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October 28, 2003;/h3>

{     iron & wine live     }    

headed down to lexington, kentucky yesterday for the most anticipated show of the last few years for me personally... (well, the flaming lips are probably up there too).... anyway, after sitting through two VERY long opening acts, iron & wine finally took the stage at around 11:30, maybe??? the one man band is transformed on stage into a 3-piece with a guitarist/slide guitarist/banjo picker/mandolinist, a drummer/xylophonist/guitarist/back up singer, and of course the man himself, sam beam... they had a couple of people sing with them on a couple of songs who may or may not have been from the other bands, if they were, maybe they should commit to singing back-up vocals for iron & wine full time, those songs were great...

     » iron & wine @ sub pop

Film & TV

October 22, 2003;/h3>

{     28 days later dvd     }    

well, we've all been waiting for this for a good while... missed our chance to see the alternate ending in the theater so we had to head on out to wal-mart at midnight, the night it was released just so we could watch the special features which uhh, we still haven't really watched... we're such dorks... but we did watch all of the alternate endings, and while i didn't find the original ending to be the shocking crazy twisted finale i heard it was, there's one ending on there that's great... it was never shot, and you only get to see it with the story-boards, danny boyle the director narrating, and cillian murphy voicing all the parts, but it was well worth the wait... Contributed by: Stacy Broce

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October 18, 2003;/h3>

{     12 SemiCreative Male Porn Names     }    

01. Bob Grope (Bob Hope)
02. Asston Bushedher (Ashton Kutcher)
03. Antonio Butthairus (Antonio Bandaras)
04. Johnny Deep (self-explanitory)
05. Michael Tookher (Michael Rooker)
06. Richard Dean Handhersome (McGuyver)
07. Kevin Cockstner (Kevin Costner)
08. Liam Needsome (Qui Gon Jinn)
09. Michael Hadissome (Michael Madison)
10. Pierce Broughtsome (007)
11. George I'mintoanal (George Clooney)
12. Unicock (the transformer Unicron, that eats entire planets)

Written by: Bryan L.


{     Dub Side of the Moon     }    

Dub Side Of The Moon is a Complete Reggae Version of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. The Easy Star All-Stars' stunning reinvention of this beloved record features entirely new recordings with guest vocal appearances by Frankie Paul, Corey Harris, Gary "Nesta" Pine (of the Wailers), The Meditations, Dr. Israel, Ranking Joe, Sluggy Ranks, and more. Every detail is there, from sound effects to Wizard of Oz synchronicity.

Alright. That Said... "I" think this album is Freakin' Awesome! Imagine if you will the creation of Dark Side in an Alternate Dub universe! This album is good enough to stand on it's own. If you are into Dub/Reggae you will immediately connect to this album.

     » Dub Side of the Moon


October 17, 2003;/h3>

{     Bang On T's and Undies     }    

Hot Damn! Bang On has the tackiest, sorry, I mean raddest, um, I mean trendiest shirts, undies, and more for all you girly-girls and electro-boys. This stuff is primo 80's cheese, all pink and rainbow slathered sticky sweet unicorn jams, airbrushy sparkled neon, and banana board skaters carving into the sunset. Get out the hairspray ladies, 'cause your bangs are going vert, and dudes, start shining those white belts, 'cause we're going downtown. Plus, don't you dare miss the Bowie shirts.

     » Bang On!!

Home & Beauty

October 15, 2003;/h3>

{     Knock Knock     }    

Oh my god, I am so in love with all the stuff for sale at Knock Knock! Particularly the Personal Library Kit, a set of all the tools used by your local public library for when you check stuff out. You get 30 self-adhesive pockets, insert cards, "Do Not Circulate" stickers, and more. This way you can tag your stuff and keep track of who exactly skipped town with your Blue Train and which dirty soul is still hiding your Dead Alive DVD behind their TV. Bastards! And that's just the beginning, they've got so much other cool stuff (like the Pro-Con notepad, the True Love process poster, and on and on), I just don't know what to buy first. Damn, I never would have thought I would be drooling over stationary... I LOVE this stuff!

