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February 28, 2005;/h3>

{     Ultra Violent - Issue 6     }    

The finest endeavors are always those fueled by true passion for the subject matter, and nobody is more passionate about Horror, Gore and Exploitation cinema than Ultra Violent Magazine. Starting with its earliest issue, editor/publisher Scott Gabbey has worked hard to make it something special. From tracking down and interviewing obscure horror and exploitation film auteurs to covering such specific subgenres as nunsploitation and post-apocalyptic-cannibalism, Ultra Violent has truly earned the moniker "America's Most Feared Film Magazine". Issue 6 brings the pain with several exclusive interviews, including pieces with Cannibal Holocaust director Ruggero Deodato and Asian madman Hideshi Hino (of Guinea Pig fame), and an excellent feature on the history of Something Weird Video. Also up, an interview with Don Edmonds- the director behind one of the most notorious exploitation films in history, the still-shocking Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS. Ish 6 is also chock-full of film reviews, features and a wealth of uncensored pics, images and film stills.

     » Ultra Violent Magazine

By Adam in Reading

{     LEE Spraypaints & Aerosol Mask     }    

lee.jpg The Golden Age of Rap Music (roughly ’87-90) represents a time when the still-youthful art experienced a creative explosion, maturing in form while expanding on its pioneers’ established blueprint. But while the genre has always been in a constant state of accelerated evolution, the difference back then was the period’s relative “purity”. This was back in the days before “Rap Snacks”, ”Pimp Juice” and the talking Master P doll, when corporations hadn’t figured out how to make money off that rap shit yet. But while it took the Man a little longer to figure out how to line his pockets with the music, the visual element of hip hop, graffiti, proved to be an easier hustle. After experiencing a golden age of its own ten years earlier, graff soon saw itself out on the corner, turning tricks for Whitey inside demographically-savvy KFC and Captain Morgan advertisements the world over. As the Colonel said, “Pimpin aint easy.”

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February 27, 2005;/h3>

{     Soundwalk: The Bronx, New York     }    

bronx.jpg Okay so I�ve been sleeping on this for awhile but I�ve recently had a chance to listen to this three-part audio tour that takes you through neighborhood hotspots that no tourist would likely stumble across. With this soundwalk you get a first-hand experience of the sights, sounds and personalities that have inhabited the streets. In section one you jump on the 4 Train to Yankee Stadium and get the dirt on baseball (with Tony Morante, Director of Stadium Tours at Yankee Stadium) and visit establishments once frequented by Bronx bombers and Hollywood celebs of the past. For part two you take the 5 Train to Hunts Point where you�re greeted by legendary graffiti artist BG183 (a founding member of TATS Cru). No rush, he will point you towards where to grab the best arroz con pollo and when you�ve finished up he will then walk you through the history of Bronx graffiti 101, pointing out murals (and expaining the stories behind them) along the way. In part three you�ll hop the 6 Train to join The Original Jazzy Jay in Bronx River where he will school you on the golden era of hip-hop in the Bronx. You will revisit classic D.J. battles of yesteryear and be treated to some vintage hip-hop along the way. Soundwalk: The Bronx, New York offers a unique insider�s view from locals who know these streets like they know the back of their hands. If you can't make it to New York City, this is the next best thing. - Written by Jay, read more of his reviews at

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February 25, 2005;/h3>

{     13 television neighbors.     }    

A Baker's Dozen...

