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Film & TV

January 30, 2004;/h3>

{     cabin fever dvd     }    

didn't see it when it came out, thought that it might be worth checking out at the $1.00 theatre, but never got around to it... such a MISTAKE... cabin fever was released on dvd a week or so ago, and this movie truly exceeded my expectations throughout... the concept is not uncommon- a group of kids rent a cabin in the woods for a camping trip... they find themselves surrounded by backwoods weirdos, but soon find that these people are the least of their problems... a highly contagious flesh eating virus is going around and they must first work together, and as the film progresses, against each other to survive-really, this film was a flawless display of what a great horror movie should be... it's gross, it's cheesy (but meant to be), and it's absolutely hilarious...

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{     Privoxy: Block Webpage Junk     }    

Okay, I've been meaning to post about this handy App for a while, but I needed time to really test it out. As mentioned, it's called Privoxy. It's an opensource project available via Sourceforge. The program's main use is to block out most of those annoying banner ads by "" and others. Also it blocks most Pop-ups and redirects. Another feature is to "Crunch" cookies that may placed on your computers from such said sites, and keep many unwanted flash and java ads from running in your browser too. You may say what does this all matter? Well, if you are on dial-up, it may cut your webpage loading time in half!



January 28, 2004;/h3>

{     Mag Subscriptions     }    

1. Juxtapoz
2. Jane
3. Readymade
4. The Face
5. Bang
6. Mojo
7. Magnet
8. Wire
9. National Geographic
10. Complex
11. Budget Living
12. Vice


January 27, 2004;/h3>

{     law & order: artistic intent" coloring books     }    

brandon bird, an artist from california, has created a nifty little coloring book out of one of my favorite guilty pleasures- law & order... well, not really guilty, it IS a great show or it probably wouldn't still be on the air after what is it now, like 30 years??? seems like it... the book features 16 pages to color with some fun connect the dot and maze activities too... yes, color your way through a brutal murder, an intense investigation and all the racial profiling you can stand... you can preview and pick up one of these great little treasures here... conan even showed law & order star jerry orbach the coloring book on his show...

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Film & TV

January 24, 2004;/h3>

{     Monster     }    

10002479.jpg I just saw "Monster" and I feel icky, but icky in a good Cassaavetes kinda way. I think it's important to mention that about a year ago I saw Mr. Lecherous Nick Broomfield's amazing documentary on Aileen Wuornos. Even though I know it's a documentary, Broomfield's "The Selling of a Serial Killer" feels like a sequel to "Monster", which says a lot about how remarkable this film is. Aileen Wuornos was a prostitute that murdered seven men in Florida during the 80's. At her trial she gave a very detailed confession of these killings, sealing her own fate and clearing any suspicion that her lover Selby (played by Christina Ricci in "Monster") was involved. Wuornos was executed in October of 2002 when the Florida State Supreme Court disregarded two efforts to stop the execution based on claims of mental illness. "Monster" focuses on the nine-month period between 1989-1990 when the killings and Wuornos's relationship with Selby took place.

     » The Official "Monster" Site.
     » Other reviews of "Monster".
     » Creepity crapity documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield's official website.

Electronics & Gadgets

January 23, 2004;/h3>

{     Technics SL-DZ1200     }    

Holy shit yall, I just about did a full-on Jack Tripper 2004 and spit my coffee all over my i-screen when I saw this shit. Just go ahead and click the image to the left, then come back once you've cleaned yourself up. I'll wait.

Okay, good to go? Alright, so what you just saw was the as-yet-unreleased-in-the-US Technics google(SL-DZ1200). From what I understand, some of these monsters are already stomping around Japan, but Technics hasn't yet let them cross any waters. The good news is that I have yet to see a bad word said by anyone that has touched them, which is amazing in itself, given how most vinyl DJ's are incredibly, and understandably, quick to rip on any CD-turntable-DJ-type-thang.

