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May 30, 2006;/h3>

{     VICE DON'T 003     }    

DO NOT miss today's VICE DON'Ts: Example A and Example B. Okay, and this DO: Example C. Just sayin'.


{     True + True = Forever     }    

Foundation Projects presents: True + True = Forever. New work from Secret Handshake Designs artist Tim Kerr and the always awesome Russ Pope (whom I just Googled and found for which the #2 result is us. What's up Russ!). Support our friends at Foundation Projects L.A. and represent if you're in the L.A. area. Opening Reception is June 3rd with a musical performance by Ray Barbee!


{     Peeping Tom     }

For Mike Patton devotees like myself Peeping Tom could be likened to a Bible thumper's anticipation of the second coming. Promising a respite from the endless, genre hopping experimentation Patton has become known for the last decade and a half, this was to be his huge major label pop album. Demos, rumors, signs, and prophecies have all circulated but delay is the only thing we've actually seen. Well, the rapture has arrived.

Thoughts? Hmmm… Well, of course, Patton Christ hasn't taken us to the land where streets are paved with pop music gold nor is it even 2006's Faith No More "The Real Thing" as was prophesied at one point (Just like Fantomas was supposed to be the best metal band in the history of the world when they first came out). But it couldn't possibly be either of those things. Nor could it compete with Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Bon Jovi, or anything else heard on (insert your local Clear Channel W-HIT radio station here).

Besides the fact that Ameri-Idol Musicorp. tracks are paid for by the conspiracy to be addictive, ubiquitous AND suck ass, Patton is too weird. He's fucked so many musical vaginas with so many musical cocks he's become like a porn star incapable of going Hollywood. More specifically, his vocal range is too inventive, original, vast, aggressive, and deranged. His compositional arrangements are too experimental, asymmetrical and intricate. And his collaborators, Norah Jones notwithstanding, are too underground. Plus Patton just doesn't give a damn about appealing to anyone except the alien that controls his vocal chords.

Does this make Peeping Tom a bad album? Absolutely not. It just needs to be judged for what we hear, not what we expect to hear and certainly not in comparison with mainstream pop.

     » Ipecac Records
     » My Space is Patton
     » Suicide Girls Interview


{     CNN Cares     }    

We at CrownDozen just wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with a shining example of everything that we think is wrong with our news 'services' today.


Here's a link to the story if you really want it: - One dead after skydivers collide.

BUT, I guiltily have to say that I still love the little local guys that keep me in the know on stuff like this: - Woman's Toes Licked By Man Hiding Under Car!


May 29, 2006;/h3>

{     12 Worst Knitted Items     }    

1. Coffin
2. Retainers
3. Thong
4. Glasses frames
5. Police baton
6. Tent
7. Car engine
8. China set
9. Contact lenses
10. Ladder
11. "Hard" hat
12. Parachute

Submitted by one of our fave needlers, the lovely Katie L, with the following note: "...keep in mind they would have no backbone or supporting structure to them what-so-ever; nothing but yarn, buddy."


{     NACU     } Well I know I am the first to say I love T-shirts, hoodies, jackets etc with tons of action spilling out of the piece, but you know sometimes simple is all I am looking for. Nacu delivers stylish outerwear that you can feel comfortable in whether you are going out for the night or just relaxing with friends. Simple and elegant designs on quality form fitting t-shirts and jackets are just you need to complete a wardrobe. Though a small company they don’t act like one, with professional catalogs and fantastic design work you would think thousands of dollars are being invested but again simplicity and good direction are sometimes all you need to create a masterpiece.

     » Buy some NACU


May 24, 2006;/h3>

{     Beach Blanket Borat     }    

DAMN, I love! If you're going to do the celebrity gossip internerd thing, then take yo ass to the Fiddle. Below is a picture of international playmustache Borat, keeping it in place at Cannes.


Update: If you need more Borat pics, then the 'Fiddle has got 'em.


{     "Power in Numbers" at Gallery Nucleus     }    

Nucleus Art Gallery proudly presents The Power in Numbers Show, a one week event on behalf of the Red Cross. This show presents a wide variety of new and original art with up to 4 pieces each by over 100 artists, all done on 4” x 6” postcards and marked at exactly $100 and able to be taken home that night. Some of the artists in the show are Attaboy, Mari Inukai, Brendan Monroe, Edwin Ushiro, Dan Krall, Becky Cloonan, P. Williams, Daniel Lim, Kelly Tunstall, Paul Briggs, Thomas Han, and a whole hell of a lot more - just check the roster on their site.



