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April 29, 2004;/h3>

{     Attaboy's Axtrx     }    

This little guy is nubbed for everyone's pleasure. YumFactory denizen and designer Attaboy has finally started cranking out some original toys and Axtrx is the first. With four interchangeable mouth parts (ala Mr. Potato Head) Axtrx is able to express a range of emotions. I've summed them up thusly- "Me eat you and you and you." "Me am fetal Chthonic being from beyond time." "Me no understand." and "Me am caught in existential dilemma of taking responsibility for one's life and giving in to the inherent nihilism that surrounds me." (pictured above) In addition to the four mouths he also comes packaged in one of the most elaborately decorated die-cut display boxes I've ever seen. The purpose of every nub is described. Also, look for a special Limited Edition Heat Seeking Axtrx color variant, coming soon. I was so in awe of Axtrx that I contacted Attaboy and will be forcing him to explain his creation, his art and his past-life as a designer for a major toy company in an upcoming interview on Crown Dozen. Keep you eyes peeled and your nubs tingling.

     » Buy Axtrx and/or other great Attaboy products at YumFactory


April 28, 2004;/h3>

{     Angry Samoans/ Inside My Brain     }    

Sunshine, rollerskates, Fleetwood Mac and excessive cocaine are the usual images conjured up when one thinks of California in '79 or '80.  Although the living was easy and Erik Estrada was keping California safe, there was a whole decadent subculture splitting through the sidewalks of L.A.  Now there were all the obvious folks immensed in this scene; Fear, Circlejerks, X, Germs, Descendants and the beloved Black Flag.  I see no reason whatsoever why the Angry Samoans should be exempt from the list.  Inside My Brain was the band's first and best release and has been a personal favorite for over 12 years.  These guys have nothing nice to say about ANYONE except maybe on Carson Girls. 

     » Official Website

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Film & TV

{     Bad Taste     }    

This one's an oldie (1989), but none the less, a classic. Bad Taste is directed by Peter Jackson (yes the same Peter jackson that directed the Lord of the Rings) except he had about ten dollars budget on this one. However, a ten dollars well spent. This has got to be one of the craziest movies going. The whole movie takes place in a small New Zealand village and opens with a character named Derek (Peter Jackson) noticing some suspicious activity from some nutty zombie flesh eating alien guys dressed like janitors. He contacts a group called the Astral Intelligence Defense System, which consists of a band of idiots, to take care of the aliens. Later on, Derek falls down a cliff and cracks his skull open. Uh oh, his brain is falling out of his skull, so naturally he wraps his belt around his head to keep his brain in.

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{     Things that make God sad     }    

I had a talk with the Big Cheese last night, and he wanted me to share this list with you.

1. The radical and violent faction of the pro-life movement
2. Bush's "No Child Left Behind" Policy
3. Fox Television's "The Swan"
4. Sean Hannity's new book
5. The Patriot Act
6. That damn Mel Gibson movie about my son
7. Trucker Hats
8. When they stopped making E.T. breakfast cereal in the mid-80's
9. People who take the Bible literally
10. War (the act of senseless violence, not the 70's funk band. I kinda like them.)
11. The 2000 Presidential Election
12. The 2004 Presidential Election

Film & TV

April 27, 2004;/h3>

{     Freaks and Geeks - The Complete Series     }    

I'm not the first to laud this one-season wonder of TV bliss, and nor will I be the first to lament it's untimely cancellation. Critics loved it, the show had (and still has) one of the most fervent fan-bases in television history and it just may be the most well-written slice of life to ever end up on the small screen. Of course it was cancelled. We need to make room for more cop dramas, legal dramas and legal/cop dramas! And let's give every shitty comedian who's ever done a stint at the Laugh Factory his own damn show! Don't forget to free up 60% of your programming schedule for REALITY TV! (it's so hot right now!) Despite the prevailing tastes of the nation, there are plenty of people who love this show, and now you can be one of them. The entire series has been released in two versions- a retail packaging that includes lots and lots of extras and a collector's edition that includes lots and lots and lots and lots of extras.