The first thing you notice, and I think what is going to work wonders for this piece before anyone even touchs it, is that it has the same solid, timeless body-style as the classic Tech-12. Solid metal, heavy as shit, and lookin' good from '72 'til forever, the second it hits the shelves all those other CD tables will start to quiver.

     » Technics


January 22, 2004;/h3>

{     Make ART Not WAR Poster Set     }    

The fabulous folks at Clamor magazine have teamed up with Faesthetic magazine (see November archived Dozens) to bring you 12 bitchin' posters guaranteed to piss off the warmongers in Washington. The Make ART not WAR series features some A-list talent, and the real knock-out punch is that you can score all 12 posters for $20 bucks (that's with shipping)! All of the posters are in an 11x17 format, and are printed in stark black and white. There's no missing the message, whether you're flying them at an anti-war rally or under glass on your living room wall. Here's who's fighting the good fight (in alphabetical order): brandon bauer * faile * shepard fairey * cody hudson * kozyNdan * josh macphee * ray noland * emily ryan * nicole schulman * upso * christine wong * john yates

     » buy them!
     » Clamor Magazine
     » Faesthetic Magazine


{     I Can't Stop Listening to 2003     }    

1. Ryan Adams Rock N Roll
2. Outkast The Love Below/Speakerboxxx
3. The Postal Service Give Up
4. The Raveonettes Chain Gang of Love
5. Ween Quebec
6. The Lights Beautiful Bird
7. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Take Them On On Your Own...
8. Mastodon Remission
9. The Cramps Fiends on Dope Island
10. Har Mar Superstar Can You Feel Me
11. Aesop Rock Bazooka Tooth
12. RJD2 The Horror


{     Munktiki     }    

I got my first real dose of tiki culture from the Kahiki, a sprawling Polynesian-themed restaurant located in Columbus, Ohio back in '94. I'd been a fan of Hawaiian pop superstar Don Ho for a while, and had even picked up some tiki-themed drinkware along the way, but this was my first time being immersed in the tiki-kitsch culture. Nothing brought this home harder than the 30 foot tall tikis that guarded the Kahiki's doors, the bamboo furniture and fake waterfalls, and the giant tiki fireplace. Order one of the "exotic" mixed drinks and it came in a beautiful ceramic mug that you got to take home with you. It was like being transported to another world. Not quite Hawaii, not quite reality, but somewhere in-between. Sadly, the Kahiki closed it's doors a few years ago. Despite attention from such tiki-revival artists as Shag, the Pizz, Bosko and Mark Ryden, as well as a burgeoning swell of interest in tiki-culture nationwide, the owners decided to exit the restaurant business and focus on production and sale of a Kahiki-themed line of frozen Asian appetizers and entrees. Nothing since has inspired such awe in me, such a profound sense of nostalgia and sincere love for Hawaiiana, until I stumbled across Munktiki. Crafters of some of the finest drinkware on the planet, these mad scientist take tiki tradition and explode it. What emerges from the flames is something that is both covetous of the culture's past and wholly new and original. You'll find a range of styles, everything from monkey heads to monster mugs, and just as varied a range of glazes and coloration. Take the bright pink Zombie Girl, for example. She looks like she's made of cotton-candy colored glass. Or take your brain for a whirl on the psychedelic trip-out glaze of The Bigshot. Don't forget to check out the Evil Bastard with his devilsh red matte finish along the way.

     » Buy them or just check them out!


