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September 28, 2006;/h3>

{     Jonathan Weiner "Tranquil Aftermath"     }

The book fairy visited me in my sleep last night. I didn't see him. (I never do.) But I know because the new Jonathan Weiner book that Mark Murphy Designs published in conjunction with Jonathan Levine Gallery was under my pillow when I woke up this morning. It had a tidy little bow on it with a note that said the following:

"This came out a while ago. I'm really sorry it took me so long to get it to you. I loved the highly detailed reproductions, essays and old family photographs that are typical of Mark Murphy's design style so much I had to savor it for a bit. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did."

I definitely do book fairy. Thanks.

     » Tranquil Aftermath


September 26, 2006;/h3>

{     Arson     } in the cold north, Arson apparel has set out to clothe those in need of durability, warmth and style. Inspired by and catering mainly to the snowboarding/skate community Arson prides itself on making sleek and affordable t-shirts, pants, and outerwear that can take a beating on the slopes or in everyday wear.

     » Arson homepage

By Alex in Clothing

September 25, 2006;/h3>

{     Death Attack Limited     } Our buddy Alexander Heir, CEO of Death Attack T-Shirts just announced this week his new cut 'n sew limited label, similarly named Death Attack Limited. It's a new custom t-shirt and apparel line out of Brooklyn, NY, focusing on the same motifs - skulls and other evil shit. You choose the design, choose the colors, and even choose the garment and Heir makes and screens the clothing for you. The site is a little sparse right now, but more designs are on the way.

     » See what Death has to offer!


September 24, 2006;/h3>

{     Jen Corace at OKOK Gallery     } An artist whose work I adore, Jen Corace, is currently holding down a show titled “Monsters By Land, Monsters By Sea” at OKOK Gallery in Seattle, an establishment I was fortunate enough to get to visit last year. If you are in or near Seattle in the next couple weeks then it would be a shame to not go see Jen's subtle and endearing works - you have until October 13th. .


{     Flux TV     } you do not live in Italy, Japan or the Netherlands, chances are you do not know what Flux is. If you live in the UK or Ireland and are very up to speed, you may have already looked for the right frequency, since Flux started broadcasting there on September 6th. In either case, be warned Flux is an experiment worth following. I stumbled upon the Italian beta version of Flux, then called Y.O.S, standing for Your Open Source, in early November 2005, by mistake, while tuning my TV. And for a good 6 months wondered what the fuck this channel was about: they were broadcasting only indie music videos from morning to 2 AM, mostly very recent with some old ones throw in as well (Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd...), every now and then with a bizarre non music clip to break the video sequence (we saw a guy teaching how to make tie knots (and now I have learnt the difference between a Full Windsor and a Shelby), a grassroot lady painting on rocks and lots of other oddities), no commercial ever and no presenter. An MTV hater, indie-music lover heaven!

     » FLUX International Beta Version
     » Fully functioning Flux Italy (in English as well)


September 21, 2006;/h3>

{     Turntable at your neck     } Unfortunately this nice piece of jewelry belongs to the 2005 collection so it's pretty hard to find. And I hope that for the DJ type or the old record lover the hunt for this turntable pendant won't be too unnerving. This necklace, belonging to last year's Swatch Bijoux Feel The Beat series, is cast in meticulously detailed (the record even have grooves on) gold or silver metal and is completed by a matching clasp and leather string. It's nicely music inspired without having an overdone punk rock feeling or over the top fake-diamonds encrusting. And for once, it is NOT a guitar. For being an elaborate pendant, it is a discreet and yet interesting piece of jewery retailing for an honest 60 euros (and still available at some Swatch stores as leftover stock).

     » Swatch Store Locator


September 20, 2006;/h3>

{     Pez Sweet World     } with Pez candy dispenser? Even if you have never bought one, you may have seen them in candy/gadget shops (hint: The Simpsons were a popular Pez dispenser series). Well, it seems someone has decided these sugary corollary to your candy addiction were by far too sweet and that they were a good base for customisation: welcome into Pez Sweet World, a "small community created from the famous Pez candy dispensers". Where all the sweetness is turned into sourness.

