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June 29, 2007;/h3>

{     Watain - Sworn to the Dark     }    

"In the end, frankly speaking, we are not here to play black metal-- we are here to fuck the world." - Erik Danielsson vocals/bass

If that is Watain's Mission Statement, then Sworn to the Dark is the band's ultimate fuck-bomb, cruising through the night like an infernal ICBM, ready to deliver it's payload of envenomed plague-virus wherever it touches down, spawning a mushroom-cloud of inky black Satanic darkness that will enshroud all those within earshot. There is no questioning Watain's commitment to The Serpent, nearly every track on Sworn to the Dark is an ode to his majesty or an invocation of his black power, the album roils and seethes with a tremendous and dark reptilian presence that will not be denied. It is a monument to all that is evil, and the shadow that it casts across the current crop of wannabes and wish-we-weres is long and inescapable.
The means of delivery is a potent brew of black metal and death tempered with native Swedish thrash. It manages to satisfy all the BM troo/kvlt criterion while also shredding your fucking face off with a speed and heaviness missed by most black metalists. Suppurating blast beats fracture into heavy doom-rhythms, trebly guitar lines flay into nine-tailed thrash riffs and even the vocals manage to sound alternately blackened, disgusted and fiercely growled. This is black metal with balls.

     » TempleOfWatain


June 28, 2007;/h3>

{     Poketo - Summer Releases     }    


There are so many consumer outlets nowadays that cater to the more off the beaten path individual. Many find that their artistic license or resources are thin but with minimal diversity are willing to shop by picking at each consumer nest. One of the very few places online that I feel compelled to glorify is Poketo. Recently I have had the great opportunity to get my hands on some of the company’s newer releases.


June 27, 2007;/h3>

{     Durkl     }    

True I was born in the early 80’s and didn’t get to experience the era first hand but trust me I caught up. Say Anything, The Breakfast Club, and high top Nike’s are currently stocked in my closet and in a time of ‘bringing fashions back’ I was always wondering when the 80’s would get their moment in the spotlight once again. Thanks to the oddly named Durkl you can see a company dead-set on bringing this time of bright colors and eye-popping designs back…In full force. Whether it be the bold black and pink Durkl standard or the very Back to the Future wrap shades, Durkl wants to you to embrace, no, love the 80’s all over again.

     » Durkl Home


June 26, 2007;/h3>

{     Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - In Glorious Times     }    

"You got your Noise in my Rock!"
"You got your Rock in my Noise!"
"Mmmmmmm.... delicious."
-----Insert comparison to other widely known avant-rock band HERE-----
-----Insert evidence of how Sleepytime Gorilla Museum transcend comparison to said widely known avant rock band HERE-----
-----Hear HERE-----
Hear, hear: In Glorious Times strikes the perfect balance between meaningful and meaningless; it all sounds so damned important and cryptic, and, well, glorious, but why? What's being soundtracked here? Is it an acid-trip or a secret meeting of the Stonecutter's Society? Is it the sound of pretentious West Coast rocksturbation seeking validation in overly complicated melodic structure and the playing of handcrafted instruments or is it the sound of the next blisteringly profound chapter in the epic struggle of ROCK against ROCK? It's easy to get confusticated because this album is kinda all of that, in the best way possible.
The problem with most noise rock is the problem with most noise rock, which is that it often either takes itself way too seriously or not seriously enough. Finding the right balance is critical, and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum are so there on this. Serious enough to sound like the accomplished and talented musicians that they are, but not so seriously that they inadvertently bore you to tears or frustrate you into questioning why you even bothered picking up the album in the first place.



{     Nau     }    


You know how your parents would always remind you to bring a jacket when you went out? You know, just in case. Well, like so many of us I just shrugged and kept on walking. Who wants to go through a closet of jackets and outwear that, to be honest with yourself, would leave you choosing to rather brave the elements then zip up. Well as luck would have it, the good people of Nau have given you your answer to that problem (and then some).


June 22, 2007;/h3>

{     Goorin • Summer 07'     }    


Once again that summer wind is coming in from across the sea, and you’re in need of something to keep your dome covered and your eyes cared after. Tred on over to Goorin, a personal favorite, for their latest releases of hats and some other pretty hot stuff.

For instance, did you know it takes a real man to pull off a fedora? If you didn’t it’s probably because you don’t own one. That is something we can both work on with Goorin’s wide variety of kick ass hats. The thing I dig most about Goorin isn’t simply the style, but the comfort and the affordability. Honestly, they range from hot stuff for the drop of an Andrew Jackson to smokin’ hot at the drop of a Ben Franklin.