January 21, 2004;/h3>

{     top 12 movies to fall asleep to (not because they're boring)     }    

01.spirited away
02.cirque de soleil-quidam
03.secret of nimh
04.the dark crystal
06.finding nemo
07.a.i. destination 2
09.monsters inc.
10.edward scissorhands
13.the nightmare before christmas

this is a baker's dozen

Contributed by: Stacy Broce


{     "I Love..." Posters     }    

There's a new shop in inter-town kids, and I think it's gonna be right up your alleys. Those creatives over at Computerlove have just announced the results of their highly successful "I love..." poster design contest, and the winners are now the first available items in the new Computerlove Shop. If you haven't been keeping track, there have been some truly incredible entries, of which some very unfortunate souls have managed to narrow down to five official winners. Those great winning designs have now been printed up in a wide variety of sizes and materials, suitable for framing. You can get yours in 11x17, 18x24, or 24x36, and you can choose to have it printed on matte, gloss, or some mighty fine canvas. Very nice work...

     » Get'cha some


January 19, 2004;/h3>

{     The Cremaster Cycle (Book)     }    

A stunning book dedicated to the ingeniously complex work of American artist Matthew Barney, this incredibly hefty title holds the best representation you are going to find of Barney's master work of sculpture, installation, photography, and ultimately, film, titled The CREMASTER Series. The CREMASTER series defies both short explanation and complex understanding, asking you rather to simply accept the imagery given to you, without question or resolution. A better way to illustrate the way in which to view this work would be similar to how you would watch any film that ends without resolve, you watch it, and then you walk away. You could spend all week trying to decide what happened, or you can just say "Damn, that was an incredible movie," and move the fuck on.

     » Cremaster Cycle book
     » NY Times on Matthew Barney
     » Cremaster 3 DVD


{     ello creation systems     }    

mattel® has recently released these new toys called "ello creation systems..." legostyle toys intended for young girls 5 and up, but uh... i'm in the mid twenties genre and i think i probably enjoy this shit more than your typical 8 year old... for xmas, i received the fairytopia character builder set that came with 128 pieces such as sticks, heads, balls, flowers, wings, antennae, etc, that can all be easily snapped together to form a beautiful collection of fairies, ballerinas, insects and accessories to proudly display on that shelf you have in your house that's for your "i'm way too old for this stuff but i don't care," stuff or to wear as jewelry... yes, the set even includes beads and string so you can have the coolest winged creatures hanging from your neck, ankle, whatever...

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January 16, 2004;/h3>

{     Twelve Anime That Even Anime Haters Can't Hate Completely     }    

1. Spirited Away
2. Cowboy Bebop
3. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
4. Daft Punk: Interstella 5555: The Story of the Secret System
5. Perfect Blue
6. Grave of the Fireflies
7. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
8. Princess Mononoke
9. Speed Racer: The Original Series
10. Akira
11. Blood: The Last Vampire
12. Ghost in the Shell


January 14, 2004;/h3>

{     San-X     }    

If America is responsible for first defining pop-culture, Japan needs to be given some credit for refining it into an aesthetic art-form. Japanese graphic designers have long been turning out stationery, plush toys, and other accessories whose very cuteness makes them objects of desire on a global scale, transcending the usual 5-13 year-old female demographic for such items. No single Japanese company has been as successful at this as the Sanrio corporation, home of Hello Kitty, Chococat, Little Twin Stars and other bastions of adorable yumminess. In fact, it is often in emulation of Sanrio that other dealers of unnecessary cuteness find success.

Film & TV

January 13, 2004;/h3>

{     'Style Wars' DVD     }    

In 1982 the entire landscape of New York City was transformed- from the subway tunnels to the streets- by graffiti. 'Style Wars' is a look at a movement that would later be known as one of the most important creative times in recent history for music (rap), dancing (breaking), and art (graffiti). But unlike rap and breakdancing, graffiti is illegal and the debate within 'Style Wars' (from the likes of subway drivers, police, taggers and bombers themselves, and even my man Ed Koch) concerns whether graffiti is art, crime, or a status symbol. The DVD comes with two disks and has about three and a half hours of bonus footage and extras with interviews and galleries from the artists, twenty three minutes of outtakes, and even a thirty minute loop of more than two hundred cars and burners, and that's just a smidgeon of all that's there. The film shows a group of kids that come from diverse backgrounds and risk their balls to bring this art to the streets. It's quite inspirational. I rank this with 'The Freshest Kids - A History of the B-Boy' as one of the most powerful films I've seen about the b-boy movement. Buy this DVD and send a message to The Crazy Legs Preservation Society that we need to see more of him on film. Word is bond.