     » Knock Knock

Home & Beauty

October 14, 2003;/h3>

{     wardley® shrimp pellets formula     }    

alright, maybe it's a silly thing to write about, but this little bottle deserves some recognition... i bought this stuff to feed to my snail... unfortunately, he's too slow to get to it before the catfish darts out of his cave (where he normally stays all day) and snatches it up before anyone else can get a bite... but here's the thing, the 6 month old kitten who resides with us is addicted to the stuff... if she even hears the bottle open, she comes a runnin' and tries to bat the bottle out of my hand... and when the lid's on, and it's supposed to be sitting quietly in its place on top of the aquarium, instead- it's usually being rolled around in the floor or carried around in the cat's mouth, while she desperately tries to get it open... she ran out of real catfood today and until i could get to the store, i substituted the stuff for her regular meals... they say that catnip and chamomile are kitty crack, but i think i've discovered something better... if you want a happy little feline friend, go pick up a bottle- just be sure to wash your hands after feeding- this stuff wreaks!!! Contributed by: Stacy Broce

     » wardley® shrimp pellets


October 12, 2003;/h3>

{     I See London / I See France     }    

Getting your girl a little somethin'-somethin' sweet, but think Vic's Secret is just a little too, um, mall-ish? No fear Mr. Romanticpants, just point yer clicker to I See London, where you can buy the Bear Breasted bra and Bear Bottom undies, the cutest damn things since rabbits. And if that doesn't flip the switch, then flip the script and go over to I See France where both the "Phil" and the "Contaminated Love" bra and undie sets are sure to knock some boots.

     » I See France


{     Bail Magazine     }    

Art directed by that crafty mofo Andy Mueller, the dude behind The Quiet Life and all it's loveliness, comes Bail Magazine, a new skate rag dropping on October 28. The first issue features Jason Lee, Tommy Guerrero, filmmaker Helen Stickler, Cody Hudson of Struggle Inc., a special on Love Park, and quite a few other things. It's looking to be mighty fine.

     » Bail Mag


{     I.C.R. vs. Deth Killers of Bushwick shirts     }    

Ever paid $50 for a t-shirt? Well, you're about to.

How much is YOUR favorite t-shirt worth? You know the one; soft, worn-in, broken, hangs just right, yeah. Well not only are I.C.R. vs. Deth Killers of Bushwick the best titled clothing company in the world, but each of their shirts is hand-screened in Brooklyn, and then "dirty washed", to make it look and feel as though it was found in the employee-only stash of the coolest thrift store you've ever been to. 50 bones ain't shit for an I.C.R. vs. Deth Killers of Bushwick t-shirt. The Mamasitas will be hanging on your ankles.

     » I.C.R. vs. DKB (is down, link is a Google search for now)

Film & TV

{     kill bill: vol. 1     }    

so gsb and myself went to see tarantino's new one this past friday evening... while gsb was in sheer ecstasy throughout the entire flick, i personally have somewhat of a different opinion... now, i'm sure most of you kids are tarantino fans and rightfully so... there's no arguing that the man is a creative genius- a very odd, annoyingly obnoxious genius- but a genius nonetheless...

i'm also not the tarantino fan that most people are, but i do believe that "jackie brown" is a fine masterpiece of a film...

"kill bill" on the other hand, while definitely a beautifully made film, did not have the story it needed for me to give it my own two thumbs up... i'll give it one of my thumbs for the 450 gallons of blood used to make the movie...

     » Official site

Food & Drink

{     macaroni grill     }    

first of all, this restaurant had a really nice atmosphere... when you walk in, you sort of feel like you're in a real italian delicatessen... there's a display case full of veal, fish, italian sausage and other meats that in no way appeal to me, but hey, at least they're going for somewhat of an authentic vibe... the strings of soft low lights throughout the place set a nice mood for dining.... but other than the food itself, i think my favorite thing about this restaurant was that if you have to go to the bathroom, you get a free lesson in speaking italian...

yep, learn italian while you pee... a man's voice says a word in italian and then a woman repeats it in english over the speakers...


{     My Memory #001     }    

01. We went to the Philly Pizza Company
02. And ordered some hot tea.
03. The waitress said well no,
04. we only have it iced.
05. So we jumped up on the table,
06. and shouted anarchy.
07. And someone played a Beach Boys song,
08. on the jukebox.
09. It was "California Dreamin"
10. So we started screamin'
11. On such a winter's
12. daaaaaaaaay.


