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July 31, 2007;/h3>

{     M.I.A. "Bamboo Banger"     }    


"M.I.A.'s coming back with... Power, Power. M.I.A.'s coming back with... Power, Power. I'm big... time-a. It's the bamboo banga'." Indeed she has and indeed she is.

M.I.A.'s new album Kala begins with the above-mentioned track, titled Bamboo Banger, and it stops all nay-say dumb in the dusty dirt. It begins simply with a line from a drum, then a borrow from The Modern Lovers: "Roadrunner, roadrunner, going hundred miles per hour... with your radio oooon!" It's the Bamboo Banger herself, and that's when you realize it: you're fucking in for it. It goes, it goes, it drives, it builds and builds, it's like nothing else you know, monotone and monotonous, but hard and sharp, it's a party, only it's from the future of the past, it makes me feel like climbing trees and jumping out leaving a neon laser-trail, and it makes my skin feel tight.

And it gets better every time I hear it. And it's not even near the best track on the album, it's just the first and I don't want to ruin the rest for you. You just wait until you hear Jimmy...

I have to admit that the initially leaked tracks, especially the Timbaland produced "Come Around", failed to blow the back of my head off like I had hoped, but they were still slammin'. In my opinion, M.I.A.'s worst is still better than most's best, but this time there was a surprise: The secret, up-their-sleeve trick that we all kinda fell for is that it seems all the previously leaked tracks, although still great, were the most lackluster ones from Kala, saving the true bangers to burn our unsuspecting ears. Meaning we got a couple three-star or four-star taster tracks so we'd be all like, "Huh, well okay, I hope the album has a few other decent tracks on it," and then saved all the five-star barefoot-jungle-stomping, neon-space-laser-flashed, sweaty-sunburnt-hands-slamming-mallets-into-drums craziness for our unwitting heads. Fire!

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July 30, 2007;/h3>

{     The Search For Animal Chin     }    

chinc12.jpg This one is for all the old dudes out there that rocked zebra-print Jimmy Z shorts and a painter’s hat with the bill flipped up…. and meant that shit. What we have here is a piece of skateboarding history, a testament to when bangs were asymmetrical, Sticks were Psycho, and Gator had yet to kill anybody. “The Search For Animal Chin” was the ultimate skate video in a time when there weren’t any, an anomaly art project from vanguard 80’s skate juggernaut Powell Peralta starring the infamous Bones Brigade (check wikipedia, small-timer). While technically the third video in Powell’s groundbreaking series, "Chin" one-ups the competition by being an actual feature-length film with the pros not only skating, but “acting” as well. Fuck Thrashin’.

     » find Animal Chin here


July 29, 2007;/h3>

{     Swami Safari     }    


As so many out there already know, t-shirts are a staple of the wardrobe. They are also a canvas for self expression. Sometimes, however, we feel that we need more and better to fill the fashion void. In the past decade or so the trend of t-shirt subscriptions has gained quite a bit of steam.

One of the places I have to recommend is Swami Safari. The good team of Aussie’s have taken the time to explain how they found their place online:

Where did this all come from?
Well we want to explore online clothing retailing, customer-participation, communities, user-generated content and total transparency and honesty about what we do and how we do it. We've been heavily inspired by the likes of Threadless, People Like Us and Oddica. This is the first in a series of online fashion projects we're launching.


July 27, 2007;/h3>

{     Wale / Catchdubs "100 Miles & Running" Mixtape     }    


Do yourself a favor and download this mixtape from Washington's Wale, mixed by Nick Catchdubs and featuring tracks with production by Mark Ronson, DJ Book, Judah and more. It's been out for a minute or nine, but I wasn't paying attention because I thought Wale was some UK grime dude - um, he's from DC and let me let you know, the boy just kills it.

Wale's name is pronounced 'Wah-lay' and I'm not kidding when I say that the dude has some easy, breezy flow that is just *fun* to listen to. Perfect summertime rhymes. Download the whole mixtape FREE from Zshare here, and if you need a taste first to see if it's worth getting the whole thing, here's one of my fave tracks: Camp Lo (mp3).


July 26, 2007;/h3>

{     Vans Vault “Real Deal” Series     }    



Simply unfuckwithable. That's what these new Vans Vault “Real Deal” series kicks are. All-white or all-black, with red stitching on the heel, you can get all the classics: the Sk8-Hi, the Half-Cab, the Chukka, or the Prison Issue. So simple, minimal and clean. Perfect. They're supposed to be released in August and if I could get a pair of each I think I could officially say I was "done buying shoes." For serious.


