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November 28, 2005;/h3>

{     Metro Area #6 12"     } You ever find yourself looking for a record that makes you say, "Is this some classic gem that everyone in the freakin' world looked over, or the freshest shit any human could wish to create without the help of alien technology?" Well, every Metro Area release makes you think that so go out and BUY THIS NOW!

     » check out Environ Records

By Jesse in Music

{     Leia'sMetalBikini     }    

Practice your one-handed lightsaber wielding at Leia' Obligatory fanboy comments included at no extra charge: "Dude, she totally shaves her wookie." "I'd bend her over Bantha-style and give her all five inches of my gaffi-stick." "I'd like to fire a proton torpedo into THAT exhaust port!"


{     Discfunctional records, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.     }    

1. The Idjut Boys
2. "I wish I could find a label so obviously driven by personal taste that it practically oozes out of every 12"
3. Maurice Fulton
4. Someone comming up to the DJ booth saying "Dude, what the fuck IS that record" every time I played anything on DFR.
5. Laj
6. One dudes all, "you got your love of organic sounds in my dance music!", and the other dudes all, "you got your dance music in my love of organic sounds!", to which I reply, "DELICIOUS!".
7. Triangle Orchestra
8. Seriously, have you heard "Ansatt I Kommunen"? Tears. Straight tears.
9. Crispin J Glover (house music dude, not creepy movie guy)
10. Three words... Olav, Brekke, Mathisen.
11. Shrinkwrap (artist, not containment for sandwiches)
12. As Billy Joel said, "only the good die young". Word Bill, word.

     » and here is some info on the masterminds behind DFR

By Jesse in Twelves

November 26, 2005;/h3>

{     Day is Done: Mike Kelley at Gagosian Gallery     } Cacophonous. That's the only word that came into my head as I entered Larry Gagosian's stadium sized gallery on West 24th St. last week. The normally bright, sprawling, shiny, concrete floored space reserved for Big Daddy Gogo's blockbuster commodity creators was dark and noisy. Filled with a chaotic jumble of outsized objects, stages, works on walls, video projections, flashing lights, bursts of sound and bored security guards, it was also open like I've rarely seen it yet full and astonishing. A playground of labyrinthine installations led me to wander around for at least a half hour (an eternity in Chelsea where I usually breeze through shows in 5 minutes or less and that's if I actually go INTO the gallery.)
Pictures from 1970's High School yearbooks depicting school plays and sporting events were juxtaposed with hilarious contemporary representations of new people often a little older, a little prettier, with newer costumes that did their best to replicate the original. They failed in their starchiness yet mocked them with a slick and stylish malevolence. This would have been enough for an entire show, I thought, but there was so much more.

     » Michael Kimmelman's NY Times Review
     » Ben Davis' Review
     » Gagosian Gallery
     » Flash Art


November 24, 2005;/h3>

{     Stencil Graffiti Capital (Melbourne)     }    

SGC-cov.gifNot everyone is a fan of stencil graffiti. I know a lot of graff purists that don't really consider stencils on the same level as straight up piecing. With a process so simple as cutting shapes into cardboard, it brings a lot of mediocre work to the table. That being said.. even for those who are totally not down with stencil art should do themselves a favor and check out this book. Being out of touch with the stencil movement, I had no idea Melbourne had such an intense scene. This book chronicles not only established (and reeeeally good) stencil artists, but also styles and genres of stencil art. Even though this book focuses on Melbourne, it also has write ups on people like Banksy and in general is just a really good stencil resource and a fabulous documentation of a movement. The photography and writing are superb, and the printing quality is fantastic. This book would be a great holiday gift for any artists on your list.. and would also be a great gift for those people who maybe frown upon graffiti because they just dont get it. - Contributed by Dustin:

     » (book's website)

     » Buy it...


{     The Skullz Press Compendium     }    

31_THUMB_skullpress.jpgMike Giant fans rejoice! The long awaited Skullz Press Compendium is now available. If you are a die hard fan like me, you already have all of the skullz press zines published over the past 5 years, but even if you do.. having them all together in one edition is worth the money. In addition to the zines "Pagina Violet" "Shim Rot" " Flood Bart" and "Dairy Hicks" is the brand new collection of drawings "Passive Moles." (keep in mind, this book does not republish the battle zines he made with people like Dalek and Joker, and we can only hope another book containing that art is to follow) "Passive Moles" shows how much Mike's work has progressed over the past 1/2 decade, and hints at where his work is going. At the end of the book Mike talks about his work and how the zines have progressed over the years. Even if you are unfamilliar with Mike Giant you might dig this book. Its full of amazing illustrations, and is a really inspirational piece of work. Not many people can rock a Sharpie (without a pencil!) like Mike. - Contributed by Dustin:

     » (BUY IT NOW!!!)