     » Pez Sweet World on Atypyk


September 19, 2006;/h3>

{     SUPER BASTARD - by undoboy     } Let's be honest. Those of us who've been in the mix on the whole designer toy phenomenon the past few years have become a bit jaded. We've seen countless derivative iterations of the same old sameyness, everybody and thier second-cousin seems to have their own toy line coming out, and the once sparsely populated shelves of collectors and retailers are now swarming with hordes of designer knicknacks, gimcracks and bric-a-brac. And no designer toy format has become more swollen, bloated and over than the mini-figure. It's practically been done to death. Enter the SUPER BASTARD. This is hands-down the most unique concept I've seen in years, and one of the best things to happen to the mini-figure format in a long long time. When I opened my first blind-packed box to reveal the SUPER BASTARD inside, I felt a sense of genuine excitement that harkened back to the first ever Bearbrick box I opened, or even further back, to the delight I felt when ripping into a fresh pack of Garbage Pail Kids. With 16 possible figures, and with each figure bearing four distinct character designs, there's a real sense of surprise and discovery loaded into each box. That element of surprise is also built into the figures themselves, with removeable "sleeves" covering the head and waist/legs of each piece, obscuring little secrets about each character.

     » SUPER BASTARD (with link to buy)
     » undoboy official site


{     Zidane - Un Portrait du 21e Siècle     } all know how the Italy-France World Cup final went, what happened and that Zidane retired right after. Two months have passed from those sore moments and peace has somewhat settled in: France won over Italy with a whopping 3-1 in their first match after the world cup and even if the football world order will never be the same again, this somewhat re-establish equilibrium. So, if you liked Zidane before, don't feel terrible in liking him today: he definitely is a first class player with a great career (or a wanker, especially if you are Italian, but let's forget about that for a minute). Anyhow, you would be in a pretty well nourished pool of fans uncluding Glaswegian rock geniuses Mogwai, who have decided to engrave their love for Zinedine Zidane for perpetual memory. They did it in a rock-and-admiration infused soundtrack, made to go along the film/documentary Zidane - Un Portrait du 21e Siècle, by Philippe Parreno. The documentary promises to be something never seen before in the football world: 17 cameras using different formats (from 35 mm to high definition) shooting at the same time Zidane moving lightly on the grass of the stadium from different angles, Mogwai playing the background for the entire lenght of the film, a prized Hollywood Crew and a red carpet Cannes Film Festival presentation are all elements of the artistic effort put into this rare example of elegant football documentary. The soundtrack by Mogwai is alone worth buying this dvd, but the dynamic editing and "mixed media" are definitely interesting even for football non-lovers and worth of the stature of a player like Zidane.

     » Official Site
     » Buy on


September 18, 2006;/h3>

{     Secret Wars     } Wars = Fight Club without the fists. And organized following the rules of the football (for some known as "soccer") association, in London, England (where else?). Secret Wars is an underground tournament where the onyl weapon allowed is black paint: brought to you by Monorex (remember this UK art&design collective and their wicked one-of-a-kind customization of as wicked Hulger cell phone attachments? If not go back and read!), it was born as a "friendly battle" between Monorex and Jon Burgerman's Black Convoy and it has now developed into a structured, dangerous art fight. This is the deal: an underground network relying on word of mouth, two battles each night organized into a pyramidal tournament, only black paint and pens as weapons of mass distraction, one white wall to be filled in one and a half hours in a bar in Shoreditch (London E1), one final winner. Figthing until the last pencil has broken to win the final price made of 500 BP cash and a heavy bag filled with electronic goodies and other gadgets. Since this does not happens in a dark garage where knifes and fists can fly unseen, but in a bar, expect to meet a crowd of art lovers and street artists ready to cheer for their favourite contestant. And possibly sizing up the competition, since Secret Wars, currently in its first edition (the 16 competitors have been hand picked by the organizers), is accepting applications for an upcoming series 2: if you think you can challenge these artists, drop them a line! If not,drop in Juno Bar in one the Secret Wars nights and watch them work: fun is guaranteed and you may learn their tricks!

     » Secret Wars

By Tacita in Singles

September 15, 2006;/h3>

{     Hint Mint     } It is not until you have an unwrapped package of these mints in your hands that you realize how superior they are compared to any other candy cousin. The pictures on the website are great. But still not an honest portrait of the sheer, elegant perfection of these mints. I premise I am not a candy lover, but there was something about Hint Mint that made me want to fight to have them (depending on where you are, they can be really hard to find!), and the efforts were more than rewarded. Hint Mints are proudly made in Los Angeles, where, in 1999, Cooper Bates and Harley Cross, both players in, you guessed it right, the Hollywood game, decided that glamourous world needed something more. Whether bad breath was a real, detectable problem in that golden society, they are too discreet to disclose. What is confirmed is that they started on the quest of making the most beautiful mints on the planet. And in my opinion they fully succeed. Hint Mints are really two things in one. What is almost the excuse for buying are the big, round mints, coming in 5 flavours (peppermint, cinnamint, chocolate mint, the super delicious licorice mint and the new green tea mint), embossed with their trademark leaf, all certified kosher and vegan and, of course, also available sugar free. And then, there is the packaging, which can as well be the ultimate reason for you to want these: a slick, beautiful, matte tin resemblant of 1920's cigarette metal holders, ergonomically curved and designed with a second life in mind, when the mints have all gone down your throat. The tin is in fact purpously designed to fit your notes, coins and even cards, doubling as a superb metal wallet. And did I mention the tins are curved to fit into the back pocket of your jeans?

