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July 31, 2006;/h3>

{     Never Ending Summer     } Sun bleached pavements, overly quiet hot nights... nobody seems to be around... Summer is at the same time the most social and antisocial season: beach parties, music festivals, backpacking trips... but also excessive heat trapping you in the house one weekend after the other, friends abandoning you in town when leaving for vacation, general fatigue making the couch+TV combo more appealing than ever and yet leaving you with the guilty feeling of not making the most of the sun shining outside... Well, in those moments of summer lonliness, I suggest you make new paper friends with this comic book, the title of which fits so perfectly the mood of those long, sweaty, bright, empty afternoons... Never Ending Summer, first published in 2004 (but the feeling you get is of total absence of time) and created by super talented Allison Cole, author of no less than 15 other minicomics, whose work has been featured on Art Prostitute and many others, is
..a graphic novel that pays attention to the strange details that make up everyday life, the story is an autobiographical account that follows a group of friends through a summer filled with uncertainty and confusion. Relationships break down between boyfriends, friends, and family, throughout which the author must discover how to maintain a sense of balance. Parties, excessive drinking, and financial instability add to the commotion. Drawn in a beautiful minimal style with delicate 2-color interior, Never Ending Summer reflects upon the immediacy of the present and the potential of events to come.
(from Now, confess it is exactly what you were looking for to fill up your hot, insomniac nights...

     » Allison Cole's own web space

     » Buy it...

By Tacita in Art, Reviews

July 30, 2006;/h3>

{     Daft Punk Mini     } you know that line from LCD Soundsytem? Daft Punk is playing in my house, MY house I’ll show you the ropes, kid, show you the ropes Got a bus and a trailer at my house, my house ... All the furniture is in the garage Well daft punk is playing at my house, my house You got to set them up kid, set them up Taken indeed from the song "Daft Punk is playing in my house". What a dream, uh? Super genius home delivery! I just want them here! With me! And guess what I would do once they are here? Yep, that is what those ropes are for: to tie them and make them stay here, forever! Since I am not LCD Soundsystem and since not even James Murphy managed to get Daft Punk in his house for a gig and since playing their cd/vinyl/video is far from enough, something must be done. Ok, I bet this delirium must have gone thru more than one person's head (I do not want to believe me and LCD are the only ones) and Medicom Toys (hey old friend!), trying to cure the insanity the French duo is able to generate, has come up with a partial solution. Drum roll... allow me to introduce the Daft Punk action heroes! The best medication for those with Daft Punk dependecies! The 12 inch figures are a perfect scale reproduction of Tomas and Guy, space helmets included. And that is not even all! The spanky black clothes (with glittery back) the mini genius versions are wearing are designed by Heidi Slimane himself! You know who Heidi Slimane is, right??? The head designer for Dior Homme, the men's fashion undisputable genius, yes him! Just when you started thinking these toys are cool, it turns out they are so hip they just hurt!

     » Buy Daft Punk by Heidi Slimane from DPMHI
     » Buy Daft Punk Kubricks + CD
     » Stare at the screen and let genius sink in.


July 28, 2006;/h3>

{     Risky Business - PPOW Gallery - Aug 14-18     } work from a strong group of up-and-comers, PPOW's 'Risky Business', (after the 80's Tom Cruise film of the same name...) promises to be the kick-in-the-pants the NY gallery scene's been needing this summer. This will also be your chance to see new work from CrownDozen's own Aaron Zimmerman, who will have 3 new paintings and 3 digital photo collage prints on display as well prints of all this material available in editions of five. Peep the preview linked below. Quoted from the film, a conversation between Joel (played by Cruise) and his best friend Miles (Curtis "Booger" Armstrong): Miles: Sometimes you gotta say ‘What the Fuck’, make your move. Joel, every now and then, saying ‘What the Fuck’, brings freedom. Freedom brings opportunity, opportunity brings freedom. So your parents are going out of town. You got the place all to yourself. Joel: Yeah. Miles: So… what the fuck?

     » Risky Business Preview
     » Press Release
     » Aaron Zimmerman's "Jehovah"

By Adam in Singles

{     Clipse "We Got The Remix"     }    

clipseremix.gif So, Pitchfork just announced that Clipse's Hell Hath No Fury is finally going to get released after years in label-limbo. Oh, and it's completely produced by the Neptunes. Nice. The Virginia duo pulled a vanishing act in 2000 due to some weirdness with the record companies, but have since become mixtape superstars with 2005’s We Got It 4 Cheap volumes 1 and 2. Most recently Detroit remix-fiend DJ Benzi and mixtape-movers Evil Empire released We Got The Remix, a Clipse endorsed remixtape of said tracks. Can I just say "Damn"? Reworked by dudes like Diplo, Ghislain Poirier, Nick Catchdubs and more, featuring appearances by Missy Elliot, Roscoe P. Coldchain and the rest of the Re-Up Gang, and the whole damn thang smoothed over and layed up straight by DJ Benzi, that shit is FIRE.