1. Buddy Lembeck
2. Larry Dallas
3. Cody Lambert
4. Six LeMeure
5. Betty Johnson
6. Mary Anne Spencer-Bartokomous
7. Patty Poole
8. Wilson W. Wilson Jr.
9. Dot Branning
10. Andrew Squiggmann
11. James Mecklenberg
12. Dwayne Schneider
13. Bill Dauterive


February 24, 2005;/h3>

{     Pooptooth Print - Ryan Greis     }    

Appalachia spawns a special kind of ugly. Maybe it's the supposed lack of grooming and hygeine, or perhaps the "keep it in the family" stereotype holds a bit too true: Whatever the reason, it is an undeniable fact that the denizens of this dark rural heart of America posess some of the most amazingly distorted features known to man. These folks are far from self-concious, and when you grow up immersed in and surrounded by their culture you eventually gain an appreciation for it, and the grotesque inevitably becomes beautiful. Ryan Greis has made a fascinating study of this phenomenon. His Pooptooth series draws upon experiences gathered growing up in the backwoods of Kentucky, combining equal parts stereotype, rural mythology and real-life ugly into brilliantly exaggerated portraits and paintings. Utilizing a multi-layered approach combining watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil and oils he is able to bring these characters to shockingly vivid life. Mr. Greis is now offering one of his most striking pieces as a limited-edition print, signed and numbered, printed on 11" x 17" gloss paper. It's a wonderful opportunity to see the incredible and painstaking amount of detail that goes into his pieces up close and personal.

     » NYArts Magazine Backwoods Kind of Beautiful interview


February 23, 2005;/h3>

{     FAESTHETIC #4     }    

&ot "Somebody went to Faesthetic and all i got was this stupid magazine." Well, they got back about a week and a half ago, and delivered one of the best annuals in cult creative illustration and design around today. Curated by UPSO, this issue packs 90 artists into 200 pages that are impossible to put down. Growing up from a small xeroxed zine, this beefy edition includes standouts Futura 2000, Regular Product, Gluekit, Nopattern, Cobrasnake + Obey, The Skull Dezain, Prate Computer Channel and Cincy's favorites: Jason Brunson at Dana's, Devious and Scribe. The other 80 artists aren't to sleep on. They're definitely representing the best of 2004. On top of the amazing work from across the globe, its packed with an ABOVE signature arrow air freshener and an original giraffe drawing by Jason Polan, with which he calls to you to add to the drawing as a collaboration - what a great concept. Apparently its cute, hot pink cover is seeing it sell like hotcakes, so pick it up fast. It's way better than that magnet your grandparents got you in Florida last year. Also, check out the new Faesthetic message board over at Review by Mike Ley



February 22, 2005;/h3>

{     Josh Rouse "Nashville"     }    

1468.gif Josh Rouse returns with the comforting and oddly familiar sounds of Nashville. For his fifth album Josh Rouse displays songs that take you on journies through teenage years and broken hearts. There�s just no denying that he is in top form. Right from the opening track the Wilco-esque �It�s The Nighttime� he grabs your attention and shows no signs of letting up. The first single �Winter in The Hamptons� shares a certain kinship with The Smiths �Bigmouth Strikes Again� and other highlights include the soul tinged �Saturday�, the bittersweet piano ballad �Sad Eyes�, and the procrastination anthem �Steetlights�. All of these well crafted melodies are bound to strike a chord with music lovers of all sorts. After recently relocating to Spain, Nashville plays out like a fond farewell to the city he once called home. - Written by Jay, read more of his reviews at

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February 20, 2005;/h3>

{     I Am Kloot - Self Titled     }    

Being a talented rock band from Manchester can be both a blessing and a curse. Any positive association with the rich tradition of Brit-rock that has spawned there also leaves a young band standing blanketed in the shadows of those who've come before them. I Am Kloot ably steps out from beyond those shadows with this self-titled album (their second full-length release), proving that though they are working within the Manchester milieu, this is much more than a rehash of your grandfather's favorite Oasis record. Sure it's dour and a bit mopey, pub-stained and lonely, but there's a lot more at work here too. A subtle hint of jazz arrangement and some bluesy overtones set the perfect backdrop for Johnny Bramwell's wryly misanthropic vocals. Nothing's too over the top though, and it's this obvious and intentional lack of flash that really lets you sit back and enjoy the album.



