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November 30, 2003;/h3>

{     Faesthetic Issue #3     }    

Mmmmm, hot damn! This year's issue of Faesthetic is here! I guess to start I'll just start with a sample of the roster of over 80 contributers to this newest "issue" of Faesthetic: Kozyndan, BAST, Cody Hudson, Oculart, Alex Monitjo, Anthony Yankovic, JD Davis, Joe Kral, SuperMundane, WWFT, Karen Ingram, Tristan Eaton, Lance Sells, GIANT, DALEK, Tiffany Bozic, Andrew Johnstone, Derrick Hodgson, Niko Stumpo, Jordan Crane, Prate, Andy Mueller & James Patterson and the list goes on and on and on! Many of these names you know, and so many more you don't know yet, but will (maybe, if they don't start to suck I guess). This really is a book rather than a magazine, and it really needs to be owned. I can't stop looking at it. I got it 3 days ago and I carry it with me to show to people I see. Lame, but true. This ish comes with a nice pile of random goodies as well. It's brought to you from the fine folks at Upso, Skullz Press, Thirstype, and a few other worker ants. Printed on nice heavy paper and well bound, it's truly a high-quality piece, hand-numbered and limited to 1000 copies, you better move faest! Oh, and it's only $15! Get it!!!

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{     Kozyndan stuff     }    

Oh yes, the attention is definitely in the details, and when it comes to details, the married couple that is Kozyndan is on point. Working together on all in life, as well as their art, and making some truly beautiful work, these kids represent the most important thing for any artist, a definitive style. I'm not even gonna try to describe what the work looks like, except that it's cute, and true, and fun, and, and, just good stuff. You've just gotta see it. So, in the shop over there you can get offset prints of their amazing drawings, a cute as they come t-shirt, a pillow (!), and oh yeah, their book, "Urban Myths" as well. The details, the details... One more thing, they aren't available in the shop there, but I would so love to get my hands on one of those über-rad coffee mugs done for Design for Freedom!

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Home & Beauty

{     Designforfreedom mugs     }    

Don't you hate it when someone tells you about something right after you can't get it anymore? Well, get ready to be pissed. You see, (almost) every month since July of this year, the fancy folk over at Design For Freedom have been taking your plain 'ole day-to-day white coffee mugs and getting your favorite graphic celebrities to make 'em all cool and shit. They call it, get ready, The Mug Shop, and they've managed to coerce the likes of GHava(tm) Visual Agency, Youworkforthem, Michael C. Place of Build, and Kozyndan to each create a customer design to be printed on these limited edition mugs, each available for, and here's where you get pissed, a month. So yeah, all the cool ones I've mentioned so far? Can't get 'em. Nope. But if you keep 'em peeled you should be able to get your quivering, caffeinated fingertips on one soon...

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November 7, 2003;/h3>

{     covers by john frusciante     }    

12. secret side (nico)
11. metro (berlin)
10. new dawn fades (joy division)
9. modern love (david bowie)
8. snowblind (black sabbath)
7. moist vagina (nirvana)
6. today your love, tomorrow the world (ramones)
5. china girl ( iggy pop/ bowie)
4. big takeover (bad brains)
3. for my lover (tracy chapman)
2. landslide (fleetwood mac)
1. helter skelter ( the beatles)

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