November 18, 2005;/h3>

{     The Juan McLean "Give me every little thing" 12"     } It's a beautifull Sunday afternoon and I'm thinking, walk, right? So I put on my headphones, plug in my discman (yeah I know, whatever, fuck you and your Ipod), put in The Juan McLean and BAM! I'm out the door. I hit play and start thinking about Zaxxon realizing I haven't played that shit in like, years, when this giant, I mean like hundreds of feet tall giant, Bootsy Collins comes running at me. Now this Gigantor Bootsy is more like a Mecha Bootzilla but with a keytar instead of a bass and every time he hits the keys lazers shoot out of the neck. I'm so stuned by his radness that I don't start running untill one of his robo-platform boots (complete with robo-fishies inside them) comes crashing down mere inches away from me spraying my face with rubble. Now I turn and start running full sprint managing to get some space between me and Bootzilla when I realize all the M.U.S.C.L.E. Men I had in my pockets are falling out leaving a trail behind me like freakin' Hansel and Gretel. Just as Bootzilla is about to stomp on one of the M.U.S.C.L.E. Men he realizes it's Black Hole Sunshine (wicked rare). He bends over and with the delicate touch of a mother to her babe picks up B.H.S., raises the figure to the sky, and in a swarthy yet robotic tone says "Give me every little thing, and don't stop!". He follows the trail of figures like E.T. picking up Reese's Pieces and when he gets to the fifth one he stands erect, motionless and his head opens like a flip-top lid revealing a siren. The wail of the siren must have been a call to arms because a crazy big version of the Mothership appears out of nowhere followed by balloons and confetti. Then robo-Burnie Worrell and mecha-George Clinton jump out of the ship and in two part harmonie start singing "give me every little thing, and don't stop!". They pick me up and put me in the Mothership and we party all the way to Venus, stop off at Jupiter for some astronaut BBQ, and then they drop me off on my door step with a dvd of my day to show friends and family. Man! I love sundays.

     » Check out DFA records

By Jesse in Music

{     Lindstrom "I Feel Space" 12"     } So the weirdest thing happened when I put this record on. First, all the lights in my house went black. Actually, it was like a little black hole opened up in my living room sucking all light into it and letting none escape. Then, Dr. Who oozed out of the void, wrapped my entire body in his multicolored scarf and began to feed me jelly babies that resembled little ARP Odysseys . Once I swallowed the candy the room shifted into a vector based grid resembling a board from Tempest but instead of little polygon spiders riding the edges of the three dimensional cube it was Vangelis and a crew of bongo-wielding storm troopers all marching in unison like some fucked-up digital S1W’s (but without Professor Griff, cause he be racist n’shit). So after Vangelis and crew finish this totally ridiculous drum circle bit, the keyboard shaped gummy bear I swallowed earlier bursts from my navel followed by a long multicolored scarf that then pulls Dr. Who himself from my belly. The good Doctor breaths deeply, sucking in the glowing blue outlines of the vector based world around us leaving us in total darkness, and just as the last hint of light disappears I hear him whisper, “that song kicked ass, didn’t it.” “Yes” I say. “Yes it did.”

     » Visit Feedelity records

By Jesse in Music

November 17, 2005;/h3>

{     Daniel Wang "Berlin Sunshine" 12"     } Remember that scene in Blade Runner when Rutger Hauer and Daryl Hannah find that robot disco, shoot up space E, loose controll of their limbs and fall to the ground shaking like they were epileptics watching Pokemon? Then, in comes Harrison Ford with a big smile saying “don’t worry, I got what you need right here.”, pulls out a bitchin’ boombox that takes like, a hundred D batteries (and not just regular batteries, SPACE batteries), sets it down on the illuminated floor, hits play, and everyone jumps to their feet while doing the running man. No? Hmmmmm… well anyway, this 12” is what he played whether you remember it or not. Maybe you didn’t see the directors cut or something.

