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November 30, 2006;/h3>

{     Pixel Christmas Tree     } have all seen all sorts of variations of the traditional Christmas tree: they sell the Charlie Brown mono ball tree, the plastic glittering white stuff, the automated dancing one and such. All pretty ugly. But this tree, not loosing leafs around and not in need t be watered, printed on a giant poster to hang on the wall, to decorate (or dissacrate) as you like, that on top of this is also pixelated, well, just makes me almost like Christmas again. Sold and produced by French extravagance design shop Atypyk, it's mockery proof (in case your friends are taking it against you because yes, you do love Christmas paraphenalia), because it is just too cool.

     » Get it!


November 29, 2006;/h3>

{     LRG Dead Serious Hoody     } Holy shit. No really. Holy shit. It is GLOW IN THE FUCKING DARK and the hood has MESH EYE HOLES SO YOU CAN ROCK IT FULLY ZIPPED. Via Karmaloop: The most coveted hoody in history Dead Serious has arrived at Karmaloop but it won’t be for long! First exposed to the public when Kanye West rocked the sample at a Stela McCartney fashion show the hype has just kept building. Trust me this is the closest thing to crack the streetwear industry has ever produced, and leave it to LRG to once again break new ground. The details are sick, a glow in the dark anatomically correct skeleton printed on the back and the front, covered by the rib cage is a broken heart with subtle repeat stenciling that says rotten, just like you to the core. But nothing tops the full zip hoody, with mesh eye holes so you can rock the full skull head and still not bump into walls. And check the gold fronts skeletor has nothing on this dude!

     » See more from LRG at their site.
     » Buy it at Karmaloop!


November 28, 2006;/h3>

{     Interview : MAD     }    

Toy designer Jeremy Madl A.K.A. MAD is one of the rising stars of the designer toy world. With countless collaberations, customs and shows under his belt, the MAD*L is already a well established brand within the designer toy world.


{     Jamungo's Squbes     } No matter how hard I try and get a little more taste, I still think that a good 'ol skull is the coolest thing on the planet. I don't know why, it just is. That said, I think it's obvious why I'm crumblin' crackers over these new toys/sculptures/wonder-chunks-of-plastic by Ferg and Van Beater from JAMUNGO. They're called Squbes, they're 4" tall, available in black or white, they're perfect for stacking so you'll want a few, and unfortunately similar to most other designer 'toys' they are in limited quantities - meaning get 'em while they're fresh out the mold. For more pics and a little more info, click on over to Vinyl Pulse. For some pics of the super-limited colors and clears, check out this thread on the Kidrobot Discussion Boards. Update via Kirby @ Rotofugi: They'll be available next week from Rotofugi for $40 each OR 3 of one color for $110 (with free shipping to the lower 48!).


{     Twelve Podcasts that I listen to at work.     }    

1. This American Life Podcast - No more having to sit though Michael Feldman's 'Whad'Ya Know?' to hear the 2nd best show on public radio.

2. Sound of Young America Podcast - Interviews with Devin The Dude and Terry Gilliam could only come together in host Jessie Thorn's perfect world where the only discerning factor for guests is that they are "awesome". The Sound of Young America is the 1st best show on public radio (if you're lucky enough to have it) and by far the best podcast going today.

3. 43 Folders Podcast - The sister podcast to Merlin Mann's productivity blog 43 Folders. Merlin is not so much a productivity guru but more of an AA sponsor for the disorganised.

4. - Boing Boing Boing Podcast - Boing Boing the blog only less browser refreshing.

5. Ebert & Roeper Podcast - Basically the Ebert & Roper show clocking in at about 17 minuets without most of the ads.

6. Jarvcast - The butterscotch voice of Jarvis Cocker reading you Icelandic Folk tales and short stories by J. D. Salinger.

7. Mystery Theatre Podcast - Good old timey mystery radio drama with over actors talking about drunks, shrunken heads, dead spouses, and other oddities.

