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September 30, 2003;/h3>

{     12 Manditory David Bowie Albums     }    

01. Hunky Dory (no glam rock here, just piano ballads and such)
02. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (a major departure from Hunky Dory)
03. Aladdin Sane (even more glam than 'Ziggy')
04. Diamond Dogs (this is my favorite "glam" album he did)
05. Station To Station (I read Bowie was too coked out to remember recording this gem. Genius goes a long way, I suppose)
06. Low (Bowie meets Brian Eno, round one. Side one, songs....Side two, instrumentals)
07. "Heroes" (Same format as "Low" but this time he scores a hit single with "Heroes")
08. Lodger (This is some seriously wierd/genius Bowie/Eno business)
09. Scary Monsters...And Super Creeps (This one is damn genius like genius isn't even entirely genius)
10. 1. Outside (back with Eno and on a concept album, no doubt. Reznor was in the band on the tour for this one)
11. Earthling ("Little Wonder" rips my head off everytime I hear it)
12. Reality (the new album shows that Bowie is back to playing guitar and enjoying it)

Written by: Bryan L.


September 28, 2003;/h3>

{     King of NYC 12" Figure     }    

There's not much that needs to be said about this chunk of plastic. These days, you see all the mad Japanese toys everywhere you look, and some of them truly are magnificent, but they just don't have that special something that makes me want to bring one home. I'll look at them, I'll adore them, but I just don't really feel the need to pull out the money clip. But this one, this one hits that spot. It's like this, when you think of the badasses in cinema over the years, and I mean the real motherfuckers in the movies, some people may think of Pacino in...

     » King Figure

By Garrett in Toys

September 24, 2003;/h3>

{     Knights of the Old Republic (XBOX)     }    

XBox did stuff with this game. You can be all Luke Skywalker feathered bangs or you can dress in black. Rob peoples apartments. Be a total sucker of a substance called K-384 (or to you laymen "crack"). This game rocks. Jedi Jedi Jedi. SITH SITH SITH. Get your ass 50+ hours to kill (even if it means getting rid of the old "ball and chain")... and become the messenger of death. Pull out that double edged saber and feel that "hong hong skkkkk skkkk hong hong wabb wange" right before you jam a laser blade thru a minion’s torso. Get this game. Beat this game. Then go out and beat a double-wide trailer salesmen. Take the game seriously. Be that much of a fuck. Go to jail. Have a lengthy trial. But don't blame Shane Sane or myself for this diatribe. Blame your cousin or some shit. But honestly, it's a perfect XBOX game...the best since HALO 9 (I can time travel, dammit). So let your hair down. Grab a saber. And be as sexually naughty to Bastilla as humanly possible. I never see the bitch. And no matter how many random dudes she fondles, Xbox’s latest Star Wars Universe venture is still far more fulfilling than a bitch-based argument. SO in closing Knights of the Old Republic - INFINITY STARS

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{     Austin makes the Tri-State it's bitch     }    

1. Emo's - you can see Shonen Knife and Aesop Rock in the same week
2. Cheapo Discs - the used cd store that fucked Second time Around in the pen
3. Delaware Subs - these motherfuckers make a philly cheese steak that will make you CENSORED
4. Casa Loco - the t-shirt shop the Jesus-myth designed
5. The Whip-In - which not only sells "whip-its, but the best selection of beer/wine in the state of Texass
6. Stubbs BBQ - the best live outdoor music venue made
7. Buffet Palace - a buffet with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and watermelon cut like blossoms for $6.95
8. The tail involved in the UT campus vicinity.
9. Any business on South Congress.
10. The Alamo Drafthouse - where you can drink beer, eat pizza, and watch exploitation cinema every night of the week
11. Aranda's Taqeria - Mex=Mex food that you can actually order a beef brain taco at less than taco bell prices
12. The jogging track at Town Lake - which is actually the Colorado River

Written by: Bryan L.