     » Check out Ghostly International


November 15, 2005;/h3>

{     Teetsy tees     }    

dudes_bonesy_01.jpg Teetsy is a t-shirt company comprised of five talented artists, all of whom design motion graphics for television commercials by day but by night make t-shirts for you and me. When asked why they felt the urge to open a tee line, they say that they wanted to stretch out a bit and design on a different canvas, to be able to enjoy making what they wanted without regard to popularity or sales. And so after bouncing a few ideas around, the crew eventually settled on the idea that they would each create their own design and launch with 5 different shirts. Problem was that they couldn't decide on just 5, so in late August of 2005 Teetsy went online with 10 fresh designs, each rad in it's own little way. Because you're wondering how they came up with the name, here ya go: "The name Teetsy came from a brainstorming session that rendered about 100 names. Teetsy had the word "tee" in it. It had the word "teet" in it. It sounded cute and not too serious. And, with a different spelling, it's an infectious fly."

     » Buy, buy, buy!


November 14, 2005;/h3>

{     Pink Week     } It's quite an easy color to mix; some Titanium White and a dash of alizarin crimson, cadmium red, or rose madder and you've got it. Traditionally associated with the feminine, it evokes different reactions and emotions. Some say it makes them feel pretty, empowered, comfortable and safe. Others associate it with youth, candy, flowers, friendliness, and happiness. While those that disparage it say it makes them feel annoyed, angry, nauseous citing it's evocation of weakness and maudlin sentiment. The color, of course, is pink.
In Nazi Germany pink triangles, often larger than triangles for other crimes, were used to identify men convicted of homosexuality (paragraph 175 of the Reich Penal Code), incest or pedophilia (paragraphs 174 and 176). Later psychologists thought it could be used to induce calming behavior in groups of people if used as paint in a room (This turned out only to have a temporary effect).
Contemporarily it has been appropriated by breast cancer activists and used for ribbons to raise funds and awareness while some factions of the queer community have taken back the Nazi pink triangle to say,"The hatred and prejudice of the past must not be forgotten and must not be repeated." (From And let's not forget Pink Floyd, Pinky and the Brain, Pink the "M!ssundaztood" pop star, The Pink Panther, John Water's Pink Flamingos, etc., etc.
Enter California based artist Gioia Fonda. Gioia has a simple mission each year at this time: to celebrate the color Pink. It's just as simple as that. Scrap all the symbolism, sexual identity politics, emotional evocation, and meaning. This is a week to celebrate the color "Pink for Pink's Sake."

     » Pink Week Website
     » Cricket Engine Gallery
     » A template for printing out your own Pink Week badges
     » Invitation Postcard for The Pink Week Show


November 13, 2005;/h3>

{     ego trip's Strictly Biz-Ness Poster     } Let me preface this by stating that I realize an entire article about a poster is kind of silly. I would normally try to write about something with a little more substance but there are several factors at work here which make this a special case. This is, indeed, a limited-edition poster (500 made) brought to you by the legendary Ego-Trip crew starring the one and only Biz Markie Puppet. Those of you who know what I’m talking about are already clicking the link at the bottom to go ahead with buying this incredible find, the rest of you need to listen up. All I can say is that I have this hanging on my wall between my Barbie Twins poster and my one with the Ferrari on it… and altogether, I think my place is looking pretty damn sweet.

     » Get Yours at Turntable Lab... OpenBallistics, page 2.

By Eric in Other

November 10, 2005;/h3>

{     Thao Nguyen "Like The Linen"     }    

thao1.jpg Since the age of twelve Thao Nguyen worked at the family laundromat; cleaning, making change, and most notably, folding the linens (hence the album title). Over the course of that time she also managed to learn to play guitar and write songs...and thank god she did. I try to imagine walking into that laundromat in suburban D.C. and hearing Thao's delicate voice and the gentle strumming of the guitar chords and I can't help but think how I would've undoubtedly became a stalker of sorts. With clever lyrics and catchy guitar melodies Nguyen crafts songs that range from the country tinged "What About", to the lounge flavored "City Sky"...but she's at her best on straight-forward folk songs like "Hills", "Tallymarks", "Chivalry", or "We". Lucinda Williams, Beth Orton, Cowboy Junkies, and Erin Mckeown are amongst her influences and you can definitely detect hints of all of these artists in her music, but filtered through a voice that is all her own. Like The Linen is a compelling look at a genuine singer/songwriter who pours her heart into every phrase. Go purchase the album from so that she can get the funds to come out (to my neck of the woods) and tour L.A. - Written by Jay, read more of his reviews at

