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March 31, 2004;/h3>

{     dawn of the dead     }    

it's a little late, but here it goes...
this was the best movie ever. EVVEERRRRR!!!! okay, that might be taking it too far, but for the hour and a half it was on, it felt that way. it had it all. it was gorey, suspenseful, shocking and best of all... loads of fun. same concept as the old one, an infectious breakout of some unknown disease that will, if caught, kill you and then bring you back to life as a zombie.

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March 30, 2004;/h3>

{     The Postal Service Such Great Heights & The District Sleeps Alone Tonight     }    

I don't know about you, but I don't really buy that many singles. They're not all that easy to find and it's hard to make a case for them financially — a full-length CD seems a much better buy. I think I'm starting to come around though, and it's all thanks to these two singles.

     » Sub Pop Records

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     » Buy this one too...

By Benjamin in Music

March 29, 2004;/h3>

{     Interview : Bop Tart Records     }    

Crown Dozen has a special relationship to Lindsey Allen Baker, CEO of BopTart records. He's our brother. Not genetically, or in any way due to the culture of inbreeding West Virginia is so often accused of fostering, but rather Lindsey is our brother in a philosophic sense, a spiritual sense. A good-music-enjoying, exploitation-film-loving, pop-culture-addicted brother, who we miss a lot since he moved out to Seattle, Washington to bolster the growth of his record label Bop Tart Records. It was a pleasure to sit down and rap with L.A.B. about projects past and projects future, as well as the all-too-real present.


March 27, 2004;/h3>

{     Teenagers from Mars DVD     }    

teenmars.gif Daybyday is a group of artists and musicians whom are out there in Virginia skating, tagging, pasting, rocking, writing, playing, or in this case videotaping a bunch of funny shit and throwing it onto a DVD. They're a talented bunch, putting up some beautiful burners in their neck of the woods and doing everything they can to promote their scene. You'll recognize a lot of their work, a lot of which you will have by now seen often around the net, as well as in Beautiful Decay magazine and more. But besides all that, I'm here to talk about the new Teenagers from Mars DVD that just arrived in the daybyday warehouse, a filthy, nasty, degrading, sick chunk of footage, funnier than six purple painted puppies in a bag of cocaine and whoopee cushions. It's got everything a young growing vagrant needs, including instructions on how to hurt themselves, degrade themselves, destroy public property, make better fart jokes, and more.

     » Buy from daybyday


March 25, 2004;/h3>

{     The Transformers Masterpiece Collection: Hasbro Optimus Prime 20th Anniversary Edition     }    

This bad boy is the Holy-fucking-Grail of old-school Transformers fans and hard-core toy collectors alike. I think it's fair to say that the Transformers line has never quite topped it's initial success and glory- forged by an extremely popular cartoon and a toy line that promised two kick-ass toys for the price of one. The king of toys back in those days, and certainly the most well-remembered and best-loved first-generation Transformer was the Autobot leader Optimus Prime. The name alone still sends a chill up my spine. Optimus Prime taught an entire generation of young men what responsibility was all about- and at a time when decent role-models were harder to come by than an honest politician, Prime was there to lead by example. Always willing to sacrifice, constantly putting himself in the path of danger and never giving up hope even in the bleakest moments, he was an inspiration to us all. Optimus Prime loved this planet and it's people as much as any of his Cybertronian brothers, and if you start to notice a few similarities between this guy and a certain Man of Steel (they both even sport the red and blue motif!), you're catching on to just how powerful an icon Optimus Prime has become for many of us. This toy is a fitting homage to the legend.

     » Buy Optimus Prime Masterpiece Edition at!

Home & Beauty

March 24, 2004;/h3>

{     Ready Made Bookshelf     }    

We all know that looking through someone's bookshelf, or browsing over their CD rack is the real window into an individual's soul. It's all about their collection, right? I mean, there are the people that read books and then there are the people that just want to look like they read books, and then there are those in between that read a little, but have to look good doing it. Well, the Ready Made Bookshelf is for those people. It's a free-standing bookshelf that comes filled with the all of the well-known classics. Or so it seems, eh? Push on the spine of one of those fancy-schmancy titles and the hinged facade will flip back, allowing you to slide your own reading material in it's place. That way you can look like you actually read the literary masterpiece (translates as extremely boring) "Moby Dick," but you can also let your visitors/snoopers know that you're way down with Fangoria, "The Vice Guide to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll", or the true masterwork, "Cash" by Johnny Cash.