February 15, 2005;/h3>

{     The Poo Syndicate     }    

What is The Poo? It's not an easily answered question, even after you've scoured the depths of their multi-pronged media and art-stuffed website. If you were to check out their documentary DVD The Flea Market Project, you might have a somewhat better idea of what this high-weirdness art-collective is all about. Were you to listen to their excruciatingly hilarious full-length CD God Save Us From... The Poo Syndicate you'd have an even clearer picture. You might also find by that point that you're slightly naseous and still rather confused. And that's exactly where The Poo wants you.

     » The Poo Syndicate
     » Read more about the City Reliquary

By Adam in Art

{     "Thriller: A Cruel Picture" DVD     }    

When you think of Sweden you think of cheap furniture, herring and blonde bombshells. You certainly do not think of ultra-violent revenge films. At least I don�t think you do, however that�s exactly what you get here. Some of you may have heard Tarantino name drop this previously out of print cult classic as inspiration for his character Elle (Darryl Hannah) in KIll Bill. This 1974 Swedish art house film is the uncut version and is altogether violent, pornographic and visually stunning. The story picks up with Madeline (Christina Lindberg) a young mute girl who is picked up by a sleazy guy named Tony who treats her to a fancy meal then takes her back to his place and drugs her with heroine for several days. After getting her hooked Tony pimps her out to work in his brothel in exchange for drugs. Problems arise when Madeline scratches out a clients eyes, Tony responds by puncturing one of her eyes with a knife. (warning: there is a close up shot and the bio states that a real corpse was used for this scene). After that Madeline complies (warning no.2: there are close ups of penetration shots). After receiving discouraging news from her parents Madeline reaches her breaking point and begins training with fire arms, martial arts, and other various combat skills. After preparations are set she goes on a kill crazy rampage with a sawed off shotgun that features some strikingly contemporary cinematography on par with something out of Kill Bill. Shock factor aside there is a great number of beautifully filmed shots and Thriller: A Cruel Picture remains a highly artistic yet brutally graphic film. - Written by Jay, read more of his reviews at

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Film & TV

February 4, 2005;/h3>

{     Wild Zero: A DVD for the ages     }    

Ordinarily, I don't bother with the US releases of Asian cult movies. But, in the case of Wild Zero, if you like watching your movies on small round discs, there isn't a better way to go. Wild Zero is the classic Japanese rock-and-roll zombie horror film, starring the ubiquitous and utterly nonsensical band Guitar Wolf. The story, such as it is, opens with Ace, a young rock-and-roll poser with a massive rock-and-roll pompadour. Ace has committed himself to rocking harder than Guitar Wolf ever could. But, when Ace inadvertently stumbles in and saves the lives of Guitar Wolf, Bass Wolf, and Drum Wolf, Guitar Wolf himself pledges his fidelity to Ace, and gives him a magical whistle with which Ace is to call the band members whenever Ace is in need. Good thing, because evil space aliens are turning earthlings into zombies, and Ace is soon caught in the middle of it.

     » Synapse Films
     » Guitar Wolf

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February 2, 2005;/h3>

{     Gary Baseman - Fire Water Bunny     }    

Originally produced for distribution at a Taiwanese Children's Festival, these magical little creatures have begun to trickle into the States and are getting snatched up like things that get snatched up really fast. It may actually be hard to find them right now outside of the usual price-gouging auctions and secondhand markets, though Canadian boutique/gallery/toystore Magic Pony and Chicago badasses Rotofugi seem to still have a few in stock. Produced as a joint venture between Pao & Paws and Critterbox (mmmm... Critterbox....) there are four different designs (BONES, ALL-SEEING, AQUA and NAKED) offered in blind packaging. An ultra-rare "white" version exists as well, and seems only to have been available overseas and in extremely limited quantity at special events Stateside. Get them before somebody else does.

     » Rotofugi
     » Magic Pony
     » See some other upcoming Critterbox Baseman projects....

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