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July 30, 2004;/h3>

{     Boo Ware     }    

Like an Edward Gorey illustration crawled into bed with the dread pirate Blackbeard in a cute Prada skirt, Boo Ware comes at us with yet another cutesy collection for all we mortals still bound by human flesh. Ranging from inkblot modifications to horror story embroidery, Boo has a unique style tailor made for the modern recovering goth; adorable designs and lovely patterns, with just a hint of death and gloom just below the thread. You could wear them to a party, to the beach, or to a dear friend's trendy funeral, Boo doesn't care, they just want you to look good in owls, skulls, and kiddie-drawn ghost patterns. Styles for men, women, and kids, with t-shirts, shorts, skirts, and even a plush toy and some other surprises. I heart Boo.

     » Get ghosted...


July 29, 2004;/h3>

{     Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Special     }    

Before he was a bloated pharmaceutically deranged mess, Elvis Presley was a fine specimen of hillbilly hunk, as this slab of fantastic plastic will prove. Greasy, shiny and sexy as hell, nothing says "King of Rock and Roll" quite like a full-body black leather suit with matching boots and wrist bracers. This figure was released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Elvis' first ever recording, hailed by many as the day that Rock and Roll was born. It actually depicts a moment much later in the King's career- the nationally televised '68 Comeback Special (which has recently been rereleased in a massive CD/DVD box set) and captures both Elvis' raw charisma and an aura of seasoned showmanship, as he stands poised to retake America by storm.

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Home & Beauty

July 28, 2004;/h3>

{     Miso Pretty Beauty Products by BlueQ     }    

What will immediately strike you about this line is its exquisite packaging. The tongue-in-cheek Miso Pretty moniker is reflected in the elaborate faux-Asian box art, depicting apple-cheeked Chinese cuties in short-hemmed satin kimonos cavorting with all manner of friendly and adorable forest creatures, or cherubic pixies swimming blissfully through crystal waters. There's something very Victorian and elegant about the product's look and design, resulting in a visual experience that is both nostalgic and brand new all at once. Not to be outshined by their delightful exteriors, the products within the packages deliver on every level of quality. Unique scents combine with exceptional ingredients to produce a high-end product unlike anything you've ever tried. I test-drove the body spray on my wife, with it's hints of cut-grass and peony; she declared it not only a wonderful moisturizer but wonderfully arousing as well. The cherry-flavored lip-balm made for a yummy make-out session, though gentlemen be warned- it does leave a hint of red blush upon the skin it touches. That's no problem when you have a bar of persimmon and wild orchid soap to wash up with. The scent of the rich lather alone will continue to fuel romantic notions and you can smooth it all out with a wild dune grass and thyme-scented body wash scrub. This, of course, is all leading up to a post-shower rub-down with the intoxicating hand and body cream. You'll feel and smell so good that what happens next will come naturally.

     » Visit BlueQ -click on "where 2 buy" to find a store near you-


July 26, 2004;/h3>

{     Soft Drink Graveyard     }    

Dead and Buried, Just a Memory
7up Gold
Crystal Pepsi
New Coke
Pepsi Free
Pepsi Blue
Lemon-Lime Slice
Zombified and Still Walking the Earth
Tahitian Treat


July 24, 2004;/h3>

{     Interview : Yumiko Kayukawa     }    

I've got a crush on the work of Yumiko Kayukawa.

Her paintings have an immediate appeal- candy-coated colors, the playfully erotic poses of her subjects, the striking kanji text and the inclusion of random members of the animal kingdom amidst it all are a formula the eye cannot resist. These images have incredible staying power as well; the bright colors and simple lines burn into your retina, and Yumiko's characters become fixed in the mind, unshakable. Her mixture of pop fashion, punky attitude, and manga sensibility form a dreamy kind of brilliance that is hard not to fall in love with. I'm not alone in my crush. To date, Yumiko has produced over 100 paintings and has sold every single one of them. Even now, buyers are lined up around the block, hoping to bring home a taste of sweet Yumiko.