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March 23, 2004;/h3>

{     I'm a goddamned pansy: Twelve things that made me cry.     }    

1. The Iron Giant ("Su-per-man. . . ") 2. Transatlanticism (from the album of the same title by Death Cab for Cutie) 3. Thinking about how awesome it would be to have a dog, and then how that dog would inevitably die. 4. Hovering (from the album Yoko by Beulah) 5. Antwone Fisher (too many times to count) 6. Big Fish (pretty much the entire ending) 7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (this one is embarrassing: when Willow visits one-eyed Xander in the hospital and can barely keep from crying herself) 8. The Lord of the Rings (the books and the movies, also too many times to count) 9. Edward Scissorhands ("Hold me." "I can't.") 10. Kingdom Hearts (ending cinematic) 11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Time (pretty regularly during this one) 12. Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water (the Johnny Cash version made me totally lose my shit)

Home & Beauty

{     IceCube Cooler     }    

Every once in a while, there is a product that we come across that is just cream of the crop, top-notch, supreme merchandise, better than anything else in it's genre, or just so damn cool looking that there is no question as to whether or not you can live without it. A simple "must-have item", to put to use again an already over-used cliché. Well, that's what we have here in the new IceCube from Extremis. A picture says a thousand words, that's for sure, because all I can really say about this thing is that it looks incredible. In a nutshell, it's exactly what you see, a big fat cooler that looks like a giant chunk of ice and is lit from within. It's perfectly crafted, large, has two sections (big bottles and little bottles), is made of high quality polyethylene (fancy for plastic), has internal fully integrated lighting, and looks badass in your kitchen or on the patio. I have no idea how much it costs, or even where to get one, but damn it looks nice. And I'm sure it does a good job of keeping your drinks cold as well.

     » Made by Extremis


March 22, 2004;/h3>

{     Ratatat     }    

ratatat.gif These boys Mike and Evan busted out hot from the gates behind Brooklyn, using the name Cherry they found that right off the bat everybody wanted a piece, everybody thought they were grand, and everybody wanted to be in the band. Then those dark boys Interpol stumbled onto them and brought the two on board for part of their tour. And it was good. Now they've signed, and they've just released their first album under a new name, a stronger name, a better name, a name called Ratatat.

     » Official Ratatat (w/ MP3s)


{     Interview : Gunsho     }    

Nobody rocks the Viking graphic design skills like the man James Quigley from Sporting a mighty pen rather than the cliche nordic hammer, James has been printing posters for local and touring bands in Massachusetts for a few years now, each of which would look just as comfortable hanging in a frame as they would hanging on a telephone pole. The guy possesses a style of illustration signature enough to have become his calling card, as well as a firm grip on current graphic design sensibilities. All that skill has provided him with the opportunities to illustrate for magazines such as Complex and Tokion, design album covers for bands he digs, make rad t-shirts, and contribute illustrations to various books, zines, and benefits. We chased down Mister Pillage recently and bounced some questions off his oh-so-creative skull, so read on, or we'll hop a ship and sail over to ransack your village and steal your women.

Home & Beauty

March 21, 2004;/h3>

{     Wallpaper Murals     }    

Okay, I just looked at my watch and I think it's finally been long enough. I think that after many, many years of embarrassment, we've at last had enough time away from these bad motherfuckers, and thus I think it's finally okay for me to herald the return of the oh-so-cheesy, yet oh-so-rad classic: straight outta grandpa's den, it's the Wallpaper Mural! You heard it here first folks, I hereby declare that from now on, the only way your swank pad is gonna go past luke-warm on the hotass meter is if you break down and cover one of your precious few walls with one of these gigantic, near-life-size murals depicting your dream view.

     » To see some example rooms, click here.
     » To see more options, go here.