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April 26, 2004;/h3>

{     Lazy Afternoon t-shirts     }    

Ah, another cap busted in the ass of ugly t-shirts everywhere, Lazy Afternoon ships quality thread out of oh-so-hot-right-now Australia, hand crafted by seemingly mellow sunshine and nimble-fingered koala bears. All their clothes are sweatshop free, made from the tag down completely on Australian soil, and lovingly screenprinted in Sydney herself. The designs are light, fresh, smart, and super-duper-cute. I personally received my 'Mild Child' shirt to my day-glowed delight, and immediately began plotting my next order (for the 'Let it Be' tee loveliness). A t-shirt brand for spring, I put on my Lazy Afternoon t-shirt and instantly feel like wearing nothing but flip-flops and that it's damn near time I went for a walk in the park.

     » Buy at Lazy Afternoon


{     the Drama magazine     }    

Oh, you want to know about the Drama? Well, first you must know the Drama. In short, the Drama are a loose collective of artists, a primo swag filled online store, and a spiffy art and design magazine. In length, their website puts it best: "The Drama is a multimedia outlet experimenting in design, art, photography, writing, and culture... We, the members, are not professionals and we do not claim or even want to be. We simply hope to increase self-awareness and to reach as many people as possible with our work." I love that idea, and anytime I'm approached by someone preaching such word, they have my full attention. Founder Joel Speasmaker has grown the Drama from an idea, to a site, to a magazine, to a full online store featuring work from both within and outside their ranks.

     » the Drama online


{     Sin for Sale t-shirts     }    

Here's the thing, we all like to wear the t-shirts that are gonna get the double-takes. It's true, or else we would all wear plain white or plain black t's all the time. It's true, you know it. Now when it comes to the shirts with funny little slogans or slightly offensive phrases, we all know that shit is for people that drive a rusty piece of scrap to Walmart so they can blow their scratch-off winnings on bibles and stone-wash jeans. If it's not those dudes, then it's the kids that like to rebel against their parents by wearing ratty dog collars and lots of mascara to junior high. Ugh. So, that brings me to why there's that picture of a chick's ass up there that got you reading so quick-like.

     » Sin for Sale


{     EA Sports: Fight Night 2004     }    

E...A...Sports...oh baby! Ever want to bloody up someone's face? Of course you have. EA Sports, Fight Night 2004 (boxing) is a perfect outlet for pent up aggression. Yes, I take out anger on video games ... sad ... maybe ... do I care ... no, because I just kicked the shit out of Muhammed Ali. EA brings us the most respectable boxing video game since Mike Tyson's Punch Out. It's got an all-star roster and "total control punching" that is reminiscent of that boxing game that you play the arcades where you furiously slam the two hand controls until your wrists bleed or the computer works you. This is the kind of game that make your thumbs burn and blisters form.

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Film & TV

April 25, 2004;/h3>

{     Stacy DVD     }    

oh my god, when i found out that there was a horror film simply titled "stacy" i absolutely had to have it... today it came in the mail and i had to watch it immediately... not only is it a horror flick, but it's a japanese horror flick about hot zombie school girls... interested yet??? here's the lowdown... several years ago young girls ages 15-17 began dying for no reason around the world... right before they die, they experience a phenomenon called ndh or near death happiness where they get giddy, laugh all the time and become covered with a substance known as btd (butterfly twinkle dust of course)... upon dying, they reawaken within minutes as flesh eating zombies who the public have decided to call stacies, named for the first girl this was known to happen to... families are urged to kill their daughters before they die and turn into a stacy and all of this madness has left parts of the world at war, famine and severe declination of populations....

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April 23, 2004;/h3>

{     }    

This site is a cream dream! I cannot begin to express the level of utter bitchin' radicalness that is available to you on GigPosters, you're just going to have to go there right now and check it out for yourself. Make sure you search for your favorite band, or if you're more prone to loving a particular designer you can search by either of those criteria. This site is massive, and it has been the touchstone for revitalizing the rock poster movement. Not only is it a storehouse of the cool, it's also an online community of artists, designers and fans allowing them to scope out each other's work, post comments or contact each other directly. Whether you're down with some Kozik or Sheperd Fairey, or Crown Dozen's buddies Gun Sho, Serigraphie Populaire, Little Friends of Printmaking and Peter Karpick there is some hot hot shit going up every day on GigPosters....