September 21, 2003;/h3>

{     Outkast "Speakerboxxx: The Love Below"     }    

I was gonna write a long review of the new Outkast double disc dose of down-south d..d....d.....b....b...bounce titled Speakerboxxx: The Love Below, but as you can see, I just don't have the flow. Here's what I will say: In a semi-professional comparison, this album would sit well on a shelf between earlier Outkast fare, they being in a hip-hop class of their own, a nice chunk of wet Prince sex-funk, and oddly enough a hefty dose of Captain Beefheart or Frank Zappa psycho-psychedelic studio wizardry slash happy druggy accidental magic. Seriously.

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By Garrett in Music

{     Suicide Girls Playing Cards     }    

The next time you and your rock steady crew are ready to get some game on, and that would be in the poker sense, are you sure you want to be caught with some dorky cards you got free with a pack of Kools? Um, the answer would be no. And while those pervy nudie cards you can get at the flea market will get a laugh or three, there's no question that within moments the magic is gone and everyone is tired of that soft-focus mall-porn. This is why you must go purchase a fine pack of Suicide Girls playing cards. These lil' bastards are full-on Bobby De Niro casino quality and come completely clean of bad luck or sketchy karma insuring the imminent domination of your game...

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September 20, 2003;/h3>

{     in NO particular order     }    

1. kelly
2. jess~
3. season
4. patti
5. pony
6. shane*
7. grant
8. eric
9. anthony
10. marcus
11. jason
12. chris s

Contributed by: Stacy Broce


{     iron and wine "the creek drank the cradle"     }    

so this is what i've been listening to more than anything else these days... i'm not going to ramble on with a long review, you can go here if you'd like more detailed opinions... i don't know why, but "the creek drank the cradle" has really struck a nerve, more so than any other album i've heard this year... and i mean that in the best possible way... sam beam, the one man band from florida. through this album, sends so many emotions flowing through you that you kind of get lost in which one your experiencing at what time... well that might not make any sense- so let me try to shed some light... there are times when i want to laugh, there are times i want to cheer, there are times i want to cry... but most often i think- his music makes me want to go sit somewhere by myself near a lake and whittle some wood into little animals....

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September 18, 2003;/h3>

{     Besides "Appetite..."     }    

01. TV on the Radio "Young Liars"
02. Broken Social Scene "You Forgot It in People"
03. Iron & Wine "The Creek Drank the Cradle"
04. Joy Division "Permanent"
05. Outkast "Speakerboxxx: Love Below"
06. Immortal Lee County Killers "Love Is a..."
07. Miles Davis "Milestones"
08. The Microphones "Glow, Pt. 2"
09. Circulatory System "ST"
10. BRMC "Take Them On, On Your Own"
11. Raveonettes "Chain Gang of Love"
12. The Rapture "Echoes"


September 15, 2003;/h3>

{     Jeff Soto     }    

A while back I was just wandering around the internet and I came upon the homepage of this painter Jeff Soto. I immediately fell in love with the dude's work. It was the perfect mix of just about everything I love. The graffiti, the collage, the mess, the cleanliness, the clutter, the, the, the... I don't know, just all of it. This guy has imagination to spare, but he doesn't waste a drop. Every inch of his paintings has a reason or a rhyme and you can't stop staring at the details, wondering how he did that, or thought of that, or why you didn't think of it first. These days I'm seeing a lot more of his stuff around in magazines, other sites, etc. and it really makes me smile. The guy so deserves it. Just go check it out...

     » Jeff Soto

By Garrett in Art

{     Art Prostitute Magazine     }    

You know what just completely sucks about Art Prostitute Magazine? I mean really just pisses me off? I heard it was sooooo good and so I went ahead and ordered issues 1 & 2 as a combo. Now I've got them and I really am so pissed. Why? Because the third issue wasn't out before I placed my order. Ha, ha, right? Well, whatever, here's the deal: I got them today and they really are absolutely incredible. The highest quality paper, every page full color, and each packaged in a custom slipcover containing the mag and some bonus foldout posters by the likes of Even Hecox, Jeff Soto, Giant, and others. The writing is great, the layout smooth and fresh, and the topics are all choice. The phrase "All killer, no filler" comes to mind. You know what? The little bitches even smell good. Oh, and one last thing, the t-shirt is dope too.