{     Infantile Clothing     }    

infantile.jpg Coincidently arriving nine months after being first conceived, there's a new clothing label available for the trendiest of trendy to be up on. But hold up cool kids, not just any hipster can snag these primo goods! Nope, not even the most hooked-up of the hooked! To get these threads you gotta first get your big hands on the newest hip accessory, a small, yet fashion-forward ankle-biter (currently available in either smiling or pouty).

     » Shop Infantile online...


March 17, 2004;/h3>

{     Junko Mizuno's Miznotic Fantasy Dolls     }    

Junko Mizuno is best known for her retelling of classic fairy tales in a cutesy-anime meets ultra-violent-psychedelica graphic novel style. So far she has tackled Cinderella, Princess Mermaid and Hansel and Gretel to much critical acclaim. Her take on these classics is often described as disturbing, and owes more to the original darker tellings of these stories than the currently prevailing Disney versions. Her mixture of perverse sex, bizarre yet strangely attractive character designs, violence and more violence has led to design contracts with clothing designer Fine, as well as the exquisite line of dolls that is the true subject of this review. The Miznotic Fantasy series includes original character designs rendered in a vinyl format. So far the line includes three different characters (Shiori, Chika and Fumi) in tall fully-formed versions like Fumi pictured here, and smaller super-deformed versions that have a more hallucinatory fetal look. In addition, Chika has been offered in 3 "flavored" color variants- grape, peach and mint. Each figure is deliciously detailed, and the tall versions come with clothing and tons of bizarre accessories. They are boxed in window-packaging that's suitable for display, but there's no reason to resist the urge to remove these lovelies from their cardboard prisons. Mizuno's design infuses a certain underage sexiness and a Mark Ryden-meets-Hello Kitty-on-acid feel to the dolls that you really have to see to believe.

     » Order Tall Miznotic Fantasy Dolls from
     » Order Junko Mizuno Graphic Novels from
     » Visit Junko Mizuno's official website, link to Fine clothing, or just learn more about Junko

By Adam in Toys
Film & TV

{     Jean-Luc Godard's Les Carabiniers     }    

les_carabiniers.bmp About halfway through Godard's anti-war diatribe "Les Carabiniers", you realize you've been had. One of the most influtential directors of all time, in the midst of a creative plateau, has made an absolutely terrible film. The story is dreadful. The characters are despicable as are the performances of the unknowns portraying them. The shots, constructed by the all-seeing eye of French New Wave, Raoul Coutard are flat and ugly. The pacing stutters and the directors use of overzealous KABOOM! sound effects is downright ridiculous. Strangely enough, it is precisely these factors making the movie so bad which also demonstrate its genius. What Godard is saying in this piece is that not only is he against war itself but he is also against war as a genre of entertainment in film. Simply put, Les Carabiniers is both an "anti-war" movie and an "anti-war movie" movie. Yup, this is on some ol' Brainy Smurf-type shit.

     » The Jean-Luc Godard Resource Page


March 16, 2004;/h3>

{     Name Your Own Chinese Restaurant!     }    

Simply take any combination of two (or more) of the words below and *blammo*, you're ready to open your own cheap hole-in-the-wall Chinese take-out/buffet!

1. Happy
2. Wok
3. Magic
4. Dragon
5. Lucky
6. Panda
7. China
8. Pagoda
9. Smiling
10. House
11. Bamboo
12. Garden

(Hardcore RPG kids- roll a 12-sided die to randomly generate your restaurant name... then cry yourself to sleep because nobody likes you.)


{     The Mountain Goats We Shall all be Healed     }    

The words “upbeat gloomy folk-pop” may seem like a contradiction wrapped in an inconsistency, yet it’s almost impossible to describe the Mountain Goats without using those exact words. Thematically, there’s no denying a sense of sulky darkness in even their most revved up tunes, (sulky darkness being the stock and trade of most 4ad releases) but it’s the Mountain Goats’ delivery of those themes that makes you listen up and go “whuthafuck?” It’s plaintive yet inspirational at the same time, and rarely does something this dour… soar. But soar is what they do- thanks to a back-pocket full of catchy melodies, singer John Darnielle’s reedy vocals and a playful earnestness that never fades. Their newest album We Shall all be Healed is a toe-tapping, feel-bad-then-feel-good-again excursion: each song bears it’s own moments of weight and levity and has it’s own story to tell. There is an amazing amount of characterization going on in each track; moments of goofy self-revelation, rambling lists of thoughts, memories and actions, and more direct emotional expressions that come across musically as well as lyrically.