     » Get at "We Got The Remix" - it's only SIX BUCKS
     » Download a track: Clipse "Re-Up Anthem (Nick Catchdubs Remix)"


July 27, 2006;/h3>

{     Bill Ward, King of the Glamour Girls     } You probably have never heard of Bill Ward, but likely you have seen some of his illustrations, published in those old 'dirty magazines' your father bought in the 60s and 70s and hid away in the basement... and we all know what you did with those 'dirty magazines', right before you found the guts to actually buy your own porn mags... Well, if you feel rightful sentimental (Your first time is always unforgettable, right? Even if it does no include any other person in the picture...), read on: those golden days may just be a trip to your local art bookstore away! Bill Ward is rightfully crowned as the King of Glamour Girls since he has been drawing pin-ups for over 50 years of his life, successfully making of his sexy illustration his full time job even in times when these were not very accepted by the general public. He started drawing "curvy distractions"for his own camerades while a soldier in WWII and he has never stopped until his death in 1998. Ward is actually some sort of hero of men sexual universe, having contributed likely more than anyone else to the creation of the world of pin-ups and sex illustration.

     » Taschen Sex Serie - Ward's world: a titillating voyage into the paradise of pin-up
     » Read the editor's essay on Ward and his work
     » Titillate someone else with a Ward Girl ecard
     » .. or send one to yourself for those dark moments.


July 25, 2006;/h3>

{     SuperSampler by Dalek     } Ok, so you are awful at taking pictures. Many people are, do not feel ashamed. But since your coolness aura may chip off by admitting the shoot button is not your friend, you need one of these: not a regular Lomo SuperSampler (already one of the coolest cameras on the planet) but one with a special customization done by graphic artist Dalek! The camera is the typical Lomo super low tech / far from great optics / fun ideas masterpiece, which require no effort on your part whatsoever to come back from your road trip with some interesting shots. Plus, this is a special edition with a very cool outfit! Believe me, the fact you are camera retarded won't be noticed. That is if you can be seen around with a hot pink camera...

     » Dalek's SuperSampler


July 24, 2006;/h3>

{     Victorinox by Fafi     } Swiss Army Knives scream of 'Dork!' so loud, nobody who is not in boy scout age should ever come close to them: only control freaks feel the need to keep a scissor (moderately useful), a knife (somewhat useful), a nail file (not working very well actually: pretty useless), a pair of very weak tweezers (useless, period) and a wide array of other paraphenalia on themselves at all time. Also, they have been imitated so much and so badly, they are hardly interesting objects to look at... However, must of us, deep down are control freaks with maniac natures and the only real reason why we do not carry a Swiss Army knife with us is that.. they do scream of dork a bit too loud! Well, finally you can unleash yourself and carry one of these sweet babies without chipping your coolness aura! Victorinox, the official producer (keep away from imitations!) of Swiss Army Knives, with the collaboration of Yuhzimi, has asked super cool designers Fafi, Maharishi and WK iInteract to customize their Urban Survivor knife. The result is a super cool pocket knife (plus tweezer plus nail file plus scissors) retaining the vintage allure of the traditional Victorinox with the extra attractivity of urban street art. And they do come with a custom-made chain in a special box too! Only 200 of each are made, so these are super exclusive: get yours quickly, before they run out. Or else you will have to wait for another customization accident to happen (who knows when...) to unleash your dorkiness!

     » Victorinox + Yuhzimi


July 21, 2006;/h3>

{     Wowch     } This is the kind of stuff you hope to come across at Value Village or Goodwill, but of course never will... unless the Ocean Pacific shirts start crossbreeding with the hometown jerseys.. but if you're willing to spend $60 on a t-shirt then you're set. Most of us would rather spend $60 on drugs and get this shit for free. Wowch is all about bad juxtaposition, in the so bad it's good kinda way.. this will probably look like some really kitsch shit in a few years... lions with surfboards for cocks.. or cocks with lion's eyes for balls. Go to their websiite for more info - a tour de force of bad layouts and broken links... Tacky is as tacky does.......... - Contributed by Tony Boggs

     » Get your lion crotch sunglasses at


July 20, 2006;/h3>

{     Hellboy Talking Board - Dark Horse     } pimped-out Cadillac of Ouija Boards, this beauty is not only mondo aesthetically pleasing, it's guaranteed to pack more mojo than that Parker Bros. piece you've got stashed in the closet collecting dust sandwiched between Candyland and Clue. Mike Mignola spices up the design of yore with some original artwork, and this deluxe edition includes a wood planchette and certificate of authenticity ensconced in a velvet-lined wood box decorated with etchings burned into it's surface. Esta mucho diablo! There's also a less pimpy (and less pricey) version available, meaning that now everbody can talk to the dead in style.

