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April 29, 2006;/h3>

{     Tommy Chompers     }    

I heart stupid animated GIFs <3


{     Rat Bikes     }    

I'm totally wanting to make a rat bike lately. Don't know what that is? Check out the Rat Bike Gallery to see a bunch of examples. Two words - Mad and Max.


April 28, 2006;/h3>

{     BibliOdyssey     }    

If you're an image-hound like me, then you'll completely freak out when you see BibliOdyssey. Then you'll freak out again when you realize that dude puts up new images and scans almost every day.


{     Best Week Ever     }    

Best Week Ever fell off a while back, but it's back in all it's previous glory. Fame! Dirt! Trash!


{     Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Show Your Bones"     } I hate it when a band puts out a really phenomenal debut album that starts from the bottom with nothing and the talk starts to heat up, then it blows the fuck up and everyone loves it and it gets all the recognition it deserves, but then the backlash begins and in a couple months (weeks, days, internerd minutes) time it's cool to hate them. Then when it comes time for their sophomore effort the band is just shit out of luck because A) it's not cool to still like them, and B) it's never going to be as good as (sigh) "their old stuff". Which of course brings me to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I can't think of a better recent example, can you? Okay, the Strokes, whatever, you get my point. All the girls want to hate Karen O now because they're still not as fashionable, and just when they catch up Miss O duct tapes some fake mustaches to a Swedish milkmaid skirt, tops it with a spraypainted lime green tee, retarded-cool flats, an Alex-wing pendent, and some fresh jacket a Japanese fan hand-made for her. She wins (she always wins). And the boys? They hate her because they still can't get their girlfriends to be that rad.

     » Official YYYs Site

     » Buy it...


{     Branislav Kropilak     }    

I love big empty parking garages and always have. The repetition, the sound, the lighting, the ceilings. And so does Branislav Kropilak apparently. PS - don't miss the other shots, his time-lapse landscapes are to die for. (nav is at the bottom)


April 27, 2006;/h3>

{     Andrzej Dragan     }    

I'm obsessed with portrait photos lately. Today I show you the shots of Andrzej Dragan, and not only is his work David Lynch approved, the site is off the chain as well. A wonderful experience.


{     Jill Greenberg photos     }    

Jill Greenberg photos @ Paul Kopeikin Gallery: Sometimes there's just nothing I can say to describe something. You just have to look. All I can say is that these photos are absolutely stunning.


April 25, 2006;/h3>

{     the Show     }    

Quick daily (?) videos with seriously hilarious commentary on today's news: Zefrank's "the Show"


April 24, 2006;/h3>

{     }    

OMG, it's a Live Coffin Cam! Watch a dude rot from inside the box! -


April 21, 2006;/h3>

{     Ghana posters     }    

Painted movie posters from Ghana: LA BOITE IMAGES


{     Survivor Scroll     }    

Coming straight from the Survivor Scroll!!!


April 19, 2006;/h3>

{     Top Twelve Things I Try to Find at Flea Markets     }    

1. Bear t-shirts
2. Metal t-shirts
3. Skull ashtrays even though I no longer smoke
4. Old porno mags (pre-1970)
5. Stuff with skulls on it
6. Old paintings I can work over
7. Wolf t-shirts
8. Old photos of couples
9. Gaint letters from signage
10. Ornate picture frames
11. Owl t-shirts
12. Anatomy replicas and posters


April 18, 2006;/h3>

{     BEAUTIFUL/DECAY VS. SKWAK Shirt     } I have not wanted a t-shirt this badly since I was at the mall beggin' my moms for a G'n'R Appetite tee back, back in the day, day. Beautiful/Decay hit it with this one, for reals. Beautiful/Decay has been pushing and promoting emerging artists through it's magazine since it first began, and because of their honest efforts and fresh tastes, they have grown from a small street zine to a full-on, internationally-known, officially badass art magazine flown all over the world and sold everywhere but Walmart - thank Jesus. So now, building on their success, they've gone and started making t-shirts as well and damned if they didn't go and make some of the freshest tees you're going to buy this year. The tee line features artwork done only by artists that have been featured in Beautiful/Decay Magazine, uses mega-high quality 100% cotton, is 36 Needle Knit (whatever that means), and has custom cut bodies that will make all you hipsters look super-hottt whether you're snorting blow off a camera lens in a discotheque or perusing a menu in a breakfast spot called 'Eggs' situated in the basement of a Russian flower shop.

     » This shirt and more on BEAUTIFUL/DECAY
     » Skwak's skwite


{     Timbuk2 Artists' Canvas Bag     } There are about two, no, three really well-known makers of hardass, sleek, bike-messenger-esque bags that I've had people tell me were worth every cent spent - and Timbuk2 is one of them. Known by their carriers as a constant companion that's with them every day, worn and beaten by rough and tough use through the streets, subways, late-nights, early mornings, concrete floors, and slung-open car doors that they encounter throughout their urban lives. Marked by time and spotted by grime, the patina of a Timbuk2 bag is respected amongst most anyone that doesn't own a car, and worn for sometimes a decade or more, these bags are to some just as or more important than their wallet. To put it simply, the more you beat the shit out of these bags, the better they are and the more you'll love them. Begun in San Fran since 1989, Timbuk2 has since branched out into other bags, laptop carriers, backpacks and more, but with their new Artists' Canvas Bag they have taken their Classic Messenger bag and modified it with a center panel of 100% cotton, untreated artist's canvas in the idea that now anyone can get their new bag and paint, draw, stencil, dye, or customize it in any way they please so as to have not only a classic, but a classic that starts off as unique as you'd like it to. It all works great - Sharpies, acrylics, whatever - and even though it starts out as 100% respected, you have the perfect, um, canvas to make all other bags on the street look dunzo. Of course, the above pic shows a bag that has already been worked over, so if you would like to see the unpainted original as well as check out more details then please click 'Read on' below.

     » Timbuk2 Homepage
     » Direct link to Artists' Canvas Bag


April 10, 2006;/h3>

{     Rockett     } love zombies, horror movies, heavy metal, and intense colors….and now I can wear what I love….hooray for Rockett! Starting only a few years ago, this small clothing line has expanded and grown so much it’s mind-bending, and for good reason. Rockett prides themselves on having up to date graphics, bold colors, and plenty of action to keep your eyes locked to a single shirt as eats up all the T has to offer.

     » Rockett Clothing


April 7, 2006;/h3>

{     "United" from House Industries     } UNITED is the latest font to form out of House Industries, the Delaware-based type foundry, illustration studio, and design firm that markets unique fonts and artwork to the worldwide advertising and design trades. The peace-loving type designers at House Industries have taken inspiration from old military vehicle lettering specimens (and their childhood love of G.I. Joe action figures) to create the United font family.

     » Buy United from House Industries

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