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April 27, 2007;/h3>

{     Bjork "Innocence (Mark Stent Mix)"     }    


So as a lot of you may already know, Bjork is back in the mix this month with her new album "Volta" - featuring her usual mix of the best producers of the moment. I got my hands on some tracks today and I have to say after having heard the whole thing that this album has either gotta be a grower or it's gonna be gone in a short minute. That said, I do really love this track: "Innocence (Mark Stent Mix)"

It hits hard and Bjork's vocals are much more reminiscent of her older (but still post-Sugarcubes) stuff - more coherent and not too avant. Sometimes bleeding-edge just isn't any fun, but this track is both fun and pretty, which is what we all want from the girl, right?

I will say that the album is not without it's highs, such as her duet with Antony of Antony and the Johnsons and the wonderful beg for climate crisis awareness that is "Earth Intruders," but after a few listens it's just not getting into my head like previous efforts.

Awww shucks, all that said - here's some other heat to balance this out a bit more: Bjork "Earth Intruders" (Spank Rock Mix)


{     CHOP SHOP Online Store     }    


Yo, yo, yo - graphic designerds! There is a top new online shop from those tots at Chopping Block, so hop your eyes over to the Chop Shop, pop a wallet drop, and get something hot to rock all up in the next spot you knock-knock. What? What!

     » Chop Shop


April 25, 2007;/h3>

{     Simple Shoes     }    


Earth day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we have to struggle to choose how we can remain eco-friendly. The choice is so easy, it’s Simple. Simple shoes isn’t just a means of fashion but a way of life. They believe that how they make shoes is as important as why they make shoes. With a wide variety offered, it’s hard to look away from this eco-friendly shoemaker. The Simple brand offers more then just comfort of the sole, but comfort of the soul.


April 23, 2007;/h3>

{     Tank Theory     }    

Come one come all, step right up to greatest show of on earth, one of twisted exploitation, death defying imagery, malicious clown antics, and of course super sweet T-shirts. This crazy conception I have the privilege of inviting you to is none other than the latest installment from the artistic minds of the Tank Theory Co. aptly called “The Sideshow”. Each season the TT (as part of its many concepts) drops a new theme based line full of eye popping creations that are sure to give your closet the steroid injection it has been craving! And with spring/summer’s ‘The Sideshow’, TT has once again outdone themselves in bringing you some of the most unique shirts on the market. On top of all this the TT has added some nice little touches including mini logo prints on the back, and full screen printed hang tags that accompany each soft form fit shirt. When it comes to fit you can either opt for the traditional heavy stock fit or the more form fitting slim, giving you an option most lines don't make available.

     » Tank Theory home


April 22, 2007;/h3>

{     }    


Rarely have I had the chance to not just experience art but create art with just the push of a button. With the revival of an old line, has done just that by reawakening the world to their line of Lomographic cameras. isn’t just about buying cameras, but is a focal website where people can also share their art with the rest of the world. What makes Lomographic photos different? How did this craze begin? Believe it or not, it all started in the 80’s from our comrades in Russia where the catch phrase, “Don’t think, just shoot.” referred to catching a moment in life with your Lomo camera.


April 19, 2007;/h3>

{     Faveur     }    


When I came across Faveur I knew there was something special about them. Their designs weren’t just artistically gratifying, they were empowering. The designs Faveur uses send a message to whom ever catches sight of them. That is definitely something that sets Faveur apart from many other clothing lines I’ve ever seen. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a few of Faveur’s line and I wasn’t disappointed.


April 16, 2007;/h3>

{     Yummy Industries     }    


Feeling hungry? Sure you are, but you don’t want just anything. You want something “Yummy.” Enter Yummy Industries. Founded in 1998 by Francesca and Bernhard “for the purpose of exploring and defining the fine line that runs between science and nonsense,” Yummy Industries has done a great job of turning conventional fashion ideals on their ears.


April 13, 2007;/h3>

{     Blood Is The New Black     }    


Ah yes, time to up the t-shirt ante for Spring folks - and just out from sunny Los Angeles-based label Blood Is The New Black is a fresh new line featuring the work of artists such as Tiffany Malakooti, Steve Green, Louisvillian Patrick Jilbert (Kentucky rep'zent!), Porous Walker, and favorite Travis Millard. Quite the roster of badass'ness if you ask us, and the quality of the clothing doesn't falter either. Click below to see more of our picks...