{     Ghettopoly Board Game     }    

Ghettopoly is a stolen property fencing board game, sending you and your homies 'round the ghetto buying stolen property and making cash. Your "Playa Piece" could be a 40oz, an uzi, a rock of crack, etc, and you pull cards like "Go directly to Ling Ling’s Massage Parlour for some head. Steal $$$ if you pass Let$ Roll."

From the game description: "If a playa owns all the stolen property in da same color pattern, da playa can buy crack houses from da Loan Shark and set ‘em up on da property. If da playa has four crack houses on each of the stolen properties of da same color pattern, he can buy projects from da Loan Shark." You roll around Harlem, Hells Kitchen and The Bronx, going to places like Smitty’s XXX Peep Show and Ray Ray’s Chicken and Ribs, all just trying to make some chingy some you can buy some blingy, know what I'm sayin'? Fuck yeah you do.

     » Ghettopoly



{     we listen/she leaves/leaves leave     }    

Jackie-O Motherfucker- Wow/The Magick Fire Music (ATP)
So- So (Thrill Jockey)
Polmo Polpo- Like Hearts Swelling (Constellation)
Iran- The Moon Boys (Tumult)
M83- Dead Cities, Red Seas, Lost Ghosts (Gooom)
American Yodeling 1911-1946 (Trikont)
Bauhaus- The Sky's Gone Out (Beggar's Banquet)
Swans- Soundtracks For The Blind (Young God)
Seefeel- CH-Vox (Rephlex)
Third Eye Foundation- Ghost (Domino)
Labradford- Mi Media Naranja (Kranky)
Tim Hecker- Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do It Again (Alien8)

Contributed by Tony Boggs

Film & TV

October 6, 2003;/h3>

{     school of rock     }    

not much to say here except that this movie was great... i laughed so hard throughout the entire movie that my side ached for two days afterward.... jack black is almost always funny, no matter what he's doing, but school of rock takes the cake...

dewey's (jack black) life is music, he doesn't work because he believes that one day his glam rock band will hit it big... but the band kicks him out... in order to score some cash to pay his rent, dewey pretends to be his roommate, a substitute teacher...

he winds up teaching at a private school where the kids are classically trained musicians... a big battle of the bands contest is coming up and the grand prize is $20,000... dewey figures he can form a band out of his 5th grade class and win the prize....

guess that's about all you need to know.... just go see it... 'ight?? Contributed by: Stacy Broce

     » Official site


October 3, 2003;/h3>

{     Bill Hicks bootlegs     }    

Quality Bill Hicks bootlegs for free!!! This FTP site has a bunch of really awesome Bill Hicks performances for free download. His albums are very, very funny, but edited. This is the uncut $hit. Bill died in 1994, and comedy has been forever changed. BTW if you fancy yourself a Dennis Leary fan, he got famous by stealing Bill's material. So cut out the middle man and learn from a true comedic genius. or

     » Bill boots


October 2, 2003;/h3>

{     Crownfarmer Fall / Winter 2003     }    

Yeah, so I need an extra hundred bucks like right now. As in 10 minutes ago. Why? Because the mo'funkin' Crownfarmer fall / winter line is ready to be rocked and with these new limited edition shirts, there isn't a single minute to waste.

So, um, I really really need the "14 Crownfarmers Wrapup" tee, and the "Take Pills and Chill" tee, and, and, it's getting cold out so I really, really need the "Hope" zipup too. Yeah, I think that should do it... maybe. For me that is....

     » Crownfarmer



October 1, 2003;/h3>

{     the twelve best reasons to move to skincinnati     }    

01. you work in cinci, and you're tired of making the daily drive from quebec
02. that one place you ate at was pretty good
05. the first five minutes of final fridays
09. jungle jim's is a half an hour away from downtown
12. the magical forest of racial tension

Contributed by Tony Boggs


{     Flaming Lips "Yoshimi Battles..." Reissue     }    

Just a quick notice to those that need the know: the Flaming Lips are dropping an new EP (with like 2 new tracks and a buncha remixes... yawn) and, more importantly, a supertastic-fantabulous Deluxe Edition reissue of "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" on November 18. This special edition will have the same ole' CD, but will have a DVD featuring two hours of visual content with liner notes and original artwork from Wayne Coyne. The really sweet treat is that this disc will have the album in 5.1 Surround Sound with six rare audio tracks and ten video clips. So, uh, get it."

     » Buy now

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