Full Vans Vault line can be seen at:


July 25, 2007;/h3>

{     Young Lovers "Vampire Hound" Tee     }    


Damn. Damn. Damn. DAMN. Young Lovers brings the Teeth on the Tooth, and I just can't quit fiendin' for it. Not too much left to say after you look at the pic above. Normally we would stick this in the T-Love section, but it's just too huge.

Quick note, I do not own this tee, but I do own another piece of theirs and it needs to be known just how top notch their production is. The tee is super-soft, not in a cheap American Crapparel way, but in a good smooth fit, not too long, not too fitted, just right kinda way. Also, they detail their shirts with this strange faux-velour-type lettering in weird spots that just has to be seen and felt to be understood. Words fail.

Each Young Lovers tee is limited to 100 pieces, so go get one now while the gettin' is good:


{     Kanye West, "Can't Tell Me Nothing" Video     }    


Well, according to this interview with Zach Galifianakis Kanye West stopped by one of Zach's shows, dug his work, saw some of the videos Zach had made and decided to throw some cash his way if Zach would make a video for a track off his new album "Can't Tell Me Nothing (mp3)".

Zach threw it together out on his farm, starring himself, some dancers and the Palace Bro himself, Will Oldham - Kentucky's reserved Bonnie Prince. Hoopty tractor bounces, chainsaw aggression, introspective closeups, macho posturing, it's all there...

Watch it at


July 23, 2007;/h3>

{     Some of My Favorite Shitty Movies     }    

12. Cursed
11. The Big Hit
10. Airborne
9. Hudson Hawk
8. xXx
7. Miami Vice
6. Bio-Dome
5. Hard Target
4. Showgirls
3. Clambake
2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
1. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Click "read on" to, well, um... read on.


July 20, 2007;/h3>

{     Jeepney's New Braves Tee     }    


Looks a little familiar, eh? The one on the left would be clothing company Jeepney and the one on the right would be HelloMinor, a season after season favorite. HelloMinor pressed those tees last season, fangs and all, and Jeepney just put their design up for sale on Karmaloop this week. Fangs and all.

UPDATE: Before you leave a comment saying it's just the old Braves logo, please read the comments below. To sum it up: Did the Braves Logo have fangs? No, it didn't. See for yourself:


That said, it seems the two clothing labels have come to terms with each other about the whole deal and everyone is cool. It turns out that Jeepney purchased the design from a separate design agency whom I won't name here, and as it's impossible for everyone to know all the tee designs out there all the time, we can't fault Jeepney.

I wasn't trying to cause a ruckus, I just saw what I saw and reacted to it. I still think the designer of Jeepney's shirt bit HelloMinor's design, even though it was derivative of the old Braves logo itself. Jeepney is okay in our book, and this should serve as a great example of how as a small label, you need to be careful enlisting out-of-house designers to produce pieces for your line.


July 19, 2007;/h3>

{     Gold Coin     }    

Over the last few months I have been seeing a lot more creativity in the streetwear sector of the fashion world and am pretty pumped. Long have I wanted someone to step up and bring back bold colors, monster prints, and unique graphics that anyone can feel comfortable and secure about wearing. Enter Gold Coin. This up and coming line is relatively new to the scene but with a solid account on Karmaloops Kazbah and a rapidly growing fan base, it wont be long until this line truly begins its accent of the streetwear hierarchy. This is evident in their last seasons sales and has had owner Ray Robinson scrambling to get out some fresh new pieces to the hungry masses. Set on heavy stock T’s and crew neck sweaters, Gold Coin offers a simple supply of garments with a lot to say...exactly what streetwear needs...

     » GC on Karmaloop


July 18, 2007;/h3>

{     The Great Exhibition - RCA lowbrow graduates     }    

Why is the Royal College of Art graduate show any more relevant than that of any other art school? Because alumni include, in random order, Tracey Emin, David Hockney, Ridley Scott, Henry Moore.... Not only have most of the "Young British Artists" been involved with it to varying degrees (for example, the Christmas card benefit sale in which anybody could buy a piece by Damine Hirst without knowing it), but lots of other super famous artists have passed by its studios. Graduating from the RCA is a pass-port to the best art galleries in the world so.. you better watch out for the new graduates. One day they will be famous. And admired. And will sell each piece for millions and more.

More likely only a couple of them will know that level of universal fame, but thankfully the art world has many cracks and crevices and the particular niche known as lowbrow could well crown its new star from this bunch. Because the potential for the new Gary Baseman, John Burgerman or Dalek is all there and the students presenting works belonging to this current are many.

     » 2007 Graduate Catalogue


July 17, 2007;/h3>

{     The Boggs "Forts"     }    

This year has brought about quite a few budding bands to the scene. JET and the Fratellis, both respectively decent rock bands were quickly made main stream by their often upbeat singles. Recently I had the pleasure of catching up with the Boggs.