{     Goorin Brothers     }    


Sunshine is gleaming in your eyes and you don’t want to live life behind your shades. What do you reach for? Your hat, of course. But not just any hat. That’s the best way to describe Goorin Brothers line of hats. To say they are just a passing fad would be a severe under estimation of their cultural impact. The Goorin Brothers company (consisting of four generations of Goorins) have been making their bold hats since 1895. Creating a high quality product that defines the wearer, it’s not hard to understand why their staying power has lasted so long.


{     ADAPTATION SHOW     }    


I am proud to say my good friend and local Boulder bad ass Josh Holland is having his first solo show tonight, April 13th, at the world famous Joy Engine gallery and toy store in Boulder, Co. Although this is Josh Holland's first solo show you may have seen his work in the historic "I am 8 Bit" show last year at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles as well as the "Phobias" show in Columbus, Ohio.

If you are you one of those people who is always pissed off because your favorite artist's work is totally fucking expensive and to ever obtain a piece would require you to sell a piece of your ass. Well here is your chance to pick up something from a guy who’s work will no doubt be in that unobtainable category before long.

I had the opportunity to work with Josh Holland last year before him and his lady, (another bar setting painter and illustrator) Shannon Bonatakis migrated out west in search of a life not so closely resembling Jersey. So I can speak from experience when I say Josh Holland is seriously one of the best all around under the radar artist I have ever seen. With an illustration style that simply can't be fucked with and painting skills to match. Mr. Holland is the real deal and deserves to get some attention. So if you are in or around the Boulder area swing by the Joy Engine gallery and toy store and show some support. If not, the show and works will be viewable on the Joy Engine site. Don't forget to pick yourself up a little something, you will be glad you did.

     » joyengine
     » josholland


April 12, 2007;/h3>

{     Interview : Arbito     }    

If I were to walk into the mind of Arbito, what might I find? I think it would be full of rainbows, breasts, cotton candy (hopefully), bright colors, good design, perhaps some grass of the smoking kind and some psychedelic tunes drifting along in the background. I would surely laugh, definitely feel stimulated and most likely have some flashbacks of the 60's. Wait, I wasn't around in the 60's... but every time I see Arbito's work I sure wish I had been.

A Seattle-based artist, Arbito is putting new work up at Seattle's Schmancy this Friday the 13th and it's a show you do not want to miss. His skill level is beyond comprehension, his style never ceases to hypnotize, and you never know what kind of work you'll be seeing - painting, sculpture, plush - whatever the dude is into lately.

Gearing up for the show, Arbito was trying to find even a minute to ingest food and water, but still managed to squeeze in a some time with Schmancy's own Kristen Rask in order to answer a few questions for Hopefully it will give you a sense of his amazing work and encourage you to go check out more in person!


{     Sol LeWitt R.I.P.     }    


One of THE key figures in 1960's Conceptual art Sol Lewitt is dead at the age of 78. Read more here: Jerry Saltz on Sol Lewitt

By Aaron in Art, Singles

April 11, 2007;/h3>

{     Rockwell 'Grey Series'     }    


Fresh from clothing label Rockwell comes the new series of tees designed by one of our current favorite artists, Amsterdam's Parra. The series is called, wait for it, the Grey Series, and it's available for order now in the Rockwell Online Store. Seriously different designs that are gonna take some major swagger to wear out the door, but if you can throw these on and your shoulders back then you're that dude.

And listen, spend some time on the site as it also houses the portfolio of above-mentioned Parra. I kid you not, his work is un-fuck-with-able: Rockwell.


{     SUCK UK     }    


It’s a moment I’ll never forget, the day I found SUCK UK. It was under the suggestion of a good friend of mine that I check out this website Being this was someone who was big on design I trusted them to show me a great site. They weren’t wrong, as a matter of fact they were surpassingly right.