{     The Amazing Adventures of The Escapist No. 1     }    

"To all those who toil in the bonds of slavery and the shackles of oppression, he offers the hope of liberation and the promise of freedom! Armed with superb mental and physical training, a crack team of assistants, and ancient wisdom, he roams the globe, performing amazing feats and coming to the aid of those who languish in tyranny's chains. He is – The Escapist!" The greatest comic that never was, now is. Straight from the pages of the novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay bursts The Escapist. Michael Chabon has proven to be a master student of the comic book hero as he progressed and changed through the Golden and Silver Ages. The Escapist was not created in the 1940's – though this comic book plays with the idea that he was, more on that later – but he feasibly could have been. His persona, both in and out of tights, his cadre of supporting players, and his origin are all faithfully Golden Age material. Turning him into an actual comic book seemed to me a "no brainer." I'm sure glad someone at "Dark Horse": agreed with me.

     » Dark Horse Comics
     » Michael Chabon


April 22, 2004;/h3>

{     12 Scoops of Magic     }    

My grandfather once told me that ice-cream is the Barraclough family weakness. In superhero terms that means that Dairy Queen could kick my ass.

1. Graeder's Black Raspberry Chip
2. Dave and Andy's Cinnamon Stout
3. Popsicle brand Orange Creamsicle
4. Cold Stone Creamery's Cake Batter
5. Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake
6. Gino's Tiramisu Gelato
7. Ben and Jerry's Everything But the Kitchen Sink
8. Baskin Robbin's Mint Chocolate Chip
9. Texas Gold Cherry Cordial
10. Breyer's Vanilla Bean
11. Sara, Tara and Emily's New Year's Eve Green Tea and Pomegranate
12. Jell-O Pudding Pops Butterscotch and Chocolate Swirl


April 21, 2004;/h3>

{     LEGO Designer Set: Mini Robots (4097)     }    

Put simply: this set is precisely what a LEGO set should be. Unlike the company's recent crop of sets based on licensed properties or occupying specific thematic collections, the Designer Sets are a purer sort of LEGO building experience. Hearkening back to simpler times, when a toy needn't be associated with a major Hollywood blockbuster to thrive, the Designer series sets are less about accurate representation than they are creativity. Remember when a bucket of bricks came not with a specific set of instructions but merely an "idea booklet" that pictured several representational structures an enterprising mind might make with these parts? That's the sort of set these Designer Sets hope to be. Mini Robots comes packaged with a hefty pamphlet with instructions for 32 different little robots. Given the parts enclosed you can build between 3 to 5 of them at any given time. The designs range from the mighty combat-oriented creations pictured on the front of the box to quirky devices of debatable utility. By "debatable" I mean not that they are poorly realized and worthless looking, but truly "debatable" meaning a creative mind could imagine any number of interesting adventures for them.

     » LEGO official website

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April 20, 2004;/h3>

{     cirque du soleil La Nouba live     }    

i've longed to see cirque du soleil live for so long... i've always figured that i'd get to see them once i got to las vegas since their traveling shows are a little out of my price range (around $300 a ticket)... imagine my delight or rather hysteria when upon arriving in orlando for vacation last week, i found out cirque has a permanent show at disney... not only do they have a 10 year contract with disney, but they perform 5 nights of the week, two shows per evening... it was looking up for me, but what about the cost of tickets??? no worries, the tickets ranged from $65-$98 and luckily i had a birthday coming up and shane still hadn't figured out what to get me...

     » check out La Nouba
     » visit the official cirque du soleil site


{     Aim Hinterland     }    

Grand Central Records has been cranking out tasty-fresh eclectic trip-hop, electro big-beat and indie-flavored underground hip-hop for a few years now, and this slab from Andy Turner (aka Aim) is no exception. Guest spots from Souls of Mischief and Diamond D round out the hip-hop end of Hinterland, while songbird Kate Rogers and smooth-ass Stephen Jones contribute vocals to a couple of the more chilled-out trip-hop tunes. The remainder of the album is populated with atmospheric beats and well-sampled melodies. This piece dropped in '02 and I still can't get enough of it, and since it's been so slept-on I decided to give it some space here on C12. I'm loving it like it was your Aunt Rita- you know, the sexy one who's lived in Europe, dresses like she's going to a gallery opening, wears her sunglasses inside and smokes those funny-smelling cigarettes....

