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May 30, 2007;/h3>

{     Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing (Mixtape)     }    


Word is out most everywhere, but just in case you ain't heard - the new official mixtape from Kanye, mixed by Plain Pat, seeped out the pipes this week and it may not be the most deep or even the best heat out right now, but it is without question going to be huge. It's fun and these tracks are gonna work any porch, patio, or stoop this summer - which is kinda the barometer I use for everything this time of year.

With bites, plays, remixes, remashes, refixes, samples, or whatevers of jams like Kid Sister's "Pro Nails", PB&J's "Young Folks", Thom Yorke and more, plus guest spots from Common, Lupe Fiasco, and tons others, it's just kinda perfect for right now. So I don't care how cooler-than-every-kid you are, get this shit, burn a couple copies and throw 'em in your car or bag to take to parties and kindly leave behind. It'll make people move, perk up ears, make some smiles, raise some beers, and just fucking *work*.

     » Credit to Nah Right for the first heads up: New Kanye West Mixtape
     » Taste 1: Stronger (snippet - MP3)
     » Taste 2: Don't Forget 'Em (full - MP3)
     » Link to full mixtape: Can't Tell Me Nothing Mixtape (SendSpace)


{     Neurosis 'Given to the Rising'      }    



May 29, 2007;/h3>

{     Drifter - Summer 07'     }    


Often times we have the chance to wear art. Other times we get to make a statement with our art. With the line of clothing from Drifter, you get the unique opportunity to do both. Taking cues from the popular cultural, renaissance, and medieval eras, Drifter has found a way to bring forth creations that bring their canvas to life.


May 25, 2007;/h3>

{     "Street Installations" by Mark Jenkins     }    


I know this story might be a little old but I thought it was still relevant and cool enough to share with C12's readers, in case they were getting tired of the deluge of product reviews or the indulgent dry sarcasm.

Mark Jenkins, an artist who makes most of his sculptural art using clear packing tape, has been placing his works of art at various cities in the world since 2003. His most recent work, displayed in London last month, can be seen on his website (which includes interviews and more) showcasing his poignant and insightful pieces.

Check Out Mark Jenkins website here

By A.J. in Singles

May 24, 2007;/h3>

{     Richard Tuttle Interview on     }    


Let's take a break from all these candy coated T-shirt and trinket posts for some hearty thoughts from post-minimalist master Richard Tuttle.

WARNING!: This may shock you: He's actually NOT trying to sell you merch. I know, I know. Take a deep breath. It'll be over soon. Then we can go back to the drug mall!!!!


May 22, 2007;/h3>

{     TOKYObay     }    


Time flies when you’re having fun and if anyone can tell you that, it’s the watch makers of TOKYObay. Taking old school design and pinching it with a modern twist, TOKYObay has been making quality watches since 1991. Gaining notoriety ever since, recently TOKYObay unveiled a new line of watches and I was able to grace my wrist with one.

I’m always wary buying watches. It just seems in this modern age, as the kids call it, that one always carries a multitude of beaping, buzzing electronic devices that will remind you how much time you’ve wasted. With TOKYObay however, there is an aesthetic that is somehow soothing, regaling the times where your pockets carried your cash and not the means to planning your day.


May 18, 2007;/h3>

{     Hi-Fructose Vol. 5     }    


Well boys and girls, the time has come once again. That's right, the new issue of Hi-Fructose is being whipped up in the labs as we speak! As we all know Hi-Frutose is jammed packed with the raddest under the counter culture art, toys and product around. And fear not as this issue has all of the goodness we have come to expect and then some. But keep in mind, Hi-Fructose is know for selling out faster than a David Hasselhoff concert in Berlin. Especially with this super-fly cover art by Amy Sol. So do not get left behind, go to Hi-Fructose dot com and pre-order yours today.

     » Hi-Fructose


May 17, 2007;/h3>

{     2K by Gingham     }    


2K by Gingham is here, bringing art to the masses...literally. No longer do you have to scour the museum gift shops to find your favorite Basquiat design on a shirt. What’s even more impressive then the quantity of artists is the wide variety of works to select from. Artists from Barry McGee to Jeff Canham and then some have been allowed to make the leap from one form of canvas to another.


May 13, 2007;/h3>

{     SubScript     }    


To say I was excited at receiving some product from SubScript, the new line from the Triple Five Soul brand, would be an understatement. I’ve been a fan of the Triple Five Soul brand for ages and having a chance to see what their latest endeavor would bring was beyond rad. I would later find that my expectations would be met and surpassed.