{     Interview : Jenny Hart     }    

Jenny Hart has started a bit of a revolution. Not only has she managed to elevate the medium of embroidery from dusty domestic craft to fabulous fine art, she has also delivered a new brand of embroidery to the people, with affordable patterns that meet the tastes of today's discerning culture addicts. Her website showcases some of her finest work, and also serves as a web store for her patterns and kits. She even shares the spotlight with her customers, offering webspace for pics of their embroidered creations. With national exposure in magazines ranging from Bust and Bitch to Juxtapoz and ARTitude, as well as a recent solo show at New York's Big Cat gallery, Jenny Hart is making a name for herself- one stitch at a time.


July 23, 2004;/h3>

{     le messie "CANDY" EP     }    

The first release from le messie, master blaster at, a still embryonic independent music and clothing label. The disc is five tracks of beautiful beeps and such, programmed beats floating along a path seemingly unknown even to the composer (in this case, a good thing). A sometimes soothing, but usually more of a banging ride, best enjoyed on headphones while getting a massage from one or two ravishing young ladies, but what isn't best enjoyed as such? Or maybe not, I guess it may be better while walking a crowded sidewalk, keeping riddum while avoiding the cracks. Holding your foot from touching the nexxxt step just yet, as the riddum just switched Whatever, either way, it's a damn fine groover, with most of the beats played out live and then re-mashed using mice and knobs, with a lot of oh-so-dear-to-my-heart nasty, acrid squelch. le messie is here to make you fucking feel it. One other thing that must be mentioned is the beautiful packaging created by German artist Flying Fortress. Very yummy, that bear and his honey. Sweetums.

     » Get it here...


July 22, 2004;/h3>

{     Ubiquity t-shirts     }    

Some really nice shirts for sale over at Ubiquity, a record label you should already know. This batch was whipped up by fine designer and artist Steven Harrington. Very warm, very summer graphics, get 'em while you can. While you're there browsing, be sure to check out their line of classic shirts still in print. Some beauties to be found there as well!

     » Go there now...
     » Visit the site of designer Steven Harrington


{     DevilRobots Hellcatz -Vanimal Zoo Sony Capsule Collection     }    

Hotter than Hell? Japanese design collective DevilRobots are responsible for this outstanding entry in the Sony Vanimal Zoo gashapon (capsule toy) collection. Not only are they super cool and super cute, they are all super evil too, as evidenced by their tiny little pitchforks and saucy demeanors. Each Hellcat comes packaged with a corresponding mouse-buddy, in the two-for-one deal of the century. They are blind-packaged, so you never know which one you're going to get- keep your eyes peeled for the Angel variant, the "secret" figure in the series. These little guys are surprisingly sturdy, and stand well on their own despite their enormous heads. The paint applications are a step up from other pieces in the Vanimal Zoo collection, giving them very separate looks and personalities despite the fact that they are all cast from the same mold.

     » Hellcatz at KidRobot

Film & TV

July 20, 2004;/h3>

{     OH Mikey!     }    

Meet the Fuccon family- James, Barbara and little Mikey- the stars of the popular Japanese drama OH Mikey! Originally broadcast as one of many shorts on variety show Vermillion Pleasure Night, OH Mikey! eventually broke out on its own, and has since spawned 5 volumes of collected episodes on DVD. The premise is fairly simple- a typical American family is transplanted to Japan and finds themselves struggling to fit in as they meet the challenges of an unfamiliar culture while also struggling with the roadblocks of everyday family life. What's so compelling about that, you ask? Well, the Fuccon family is a little different, definitely not your average television family. In fact, the entire cast of OH Mikey! is a little different from what you're probably used to. They are all lifeless mannequins. I'm not going to try and explain why this works, or how goddamn funny it is- you're just going to have to see it for yourself. Thankfully, the DVD releases have been subtitled in English, so none of the delicate soap-opera-like plot is left unrevealed. There are love affairs, bad cooking, betrayal and deceit. There are touching moments as well- such as Mikey's first true love, and some heartfelt conversation between mother and son while gardening in the yard. It will give you that Wonder Years/Leave It To Beaver meets Days of Our Lives feeling that you've been missing.