A band of New York City natives, the Boggs are poised on the edge to become the next big thing. While this may piss off a lot of people who like to keep their bands pure and uninfluenced by the mainstream media, it’s going to happen so enjoy what you have while you have it. (I have recently been informed one of their song remixes, "Arm in Arm" is featured in the new game trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV)

Their sophomore release, “Forts” (released May 8, 2007), is one of the few albums that I have had on continuous play these past few months. Loaded with a gritty taste that comes with the New York City experience, “Forts” makes for a solid album that is a definite buy.

When you think that only six years ago this band was playing on street corners and subway platforms in Brooklyn, it boggles the mind. Be sure to look them up: The Boggs. The album, “Forts.” Go now.

Check Out The Boggs “Forts” now...

By A.J. in Music, Reviews

{     Unruly Heir     }    


In a world of conformity, there shall arise one label that shall gently lift their arms, curl up their fists, and slowly extend their middle finger to anyone who would put them into a line up of preppy socialites. This label is named Unruly Heir.

Taking their cues from the 1930’s English prep form, Unruly Heir design team led by Joey Goodwin, has turned relics into rebellious. With a limited but formidable line, I can only tell you Unruly Heir deserves your full attention.

One note: as a presently limited line, the cost is really up there. Either pony up or hold off, let the dust settle, and hope you can get your stand out brunch rags sometime soon.

Check Out Unruly Heir...

By A.J. in Singles

July 12, 2007;/h3>

{     Interview : Parskid     }    


Parskid might be a man of few words but his work speaks loudly. From the Pacific Northwest, Parskid brings beauty to the damned and all their friends. With many products under his belt, shows always in the works and collaborations continuing, I am suprised he has any time left to "vandalise" the city. I am always pleased to see Parskids work in a gallery or on a street in my local hood. I am sure he will leave a strong impression on you as well.


July 6, 2007;/h3>

{     INDVSL Faux Foxy Shirt     }    


I've said it before, and now I'm here saying it again - every once in a while there is a t-shirt company that settles not for just doing something different in order to stand out from the pack, but to also go that extra bit to do it better so as to secure a piece in their collection that really draws attention to their brand, and to any person wearing it. That is what INDVSL has done.

Their new Faux Foxy shirt, available for both men and women, has all the right touches. The shirt is printed on American Apparel stock, which I don't dig myself, but most everyone else loves and I'm sure with which you're familiar, but the print is of the hide of a dead fox (hanging tongue intact) draped around and over both shoulders - beginning on one shoulder, running around the back, and then over the other shoulder. This alone is enough to make it stand out, but then they went the extra bit and made the print a nice fuzzy felt. That's right, not only does it look it, it feels it. Looks fine, fits good, and feels good, both on you and to the ladies and gents that will be wanting to cop a rub.


     » More pics and pricing at


{     The Racist Mind     }    

I must make something clear before I go into my review of this very good book because I don't want the title to give anyone a preconceived notion of this book. First of all, The Racist Mind: Portraits of American Neo-Nazis and Klansmen is not pro-white supremacy literature, rather it is actually an in depth look at some of the individuals that come from these various hate groups and organizations and takes a sociological look at them; where they come from, their own socio-economic background, what they know and what they think they know about those whom they hate.

The Racist Mind is categorized under sociology/psychology although I would go one step further and file it under the ethnography section because it takes a look at a few select groups and focuses heavily on certain members of them. Basically what Ralphael Ezekiel does is go to various group meetings, get-togethers and rallies and observes while playing a somewhat interactive role as well.

     » Buy it...


July 4, 2007;/h3>

{     Peel Magazine     }    

Alright Dozens, it's summer time, and time to wake up, get outside and run amuck. But rather than just rome randomly from one destination to the next, pick yourself up a copy of Peel Magazine. Not only can you spread 29 stickers packed inside along your way, but you can also read it. Because it's filled with a world of stenciling, pastes, stickering, graffiti, toys and much much more. Sounds like a lot to take in but it's a totally fresh mix. Interviews are pretty objective and the whole issue seems very light and easy going. You should pick one up as issue #8 is rocking Seen, Erica Stepanian and keepin' it evil with M.C.A. on the cover. It is inspiring on too many levels to mention.

     » Get Peel


July 1, 2007;/h3>

{     Nixon 51-30     }    


When I first got a look at Nixon’s new “51-30” I thought to myself, “Now that’s a fine looking watch. I wonder how that’d look on my wrist.” A few days later, I managed to get my wish but something was amiss. When I held this watch in my gaze, the only thing that ran through my mind was “That’s no watch, it’s a space station.”

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