[Correction: Triple Five Soul is actually a partner brand. My apologies for any confusion I may have given the readers.]


May 12, 2007;/h3>

{     Justice "†"     }    


It's out there... Get it now. Get it later. Just get it. On your knees: The Party (feat. Uffie). On your feet: DVNO.


Remove the JUSTICE links immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Xxxxx Xxxxxx
Label Coordinator / Music Reviews Editor
VICE Records / VICE Magazine

Direct links to mp3s removed to play nice. Gotta love the fact that those whom gave Justice their incredible bloom, even coining a term for it ('blog-disco' or 'blog-house'), are now being told to *hush*. Good luck trying to stuff the cat back in the bag Vice.


May 10, 2007;/h3>

{     Death by Hello Minor/Hecklewood     }    


You may remember last summer when we were freaking out over a certain shirt deemed nearly perfect by us at, made by one of our favorite labels, Hello Minor. It was the Death Tee and the shirt was covered entirely by skulls, ghosts, tombstones and all things sickly, dead and dying. It was printed lovingly and perfectly with a non-repeating pattern and without fail received double and triple-takes by all whom saw it. Amazazazing.

Well now those kids at Hecklewood have teamed with Hello Minor to produce another run of the famed tee, this time in two uber-limited colorways, Apricot and Slate. The original is near impossible to find, and although I still gush over it's design and execution, I will admit that the stark contrast was a bit much for those of us that were not that into walking into joints like *BLAZZOW*. In these new colors the shirt, while still un-fuckwithable in it's graphic, is a bit more on the subtle side and thus more suited for the rest of yous. Also, it's a bit cheaper at $42, which I know still ain't change under your seat, but dude, seriously, just LOOK at it... $42 ain't shit.

     » Get it at Hecklewood!


{     Survey / Giveaway!     }    


As you know, we sublease some of your "attention" to chosen advertisers - it helps us run the site and eat food. In an effort to show ads better suited for our readers we're participating in a 12-minute survey conducted by, and in return for your time we are giving away prizes to random survey filler-outers. It's an effort to balance the karma thing, because we know these types of surveys feel wrong. The prizes are shirts from WESC and Supreme Being, a couple Shock-O-Rama skin flicks, and who knows what else. Depending on how many people respond, we may give away even more!

So CLICK HERE to take the survey. Please be sure to enter your email address at the end of the survey in order to be entered in the drawing! Thanks!

By Garrett in Notice

{     "Dudson's Modern Tales" by Nathan Jurevicius     }    


Created by the man behind Scary Girl, Nathan Jurevicius, I just found out about his latest Canadian sensation, Dudson's Modern Tales. For Dudson’s Modern Tales, Nathan has taken a few of his popular Minitreehouse characters, made some minor adjustments, and created an animated series about their lives, each episode one minute or less. The series is about life's trials, accomplishments, and setbacks depicted thru Nathan's absurd eye. From Decode Entertainment:

DUDSON'S MODERN TALES is a collection of highly stylized shorts that center on Dudson, an off-beat, absurd cab driver, along with his friends who are an eclectic cast of characters. DUDSON is about getting through the day with all of life's frustrations and small victories. It's Dudson's world and Normal is the New Weird.

Better yet, Nathan has taken those characters and created a new line of figures. The Dudson's Modern Tales mini figure series consists of four characters, again, re-envisioned for this series - Arkski, Heenie, Naal and Dudson himself. The toys are perfect for the shelf next to your Minitreehouse vinyls, and a must-have for all you Nathan J. fans.


May 9, 2007;/h3>

{     Imperfect Articles     }    


A showcase for talent, emerging and known, Imperfect Articles, is a line of apparel started by Noah Singer and Mike Andrews. With a line of limited works featuring such talents as artists Jon Burgerman, Clare Grill, and Adam Scott (to name but a few) you’ll be sure to snatch a diamond in the rough with one of these tees.


May 8, 2007;/h3>

{     Interview : Snaggs     }    

Since grade school, I have always been a fan of felt. There were always loads of colors to play with and felt boards were just plain fun. While working in a day care amid my "what do I do with my life" period, my love for felt was again sparked and still the flame lives on.

The artist Snaggs has changed my view of felt's potential in ways you can only understand by looking at her work. A Seattle-based artist, Snaggs makes the best dang felted art I have ever seen, as well as stunning retro pillows and other home goods. From hilarious renditions of Sloth from The Goonies to cute girls with umbrellas, Snaggs never ceases to impress those that enjoy the art movement as well as those that enjoy the craft movement. With Snaggs, there is no line between the two, she beautifully implements them together. Anyone can love Snaggs and everyone does. You should too.