     » Unofficial OH Mikey! website
     » Buy OH Mikey! from


July 19, 2004;/h3>

{     Content - edited by Rem Koolhaas and Brendan McGetrick, published by Taschen     }    

Imagine a book that is more like a magazine that is also an architectural journal that still manages to be visually engrossing and is ultimately entertaining as hell. Now imagine this publication is 544 pages long, and that it weighs almost as much as a severed human head. Imagine that when reading it, you occasionally laugh, that you sometimes frown, and that every once in a while you simply close the page and wonder how something like this ever even came to be. Content is the kind of transcendent brain and eye candy that usually finds itself spread out over a series of smaller, much less interesting publications. These are the ravings of insane maniacs, made relevant by the insane and maniacal world in which we find ourselves living. Content represents a vision for architecture that encompasses not only the physical interaction between humankind and the structures we dwell in and upon, but also the mental and spiritual environment that inform and shape that physical interaction. It's post-ironic End Times feel-good meta-architecture for the masses. It's a movement that only has Leaders, becase Followers just bog things down and never really seem to get it anyway.

     » Read more on Taschen's website....
     » Buy from Amazon


July 15, 2004;/h3>

{     Buenaventura Press     }    

The prints produced by Buenaventura Press are quite simply astounding. The colors are vibrant and crisp, and the selection of talent available is solid (and only promises to get better). The primary focus, particularly for Buenaventura's gallery shows, is the work of cartoonists, though the Press is not limited to comic art. I've got a copy of _Peckersaurus_ by Johnny Ryan (pictured left). As you can see it features a number of well-known cartoon characters mutated into caricatures and engaged in a all manner of sin. What you can't see on a computer monitor is how well the images appear on the paper. A computer scan can't accurately capture the depth of color in this print.

     » See the entire collection or get one of your very own

By Benjamin in Art

July 14, 2004;/h3>

{     12 Track Mix - First half '04     }    

01. Modest Mouse - Float On
02. Moonbabies - Forever Changes Everything Now
03. Animal Collective - Who Could Win a Rabbit
04. Black Devil - No Regrets
05. the Killers - Indie Rock and Roll
06. Iron & Wine - Naked As We Came
07. Bloc Party - Banquet
08. Feist - Mushaboom
09. Bumblebeez 81 - Pony Ride
10. Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You
11. Mocky - Mickey Mouse Muthafuckers
12. the Streets - Dry Your Eyes


July 13, 2004;/h3>

{     Amon Tobin - Solid Steel Presents (Ninja Tune)     }    

Amongst all the swill otherwise known as mix CDs, there is a series known as Solid Steel, and with the Steel comes quality. The lastest installment of the series is a release from everyone's beloved Silent Brazilian, Amon Tobin, and the story goes a little like this... Amon had been on tour for ages, playing with Final Scratch and fine tuning his skills in front of cheering crowds, doing a lot of wackass drugs and drinking like a fool. Now, Final Scratch is a setup consisting of two unique records which are spun on the decks while being connected to a laptop. Using the laptop, you can assign samples and loops to the records and then manipulate them by hand. Time-stretching, warping, scratching, and just generally fucking up digital tracks and samples. Very nice. So, one night he's in Australia, he's way fucked up on some unknown druggery, and he's just rockin' it. The mood was right, the buzz was righter, and the stars fell in line, even the kangaroos knew it was special. This stellar night is what has now been released the only way it deserves, a straight Solid Steel issue.

     » Check it on Ninja
     » Go to the official Amon site
     » Learn about Final Scratch

By Garrett in Music

{     Ragnar- Dark Horse Deluxe Stationery, Coaster Set, and Journal     }    

Dark Horse Publishing has been providing the world with some of the most incredible stationery sets these past several years, featuring work from a variety of renowned artists. As a lover of the written word, I've been happy to have such interesting backdrops for my dollops of prose, but now I have a bit of a dilemma. The two sets by Ragnar, Passing Notes and Dear John, may just be too damn beautiful to write on. Ragnar has redefined the modern pin-up, doing so with class and sophistication. Dear John has a very modern feel, and showcases pieces from Ragnar's recent "Chairs" collection. Each of the four designs features a different piece of furniture, with a different gorgeous woman reclining blissfully upon it. Passing Notes has a schoolgirl motif that is just cute enough to not be guilty of blatant fetishism. As with all DH Stationery sets, these include matching envelopes every bit as detailed as the writing paper, and a sticker sheet chock full of goodness to spruce up your communique. Dark Horse has even taken things a step further by releasing a hard-backed journal whose cover features one of Ragnar's "East/West" beauties, and a set of drink coasters, rendered in his "pulp" style, that come in a beautiful tin storage case. If you've been feeling a little stylistically deficient lately, these items are a sure-fire fix.