     » Buy it.


{     Big Fish     }    

For those of us who've been holding our breath since 2001, it's time to breathe a little easier. Fans of Tim Burton have been wondering what the director's next move would be- whether playing in to the big-budget sci-fi splendor of the rather tepid Planet of the Apes or drawing back to tell the dark, often goofy, more character-oriented stories that won him the loyal fanbase and cult-icon status he's known for. With 2004's Big Fish, Burton seems capable of striking a true balance between the two.


{     Fingers     }    

1. Triggerfinger
2. Ladyfinger
3. Pointer finger
4. Butterfinger
5. Badfinger
6. Ringfinger
7. Comehitherfinger
8. Index finger
9. Badmotorfinger
10. Hitchin' Thumb
11. Pinky
12. The bird


January 12, 2004;/h3>

{     Threadless     }    

In the everlasting search for the freshest t-shirt that nobody else is gonna have, you've dug deep into the mustiest of the vintage shops, scoured the donation dumpsters of the thrift stores, and hit all the cool, but usual local digs, and lastly, jesus knows you've spent many an hour clicking from one website to another looking at all those ha-ha funny slogans. "Ain't nothing but a Goth thing" indeed. Oh yes, many times you have succeeded, you scored the pristeen Bowie tee for $2, you ordered the newest wave shirt with all the jiggy lines from that website you can't pronounce, and you paid $36.98 for one embroidered tee that was made the year you were born (yes, true, it is quite nice).


January 11, 2004;/h3>

{     Fugazi     }    

Fugazi. Straight up, they just give it to you. Period. They don't just play the typical 3-chord punk rock. Far from it. They have crafted a sound that they can call their own. I like the fact that they sound live all of the time. Record or show. Truly one of the very most important units of the last twenty years. The lyrics are brilliant. Because they are strong but wide open and vague, everyone interprets them their own way. You can just hear the energy. A lot of musicians just don't put that much into it. Energetic. The crowd is just as important as they are to them. They have done a tremendous amount of good for the people. They have played countless benefits just because they truly care. Most rock stars do charity work or benefits just to increase their status and to have all kinds of media attention not because they really believe in their cause. They play five-dollar shows always and always all ages so everyone has an opportunity to witness them, everything is through their idealism and efforts. They play so hard for five bucks a lot of bands make people pay 20 bucks and up and don't even acknowledge their fans. They are beyond the farce of definition called rock and roll.

Film & TV

January 9, 2004;/h3>

{     punch drunk love dvd     }    

okay, i know i'm a little late, but i got screwed out of having this dvd when it was first released, or rather- before it was released- because my malaysian ebay guy bailed on me... so- i just recently had the pleasure of watching this film... when it came out in the theatres, i was stoked, i thought it looked pretty cool- especially since it wasn't a typical adam sandler flick (not that those aren't usually great)... but i sort of lost interest in seeing it after my disenchanting experience with malaysia man and after some good friends who saw it told me that it was just "pretty good"... that made me feel like it could wait... but after snagging it for free, (thanks to a very nice friend who worked at a video rental shop) i realized that i had been missing one of the most simple, yet delightfully lovely films of the year....

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Film & TV

January 8, 2004;/h3>

{     days of our lives (current)     }    

ahhh, it hasn't been since marlena was possessed by satan way back in the day that i was this addicted to or even cared to watch "days"... but with the salem serial killer on the loose, i'm glued to the tube everyday at 1 p.m. on the dot... a veteran show that would have been cancelled, now has the highest ratings of any daytime soap due to the weekly killings of every important character on the show... no, they're not just getting rid of the occasional unimportant characters... the big names are going down... abe, caroline, maggie, jack, cassie, and now.... ROMAN of all people... and they aren't just being killed... they're being SLAUGHTERED... the best example and my personal favorite was the pinata cassie was stuffed in after she was stabbed many many many times... at a party in the town square, the pinata was hit in hopes of mountains of candy pouring out... instead, CASSIE came pouring out, along with at least 3 gallons of blood... oh it was lovely...