     » To visit the Mountain Goats at 4ad
     » To visit the We Shall all be Healed web experience

     » Buy it...


March 15, 2004;/h3>

{     Graniph Japan     }    

THE BASICS: Graniph is a sensational design company based in Japan, selling their wares in both an online store and several brick and morter fronts. Moving more T-shirts than anything else, they also sell cool handbags, bracelets, lighters and CDs. Design Tshirts Store Graniph, as they are called, has been collaborating with assorted enterprises and artists since 2001 and now sell over 150 different T-shirts, each one incredible in it's own right and a prize to own. The shirts are relatively inexpensive, 1 for $25, 2 for $40 and every single one completely worth the price you pay. These are some quality articles of clothing, each one beautifully designed and printed on high-quality tees. You will not be disappointed. You can check out all these products at their site: or if you're taking a trip to Asia anytime soon, you can find them in shops in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore (addresses available on their site).

     » Design Tshirts Store Graniph Online


March 14, 2004;/h3>

{     House Industries : the book     }    

In the business of fonts, House Industries has been an underground leader since it's beginnings over ten years ago. We pray that most of you learned way back when that the idea of using some trendy font found on the internet is similar to walking into a Bavarian chocolate shop and just getting a handful of those little square bits of nasty chic-let nickel gums. Or like riding a moped to a Jaguar dealership. Or maybe like wearing a Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops to a winter funeral. Whatever. Either way, you get what I mean, House Industries rocks all, and if you don't use House fonts then your stuff looks butt.

     » Order at House


March 10, 2004;/h3>

{     Funny Heavy Metal Genres     }    

1. Neo-classical metal
2. Epic metal
3. Angelic death metal
4. Nu metal
5. Christian metal
6. Doom metal
7. Hair metal
8. Grindcore
9. Stoner metal
10. Folk metal
11. Alternative metal
12. True metal


{     Interview : Circulatory System     }    

Last month, after being out of print for nearly five years, the Olivia Tremor Control's Music from the Unrealized Film Script Dusk at Cubist Castle was reissued by Cloud Recordings, the label founded by OTC members Will Hart and John Fernandes. On March 16, the band's second full-length album, Black Foliage, will also again be on store shelves (though, for those of you who need to get it now, it is presently available through Cloud.) Both albums are simply masterpieces of pop songs and sound collage, a perfect mix of laid-back melodies and abrupt loops and effects, summertime symphonies and sonic experimentation. Beautiful. Before OTC fans had much time to lament the loss of the group, who went on an (ongoing) hiatus following the collapse of their then-label Flydaddy, Hart, Fernandes, and other members of the band had formed Circulatory System, who released their self-titled debut in 2001. CS lacks the light-hearted effervescence present in many OTC songs, but is instead deeper and dreamier, a collection of contrasts: half awake and half asleep, dense and whispery, lyrically dark at times but always with a gentle reminder of joy and hope, like a glimpse of sunlight under water. And they totally rock live.

John Fernandes recently took time out from label, band, job and parenting responsibilities to answer a few questions about label problems, tours, and upcoming band and label projects, and we are so and forever grateful for all the typing he has done.


March 6, 2004;/h3>

{     12 Films That Should Never Be Sampled By a Musician Ever Again     }    

1 Cyrus' Speech from The Warriors
we fucking dig it already
2 Blade Runner
dude, its like totally dark and futuristic, word to rob zombie
3 Any Al Pacino Movie
even Al's sick of that shit
4 Dolemite
this was played out in House Party 1, homeboy
5 Wild Style & Style Wars
your visa to instant old school cred has expired
6 Young Guns
shed a tear and reminisce... the G-Funk era
7 Superfly and Shaft
yes, we speak jive
8 The Star Wars Trilogy and that THX test tone
Lucas is not amused
9 The Shaw Bros. kung-fu filmography unless you're RZA
and even then... maybe
10 Pulp Fiction
picture postcard - 1994
11 anything with Chris Elliot
how the fuck did this even make it on here?
12 Any old TV show's theme song
Benson + Night Court = call it quits. And also, no more fucking Knight Rider