{     Chronicle Books - “Dante’s Divine Comedy Boxed Set”     }    


Summer reading is easier said then done. With all the new “best sellers” and those classics you’ve always wanted to get around to, how are you supposed to find something that will quench the thirst for a good read. I recently got my chance by getting a hold of the brilliantly revisited “Dante's Divine Comedy” Boxed Set by Sandow Birk and Marcus Sanders. This is by and far one of the coolest pieces of literature you can get your hands on. By revisiting the timeless texts of Dante’s Divine Comedy, adapted by Marcus Sanders and Birk, you will be greeted with the ingenious artwork of Sandow Birk (whose art is a contemporary spin on Gustave Doré's infamous masterpieces).


{     SEEE     }    


Summer is here and so is the crappy humidity and heat. Aside from frosty beverages, stores across the charts are trying to sell you summer clothes. Shorts, tees, sandals, and just clothes that make you look like you belong in either the Florida retirement home central or the prefabricated IKEA world that will make you become one of “them.” It’s more then frustrating, it’s boring. Well, here comes a line that will walk right up to that “bore” and kick it in the groin. Folks, let me introduce you to SEEE.


June 21, 2007;/h3>

{     Modern Amusement • Summer 07'     }    


There are few brands that I would jump into the arena of fashion to defend like Modern Amusement. Taking into account a jumble of ingredients for successful production such as style, design, comfort, quality, and durability it’s rare to find a line so consistent. Yes, I would certainly defend that bird with my gauntlet clad fist.


June 20, 2007;/h3>

{     Mudwig Prints     }    


I have a strong affinity for this dirtbag Mudwig's work, even though he's a jerk that sucks at email worse than I do. I can't find out much of anything about the guy, but I do know that his style is a style all his own and I really wish I could afford the crazy high price on one of these new, first ever prints of his work. There are three different Giclee prints available for £195.00 each from Red Propeller Gallery and I want the one above very, very badly, as well as the wiener-dog one that you'll see on the Red Propeller site.

You can check out more of Mudwig's madness at, as well as at, where you can also see the work of his right-hand-men Eko and Paris. It's infectious.


{     New S/T Album from the Liars     }    


If you haven't heard by now, there's a new album coming in August from the Liars and if you get a flashlight and look in the corners and under the furniture you just might be able to hear some of it already. Matter of fact, we found some on the floor under the cupboard the other day and as we don't like to see people scrape up their knees or stir up dust bunnies, we figured we'd play a couple tracks for you. I've been spinning these two all day long for a couple days long now, and I see no sign of slowing. These dudes have had a pretty hit or miss career if you ask me, sometimes getting a little too "out there" to be enjoyable, but this new one, well, the fact that it's self-titled is kinda appropriate in a way I can't explain. It's good.

     » Liars "Clear Island" (mp3)
     » Liars "Houseclouds" (mp3)


{     SKWAK Maniac Figure     }    


Grind your teeth, peel back some bills and clear room in the toybox, 'cause the long-awaited SKWAK Maniac has finally jittered it's way onto the shelves of Rotofugi! It's 8" tall and $80 deep, limited to 300 pieces and sure to be gone about 14 minutes from now.


June 16, 2007;/h3>

{     Fullbleed     }    


There are rare occasions when apparel is designed explicitly for expression; for the opportunity to get a message out there. When I found Fullbleed I was amazed to see I had found such a line of apparel existed. Making tees that rely solely on the artistic design, no text or clear cut depictions, Fullbleed takes your shirt and makes it a billboard for your emotions, or a kick-ass collection of emoticons we’d like to show the world.


June 15, 2007;/h3>

{     Interview : Shawn Wolfe     }    

Shawn Wolfe

Kristen Rask of Schmancy Toys in Seattle dropped this interview with the super-and-multi-talented Shawn Wolfe to me recently, and since I'm a last-minute kinda guy I'm putting it up today to coincide with his new show, "Stay Puft," that is going up at Schmancy this evening. I like run-on sentences, I like Kristen, I dig Schmancy, and I love Mr. Wolfe's striking and subtly intense work.