     » Buy it all at (click on "Store")
     » view Dear John
     » view Passing Notes
     » view "Pulp" coaster set

By Adam in Art
Film & TV

July 11, 2004;/h3>

{     Anchorman     }    

No plot, bad acting and after watching the flick, you'll probably find yourself wondering if the cast had any kind of script at all. Anchorman, though I can't pinpoint why, was a wonderful film. I, along with the rest of the audience, was laughing hysterically throughout but I really can't remember much about it except that it's about Ron Burgandy, (Will Ferrell) a newsanchor in the 70's who has a simultaneous problem and love interest in the woman (Christina Applegate) who has become his newest rival. Will Ferrell is, as usual, outrageous in this movie, but no one compares to Steve Carell who plays the lovable weather guy (i think?) Brick. Paul Rudd and David Koechner also star as the remainder of the Channel 4 news team. This movie is getting a whole lot of mixed reviews but Ebert and Roeper gave it two thumbs up and I'm going to have to agree with them on this one. Lookout for a WHOLE lot of supergreat cameos too. Contributed by: Stacy Broce

     » Anchorman on


{     The Picture of Everything     }    

I've never been one of those people that covers my shelves with old figurines, has toys in my kitchen window, and completely litters my every space with nostalgic knick-knacks, but I *have* always been someone that liked to go to the houses of people like that and look around. For that reason, I totally dig "The Picture of Everything." Howard Hallis started a drawing in 1997. He drew each and every comic book hero and cartoon character he could think of, cramming as many as he could onto regular pieces of 8.5 by 11 paper, each paper connected to the next. Once he had had exhausted all he could think of, he moved on to rock stars and movie stars, then rocketships and robots, then toys and famous buildings, historical people and religious figures, video games, and logos, and flags and, and, and, and you get the idea. For two years, Howard drew every damn thing he could think of, or that we could think of, all in one giant, super-dense, insanely thorough drawing. The complete picture is over 6 foot wide and nearly 15 foot tall, plus each of the sides meet, including the top and bottom, making a complete loop.

     » Ready. Set. GO!!!

By Garrett in Art

July 7, 2004;/h3>

{     One of these days, I'm going to start a band....     }    

Here's a breakdown of my favorite band names and the types of music each would play, if they actually existed.

12. Shithammer - heavy as fuck, but y'know, with a groove
11. Broken Spokes - introspective, nerdy, acoustic folk-rock
10. John Queer - ultra-gay redneck southern rock
9. That Burning Sensation - satanic rockabilly
8. Too Fat Guys - overweight lounge duet w/ Chuk Fowler
7. Captain Terror - awful turntablism, first album- "Live at the Glory Hole"
6. Bigg White aka Big Boss - hardcore rap from Huntington's mean streets!
5. Dark Mage - baroque operatic metal, everybody wears capes
4. Poop Ship Destroyer - Ween cover band
3. Johnny Fuckerfaster and the Dirty Pickles - punky bar band
2. The Witch's Tit - spooky goth rock
1. The Gentleman Sinners - everybody's favorite indie band of the moment


{     Iron & Wine Louisville, KY     }    

Saturday July 3, 2004 headed down to Louisville, KY for the Iron and Wine show. Uncle Pleasants is a tiny little club located near campus in Louisville. The heat inside this little bar was sweltering and the sound was TERRIBLE. There was an ongoing buzz of people chatter due to the celebrities that had found their way into the club that evening; they were shooting a movie in Louisville called Elizabethtown I think. There was a wall of extremely tall people crowding the front of the stage making it impossible for the rest of us to see. But once Iron & Wine took the stage, none of that mattered anymore. I found myself completely engaged in the music as usual the second they began. For this show, I&W played mostly tracks off of their second full length album "Our Endless Numbered Days." But there were also some old favorites from "The Creek Drank The Cradle," and some other great songs not on either one of the albums. This time around, they've added a bassist, which is a great touch to the already perfect trio, especially on the songs that rocked hard. Rocked hard???