8. The Economist Podcast Too short but it's a nice little one off about smart stuff.

9. Savage Love Podcast - Podcast from sex advice columnists and "Where's the beef" lady of the new definition of Santorum Dan Savage. Smut to make you blush during your bus ride to work.

10. Science Friday Podcast - The resounding nerd alert of NPR shows.

11. Slate Daily Podcast - I wish they would commit to full length podcast but it's a good daily musing about some random subject.

12. Word Nerds Podcast The funness of teachers the you liked in college talking bout' the origins and uses of words with the unfunness of their taste in music.

13. (Bonus non-podcast Baker's dozen entry) - A desk jobers best friend.


November 27, 2006;/h3>

{     ANGELS DIE HARD: An Art Show of Imaginary Biker Gangs     } Angels Die Hard is a new art show opening today at the University Union Gallery at Sacramento State with an amazing lineup of artists - toy designers, street artists, illustrators, print makers, comic artists and on and on. Running from November 27 to December 14th, Angels Die Hard is an homage to the low budget biker films of the mid 20th Century. Artist Abe Lincoln Jr. has brought together an eclectic group of over 40 artists and designers for this show with the challenge for the artist to create an imaginary biker gang and then make a vest or jacket with the gang's name and insignia on the back to represent their fictional outlaws. Such a great idea! A partial list of noted artists participating in the show: Cupco!, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Steve 'Ribs' Weissmann, Huck Gee, S. Faustina, MCA of Evil Design, Mr. Pinks, What What, The Hiberts and Abe Lincoln Jr. The show runs from Nov. 27th - Dec. 14th at the University Union Gallery at Sacramento State. The opening for the show will be on Thursday Nov. 30th from 6 - 10pm, with live painting from Pure Evil, Mr Pinks, Mats!?! and Abe Lincoln Jr. from 6pm to 9pm. University Union Gallery at Sacramento State is located at 6000 J Street on the Sacramento State Campus in Sacramento CA. (Top image by Dro / Bottom image by Hiberts)

     » More info on the show here...


November 22, 2006;/h3>

{     35 Degrees of Separation to fight AIDS     } This has the numbers to be one of the most strangely fascinating initiatives to happen on December 1st, in occasion of the World AIDS Day. Inspired by the 6 Degrees of Separation Theory (two people, not knowing each other, are linked by a maximum of 4 other people who, like in a chain, are aware only of the previous and following ring), on December 1st, 50 people around the world will start a chain to demonstrate their desire to defeat AIDS. But they will not be sending a letter, a package or an email (as in previous experiments to test out the theory). They will be using a tin of mints. Each "chain ring" will be taking one mint and passing the rest and the tin on to another person, who will also pass it down, until the tin is empty: at that point, for each empty tin, complete with the log of the 35 strangers who took part in the chain (and nobody knows who could be in the list! Imagine 10 degrees away from you, the tin lands in the hands of Mick Jagger!) Youth Aids gets a hefty donation by the organizers, that is Hint Mint (who will provide each chain starter with a numbered tin from their Awareness Series), together with Chich Blvd. And it seems that the contemporary world leader of that old theory, conducting the experiment now named Small World Project, will be part of the game. The fifty people who will start the chains are still being chosen: applications are still open so if you want to be one of the fire starter who will kick AIDS nicely in the balls, apply and keep the tin going. You could even win an Ipod!

     » Read and apply to carry your tin
     » On MySpace

By Tacita in Singles

November 21, 2006;/h3>

{     Dj Benzi Presents "Get Right"     }    

getright.jpg We've shined him before, but that dude DJ Benzi just dropped word that his new full-length mixtape should go pre-order right after Thanksgiving and it's hosted by the mu'er'uckin' boss, Rick Ross. To start the hype he's put a Benzi refix of that dumb, dumb, dumb Fergie track "Fergalicious" up for download. It's a shorty, only 1:39 long, but still it takes what was painful and makes it, well, less painful. It's worth a download, but to make this Single a bit more tasty we're also including our current fave track off the newly leaked Clipse full-length. The track is "Trill", get at it, it's related.