June 14, 2007;/h3>

{     The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky     }    

I know that plenty of other media sources have recently reviewed the crap out of this release (FYI- Canadian horror-mag Rue Morgue did it best) but how many of those cats have told you how to score your very own copy for $24?
Uh huh, that's what I thought.
Click the link below to DeepDiscount, pop in the promo code PRICESEARCH (all caps) and take 20% off their already stoopid low price of $29.99. That's right, you're getting that bad boy shipped for free, and you're only out 24 clams! (20% off expires 6/16)
And all I ask in return is that you write your Congressman, the mayor of Movietown, the Italian Embassy and whomever the fuck else you can think of and urge them to PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS BLOODY, BEAUTIFUL AND HOLY IN THIS WORLD FIND IT IN YOUR HEARTS TO RELEASE JODORWSKY'S FINEST FILM SANTA SANGRE IN A US DVD FORMAT!
Seriously, I'm dying for it.

     » The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky at


{     The Keys Of The Kingdom     }    

I really enjoy the calming effect of sitting in bed and opening a good book and just turning off the surrounding distractions of TV, cell phones, and music, but as I entered into my first year of law school reading became so much a part of my life that I couldn’t bear to continue the activity for another 2 hours each night. However, with the constant pushing and prodding of my wonderful mother I began to read one of the most compassionate and compelling stories in my life called Keys to the Kingdom. This story of one mans trials and tribulations kept me eagerly awaiting each development of his tremendous endeavor, and gave me some faith that there truly are good people in this world. As with any story there is a fine line between giving the whole plot away, and giving you a good reason to dive in so I will try to be as vague as I can without leaving you lost (I have a really bad habit of quoting movies too much, usually giving away the best parts). Written in the 1940’s this is a story of one man's struggle to find himself and be true to his faith as he is shipped to China on a mission trip for the Catholic Church. What is so wonderful about this book is the priest’s refreshing view of what religion is supposed to be…loving, compassionate, accepting, and forgiving. Every step of the way he deals with terrible adversaries, many coming from the hierarchy of a religion he is meant to serve. However, with every painful set back he manages to use his ‘unconventional views’ and ‘frowned upon’ methods to bring followers; not by force or bribes, but through self sacrifice.

     » Check it out at Amazon

By Alex in Reading

June 13, 2007;/h3>

{     Awesome Church Marquee Slogans     }    














June 12, 2007;/h3>

{     Sigh - Hangman's Hymn: Musikalische Exequien     }    

If all those creepy demon-ghost babies from J-horror films grew up, got really into Wagner, Venom, Dario Argento and Mayhem and started a band, I imagine this is what it might end up sounding like.
That may even be selling Sigh short, as their pool of influences is a bit deeper than that analogy allows, combining elements of thrash, symphonic orchestration and cinematic ambiance with a profoundly diverse take on black metal. Now I'm not exactly "black metal guy", so I don't know how well Sigh's particular brand of it plays with genre purists, but I can confidently say that Hangman's Hymn easily out-evils most of what passes for BM these days.
The album is divided into three Acts, each comprised of 3-4 tracks which weave in and out of overarching themes (both lyrically and melodically), building to weird crescendos and denouements. It's a very loose jazz-like structuring, with repetition falling off-measure and different levels of instrumentation and vocalization rising and falling throughout in a chaotic swirl that only makes sense the more you listen to it. Layers of sound, screeches, maniacal laughter, thrash riffs and thunderous choruses pop in out of nowhere like boogey-men out of the closet or monsters from under the bed, adding a little pants-pooping shock-and-awe to the proceedings.

     » Sigh


{     PopJunkie     }    


Some people are so lazy they’d rather buy a new t-shirt then just do a load of laundry. If you’re one of those lazy people, and you want a shirt for tomorrow with more bang for your buck, check out PopJunkie. Although their design palette is somewhat limited (right now) what they do have to offer is akin to the finest gourmet you’ve ever sampled.


June 8, 2007;/h3>

{     Pig Destroyer "Phantom Limb"     }    


Pig Destroyer are the Luther Vandross of grindcore. Soulful ladies men of the most gentlemanly ilk, their grooves float through the air like April ambrosia. Their melodies bewilder and charm. Their rhythms: a tender pah-rum-pah-pum-pum on the heart.

They sing the body electric with lyrics whose eloquence tickle the spirit like so many of Whitman's "Leaves of Grass". As on the album's opener "Rotten Yellow" when singer J.R. Hayes croons:

"Now her skin is yellow,
like the wildflowers in July.
She asks me how she looks
and I tell her that she's as lovely as the vultures,
as pretty as the larvae of the fly."

or on "Deathripper" when he intones:

"I hold your hand in mine.
The rest of you is scattered all over,
Your rib cage is open like a great white shark's jaws.
Your legs look so sexy out of context."

