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January 31, 2006;/h3>

{     NANO SPORES     } you are like me, you have A LOT of toys on your desk and book shelves. And if you are like me you are tired of Bearbricks and a lot of the other small platform toys. Perhaps also like me you love street inspired toys AAAAND you like cute shit. If all of this is true, do yourself a favor and pick up a full set of Nano Spores. Check out their website for the stockist list and pick them up from a store near you. - Contributed by Dustin:

     » Nanospore Home page
     » Buy them at Kid Robot

Film & TV

January 11, 2006;/h3>

{     Junebug     } Junebug in any other hands could have been a mess, but Winston-Salem, NC-born director Phil Morrison has done the seemingly impossible. In his first film he's managed to avoid two of Hollywood's greatest repeat offences; he's made a movie that's virtually stereotype-free about the south that's also a fish-out-of-water story that's not overly cliched. Morrison's most notable work was directing episodes of (one of my favorite shows of all time) The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Upright Citizens Brigade, and music videos for Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo (who also scored the film), Superchunk, and The Feelies, but Junebug is by far his most auspicious work to date. The story follows Madeleine, an affluent Chicago "outsider art" gallery owner who has traveled back to her newlywed husband George's home town in North Carolina. This is a business trip for Madeleine, whose hope is to show the work of a local absurdist Civil War painter in her gallery. During their stay they live with George's family, who Madeleine's meeting for the first time. The next week is spent with Madeleine adjusting to the culture shock and getting to know George's overprotective mother Peg, his reticent dad Eugene, his jealous younger brother Johnny, and Ashley (Amy Davis in a movie-making performance) as Johnny's pregnant wife, who's infatuated by Madeleine's worldliness.

     » The Junebug Website.


{     C12 Desktop Throwdown Winners!     }    

The winners of the first official C12 Desktop Throwdown have been announced! Click the link below to get 'em for yourself!

     » Desktops


{     Hot Chip "Coming on Strong" LP     } So it’s 1998 and I decide to move to NYC to become a superstar DJ (sorry, it seemed like a good idea at the time) and I’m trying to explain to my mother what I meant when I said “DJ”. With no common point of reference to go on all she could say was “You mean like Wolfman Jack?” In her mind that was the most successful DJ she had ever known. So without a relevant example to counter with I just said “um, yeah. Like Wolfman Jack.” Now I’m trying to expose her to the ever expanding roster of musicians that use electronics but at their core are classic pop artists. So I describe this music by saying “Imagine all the catchiness of classic 60’s pop music but replace all the guitars with synths and add some drum machine beats.” To which she says “like Styx?” “No,” I say and shake my head “here, just listen to this.” and I hand her the “Coming on Strong” CD. She listens to the CD while me and my wife Tia sit in the same room listening along with her and when it ends she says “Oh, I get it. Poppy but weird.” “aaannnd FUCKING AWESOME…” Tia says “don’t forget fucking awesome!” I stand there, mouth a bit agape and say “Uh yeah. Poppy, fucking awesome, weird, that pretty much sums it up.”

     » wanna know more?
     » or check here


January 9, 2006;/h3>

{     Desormais - Dead Letters to Lost Friends     } is infrequent that an album's title so perfectly describes its contents, but Dead Letters to Lost Friends could not be more aptly named. Desormais deliver an album of singular spectral beauty, charged with quiet vigor and crackling with electro-organic charm. Thematically, the album seems to address the inherent complexities and struggle associated with communication, the frustration of its failure and the exultation at its success. At least that's what I'm reading into its alternating dark corners and wide vistas of white brilliance. It's felt in the shimmering ambient synth and hard dirty drum loops, lonely guitar strums and fractured strings, which all occasionally blur together into sharp points of coherence, melodies heavy with emotional presence, before fragmenting and wandering off. It's 5 conversations I've actually had, 6 letters I've actually written, only transmuted into musical form.



January 6, 2006;/h3>

{     From This Day     }    

From This Day: i can't read a word of it - but they love us, and so i love them. ahhh.


January 5, 2006;/h3>

{     13 Songs About Teeth.     }    

A Baker's Dozen.

1. Broken Tooth - Nikki Sudden
2. Teeth - Soft Machine
3. Second Tooth - Skinny Puppy
4. Sea of Teeth - Sparklehorse
5. Crooked Teeth – Death Cab For Cutie
6. Enjoy the Teeth - The Sunshine Fix
7. Bad Tooth - Lee "Scratch" Perry & the Upsetters
8. Lion's Teeth - The Mountain Goats
9. Sweet Tooth - Ladytron
10. Milky Teeth - Tindersticks
11. Better Teeth - Baxendale
12.Toothache - The Charlatans UK
13. Bazooka Tooth - Aesop Rock
Extra Credit Album ::: Perfect Teeth – Unrest


January 4, 2006;/h3>

{     Mark Murphy Design     }

For publisher/designer Mark Murphy making books on artists is something that comes out of his passion to celebrate what he calls “good people who just so happened to be great artists.”

Murphy says it’s all about the exchange, “I started my firm in ’91 and soon realized that the best work was inspired out of mutual collaboration. I loved themed projects, calendars, and graphic narrative promotions featuring motivated friends. They were constantly searching out opportunities. Never knowing how something was going to end up looking visually, I found the easiest way to best represent and record all of this goodness was to publish books.”

     » Mark Murphy Design

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