     » DJ Benzi "Fergalicious Refix"
     » Clipse "Trill"


{     Belle Toujours     } movie which, while worth seeing, could easily go unnoticed in the sea of pre-Christmas Hollywood seat fillers. By the way, the title is not a spelling mistake. But if you thought about Belle De Jour, the 1967 surreal masterpiece of Luis Buñuel, you are dot on. That was the story of Séverine: a young beautiful woman, married to a man she loves but cannot make herself get phyiscally comfortable with, while her sexual fantasies run wild and far. To somewhat satisfy them, she becomes a prostitute, working in a brothel in the afternoons. She is caught on the job by Henri Husson, her husband's best friend, to whom he reveals Séverine's secret. The movie ended like that: Séverine's husband, who has just been paralized by an accident, closes definitely himself in a mutism of words and feelings, shedding a last tear hearing of his wife career as a prostitute. 39 years later, that story seems not to have ended yet. Buñuel died over 20 years ago, but another European director or gigantic artistic stature took his place: Manoel De Oliveira. You may have never heard of him, unless you dive deep into European cinematography, but he is no novice. As a matter of fact, De Oliveira is just 8 years younger than Buñuel and in 2006, he is 98 years old. You read right: 98. And still directing. He was almost 60 when the original Belle De Jour was shot.

     » No official page: this movie follows the old rules
     » Degrees of Separation on IMDB: Bunuel - Deneuve - Piccoli - De Oliveira


{     Akomplice Clothing     }    

freedom_red.jpg Akomplice Clothing got in touch with us recently to let us know that their new line will be hitting stores everywhere sometime this week, as well as available from Digital Gravel. It's damn hot, with some nice all-overs, thick birds, and a swangin' Ray Charles tee. We'll be reviewing some pieces soon as they drop, so keep 'em open.


November 16, 2006;/h3>

{     Interview : Camille Rose Garcia     }    

I have been noticing the work of Camille Rose Garcia for the last few years now and appreciate it as amazing art, but it wasn't until I sat down with her over a few cups of coffee in New York City that I was able to fully appreciate all the meaning behind it. Camille is not only the most down to earth person you will ever meet but she is also the most globally aware. She is very much about her causes while still maintaining this child-like optimism. Camille has done everything from snowboard graphics to children's book illustration and various other projects in between, but don't expect to see much commercial work coming out of her anytime soon as she has found her true calling thru her paintings and hand-made toys. I can honestly say the world would be better off if it would adopt the same ideals and core values as Camille Rose Garcia. Take a read and hear what she had to say.


{     The Subgenius Psychlopaedia of Slack- The Bobliographon     } Jeff eats butter.

     » Universe: Fuck it.


November 15, 2006;/h3>

{     Eco Design - Studio 1 a.m.     }, the most feel-good + be-merry of all Holidays is approaching. Too bad the only feeling so far arising in me is pretty much sedated rage, because of all that excessive consumption of goods, electricity, junk that go under the name of presents, lights, wrappings. In this time of the year we should think that if we all were to act as we do in December, by 2010 we would be living in a scene of the Apocalypse Now. If you, like me, like to show your love to a limited number of special people, though: there is hardly a way out of the usual present route. But maybe you can make the present better! Studio 1 a.m. is doing it for me: they produce highly detailed (not DIY crap) jewelry with lots of character using exclusively recycled material. It is the case of the Cork Cuff, cut out from a block of cork, as well as with rest of their industry inspired collection, made of recycled shampoo bottles and industrial waist.

     » Studio 1 a.m.