Ahhh, what sweet, sweet twists of language! One can feel with inexorable immediacy the tenderness he feels for his beloved.

Such beauty finds rest in our ears with such infrequency one is cast into the transcendental realm when finally it is leavened into the dough of one's existence. And in the sample at the end of "Lesser Animal" when we hear the consoling words of a country preacher recant a tale of a man who saw,

"the screaming and the flesh burning, and he was running himself and he saw this young man who had mocked him so much. And he saw him on fire. And he pulled him away from the blaze. And he was nothing honestly but charcoal. His hands frozen up, he had nothing left but his eye balls, his ears were gone, his nose was gone, everything was gone..."

Oh ho! Ouchey Poo! You guys!!!!!

Out on a date with that new special someone? Leave the Colt 45 to the amateurs boys, "Phantom Limb" by Pig Destroyer will work every time....

     » Pig Destroyer on MySpace
     » Buy Phantom Limb from Relapse


June 6, 2007;/h3>

{     The Super Inframan     }    

During the VHS/BETA rental-boom of the 80's my dad used to take my brother and I to a furniture shop downtown that doubled as a makeshift video rental store. Amongst all the giant brightly-colored clamshell VHS boxes for perpetually checked-out "new" releases like Tootsie, Kramer Vs. Kramer and Clash of the Titans there stood a box that outshined them all, the cover art featuring a tight shot of kaiju-hero Inframan, with wicked blue-white laser beams shooting from his eyes. It was love at first sight.

20+ years later, I'm still enamored. Inframan was my entry point to a genre of film/TV that I have come to adore, involving costumed heroes battling it out with rubber-suited bad-guys, a natural branch off the Godzilla/Gamera family tree of giant-monster movies. At the time I had no idea that what I was actually watching was Hong Kong's answer to (some party-pooper-purists would say "blatant rip-off of") Japan's successful Ultraman and Kamen Rider series. I just knew that it was absolutely fucking awesome, and one of the coolest things I'd ever seen in my young life.

     » Snatch it up at


{     Justice D.A.N.C.E. T-Shirts     }    


Just saw on that some of the shirts from the amazing video for Justice's single "D.A.N.C.E." have been made and are now for sale at both Sold Out and They're not cheap, but they're sure as hell fresh.


{     Reddingk     }    


Sometimes while looking for interesting rocks you luckily stumble upon a gem, and that's what happened today when I was looking for some status on a new reprint of one of my (and Mag.nificent's) favorite zines, Crap Hound. The gem I found was a little online shop called Reddingk, featuring books, prints, tees and more from Jordan Crane, one of the most talented graphic storytellers I've seen in recent years. Don't believe me? Track down a copy of "The Hand Of Gold" and get familiar. Mr. Crane's colors are so good, you'll just look at his prints and think to yourself, "No. That should not work. How does it work? No." But it does. Perfectly.

The sad thing is that most titles are sold out, but just consider this a heads up, a notice, a map, a reminder, whatever - just something to tell you to watch Reddingk and honestly, just buy anything you can because even though I haven't seen it all, I've seen enough to know there's nothing less than amazing.


{     Worn Free     }    


When I’ve got my stereo cranked to eleven and “sing” along with the Ramones, the only way I could imagine that moment being cooler is if I could go back to 1976 (a time when punk wasn’t about how loud you could whine) so I could see them in concert. Somewhere, someone thought the same thing and that’s where Worn Free comes in.


June 4, 2007;/h3>

{     life IN VENTSVILLE     }    

Kid Robot has done it again with their latest toy release by Damon Soule. Damon Soule who is know for his explosively vibrant, organic artwork is bringing it hard with this latest psychedelic wonderland. Offering 16 figures plus 3 monotone variants, this toy set will not disappoint. Act fast and receive a 10" infantree, limited to 500 pieces and only offered with purchase of the case. If you are not that ambitious you can also purchase individual figures from a blind box, in typical Kid Robot fashion.

     » Visit Ventsville
     » Visit Damon Soule


June 3, 2007;/h3>

{     Jib Hunt     }    


To classify the New York based designer, Jib Hunt, as merely a splash of urban color in an already saturated urban market would be a tremendous injustice. In the latest Jib Hunt release, the summer line, I was able to snag a few pieces for review to prove this point.

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