     » Visit the Hinterland homepage.
     » Grand Central Records


April 19, 2004;/h3>

{     Found magazine Issue 3     }    

For those not acquainted with the beauty of Found magazine, let me briefly explain. Found is a printed document of items discarded and rediscovered- mostly writing, drawings, and photos. Those who have seen an issue know how addictive these fleeting glimpses into the lives of complete strangers can be- whether you're reading a misspelled shopping list or a misspelled love letter or staring at pictures that have been torn, burned or scratched out, Found offers you stories only partially told and allows you to piece things together yourself. Found began as a pretty rough photocopied zine, and Issue 1 actually included a found object glued to each cover. It sold extremely well, catching a lot of interest, and the call for submission of found objects turned out so much great stuff that Issue 2 involved the staff upgrading to a slicker, easier to read format. The new look lost none of the character of the original and still packed in a hefty amount of modern day anthropological archaeology. Issue 3 refines the process even further, proving that the more material submitted, the better the quality of the overall material selected for the magazine.

     » Visit the Found website to see found photos and writing, or to order an issue of Found for your very own.


{     The Unicorns: 2014     }    

The Unicorns have a way of mixing innocence with sleaziness and manipulating their listeners just enough to make sleazy innocence really charming. Their new 7-inch, "The Unicorns: 2014," out on Suicide Squeeze records, comes on purple-grey vinyl (your first reason to buy it). Its disconcerting artwork, done in colored pencil by band member Nicholas Diamonds, is a sort of pubescent Halloween scene that includes skulls, pills, a syringe, a flying boob, an acid-raindrop being cut in half, a narwhale, a space shuttle, and other strangely unrelated objects. So it takes a couple of minutes of digesting this artwork before you can possibly put needle to record. But please do. Side A is "2014," a menacing, circussy dance song that sounds a little like a dream sequence from some scary early-80's sci-fi movie. Fuzzy guitar and off-timed keyboards contribute to a hard disco beat that gets broken down and resurrected several times. You will dance. You will want ten minutes more of it.

     » Suicide Squeeze Records
     » The Unicorns' official site


April 18, 2004;/h3>

{     Just Jack     }    

UK Hip Hop? Huh? Wha? Ya you may have heard of The streets, The Nextman, and several others. I was listening to the wonderful KCRW here in LA the other night and heard this track that stopped me in my tracks.

     » The Official Site


April 16, 2004;/h3>

{     Booty Babes by Spencer Davis     }    

Some things you really need to see to believe. I'd been to Spencer's website, and I'd seen pictures of his sculptures and his customized pieces, but none of that prepared me for the arrival of my very own Booty Babe upon my doorstep. "Bubble Gum" showed up encased in shipping-safe styrofoam. Removing her from the packaging was like a burlesque striptease, and as she emerged I was struck by just how imposing a figure she really is. Spencer says they're 11 inches tall, but these girls feel life-size once you actually get your eyeballs on them. Maybe it's her deliciously exaggerated proportions, or the delicate detailing of her hair, clothing and make-up. Perhaps it's just the fact that she's dead-sexy and cute as hell despite not fitting the prevailing stereotype of feminine beauty. Whatever the source of her magic, I was bespelled. It was like getting a thousand blow-jobs in a box! This bad bitch could whip Barbie's ass and despite what Hollywood and the fashion industry feel is attractive, my allegiances have always strayed to the curvier end of the female form. Big is beautiful, and the sentiment has never found more eloquent expression than in the hands of Spencer Davis.

     » See for yourself!
     » Go directly to the order page!


April 14, 2004;/h3>

{     RJD2 - Since We Last Spoke     }    

rjd2_resize.jpg RJ Krohn came from out of nowhere when he released his solo debut, Dead Ringer, for the then-invincible Def Jux label, easily becoming one of the best records of 2002. Once only the humble DJ/Producer for fellow Bustown natives MHz, RJ quickly became one of the most sought-after producers in music, virtually overnight. Instrumental hip-hop records that actually hold the listener’s attention are a rare thing to come across, and although Dead Ringer included 3 tracks with vocals (including the especially strong “June”) these songs were for most, the least favorites on the LP. As excellent of an album as it was, RJ's debut was basically constructed as a mix of three types of songs: the straight hip-hop MC (safe) cuts, the uptempo hardcore hammer-of-the-gods drum-heavy instrumentals, and the slower, lighter yet equally as complicated mellow songs. Dead Ringer offered alot and meant different things to different people. One thing I find so interesting are the liner notes that exposed several once-secret vinyl spots in numerous states (a big hip-hop no-no), yet nobody really cared cause the record was so damn good. Two years, one million side projects, and two million DJ Shadow comparisons later, the new RJ solo full-length is here.