November 13, 2006;/h3>

{     Bye Bye Blackbird     } If you are attracted by the circus and its comical tragedy/tragical comedy, if Moulin Rouge was too glittering girly and sickening sweet, if the ghost of Charlie Chaplin still plays its charm on you, Bye Bye Blackbird is for you. In the 2006 time frame this is a movie of lyrical beauty, winner of multiple deserved awards and, painfully, just released. Set in early 1900's London, the story is as follows: Josef is a construction worker bulding a suspension bridge together with his friend Peter. But Petes, Josef's faithful companion in his sky-high daily walks, suddenly falls and dies. Josef, grieved with pain, rethinks his life and decides to change everything: catching a glimpse of an advertising poster for Dempsey's Circus, he imagines himself as a weightless trapeze moving in the magical lights of a striped tent. He manages to get hired but it will take time and effort to prove he can do better than sweeping the floor and to be given the chance to perform with the circus owner's trapeze daughter. Directed by Robinson Savary with Mercury Rev to sign the soundtrack, our trapeze hero is James Thiérrée, nobody but the great-grandson of the grand Charlie Chaplin. His performance is stunning (he choreographed all the aerial sequences himself) and so is the photography of the movie, probably the most beautiful aspect being the exceptional colours and atmospheres.

     » Bye Bye Blackbird (trailer on opening page)


November 9, 2006;/h3>

{     Nerd Girl Rocks Paradise City: A True Story of Faking It in Hair Metal L.A.     } Turn down that Death Cab for Cutie crap, give yourself a break from YouTube, and take off your skinny jeans. Banish the clever subtext. Forget about figuring out intricate pop culture references, and get thyself back to the good old days of hair metal, of nasty dudes in black leather, noodling and screeching without irony. All that matters is the hair, dammit. Anne Thomas Soffee has written a refreshing memoir about her underwhelming turn in the hair metal circuit. A Southern girl with an English degree from a refined school, Soffee takes off to L.A. to use her sarcastic, pissy wit to gain fame as a music journalist. What she ends up gaining is a job as an editor of workers' compensation claims (which she later loses), a noncommittal heroin-addicted boyfriend, bylines in a few crappy weekly L.A. papers, and a raging, non-stop fascination with beer and pills. While she walks the walk of the metal goddess, she sadly finds little in the way of the journalistic success she was seeking. Anyway, I’m tired of reading success stories. What about all those average people who have dreams, talent, and determination, and still get hung up on every obstacle? Soffee, a self-proclaimed nerd and something of a hard-livin’ everywoman, chronicles her search for glam fame in L.A. with occasional bitterness and occasional dreaminess. She doesn’t end up where she thought she would, but she does have some great stories, thereby making a good case for following those far-fetched dreams, even if they lead only to dive bars and skanky guys. Reading about fluffy hair and tight clothing brought a sweet nostalgic tear to this girl’s eye—just the number of times the words leather and bustier come up in this book made me think about how much pop culture has changed. As much as I love our postmodern cultural maze, all intertwined and obscure and individualistic, it felt good to go back to the days of the showboating guitar solo and the vertical hairstyle, when it was OK to be kind of a simpleton. Long live le spandex. - Written by Vikki Warner

     » About the author
     » About the book


November 8, 2006;/h3>

{     Little People - a tiny street art project     } an eye on Little People, a tiny street art project which gained immediate consent all over the European blogsphere (and some paper press as well). As by title, this project is about little handpainted people, left in London to fend for themselves. And these people are not little: they are pretty much tiny, almost microscopical, smaller than a one penny coin. Our miniature versions, like us, commute on the tube reading the newspaper, take the elevator to reach the office, sit on the riverside in suit and tie contemplating time passing, work in road construction, help tourists with the typical "I was here" photo, but they also live pretty surreal adventures. They are scattered all around the city, mostly outdoor, where they have to fight against perils like burning cigarette butts, hungry flies, sticky chewed gum and even a teenage dinosaur. But the biggest danger is people's indifference for these mini humans, living their own life parallel to ours, going unnoticed by everybody but the most careful of us.