     » Iron & Wine On Sub Pop

Film & TV

July 6, 2004;/h3>

{     The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra     }    

My love for badfilm runs strong and true, so when I heard about director Larry Blamire's attempt to ressurect every bad sci-fi and horror film cliche and roll them all into one huge trainwreck of a film, I got a little excited. I have an appreciation for 50's and 60's schlock that borders on fetishistic. It stopped being a "dig me digging how bad this is" thing a long time ago and I now tend to focus more on the details- character archetypes, dialogue and the plot threads these films promote. After a lengthy wait from the film's debut on the convention circuit a couple of years ago to it's eventual DVD distribution by Sony last month, I can now enjoy The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra from the comfort and privacy of my own home. And it was worth the wait, this film does not disappoint. Let me clarify that statement though: This is no highbrow post-modern take on the genre. There is no commentary on the irony of directorial intent versus cheesy pop-culture appreciation. It does not transcend the genre of badfilm, it merely does an excellent job of typifying it.

     » Grab it for under 20 bones, with no shipping!
     » Peep the trailer and other goodies at the official movie site!

Home & Beauty

July 3, 2004;/h3>

{     Shag Beach Towels     }    

Just in time to make your swingin' summer the absolute coolest, Bed Bath & friggin' Beyond has introduced exclusive beach towels from everyone's favorite ultra-loungin' artist, forever suave S-h-a-g. That's right daddy-o's, hop in the mini-van and turn left by Applebee's, 'cause you're takin' your ass to the strip mall to get yourself a Shag beach towel! Super-duper soft and 34" x 64" big, these bright 100% cotton beauties will look great, feel great, and make you stand out from the crowd when you're drying by the edge of the surf. There's two to pick from, but smart kids will get "Dance Beat" for themselves, and buy "Monkey Lounge" as an extra, just in case some beautiful beach honey comes over to admire your tiki mug. You can order them online as well, just in case you get the quivers even thinking of going into a BB&B, and the best part is, they're only $14.99...

     » Order them at Bed Bath & *shiver* Beyond
     » Official Shag site

Film & TV

{     Spiderman 2     }    

Tobey Maguire in tights. Kirsten Dunst wet and nippley. And a villain that looks like the villian that he's supposed to portray. I am referring to my extreme disgust in the first installment of Spiderman. You know where they "futurized" the Green Goblin. Now I am no comic book purist, but come on, at least make the character look like the damn comic book. Granted, Spidey 2 does take some liberties with Doctor Octopus, but for the most part, Doc Oc looks and feels like a modern day Doc Oc. Let's face it, they couldn't put Alfred Molina in that skin tight green jump suit and strap him with Elton John glasses, and expect us to take him seriously. We got to see more of J. Jonah. Great casting job (played by JK Simmons of OZ fame). He provided some great comic relief and referenced Dr. Strange (Hmmm). Spidey is Spidey and MJ and Aunt May are the same. Harry is still after Spidey for killing his father and they introduce John Jameson (so Venom is in the near future). So we've established that the characters were well done.

     » Spiderman 2 Movie Trailer
     » Official Spiderman 2 site


July 1, 2004;/h3>

{     Hint Hint - Young Days     }    

In the "post-everything" era, Hint Hint serve up something refreshing and sincere with Young Days, their first full-length. They accomplish the near-impossible task of sounding melancholy yet energetic- the dark moods and themes of the album are infused with active beats and melodies, never falling into mopiness or apathy. Vocalist Peter Quirk's delivery stands out as both imploring and accusatory, full of an ire and paranoia that allows him to express an extremely complex and layered range of thought and emotion. The lyrics match that level of complexity, seemingly an abstracted slice of life reflected upon from a perspective informed by hindsight won through tragic mistakes. It's bitter, but none too sweet, preferring to rage instead of pouting, to scream instead of crying. If this album were a break-up, it would be the good kind that still sort of hurts, but you know you're doing the right thing, even though you're a little bit mad about the way it went down.

     » Hint Hint homepage
     » Suicide Squeeze Records

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