{     Meatloaf Leaks     }    

So, we get a ton of mail from label reps pimping their shit, but this one just killed me. Check out the size of the shark Mr. Leaked Tracks just landed on the opposite side of:

The Monster is Loose! (Literally)
New Meat Loaf track "The Monster is Loose" finds it's way to the public before its official release.


London, UK (May 22, 2006): An un-mastered song from Meat Loaf's next chapter in the Bat Out Of Hell series began to appear on peer-to-peer file sharing sites last week, providing Meat Loaf fans around the world an unexpected first taste of Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster is Loose, the long-awaited third installment to rock music’s most successful series of all time. The escaped title track, "The Monster is Loose", was co-written by... (blah, blah, blah......)

Said a Mercury Records, UK spokesperson, "We're investigating the source of the leak from the studio, (wait for it, wait for it) but once the "Monster is Loose" you really can't stuff it back in its cage. Because the track has already been leaked it has been made available at Meat Loaf's website ( and MySpace page (


May 23, 2006;/h3>

{     Avalanches remix Wolfmother     }    

Today FLUXBLOG posted a remix of Wolfmother's blazing track 'Woman' by none other then the Avalanches! Get it good.


{     No Sleep 'Til     }    

Check out this article in the Economist about what is in many ways my dream come true - a drug being developed called CX717 that will enable people to rock out "for 36 hours without the jitters, euphoria and eventual crash that come after mega-doses of caffeine or amphetamines". It goes on to say that soon we will even see crazier developments in this area allowing us to go without sleep for several days at a time or reduce a whole night's sleep to only two hours!


May 19, 2006;/h3>

{     Fushigi Circus Plus     }    


Ladies, although I too love the teeny-tiny lovely painting titled "Rose" by Mark Ryden, let it be known that as of about three minutes ago getting that piece as a tattoo has officially "jumped the shark". Leave it well alone.


Also, so this post has an extra-added purpose, I'm informing the uninformed that Mr. Ryden's new and hard-to-find book entitled Fushigi Circus is now for sale Last Gasp and is going, going, going fast.


{     Regina Spektor     }    

Great write up on Regina Spektor with some MP3s off her forthcoming album (which I have heard half of and it's wonderful).

I love Regina Spektor. She's one of those songwriters that I kinda want to keep in my pocket and play for people but not tell them who it is because I'm selfish like that. I want her to stay small and pure and good. But then I never can resist putting her on mix cds for friends because, well, because she deserves better than that.

And she's like, really cute.



May 18, 2006;/h3>

{     The 25 Sexiest Novels Ever Written     }    


Playboy just published a nice list of The 25 Sexiest Novels Ever Written, on which I was very glad to see Haruki Murakami's "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" next to Henry Miller's venomous "Tropic of Cancer" and Georges Bataille's super-mega-bizarre"Story of the Eye" (from 1928!). I'm excited to read "Singular Pleasures" in which the plot is described as "Sixty-six one-paragraph vignettes about people masturbating." Yeah.


May 16, 2006;/h3>

{     Wes Anderson     }    

An interesting read if you're a fan of his work: Why does it take Wes Anderson so long to make a movie? Also, the AmEx ad referenced in the piece can be found here on YouTube.


Photo of Mr. Anderson from the portfolio of incredibly talented picture-taker-guy, Chris Buck.


May 11, 2006;/h3>

{     Phillip Toledano Photography     }    

Phillip Toledano is another photographer that I'm enamored with lately.


{     Peter Gorman Photography     }    

Peter Gorman has, well, Gorman is a photographer that, um, so Peter Gorman takes pictures of.... Whatever, there's no eloquent way to say it. Dude takes some of the hottest pics of some of the most sexiest, most beautiful girls - and those links will take you to his very NSFW portfolio. There. More can be seen at Here's a personal fave of mine that I seem to come back to often.


May 10, 2006;/h3>

{     Larry Mantello Tri-Sectional Resurrectional     }

His name is Spongebob SquarePants. He's yellow, square and is the center of interest in Larry Mantello's recent installation Tri-Sectional Resurrectional at Kustera Tilton Gallery in New York City. Images from the inexplicably successful low budget cartoon about a sponge and his friends in the sea is on towels, buckets, necklaces, mini-stereos, trinkets, baubles, balls, shoestrings, etc. They cascade from the ceiling to the floor like a master-marketer's waterfall. Faux pot leaves and banners of Bob Marley supply a visual subtext.