     » RJD2's official site
     » the Def Jux site


April 13, 2004;/h3>

{     Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)     }    

Man, I'm going to be honest on this one. I rented this game at the same time as I chose to purchase a 30 pack of Miller Lite to drink solo (in true mental-disorder-form), so that may influence this review a bit, but shit. Who the fuck else is going to write about this game? Mike Nolot? Jack Hocevar? Exactly. This game is a clone of the "Devil May Cry" titles. Except you are a ninja, with swords and shurikens, instead of a hellspawn with swords and pistols. However, this game is fucking 100% more insane. You will be flying acrosswalls, chopping off two dudes' heads, and then landing just in time to cut a dude in half with enough time to throw 20 shurikens into another guy's eyes and chop him in half from above in a mighty leap. But , as cool as it sounds, this game is fucking insanely hard. The first boss will mess you up 30 times. No jokes here. Tecmo, though, has definately made this game worth buying (and playing every day for 6 months). It's like Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time on crack. Buy this if you take video games seriously. If you are casual about it, don't fuck with this titlle. It will fuck you up like a drunk rapper. Written by: Bryan L.

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April 12, 2004;/h3>

{     13 Classic Shaw Brothers Films     }    

We're making this a baker's dozen of chop-sockey kick-assery!

Shaolin Challenges Ninja
3 Evil Masters
Disciples of the 36th Chamber
Chinese Super Ninja
Five Deadly Venoms
Shaolin Master Killer
Flying Guillotine
Mad Monkey Kung Fu
Seven Blows of the Dragon
Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms
Invincible Pole Fighter
Return to the 36th Chamber
Five Fingers of Death

Props to Wu-Tang for representing all these years, fuck Tarantino for appropriating the logo for Kill Bill. (That was wrong, Q.T.- you know your soul will meet 36 chambers of hell for it.)


{     Casper and the Cookies Oh!     }    

Casper and the Cookies' album _Oh!_ is like a soundtrack to a 70's children's program that never existed. Catchy lyrics about animals, imaginary friends, and the safest park in the world hint at any number of adventures, possibly with an important message about life or friendship at the end of the road. If the sounds of Casper and the Cookies reminds you of bands like Of Montreal, The Marshmallow Coast, or Olivia Tremor Control you shouldn't be terribly surprised. Hailing from Athens, GA – America's source for intelligently cheerful pop sounds for years – Casper and the Cookies collaborated with members (or former members as the case may be) of these bands in recording _Oh!_. The album is much in the same vein as fellow Athenian groups, i.e. strongly influenced by 1960's psychedelic pop. Casper and the Cookies' sound is relatively straightforward, as they shy away from dense layers of sound and noise or tempo changes.

     » Official website
     » Buy the album from Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records

By Benjamin in Music

{     UNSUNG: The Best of Helmet (1991-1997)     }    

I still remember the first time I heard Helmet's "In the Meantime", more than 11 years ago. The song was just that good, and it had the right combination of hook, rhythm and heavy to make me run right out and buy the album. I was also 17 years old, so that kind of thing appealed to me on a visceral level, tapping into my need for something loud, hard and aggressive. While all of that was brewing in my gut, there was something else going on upstairs in my brain. The jazz-inspired arrangements of band-leader Page Hamilton were meeting their match with the mad-mathemagician production of Steve Albini and the end product was something that was as mentally stimulating as it was physically devastating. Hardcore underground noise rock was being transformed into mainstream math-rock without losing any of it's punch or credibility and I was hooked. This album covers that evolution and showcases many of the band's finest moments, including their prophetic collaboration with House of Pain that would serve as a harbinger of darker times to come....

     » Buy UNSUNG: The Best of Helmet (1991-1997) for $10.97 free shipping

By Adam in Music

{     Interview : Jon Burgerman     }    

Raw and scribbly, Jon Burgerman's work is as delightful as it is easily recognized. From limbless little girls to stoic robots and kids with skull heads and puny arms, the characters that populate his sketchbooks, paintings and websites have a crackling energy that never fails to put a twinkle in your tooth. day14 Gallery in London is pimping a bit of Jon's work and you can find other pieces scattered throughout galleries across the US as well as reproduced in magazines and on album covers worldwide. He's currently roosting in Nottingham, UK. We got Jon off his deck chair and away from his fancy cheese for a little back and forth.