     » Little People

By Tacita in Singles

November 7, 2006;/h3>

{     Jeepney     } new to the clothing scene, Jeepney has certainly gained some significant ground with its bold/unique t-shirt designs, and with their newest line (along with a spot on Karmaloop’s Kazbah), they show no signs of slowing down. Rolling out designs, ranging from provocative half naked women to a break dancing brit, make talking about Jeepney’s diversity easy, because it speaks for itself…crafting each design to be in your face, bold, and thought provoking, Jeepney is catering to the masses, by appealing to the individuals. Each shirt is its own beast, and never do two designs follow the same pattern of thought or inspiration giving you those warm fuzzy feelings knowing you have something truly special and one of a kind.

     » Buy Jeepney!


November 6, 2006;/h3>

{     Faesthetic #6     }    

friends_with_you.jpg Faesthetic #6 is out and ready to be ordered - but hurry because there are only 500 copies available. From the Faesthetic site:
Faesthetic #6 is 160 pages of original black & white art, photography, graffiti and illustration with the theme of "LOVE & DEATH." Offset printed on 70lb Luna Matte paper, perfect bound with a cover designed by Friends With You. ...Each will come with: 1 THINK FAEST poster (offset printed) by Maya Hayuk 1 THINK FAEST poster (offset printed) by MOMO 1 THINK FAEST book mark by Ben Loiz THINK FAEST stickers by Bearbury 1 32 page mini-comic by Jonkers, provided by ThisIsAMagazine, as a removed chapter from their next compendium "Who I Think I Am" ...Features 94 artists and is 100% ad free!
Some of the artists featured are: Derek Ballard, Aye Jay, Michael Sieben, Maya Hayuk, Brad Askew, NoPattern, Jim Koch, Jason Wasserman, Steven Harrington, Robin Cameron, James Hill, Jonathan A. Murphy, Jennifer Garcia, Johannes Ekholm, DopePope, Warren Heise, Jeremyville, Josh Hassin, Ric Stultz, Prate™ Computer Channel, Matthew Chapman, UPSO & Mike Giant. Faesthetic #6 is $24 well spent.


{     Moldex-Metric: Always wear protections kids!     }, not latex. Not even that kind of protection actually. It is hearing protection we are talking about here. Long over the outdoor festival season, most bands are about to start their winter tour. Meaning indoor concerts until mid April. Meaning that most of us have a list of gigs we either have tickets for or plan to attend or dream to attend. The first time I faced the problem of excess of decibel was when I got tickets for Mogwai. Their music is so soft and often mellow, you would never expect the unbelievable loudness of their solo live acts. Luckily I had been warned and bought hear plugs at the last minute. I was really happy I did: the friend who was with me, almost fainted at the exit. Now, I am rather not been caught without a pair of hear plugs: I want to be able to rock my cane with punk music when I reach 80, you know? Ok, so do yourself some good and get a set of Moldex for your own sake. They are cool, greatly packed, ecological even if you buy a set of reusable one. Hands down the best hearing protections produced.

     » Moldex


November 4, 2006;/h3>

{     A Midseason look at New York Art Shows.     } the first wave of European art fairs mostly cycled through and the Miami Art Fairs quickly approaching here's a glance at some of what's good in the New York gallery scene midseason 2006.

By Aaron in Art, Reviews

November 1, 2006;/h3>

{     Chocolate Bar     } if their trademark colour is orange, I purpusely waited to post about Chocolate Bar AFTER Halloween, since I firmly believe this chocolate is too precious to be in danger to be given out to kids when the cheap hard candies have run out. As people over at the Chocolate Bar say, this is a candy store for grown ups -pure and simple. Hence, any veiled suggestion to get this before the 31st, woud have just been insincere. And I am sure after you will have tried these, you will agree with me: be greedy, it's ok this time. The Chocolate Bar is a chocolate infused treat shop in New York, which accidentally also has an online store. And thank God they do, because their selection is just plainly amazing! There are so many mouthwatering things, I do not even know where to start...

     » Chocolate Bar NYC
     » Shop!

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