{     Fyasko     }    


I was really excited to get my hands on the Fyasko brand product. Fyasko’s line of clothing is the epitome of grassroots gone right. Drawing from an impressive company made up of artists, surfers, musicians, and skateborders, Fyasko has done a quality job at finding a definitive universally cool formula for both design and comfort.


May 6, 2007;/h3>

{     Andrew Bird "Armchair Apocrypha"     }    

Some people make compulsive music: music so freakish in its intense focus and clarity of purpose that it’s hard not to feel a certain affection for it. Andrew Bird’s meanderings, layered and textural, half solemn and half playful, are clearly the product of an obsessive devotion. A superhuman amount of care goes into each arrangement. This tenderness washes over you, and it’s gorgeous.

Bird’s latest, Armchair Apocrypha, is in keeping with his tradition of moving ever forward, of never sitting on one musical style for too long. He continues the violin-looping that is the major constant of his solo career, but his sound is becoming more expansive, thicker with symphonic multiplicity. It’s also changing to incorporate his growing skill on guitar, an instrument he picked up seriously only a few years ago. This record, while stubbornly clean and well-recorded, still manages to hold a little roughness, especially in Bird’s unpredictable, moody vocals. From the lush crescendo of “Armchairs” to the thinking-person’s rock of “Heretics” and “Plasticities” and even a little dancy-ness in “Simple X,” there’s not a moment that isn’t inventive.

The words are beautiful—very writerly—and carry the signature subtly caustic Bird wit. His worldly, wordy lyrics proclaim him to be, as my former boss would say, “the product of a good liberal arts education.” But Bird doesn’t just string a bunch of obscure words together. He repeats and mixes themes masterfully, so that the songs have a nicely connected feel. Getting lost in it is freaking sublime.

I want to say to Andrew Bird: thank you for not becoming an accountant. Some people were born to do one thing only.

- Written by Vikki Warner

     » Gawk at Mr. Bird's site for tour dates, record buyin', and other fun


May 3, 2007;/h3>

{     Neurosis 'Given to the Rising' Prerelease Documentary     }    


May 2, 2007;/h3>

{     Fudge Factory Comics     }    


Just a quick couple words to mention that favorite, Fudge Factory Comics aka Travis Millard has updated his site with a wealth of new drawings, stickers, comics, pictures of merch he has contributed work to, and all kinds of fabulous junk. Always a good time, and always an artist that encourages me to ramp up my own pen and paper work. Go check out his work, and buy some stuff!


{     Anonymous Apparel     }    


What is in a name? Not much to those whose work is displayed for Anonymous Apparel, the clothing line whose artists remain anonymous on purpose. With a wide variety of contemporary designs Anonymous Apparel has done a good job making a name for themselves as edgy and unique in the clothing industry. Their array of clothing and accessories is definitely worth more then a gander.


{     The Teenagers     }    


The Teenagers get a bad rap because of their filthy mouths. Their filthy, filthy French mouths. But the thing is, I like filth, so I love The Teenagers.

Friends since high school, a band since 2005, the three members of The Teenagers are stylish, sly, casual and naive with themselves and their sound. They're greasy, yet breezy. Offensive, yet endearing. Misogynistic, but maybe just misunderstood. Or possibly they're understood perfectly. When asked about the cursing in 'Homecoming,' a member simply shrugged and said that he had no idea 'cunt' was so explicit in English. I'll refrain from quoting any lyrics not because they might offend you, but because it would ruin the surprise, or worse, cause you to not even listen.

But yeah, the music is wonderful and simple, poppy, casual goodness, just right for this time of year. Just right for late-night dancing on the porch or looking at one another with licking lips.

"Homecoming" is the one that you've heard, and if you've haven't then you'll soon love. "Sunset Beach" is the one for the mixtapes. The one you'll play for the girl. The one that feels like walking through tall grass in the sun, but has the perfect dark twist. "Starlett Johansson" is about just what you think it is. But better. Oh my god, so much better.

Is it bad that I normally never pay attention to lyrics, nor care about them at all really, but now that I have The Teenagers I just can't stop paying attention? Their January '08 album can't come soon enough...

     » The Teenagers (MySpace)
     » The Teenagers Remixes (MySpace)
     » The Teenagers' blog
     » "Homecoming" video by Kinga Burza

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