April 11, 2004;/h3>

{     last 12 cds i bought that don't suck...     }    

...that i bought after someone recommended them to me that make the most fucked up list ever.

1) Iron and Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days
2) Iron and Wine: The Creek Drank the Cradle
3) Iron and Wine: Sea & The Rhythm
4) Lamb of God: As The Palaces Burn -- not what you think....
5) Devildriver: DevilDriver
6) Leona Naess: Leona Naess
7) Jay-Z: The Black Album and all the requisite colors of the spectrum; Gray, Double Black (sucks), Purple, Mauve, Taupe
8) Damien Rice: O
9) Rufus Wainwright: Want One
10) Jet: Get Born
11) Kanye West: College Dropout
12) Nellie McKay: Get Away From Me


April 10, 2004;/h3>

{     Mark Ryden: "Blood"     }    

I am a sucker for books. Especially art books. More specifically, little art books. I love the book that you can keep in your pocket or roll into your sleeve like a 50s greaser. And who doesn't like blood, well as long as it isn't your own. Mark Ryden's "Blood," is a masterpiece. This 2 1/2 by 3 1/2-inch wonder catalogs each and every work shown at the Earl McGrath gallery show in New York City. I was lucky enough to view the works in the flesh, so to speak. For those of you who aren't familiar with Ryden, you should get acquainted. His paintings are meticulously rendered, wonderland dreamscapes, usually depicting a wide-eyed child (modeled after his own) in an eerie situation, like hugging a decapitated stuffed animal or staring down a severed head of a president. His art gives you that weird feeling in your stomach like that scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when they are riding on the boat. Delicately painted but powerful! It's like being slapped in the face with a silk-laced glove.

     » Buy book here
     » Mark Ryden's site


April 8, 2004;/h3>

{     Skalpel 1958     }    

These Polish madmen have been experimenting in a laboratory full of old jazz records and fresh-as-hell beats, cranking out something elegant and beautiful, a nice addition to the Ninja Tune repertoire. While the end product will inevitably get mislabeled as "acid-jazz" or "sample-heavy big beat", what we're really looking at here is straight up jazz that just happens to be created using turntables, sampling and programming as instruments. This little ep for the track "1958" is just a taste of the full length which will be dropping April 19th. Using native jazz artists, these cats are set to shove all those bad Pollock jokes back down your uncle's throat. Classy enough for the concert hall, but clearly oriented for the club, Skalpel's work is intelligent, crisp and infectious. A year from now you'll be hearing this in bourgeoise wine shops and pretentious bistros, it's cool enough that they'll all want to pimp it's ambience and bask in the glow: So you better get your hands on their stuff now before the cooler-than-yous can tell you they're cooler-than-you for having heard it first. Also, Ninja Tune is running a remix contest with a sick, sick grand prize....

     » Skalpel- official website
     » Ninja Tune remix contest info
     » Ninja Tune homepage

Film & TV

{     Star Wars: Clone Wars     }    

This "microseries" is handily the coolest thing to happen to _Star Wars_ since, well, _Star Wars_. In two minute bursts _Clone Wars_ has as much, if not more, action than any battle scene from the two most recent movies. _Clone Wars_ takes place immediately after _Attack of the Clones_ and before _Episode III_ and fills in the gaps between the two movies. Love 'em or hate 'em the cast of _Attack of the Clones_ returns (with a few notable new faces on both sides). While the actors from the movies do not provide voices, there are some very capable sound-alikes on the cast. Yes, Anakin is still a whiny pussy, but he has precious few lines to ingratiate himself. In fact, this entire series is nearly devoid of dialogue – the buzzing sounds of lightsabers and the chirp of laser blasts are much more predominant than speeches.

     » Watch the series on
     » It's also on, along with photos of related merchandise


April 7, 2004;/h3>

{     Interview : Peter Hamlin     }    

Peter Hamlin has a robot for everything. Many of them are microscopic, fighting diseases and other rogue nanobots within our very bodies. Some are giants, both physically and philosophically, like Ivory Towerbot. His bots are often mixtures of the mechanical and the organic, caricatures of the technological struggle we face in a world that has become largely automated yet is still utterly subject to human error. When the girl who delivers my mail laid one of Peter's prints down in a puddle of water on my doorstep and I was ready to kill her, Peter quietly suggested that with the arrival of the Postalbot, such problems would become a thing of the past.