     » Check it out at Dark Horse
     » Buy the Deluxe Edition
     » Buy the Standard Edition
     » Visit the Museum of Talking Boards (and see this unboxed and up close)


July 18, 2006;/h3>

{     Deicide 'Homage For Satan' Video     } Blaze up maggots. The converted come undone...



July 14, 2006;/h3>

{     The Venture Bros. - Season One     }'s as though some primordial cthonic god looked straight through my skull and into the darkest recesses of my brain to determine what exactly I could ever possibly want in a cartoon: Jonny Quest-style pulp-action setting? Check. Ridiculously over-confident super-villians with a flair for dramatic costuming? Check. A hulking, testosterone-fueled, caddish man's-man bodyguard with a penchant for berzerker-rage ultra-violence? Check. Storylines that reveal the futility of modern existence by showcasing the ongoing failures of the son of the world's most beloved and legendary (now-deceased) scientist? Check. Two doofy pubescent teenagers whose hapless naivety is only surpassed by their unbound enthusiasm for adventure? Check. Robot manservant? Check. Oh, and while you're at it, could you throw in some soundtrack scoring by JG Thirlwell (aka Steroid Maximus, aka Foetus, aka one of the only truly good artists to emerge from the 90's Industrial noise scene....)? Well sure, why the hell not. And if all that isn't reason enough to fall in love, it's served up in a directorial style throbbing with two-fisted life. From the cuts to the camera angles to the design and execution of the animation, there's little to find fault with. Having seen the pilot episode waaaaaay back in '03 and the occasional episode since the series premiered a year later, it wasn't until the release of this set that I got to enjoy the full enchilada. It was also at this point that I realized the show actually carries a bizarre continuity, that plot-lines and character growth occur in an ongoing spiral of self-aware referencing, in-jokes and sub-plot advancement. So yeah. It's my favorite shit. Ever.

     » Venture Bros. on Adult Swim
     » Under 23 bones at


July 13, 2006;/h3>

{     SummerFine Mix     }    

summerfine.jpg Our buddy Michael at Yewknee has been doing the Summer Mix Series for a couple years now, and this year we submitted our own mix to the, uh, mix. The idea is to make a compilation of tracks that you love, try and go with a theme, and keep it under 80 minutes so it can fit on a CD so everyone can bump it all summer long. The comps are submitted by Yewknee readers so they tend to be choice selections in the indie areas, so you can't really go wrong. Ours is called SummerFine and it's a bunch of backyard booty tracks, one-offs, eighties jams and slow burners, meant to make heads nod and butts move - like you're supposed to in the summer months.

     » SummerFine at
     » Summer Mix Series
     » - make it a daily


July 6, 2006;/h3>

{     HYPER HYPER at Galerie Wohnmaschine Berlin.     }    

I could bother you to read a lengthy explanation of this but I won't. It's best if you just click the link below and see for yourself.

     » Gogel und Hammer


July 4, 2006;/h3>

{     Ordinary Clothing     }’s a lot in a name, it gives you something to remember, relate to, and can even inspire. In fact sometimes a name is the hardest endeavor when starting up a clothing line, and can even make or break your investment. Well NY based Ordinary thought simple in name, and intense in design…and what a combo that was! I mean Ordinary doesn’t really make you initially think “amazing clothing line full of potent designs, and addictive garments” but once you see what they can produce one can understand that sometimes not everything is in a name. I love Ordinary because of its focus on producing great shirt designs, while keeping everything available and affordable to your everyday Joe. Every year I watch them grow and expand while never doing a 180 and alienating their fan base, but don’t take that as Ordinary being “ordinary”. With each season they delve a little more into the fashion world with new garments, and more intriguing designs while keeping everything fresh and innovative. Simple, affordable, and flashy…something that will always impress me.

     » Ordinary Store
     » Ordinary Main


July 2, 2006;/h3>

{     Chocolate Swim     }    

choc-swim.jpg Guess what? It appears that those fun felines over at Adult Swim have gotten together with the cool cats at Chocolate Industries and made some sweet, sweet cartoon love. How do we know? Because they left a basket full of kittens called Chocolate Swim on your back doorstep. Don't worry about the hassle because it's an adorable little banger of an EP featuring all kinds of goodness from Kovas, Lady Sov, Ghislain Poirier, Mos Def & Diverse, and Vast Aire (ft. MF Doom). That's right, it's an MP3 EP, and the real sundae-topper is that the whole kitten caboodle (I know, but it's fun to be silly) is available for 100% free. No vet bills or anything. Get at it right here: [adult swim] | Chocolate Swim EP

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