Mantello, a 41 year old native of Rockford, Illinois has worked in his apartment for the last 10 years. The expansive Tri-Sectional Resurrectional was constructed there in parts. "The length of the installation is the length of my living room. My ceilings are 9' (vs. 15' at the gallery) so I saw the completed work at the same time as everyone else."

Mantello picks up the pieces for his art at every step of his daily travels. "I look everywhere I go." he says. "I've found things at a residency in Costa Rica and recent trips to The Dominican Republic and Miami. Here in NYC I walk the streets constantly. I live in Harlem and I love the street life. I'm drawn to small shops, novelty stores, drugstores, and sidewalk vendors."

     » Art Rock organized by Clementine Gallery
     » Kustera Tilton Gallery
     » This piece was originally published in Germany's Zoo Magazine #10.


{     Vans Vault     }    

VANS | VAULT just unveiled a new design and is in desperate need of the following kicks in sizes 11 - Statim!



May 5, 2006;/h3>

{     Philips Optical Inch     }    

Philips just made the best web ad ever. The more I click around, the funnier it gets: Philips Bodygroom's "Optical Inch"


{     Vinny Gallo Tee     }    

I myself still think that Vincent Gallo is the shit. His ego amuses me to no end, and whether he's crazy, a prophet, a prodigy or a just a prankster - he still wins. This time around he's selling 100 Vincent Gallo tees for $500 each and you can't just go buy one, you have to apply and he has to approve you. I love it! Read more: Vincent Gallo $500 Tee


{     Twelve Clubhouse Names for Kids     }    

1. Treehouse Secrets
2. The Colored Pencils
3. Damn Skippys
4. All-Puddle Splashers
5. Hot Snot Rockets
6. Aerosol Halers
7. Purple Passions
8. PB Jellies
9. The Lefthand Smokes
10. Little Fat Penny Jars
11. Big Branch Swingers
12. Little Smacks


{     Vice Don't 002     }    

One from the dailies: - DON'Ts


{     Mishka NYC Summer Line     }    

Aaaaaaaaaaand Mishka just dropped some Wax Trax vs Judge Death tee action. Check the whole new line at the Mishka NYC site.


{     Daft Punk's Electroma     }    

Daft Punk film will Debut at Cannes 2006

I can't read the French on this site, but translated it pretty much tells us that there's going to be a Daft Punk movie coming up soon. Here is the poorly translated synopsis: "Daft Punk's Electroma is visual and musical which follows the history of two robots in their search to become human." Yeah. Sounds right. Also got this from the translation: "In this film without dialogues, bathed in music signed by Steven Baker, Peter Hurteau and Michael Reich." Now I'm off to Google those names...

Oh, and check out these photos of Daft Punk at Coachella.


May 4, 2006;/h3>

{     Baby Suit     }    

No words, just click: Phillip Toledano's "Baby Suit"

This was brought to my attention by my third-favorite Nashvillian, Yewknee, and with the description, "This is like the light at the end of the internet tunnel." Agreed.


{     FUCT Swimming With Biters Tee     } Wow. This was originally an old FUCT ad that ran in the skate rags back when I was in high-school. Full-color and bad as hell, I tore it out of an 'ish of Thrasher and hung it on my bedroom wall. A classic, and an all-time fave of mine. So yeah, the new line from FUCT just dropped and I'll be honest, I haven't given a shit about them in a decade, and the new line is, well, pretty okay - but this tee is a must-own for me, and most likely anyone else whom was skating back in the day. Printed huge in blue ink on a navy-blue tagless, FUCT done did it.

     » Buy from the almighty Krudmart


{     Coachella Report Card     }    

Slammin' record blog Green Pea-ness hits us with My Weekend Was Probably Better Than Yours: A Coachella 2006 Report Card, which makes me really, really wish I had gone - and is exactly what I say every year. I mean, just look at that photo of Daft Punk!