{     iron & wine our endless numbered days     }    

this is going to be short and sweet, just like the album... what strikes me the most odd about this album, is how incredibly minimal it is... not that that's a bad thing at all... but the first album was done on a four track by one man and had layer upon layer upon layer of sound... on this new album, mr. beam has help from about 6 or seven other musicians and i'm assuming that i am correct in assuming that this album was studio produced, not recorded in one room in a house in florida, yet you hear mostly beam and his guitar... of course there are the occasional backups, drums, piano, etc... when i reviewed "the creek" i think i said it made me feel like i wanted to be near water, alone, and whittling wood into small animal figurines...

     » sup pop records

     » Buy it...


{     Tofu Oyako Mini Blister Collection     }    

So, you like cute little toys, eh? How little exactly? And just how cute? 'Cuz I'll be monkeyfucked if I've ever seen anything smaller and cuter in the world of collectible toys than these little guys. Everything I've read about them says they're an inch tall, but I think that measurement is a bit generous. And if you're not already a fan of design team Devilrobot's Tofu series, than this Lilliputian army of adorableness is ready to convert you. The Tofu Oyako design is fairly simple- sentient cubes of tofu with bodies attached, and cute little faces that express emotions ranging from glee to sorrow and love-for-all to global domination. Up to this point, they have been available as 2-3 inch keychains, plushes and even a giant-ass monster Tofu the size of a human baby. Now they've gotten all miniaturized.

     » Grab some Tofu at Ningyoushi's Workshop!

By Adam in Toys

April 6, 2004;/h3>

{     Top 12 Email Titles I found in my sent messages box     }    

12. Cock Hoppler
11. I think IDM stands for Intelligent Death Metal
10. Them damn birds won't quit barking at me
09. Dolphin-safe jagermeister
08. Ass like a chicken breast
07. Swour (sour-sweet taste hybrid)
06. Black roses and red noses
05. Did you forget about the Indian Yellow Bird
04. Careful with that cursed rapier mummy
03. Murder, She Goat
02. Drinking liquid cork to shut myself up
01. Gwen Summers and Devon are following me with tasers

Written by: Bryan L.


{     Who needs donuts?     }    

I recently stumbled upon a book written and illustrated by Mark Alan Stamaty entitled "Who Needs Donuts". Needless to say it deserves attention wherever I can put it. The attention to detail in the pen and ink illustrations is staggering. One could sit with the book for hours picking apart all of the insane references Stamaty hid throughout it's pages. The wonderful thing is that it's equally enjoyable for adults as it is children. If you appreciate great illustration and wonderful children's books than I strongly suggest you have a gander at this masterpiece. Waldo has nothing on this book. Contributed by Ness

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April 4, 2004;/h3>

{     DJ Danger Mouse The Grey Album     }    

The Grey Album – a deft mix of Jay-Z's The Black Album and The Beatles's The White Album – has stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy regarding copyright law and the notion of fair-use. What DJ Danger Mouse has done is taken twelve of the tracks from The Black Album, through the virtue of the a capella version releaseed specifically for such a purpose, and combined them with the music of The White Album. Not surprisingly, this was done wholly without consent of the owners of either original work. Also not surprisingly EMI, who owns the masters of the album oft called "The White Album" and are known to be a tenaciously litigious lot, was not pleased and before you can say "hard knock life" or "hard day's night" cease and desist letters were arriving at webmasters and record shops. Naturally, the forbidden fruit aspect only made it that much sweeter to the peer to peer file sharing crowd. Thanks to the folks at "":, as well as a network of highly dedicated filesharers, this little project is relatively easy to locate and download. All this is well and good if you, like me, take issues of fair-use law and sampling rights personally and seriously. What does this mean to those who care less about these highly intricate and esoteric legal proceedings than they do about a good song? A great bit, actually. . .

     » DJ Danger Mouse
     » Download the BitTorrent file from
     » Downhill Battle
     » Grey Tuesday
     » The EFF on Grey Tuesday

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April 1, 2004;/h3>

{     12 Lines of Fury an original rap by Tyqwan, age 10     }    

You are on your back
Smokin crack
I don't gig down like that
See I'm a pimp
And you are a wimp
Bitch ass
Pussy bitch
Suke my dick bitch
Go on bitch ass
Don't be a pussy
Suke my nut
U bitchs.

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