     » Look, drool and buy on Hint Mint website


September 14, 2006;/h3>

{     Lascivious playing card project     } The idea of sexy playing cards may have been done already and has noble roots in the American bombshell deck of the 50s. But there are other reasons besides the obvious eye candy as to why the Lascivious set of cards stands out in the crowd. One being because Lascivious is a lingerie label producing the most arousing garments you've ever seen, and this naughty feeling is definitely present in the cards as well. But no, sheer sex is not the only reason. Open the foxy black tin and discover the marvel. Each card is not only different (browse the site to see them all) but also features original artwork by 37 of the hottest graphic artists around: from Tokidoki to Tado with Jeremyville and all the other letters in between. And yes, every design is an erotic illustration - making these cards the best tool to play strip poker with your girlfriend. And if you are lucky enough to date not a generic female but a burlesque-dancing lovely lady, Lascivious has a special custom-made tassel service as well...

     » Lascivious: eye candy and store


{     Melissa Polibolha     } Ever dreamt of walking in a space totally covered, no, actually made of playful, transparent bubble wrapping - popping, popping, popping with every step you take? Confess, this is one of your fantasies. It's definitely one of mine. Well, that magical space made of popping plastic is not yet open to the public, but you can turn things around and wear transparent bubble wrapping on your feet. Melissa from Brazil, the creators of the very first plastic beach sandal back in the 70s and whom make one-piece plastic shoes that you can return and recycle, has realized the crazy bubble wrapping (in Portuguese polibolha) dream with these semi-transparent shoes. The most creative Melissas, despite being very reasonably priced, are distributed in very limited quantites out of Brazil, so it may be that you will have to scout around to find a pair - however, it's worth it. The bubbles may not pop but this the closest you can get to living in the sea of bubble wrap!

     » Melissa Brazilian Site
     » Melissa Australia (with international stockist list)


September 13, 2006;/h3>

{     Teddybears "Soft Machine"     } First they were Skull. That was 1991. Then they were Teddybears STHLM. That was from about 1993 until 2005. Now they're just Teddybears. And you've already heard them. Now you're about to hear and see them a lot more. The Stockholm-based trio's pop has been everywhere recently, in commercials, TV shows, video games and all that. They've been grindcore. They've been electronic. They've been rockers. They've been all kinds of shit. And I know that's normally a very bad thing, but now they're about to release "Soft Machine" in the States and really, it's just kind of great. With all it's trunky-junk international stylings and sounds, it's never-know-what-genre-is-coming-next flavorings, and it's major-label-hype-machine-polish-and-factory-gloss, this collection of older and newest proven hooks adds up to be kind of a little mashed-up pop masterp... Wait, no, it's not that good. But it'll rock your ass for a pretty long couple weeks or months and make all the people in your car be like, "Oh damn, who is this?" - meaning by today's scale it's mighty fine.

     » Teddybears Official Site
     » Teddybears MySpace
     » "Yours To Keep" f. Neneh Cherry is the iTunes Single of the Week = FREE
     » Teddybears "Yours To Keep (Annie Mix)" MP3
     » Teddybears "Punkrocker (Squeek E Clean Remix)" MP3


September 12, 2006;/h3>

{     Zero Camera     }, did you know that you actually do not need a lens in your camera? The lens is used to collimate the light from the outside on the film inside. But that same function can be achieved by a small pin hole as well, able, due to the all-mighty laws of optical physics, to actually act as a lens and collimate the rays of light. This is the principle at the basis of the birth of the first cameras ever produced and also of Camerae Obscurae, dating back to no less than the 16th century. Nowadays, lens allow more functions but the pleasure of going lens free, using the earliest principles of photography, allowing light in with a 0.2 mm hole is a very satisfying feeling. And these slick lens-free pinhole cameras are surely a needed corollary to that 19th century allure.