     » Listen
     » Purchase


November 7, 2005;/h3>

{     David Dondero "South Of The South"     }    

dondero2.jpg South Of The South is the new album from one of my favorite singer-songwriters David Dondero, who delivers yet another impressive collection of literate folk-blues numbers. Dondero writes in a stream-of-consciousness style with equal parts humor, condescension, lust, and sentiment. His music shares a kinship with folk music troubadours Woody Gutherie and Townes Van Zandt...but in his lyrics there is always some sort of political message (wether it be the politics of love, war, or sex). So, I guess from that angle he'd even have some Bob Dylan influence in there too. Dondero recently switched labels from Future Farmer to (Conor Oberst's ) Team Love Records and I feel sorta guilty pointing out that South Of The South is available for download FOR FREE in it's entirety courtesy of Team Love make sure you check him out when he comes to a venue in your town. If your a fan of Bright Eyes then you should know that in the past Conor has listed Dondero as an influence stating that "It was hearing his voice that made me comfortable with my own. Nuff said. - Written by Jay, read more of his reviews at

     » Download South Of The South


{     Municipal Waste "Hazardous Mutation"     }    

Municipal Waste 96 DPI.jpg

I found the coolest thing in Jersey City a while back. There was this old bodega near the Journal Square Path Station that had a bunch of dusty old wax pack trading cards. They were in an abandoned bin near the entrance. Hearing some ancestral prospectors call deep in my heart I dove in looking for gold. I was shuffling through the Donruss and Upper Deck baseball cards from 1988-92 when I came across these Garbage Pail Kids knockoffs called "Rad Dudes Trading Cards". I was psyched immediately buying them all up.

When I got them back to my apartment I opened the dusty wax wrappings to find in garish limes, yellows, oranges, and blues blissfully poor renderings that depicted characters in the midst of goofy bunglings with remote control airplanes, frog dissection kits, over stuffed lockers, tangled volleyball nets and a variety of extreme sports. They were heavily outlined in black and lacked any sense of dimension. With stupidly unclever names like Spikin' Spencer, Awesome Volleyball Val, Messy Marty, Boom Box Brian, and Cherry Bomb Dudes they were everything The Church of the Subgeniuses Reverend Ivan Stang writes about Bulldada: in short they were so bad they were good.

Just as I was about to open the last pack though I noticed some smoke coming from a few of the cards. They were vibrating too. Astonished I watched 4 of them hatch like weird 2 dimensional space eggs. Out from bubbling blue goop came 4 Rad Dudes in the flesh!

I thought I had been trapped in some kind of "Garbage Pail Kids Movie" hell dimension. They wiped as much of the goop off their torn jeans jackets, tiered sideburn mullet haircuts, and white Reebok high tops as they could while spitting and cursing things about "The Thrashin' of the Christ" how they were "Guilty of Being Tight" and other nonsense. Then they all rejoiced for a second, introduced themselves as Land Phil, Ryan Waste, Tony Foresta, and Dave Witte and in unison while playing air guitar like Bill and Ted screamed the following:

     » The video for "Unleash the Bastards"
     » Lambgoat Review
     » Maximum Metal Review
     » Buy from Earache Records


November 6, 2005;/h3>

{     12 Reasons Sylvester Stallone Will Burn In Hell     }    

1. My Moms always had the hots for him and it gives me the creeps
2. Rocky's devastating psychological impact on the Italian Community
3. Planet Hollywood & $12 chicken fingers "cause Bruce Willis likes 'em"
4. His hat is like a switch
5. Jackie Stallone's Psychic Friends and the enduring career of Frank Stallone
6. Rhinestone, Who the fuck arm wrestles Dolly Parton?
7. Schwarzenegger's Commando would kick Rambo's ass. Word to Thunderlips.
8. Walking around the 3rd Grade for 2 weeks with a match in my mouth - dumbass Cobra.
9. Brigitte Nielsen, explosive tip arrows, and Survivor's "Greatest Hits"
10. Starring in a porno when only ugly people were in those joints
11. Giving Estelle Getty a shot at the silver screen
12. Nobody fucks with Brian Dennehy


November 4, 2005;/h3>

{     UMeanCompetitor     }    

UMeanCompetitor: Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 1-59)


{     MARS-1 Observer Zoltron Edition     }    

zoltronobserver25587.jpgThis bad-ass colorway of MARS-1's recently released Observer piece is brought to us courtesy of design-house Zoltron, giving you the final reason you need to pick up one of these lovelies if you haven't already. Observer is the follow-up to MARS-1's uber-successful debut designer toy from last year (called simply MARS-1) hailed by many as one of the best releases of 2004. These physical manifestations of MARS-1's sci-fi-psychedelic style have been stunningly realized by StrangeCo, capturing all the weird biomechanical beauty of the original 2-D designs in vinyl form. The Zoltron collaboration, dubbed "Toxic Cleanup", is limited to only 156 pieces but you can also catch Observer in Red, Gray, Green and Black colorway variants. They are among us....


By Adam in Toys

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