     » watch it


January 5, 2004;/h3>

{     Neighborhoodies     }    

Let me ask you, do you represent? Really? How? Do you wear the band t-shirt? Wear the iced-out Jesus piece? Do you floss the Masonic ring? Or maybe you just rock the colors? Well, whatever the fuck you do, you better be lettin' everyone from around the way know where you be steppin' from, and the way you do that today and tomorrow is you cover that shit with a custom-made Neighborhoodie. That's right, sounds soft, doesn't it? Well it is, but trust me, these lovingly embroidered hooded sweatshirts let bitchass fools know just how hard you be, and keep you warm and snuggly too. Just drop some of your mad flow on a brand-new, but feels 10 years worn, custom hoodie lettin' every soul who steps know exectly where you be from, or what you do, or how you do it. (Oh, and you can get t-shirts and other joints too.)

     » Neighborhoodies


January 4, 2004;/h3>

{     Braveland Apparel     }    

Howdy folks, I think it is my civic duty to announce to you all that your friendly neighborhood Braveland Designs has just added a few goodies to the store. To your left you will find a slickitty slappity skate deck featuring a not-at-all-detailed drawing depicting the classic tale of the Reptilian versus the Surfer, which is, lucky for you, also one of the graphics on the two new t-shirts. The other shirt being the fearsome Super Croc. Watch that ass, dude eats boats. Oh, and lastly, but not at all cheaply, you will find a new one-button Werewolf Polo Shirt. Yeah, it's got the Braveland Werewolf right where the little gator should be, guess he ate the motherfucker. Honestly, if you pay the $56 for this shirt tho', well you're just fuckin' wack, but hey, what does my Kentucky ass know about fashion? Not a damn thing, I don't even wear shoes. I do know this though, the other t's they have are pretty dope, even if they are, like, so 2003.

     » Go to Braveland


January 3, 2004;/h3>

{     top 12 xmas gifts     }    

01 advance wars
02 ello toys
03 pink skull bracelet
04 dragon half
05 gameboy sp flame
06 xanax
07 brown corduroy jacket with fuzzies
08 minolta maxxum 5
09 canon sd100 digital (though it's not really mine)
10 seeing all my friends that have moved away
11 sheldon the seahorse from finding nemo
12 cash

Contributed by: Stacy Broce


{     "advance wars" nintendo gameboy     }    

i know this game is old and that there's a new one... but i haven't played the new one, i just got a gameboy advance (thanks santa, i mean shane!) about 8 days ago and along with it came advance wars.... now i like playing chess, but i'm not very good at it... i've never really had many people around who were interested in playing it with me either... so i never really developed a strategy.... but with advance wars, i don't need no other muthafuckin' dorks to play... and it's awesome... i haven't been into many video games lately, but i can't put this one down!!! AND, it's like almost 3 years old... now that's quality fun!!! first, you get trained on 13 missions and learn how to use everything... then it's on to your campaign... you take turns with the opposing forces deploying troops, tanks, aircraft and artillery and position them in a strategic fashion that will allow you to hit the opposing team, ultimately ending in the destruction of everything on the map that's not within your own unit... how fun is that!!? i'm only about halfway through the game as of today, but i've got to say, so far- it's one of the best games i've ever played... it's like a combination of chess, risk, catapult, and battleship all wrapped up into one, but a lot more fun and a lot more advanced once you get past the easy junk... i can't wait to get the newer one... Contributed by: Stacy Broce

     » Buy it...

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