     » Zero Image Pinhole Site
     » Buy Zero Image Pinholes


September 11, 2006;/h3>

{     Rem Koolhaas Pavillion     } missed out on Thomas Demand's first solo exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery (London), but you still have time to see his paper-on-wallpaper piece inside the Serpentine Pavillion 2006. Not that Demand's wallpaper is the only thing making the trip worth, since the Pavillion is in itself a work of art: a temporary structure designed and built in 3 months and open to the public as a stylish cafe' for other three during the summer. Since the beginning of this project in 2000, 6 between the most influencial architects of the globe have donned the Serpentine Gallery with a freestanding pavillion embedded into Hyde Park: my favourite was the two-floor house signed by the genius of Brazilian, 90 years old Oscar Niemayer himself in 2003. This year, this honour has been taken on by Rem Koolhaas together with the structural designer Cecil Balmond. And the result is definitely worth experiencing.

     » Serpentine Official Site

By Tacita in Singles

September 7, 2006;/h3>

{     Mimobots: your notebook best friend     } They claim to be arriving from planet blõôh located in galaxy 4210, but in my opinion these glorious electronic toys were forged in the land of Oz by the Witch of The East herself (whether these would be friends or not with Dorothy, is arguable though). Mimobots are by far the smartest electronic gadget ever possible, the perfect genetic mutation of a useful, practical flash drive, bored with its unremarkable life and appearance, into a super cool toy. In a word: brilliant! Even when toy craze will have died, Mimobots will live and thrive, because, admit it, you have never seen something so cool to go with your notebook! Like their alien brothers, Qees, Dunnys and what not, the shape remains constant (the hint of two arms, two feet and.. are those ears?) leaving the inkwork to draw different faces and characters. And, as it is good habit with toys, an artist series also exhist, featuring Devil Robots and Tado to name just a couple. Mimobots are both as rad in their core and artist series: my favourite are the Devimobotz series designed by the famous Tokyo design team DevilRobots and the rockabilly trio of The Ginchy Series (currently in pre-order) by Lili Chin and Brian McCarty. But all the others are so great in style as well, it is pretty hard to choose. Or actually if would be if most of these boys had not sold out already!

     » Mimoco, Mimobots home lab
     » Adopt a Mimobot!
     » Mimobots Protohoodie


September 6, 2006;/h3>

{     The Draw - T-Shirt Design Competition     } THE DRAW - London Design Festival T-Shirt Design Competition is now running until October 16. At stake is a pile of cash, a bunch of nice swag, and of course, fame. A partnership between and the London Design Festival (taking place September 15-30) and sponsored by icon magazine, Protein Store and, this is a great comp to get into, and thus a great place to watch for some fresh designs.


{     "Signs of Life: Surviving Katrina"     }

Edited by Eric H. Brown and Lori Baker "Signs of Life: Surviving Katrina" is a photo book like few others. Featuring over 80 photos donated by over 40 photographers, the books' focus is the hand-made words and signs made by survivors of the hurricanes that struck the Gulf Coast region last year. It's a gripping look at one way people communicated messages of despair, hope and strength through the adversity they faced in the wake of nature's annihilative force.

Proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to Common Ground Relief in New Orleans; and Hands On Gulf Coast in Biloxi. Both charities are still quite active in the area and need all the help they can get.

Eric and Lori have the goal of selling 3,000 of these books. That would mean they could donate nearly $10,000 to each non-profit. Please help them reach this goal by buying this book.

     » Signs of Life
     » Buy it.

By Aaron in Singles

September 5, 2006;/h3>

{     NoPattern : The Art of Chuck Anderson     } Freshly available on his just renovated portfolio website is the new book from interweb art supreme superstar Chuck Anderson titled aptly NoPattern : The Art of Chuck Anderson. After several years of maintaining only an online portfolio of his work, Chuck decided that it was time to put his pieces into something off the screen and bound. The book is 28 pages of his work in 5x7 full color and limited to 2,000 copies. The book comes with a pack of rad stickers reminiscent of 80's skate art, some similar pins, and a postcard - all for only $10 and shipping. An amazing deal for such a high-quality book with so many extras. I personally have a couple prints of Chuck's (note: Chuck, I'm getting at ya soon! Swear!) and his work is mesmerizing. It's so bright and rich and plastic and LA. Looks hot as hell on the wall, and the book is gonna look hot as hell on your table. And seriously, if you're not into the book, at least follow the link below and check out his prints - amazing. And if that's not enough that the book is already so cheap yet packed with goodies and goodness, there's the fact that a dollar from every book sold will be donated to the South Suburban Humane Society of Chicago Heights, IL to support the prevention of cruelty towards animals and supporting those animals needing care in the shelter. Meaning that if you don't jump on this right now then not only are you cheap, but also an animal-hating jerk.

     » Chuck Anderson's

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