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July 27, 2005;/h3>

{     12 bands with 'Wolf' in their name     }    

1. Wolf Parade
2. Wolf Eyes
3. We Are Wolves
4. AIDS Wolf
5. Wolf & Cub
6. Tiger Bear Wolf
7. Fox & Wolf
8. Howlin' Wolf
9. Guitar Wolf
10. Wolf
11. Wolfmother
12. Los Lobos

Omg, more!

13. Wolf Colonel
14. Woelv
15. Superwolf

And just because I can: Black Sheep's "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

Electronics & Gadgets

July 20, 2005;/h3>

{     Vanilla     }    

VanillaVanilla is hands down the sweetest forum on the web. You can download the software for free, which alone is great. But even if it wasn't free, you would be encouraged by me (and all who use it) to replace whatever ezboard type thing you are using for this. Sure not everyone has their own message board, but if you do.. I seriously suggest you grab Vanilla. It's creator Mark O'Sullivan is a genius. Vanilla is genius. Extensibility, Style, Internationalization and Much much more. - Contributed by Dustin:

     » Get Vanilla
     » Coming soon to C12! Get in the queue here...

Film & TV

July 17, 2005;/h3>

{     Rubber Johnny     }    

rubberjohnny Rubber Johnny is the much-anticipated new video project from tag team champions of the world, Chris Cunningham and Richard D James. Whether you have followed Cunningham’s career throughout the years (A.I. with Kubrick at 17, the genius Aphex collabos, the distinctly non-jiggy-with-it All Is Full of Love, and one of the only Madonna videos to maintain this author's attention the whole way through since exiting puberty) or you picked up the Director’s Label series and wondered who the weird English guy was, it is understood that Rubber Johnny will not be the “feel-good” comedy sensation of the year. What was once only to be a 30 second promo, Cunningham had reportedly been working on a frame-by-frame basis with Johnny since his big-screen Gibson-inspired Neuromancer project collapsed almost four years ago. Those seeking Meg Ryan fumbling her way into true love set to Smash Mouth’s “All-Star” on the soundtrack should probably skip it.

     » Warp's Rubber Johnny site


July 13, 2005;/h3>

{     Top Twelve Intellivision Games     }    

Don't get me wrong, I love some Atari, but when it came down to the early 80's home console wars, Mattel Electronic's Intellivision was the undisputed champ. Better graphics, better games and one of the most insane controllers to ever hit the market earned the Intellivision it's "Intelligent Television" tag line. Recently, a Greatest Hits collection of games entitled Intellivision Lives! was released on all 3 of the current platforms and it got me thinking about my own personal Greatest Hits from the Intellivision days. Here's my twelve faves, ranked in order.

12. Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man
11. Microsurgeon
10. Tron Maze-A-Tron
9. Night Stalker
8. Kool-Aid Man
7. Lock 'N' Chase
6. B-17 Bomber
5. BurgerTime
4. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Treasure of Tarmin
3. Tron Deadly Discs
2. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Cloudy Mountain
1. Beamrider

Film & TV

{     Danger: Diabolik - DVD     }    

Danger DiabolikAfter painful delays and possible cancellation, Mario Bava's 1968 cult classic has finally made the jump to digital! This restored version of the film keeps the original Ennio Morricone soundtrack intact and includes a very decent English dialogue dub. Paramount has also taken the time to tack on a handful of special features unique to the DVD release (more on that below). While Bava will always be best known for his direction of such Italian horror classics as Blood and Black Lace, The Whip and the Body, and Kill Baby Kill, his genius truly shines on Danger: Diabolik, a feature-film adaptation of the long-running Italian comic series. Working on a shoestring budget, Bava crafts a very stylized bit of spy-fi that holds it's tongue firmly in cheek when acknowledging it's comic-book roots. The boundary between cool and camp is indelibly blurred in Danger: Diabolik, and the over-the-top performances of John Phillip Law as the title character and sexpot Marisa Mell as his main-squeeze propel things forward at breakneck speed. It's like James Bond crossed with Lupin III, after snorting a line of crystal meth.

     » $9.36 + free shipping (!!!) at


{     Five Faces Apparel     }    

Five Faces So putting out a clothing line is a delicate balance for some people. You start working on designs and you're a creative guy, so they're really flowing from your fingertips and before you know it you've got the double-album syndrome going on. There you are with a big pile of super-great ideas all worked out and ready to go to the print, you're all excited and you think you've just turned paper-pulp to gold, but the sad truth is that you've just made too damn much and spread the love a little too thin. It's a classic case of too much filler and just not enough killer. And then you know what happens? You flop. Well, our boy Andrew DeGiulio of Detroit-based design studio Secret Pizza Party knows this, and that is why he went and dropped Five Faces in our laps.

     » go visit the Five Faces Apparel site


July 7, 2005;/h3>

{     Braveland - Time Traveller Messenger Bag     }    

BravelandOrder now and get a free Braveland t-shirt! My future self visited me this past weekend, to warn me of the folly of time-travelling without the proper equipment. He explained that when I begin my career as a Quantum Leaper it's essential that I never leave Now without my Braveland Time Traveller messenger bag. Future Adam went on at great length about how everything a person could possibly need for a few days stint in the past or the future could be crammed into the bag, though he was quick to point out that it's greatest asset is the bag's timeless design. You see, you can't just go hopping through the chronosphere without considering the impact your fashions have on the world around you. You can't show up at the battle of the Alamo carrying some girly backpack nonsense: you'd be tossed out of the fort! Likewise, were you to attempt to bring today's portage fashions into the future, you would soon find yourself looking horribly unstylish and open to all sorts of scathing criticism. What you need is something sleek and functional. Something that's as practical as it is incredibly good-looking. What you need is the Braveland Time Traveller messenger bag.

     » Braveland Time Traveller messenger bag
     » Braveland Design main page

Film & TV

July 5, 2005;/h3>

{     Tampopo     }    

tampo.jpg My newfound affection with ramen led me straight to this 1986 film that was billed as the "first Japanese noodle western". In this satirical comedy truck drivers Goro and Gun get hungry while reading a book about noodles and go into a noodle restaurant owned by Tampopo, who just can't seem to turn a profit because her ramen is not that good. Goro takes it upon himself to train her in the ways of noodles (in full olympic style training) as they try to uncover the secrets to making a perfect bowl of ramen. Tampopo is a comedy all about food and it's place in Japanese culture. This story is interwoven with other clips about food (one of which features a couple who mix sex and cuisine a little too much). The film borrows certain aspects from spaghetti westerns and Japanese yakuza movies. This is directed by Juzo Itami and stars Tsutomu Yamazaki, Nobuko Miyamoto, and Ken Watanabe. So, if you do this right you�ll want to set aside some time to head out to your favorite noodle house for some shio, shoyu, or tonkatsu ramen afterwards. Happy viewing/eating! - Written by Jay, read more of his reviews at

     » Buy it...

Electronics & Gadgets

July 1, 2005;/h3>

{     Lomo Fisheye Camera     }    

So, recently those wild owls at LOMO, every hipster's favorite kinda-Russian camera company, released a very new, and very cool camera for the masses to take to the picnic, the FishEye. It is as it sounds, the world's only 35mm camera with a big fisheye lens built right into the bugger, making everything all warped, bubbled, tunnel-visioned, and druggy looking. It's purpose is simple, to take wacky shots of wacky stuff, and to turn a boring shot of some regular dude into a 170-degree zoomed view, smashing all the shot into a cropped circle image and bulging the center of the frame's focus out and all up in your teeth.

     » Look at it...
     » Buy it...

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