May 3, 2006;/h3>

{     Doze Green's Ganesh     } World-renowned artist Jeffery "Doze" Green - New York born and bred pioneer of hip-hop culture, staight-up graffiti legend, accomplished figurative painter, and original member of the fucking Rock Steady Crew - drops his second figure, and he completely kills it. It's called "Ganesh," is a huge 10 inches tall (and it's a sitting figure!), and is resting on top of a giant boombox. Ganesh is an elephant-esque Hindu god, whom is supposed to bring good fortune and remove obstacles from our paths. While doing so, Doze has set up the Big G with a crisp kangol, a nice pair of shell-toes and a shiny little jewel in his big, round belly. The blaster he rides is a separate piece and on his back are the letters E.O.T.O., standing for "Each One, Teach One." Priced at $59.95, dude does not come cheap, but without a single bit of fibbing I must say that this is the first toy in a looooooooooong time that I think would actually be worth such a tall stack of pennies. Get it while the gettin's good!

     » Buy Ganesh at


{     Beth Fladung @ Redux Gallery     }    

One of my fave photographers, Beth Fladung , is having a show for her Motel series at Redux Gallery in NYC - sponsored by the magazine you have most likely seen her amazing work in, The Fader .


{ BLOG     }    

ohyeah Preaching straight from the scripture scrolls, C12 is now bringing you a good 'ol fashioned blog full of links, music, gallery opening notices, toy announcements, web ephemera, and other good stuff. It's gonna be thee sexxx. Read on... PS: If you subscribe to our atom/rss/xml feed, then you will need to subscribe to the new feed for the C12 Blog separately. It is: PSS: We got all up in that MySpace steez a minute ago, too: Get Spaced with the C12 Over.

     » C12 BLOG

By Garrett in Notice

{     the Stills "Without Feathers"     }    

So, just in case you need to know, you can download one of my fave tracks off the new Stills album from their (fucking) MySpace page. Get "Destroyer" five fingered right heeya: the Stills on MySpace

Also, although I think streaming audio is totally lame-town, you can do just that with their whole new album "Without Feathers" by clicking right here . Again, for free. And it's really good. So just buy it instead .


{     Skulls and Shit @ Calleri Loyal     }    

Maybe it's the pencil drawings of skulls, maybe it's just the name, but this show looks rad (opens May 5 in, sigh, Sweden): Skulls and Shit @ Galleri Loyal


{     Hot Chicks with Douchebags     }    

Hot Chicks with Douchebags is exactly that, a blog with photos of (so-called) hot chicks with (no question about it) douchebags - with commentary. Funny for a minute or three.


{     Graphics Alive!     } Victionary has just released a fantastic new book called Graphics Alive. It's 272 pages of full-color graphic exploration, showing how different designers and artists apply their art to different surfaces/products. Included are pieces from eBoy, Friends With You, Geneviève Gauckler, House Industries, JB, Jeremyville, Jon Burgerman, Koa, Marc Atlan, Neasden Control Centre, Niko Stumpo, REBEL8, Rinzen, Stephanie Wenzel, Syrup Helsinki, TADO, and a whole lot more. - Contributed by Dustin:

     » Buy from


May 2, 2006;/h3>

{     Tim Burton's Vincent     }    

Below is a YouTube video of Tim Burton's very first film, titled Vincent. The stop-motion animated 6-minute piece was made in 1982 and is even narrated by the late Vincent Price. Primo work.


{     Monster Brains     }    

MONSTER BRAINS is an amazing new blog I've been following lately in which the focus is on the more disturbing/strange art and artists that can be found on and around the web. Recent entries have covered the amazing Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada and the fantasticaly demented and perverse Japanese artist Toshio Saeki .

Food & Drink

May 1, 2006;/h3>

{     Hot Damn & Hell Yeah + The Dirty South Cookbooks     } I like to eat meat. I like it a lot. I've tried to be a vegetarian before and it's just, well, boring. I mean, I chowed down on some grub that tasted pretty damn good, but no matter what you're always saying things like, "Wow, this chili is almost as good as real chili (read: with meat)." It's always just as good as, but never better than, the real thing. It's tough to have a main course in a meal without beef, chicken, or fish - and let's not even get into phasing out dairy and eggs. Really tough. And usually incredibly boring because vegetarians are usually really healthy snobby types that use $30 worth of veggie-friendly ingredients to make a $10 meat-eaters meal. But thankfully two kids named Vanessa (just Vanessa) and Ryan Splint have put together a couple great DIY cookbooks that focus on making tasty grub in which the fact that the recipes lack meat and dairy is simply an afterthought to an already yummy recipe. And what's even better than that is that you can now get them both in one book, and better yet it's only five friggin' bucks. Damn!

     » Order from Microcosm for $5


{     Hide Your Arms     }    

Hide Your Arms is a blog about shirts on which I was asked to 'guest post' about my fave tees, the fruit of which when up today.

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