too! And buy me this Rebel8 hat! Please. I neeeeeeeed it.

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