SUCK (the brand) was established in late 1999 in North London. Their product ranges from quirky gifts, to accessories and items for your home. You’ve probably seen their product in trendy stores about town and thought “Gee, that’s pretty smart.” or “Whoever created that is a genius.” I’m sure after you see their product you’ll agree entirely.


April 10, 2007;/h3>

{     Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip "Thou Shalt Always Kill"     }    


April 9, 2007;/h3>

{     Naketano     }    


I just saw this hoody designed by Nicole Christensen for the girlies at Naketano and without question had to put it up on the 'Dozen. I've found most girls are not aware of Christensen or her line and I think that's just a down, damn shame. I adore most every piece she makes, and furthermore I'll even admit that as a guy I'm actually pretty jealous that she's only designing for ladies. The colors, cuts and fits are perfect in their bright simplicity, and in this (short) era of all-over-prints, it's nice to see something like a big, bold swath of color be the center of a piece rather than tiny bits of repetition. Go check out the hoods and more of her stuff at



April 7, 2007;/h3>

{     Freegums Online Store     }    

I Just wanted to make a post before my full review comes about, regarding designer Alvaro Ilizarbe's line Freegums. This is a big deal because you will usually only find Freegums sweet T's in select boutiques around the globe, but for a limited time you can get your fix easily through the net! I am working on the review just as soon as I make sure that a school code's limitations of protected speech is still deemed consitutional...

     » Freegums Online Store, act fast!!!


{     Upper Playground     }    


“I want to play.” That would be what I would say if a real playground existed the likes of Upper Playground. Slammin’ with unique and flavorful products, the San Fran based treat Upper Playground has been delivering goods to the masses. From their great line of illustration driven apparel for the mens and the womens, they got you covered from season to season.

Recently I got my hands on a few choice items from Upper Playground. The first of which was the “Scooters Carry On Bag.” This bag is a quality vinyl carry on bag that is decorated in the style that only UP would think of, with our bi-wheeling icons emboldened on it’s skin. A worthy buy for the frequent flyer. Next up, I got to trot the cold in style with a sweet wool jacket (made all the sweeter by the work of Dora Drimalas). This was perfect for the northeastern weather which doesn’t seem to realize spring is about sunshine and short sleeves, not mid-month snowfall. It’s a wooly, so be sure to be scratching without a long sleeve underneath. Finally, to rest my weary head upon I managed to snag two awesome pillows you could only find at Upper Playground. These works of art are made of a durable material that still is functional while sprucing up your pad.

To add to their already magnetic appeal, when you stop by their web hub to shop you can also catch Upper Playground Films whose mission is to “introduce and highlight the work and personalities influencing the contemporary art culture.” With a unique series of films that are created to connect audiences to “world-recognized artists and designers as well as exposing emerging talents.” Still not satisfied? Check this: Upper Playground’s Blog featuring contemporary artwork from fashion to murals to real deal expos. Updated regularly, this blog is a great hookup for those looking for more on the contemporary artist platform. If you’re still not full, after all what’s dinner without dessert, they have sections covering some of the coolest art books, galleries, and even some mind blowing furniture.

     » Check out Upper Playground...


April 6, 2007;/h3>

{     Clark Magazine     }    

Clark Magazine Cover

French boys do it better. And by French boys, I mean the team behind Clark Magazine. Being an avid Fluokids hound, I kept finding snippits of Clark, but had zero success in obtaining it. How could this amazing magazine that hosted weekly parties and had a shoe collaboration with Le Coq Sportif in the works be so difficult to get my greedy paws on? I pondered this and came to two conclusions. Either 1) Clark is fairly obscure in France or 2) The U.S. is again, culturally behind. At any rate, I finally convinced a nice French internet lad to send me a copy. I think I will make it my personal mission to get Clark carried on U.S. soil.


April 5, 2007;/h3>

{     George Condo at Simon Lee Gallery     }    

If you are in London you should run, as though inspired by pants aflame, (amok if you will) to Simon Lee's space on Berkeley St. After you've extinguished your blackened slacks and wiped the slobber from your cheeks you'll see a focused, ridiculous, and freewheeling selection of George Condo's new work.