March 5, 2004;/h3>

{     Kev Grey & Dust Highway     }    

Kev Grey is an artist whom I came upon in my travels through this here internet quite a while ago, an inker doing a fine job of weaving modern graff sense into rockabilly tattoo class. The results of what seemingly should have been the tackiest of tacky somehow resulted in a very nice and unique style. That style has since popped up here and there with the resurgence of sailor-style tattooing, the cockroach-ian perseverance of skate style, and the current fine-art'ing of street-art works.

     » Dust Highway
     » East Skateboards
     » Invisible Spies


{     KAZ's Smoking Cat     }    

That's right, all you toy collectors best put down your anime and recognize. Smoking Cat is in the ranks. If you're not one of the lucky bucks that gets to read the weekly comic 'Underworld' by a certain Kazimieras G. Prapuolenis, better known as simply Kaz, then you may not understand exactly why this is one of the coolest plastic figures to be made in recent years. That's okay I guess, but it also might mean that you suck. Note I use the word 'might', so I guess it's possible you might not. Either way, you should know that those fine, fine folks over at Critterbox (my fave toy company) have unleashed upon us all a rad vinyl figure made in the image of who else but Kaz's Smoking Cat. Now I don't have mine yet, so I can't explain exactly what it means, but the description says that this mofo comes with "unique simulated smoking action." What? Sold. I'll take two. And in addition to that, it has a chunk of plastic fake smoke (look at the picture!), a removable knife, is 7" tall, and has 5 points of articulation. SMOKING CAT's WARNING: Smoking will make you look cool while killing you.

     » Buy at
     » Visit Kaz's Underworld


March 3, 2004;/h3>

{     Arthur Russell 'Calling out of Context'     }    

arthurrussell.jpg Knowing that Wire creams over Arthur Russell monthly, I decided to pick this one up. Russell was a cellist, songwriter, composer, and producer in NYC in the 70's, 80's and early 90s. He passed away in 1992 leaving over a 1000 tapes of his work. Sadly, at the time, most of his work went unnoticed because it was considered not commercial enough and too eccentric, but over the years has made its way into the right ears. It's like the music of New Order with an angelic voiced man like Jeff Buckley or Nick Drake singing over it. It reminds me somewhat of a more hetero The Associates. The sound is dated and contemporary at the same time, in a good way. While remaining completely original, you can hear influences taken from the best things going on in NYC in a 30 year period. Like hearing ESG for the first time, you're like 'what is this, and why haven't I heard it before?'

     » The Audika Records site.
     » Buy 'Calling out of Context' on
     » A great site for Arthur Russell info.

By Lindsey in Music

March 2, 2004;/h3>

{     ANTARCTICA Dream-Dollars     }    

Wow. I'm not even sure how to begin to describe this one. Partially because I only half understand it myself, and partially because the work is so incredible and the idea so perfectly executed that it would be nearly impossible for me to give a description that does this work justice. The quick of it is this: Stephen Barnwell is a artist whom creates works of art that are in the form of fictional currency, for use in the fictionally established country of Antarctica. Easy, right? It is, but Mr. Barnwell didn't stop there. He has gone and created a deep and far-reaching history of this money and the land it is for, dating back into the mid 1800's. Not only that, but he has written many additional short stories that tell us of the colonies, politicians, inventions, sciences, and the grand adventures of the peoples of his dreamt settlement.

     » Check out ANTARCTICA.

By Garrett in Art

March 1, 2004;/h3>

{     12 pretty things     }    

01. froot loops in a bowl of milk
02. christmas trees
03. betty white
04. m-80s
05. kittens
06. azure ray
07. bubbles
08. stoplights with no contact lenses (starbursts)
09. green eyes if you're a human, blue eyes if you're a cat or a dog
10. pandemonium 2 PS1
11. moms
12. hot air balloons

Contributed by: Stacy Broce

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