This is 'The Smiling Sea Captain'. It's the best painting I've seen all year:


     » Simon Lee Gallery


April 3, 2007;/h3>

{     Sub Urban Riot     }    


There is a taste of rebellion in the air. Those are the thoughts that come to mind when I see the designs emblazoned on the apparel of Sub Urban Riot. When you read the “manifesto” of the company, their very first statement begins “Our methods are simple enough. We believe that total chaos and destruction of bad things is in fact a good thing. We thrive on flipping absolutely anything and everything on its head without thinking twice. We are here to create a happy, harmonious and awe-inspiring world of childlike wonder.”

With an ever growing line in originality, Sub Urban Riot stands the testament of independent clothing designers with it’s retrospective impressionist designs. Forget looking into the past, consider instead looking into the distant past with such designs as the Parthenon, Leaning Tower of Pisa to the faces of Buddha and Caesar. The palette of this striving company is not limited in mere retrospect, however. Indeed it has some truly profound contemporary art ready to tickle the grey matter within. A personal favorite and example of this can be seen with the shirt titled “Dumb Is Tough,” which displays a flacid tank gun. If people can’t take a hint from that, then truly their tank is not running on all cylinders.

The product in question is really top notch. After plenty of wear and more then a few spins through the washer, the shirts truly stand up as the highest quality. I very highly recommend this line to those of you looking to make a purchase that is truly worth your hard earned bread.

The company’s lines are ever increasing, from not just apparel for men and women but original accessories coming soon in 07’ and to add to their artistic appeal, some apparel will be highlighted in original short films on their website. Honestly, this is one line that I have to say is really worth your time. Check them out now!

Check out Sub Urban Riot...


April 2, 2007;/h3>

{     Top Twelve Albums I Got My Hands On - Spring 07'     }    

1) The Broken West - "I Can't Go On, I'll Go On"
2) Panda Bear - "Person Pitch"
3) Money Mark - "Brand New Tomorrow"
4) Thomas Dybdahl - "Science"
5) Chris Garneau - "Music For Tourists"
6) Let's Go Sailing - "The Chaos In Order"
7) We All Have Hooks For Hands - "The Pretender"
8) William Fitzsimmons - "Until When We Are Ghosts"
9) Malcom Middleton - "A Brighter Beat"
10) Son Volt - "The Search"
11) Albert Hammond, Jr. - "Yours To Keep"
12) Limbeck - "Limbeck"


{     Nixon     }    


The first words that come to mind when someone says Nixon are “I am not a crook.” The difference between that Nixon and this one are infinitely clear when you read the “mission statement” on the brand’s homepage: “We make the little shit better. The stuff you have that isn't noticed first, but can't be ignored. We pay attention to it. We argue about it. We work day and night to make the little shit as good as it can be, so when you wear it, you feel like you've got a leg up on the rest of the world. We believe that you deserve a lot of respect. When you choose to wear a watch, or select a wallet to hold your hard earned cash, or want to put the final touch on your steez, you deserve to have something that reflects your entire package.”


April 1, 2007;/h3>

{     Fourth World     }    

When being approached by a very attractive young lady the last things most guys want to hear is “what the fuck is that on your shirt”? This usually means that the delicious mac and cheese you had for dinner, or your completely incoherent friends bright red drink, has now adorned itself dead center on your chest…but for me? Well quite the opposite, in fact that just means her keen eye has spotted the blood splattered/screaming zombie placed boldly across my shirt, and man am I proud…As I have stated in other reviews, I have a love for things gory so when I came across Fourth World through a friend of mine, it felt like I had just won the lottery…This truly is the jackpot for those of us that are aching for something that will be noticed everywhere we go, whether the reaction be good or bad, and ultimately to feed our horror need if only for one more night Each shirt is printed on vintage stock, and has the soft and supple feel that allows for maximum breathing and comfort. For real, it’s like your not even wearing them. The prints are big, gruesome, and just fucking too sweet making me wish I had a larger vocabulary just to describe them. Don’t believe me? Well be sure to head over to the site, and tell me I’m lying when you see claws ripping, zombie’s screaming, and vampires seeping tormented souls from a cracked skull.

     » Fourth World Clothing

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