     » Art Prostitute Mag

Electronics & Gadgets

{     Lomo Actionsampler     }    

Wondering why you have two back pockets in those jeans? It's simple, so you have somewhere to keep your Lomo Actionsampler. This lil' beauty is a cheap toy-ish camera that manages to fit four little time-lapsed shots on one frame. In other words, you push the button once and the camera opens four little shutters in sequence with a fraction of a second delay between each. And since it's a Lomo, your prints will come back with all kinds of crazy warps, blurs, colors, and so forth. Since I've gotten mine I've bought a photo album just for Actionsampler prints not only because they're all whacked out and don't fit in albums with other more "normal" photos, but because they just deserve their own damn album. If you're a professional photographer, this thing'll make it fun again, and if you're just a casual shooter, it'll make you feel like an art star.

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{     Zombies Break Glass     }    

1. STILL Downloading music
2. the Purple Pie Man
3. Art Prostitute Magazine
4. Atmosphere "God Loves Ugly"
5. new Outkast tracks
6. Samurai Jack
7. Jeff Soto
8. Worms World Party for PS1
9. Raphael Catfish
10. Lomo Actionsampler
11. Ween "Quebec"
12. Young Marble Giants


September 14, 2003;/h3>

{     Bathin' In The Raven     }    

1. Curb Your Enthusiasm (Larry David rules!)
2. Trichocerus Pachanoi (the legal mescaline cactus)
3. Reno 911!
4. The Mexican pharmacy system (the ultimate in self-diagnosis)
5. Unibroue Beers (La Fin Du Monde, Don De Dieu, Trois Pistoles, et al)
6. Tito's Handmade Vodka (the date-rape liquor)
7. "How to Talk Dirty and Influence People" by Lenny Bruce
8. Telemundo
9. Inner-tubing (drunk) on the Guadalupe River
10. The Scabs (Bob Schneider's band)
11. T.REX (Electric Warrior & The Slider)
12. The Joe Schmo Show

Written by: Bryan L.

Electronics & Gadgets

September 10, 2003;/h3>

{     iSkin Exo     }    

If you've got an iPod and you want it to stay fresh, clean, and unscathed, then you simply have to invest in an iSkin Exo. Hands down the best case/protection available for your little beauty, these things will keep your precious player tight and soft, ready to survive small tumbles and rough tables. I've used mine for over a month now and when I take my iPod out, it still looks brand-spankin' new. It's smooth and thin, and you can get it in over 20 colors: translucents, solids, and even glow-in-the-dark. What else is there to say? Oh, the creator and owner is named Lajo and is one of the nicest guys ever. He will totally hook you up best he can, just tell him I sent ya!

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September 7, 2003;/h3>

{     (12) favorites for september     }    

In No Particular Order ::::::::::::

1. A Cold Bottle of Water
3. Peer to Peer
4. Pluggo
5. Long Walks
6. Knob Creek
7. Flowmotion
8. Xanax
9. Motown
10. The Sound of Breaking Glass
11. David Icke
12. Diesel StyleLab


{     Grn Apple Tree     }    

Okay kids, if you wanna see some t-shirts that are some other kind of badass then you need to be going over to Grn Apple Tree and checking out the t's they're printing up for your consumer ass. Blending a smooth sip of urban stylings with some down-south, hallucinogenic, farmer's market, antique furniture looking vibes, this little shirt label is most definately one of most favorites of favorites right now. Don't miss out!

     » Grn Apple Tree


{     Syndrome shirts     }    

You've gotta be sure to check out Syndrome's site showcasing some older shirts they're been slinging out and you've been seeing 'round. The site isn't updated often, or at all really, but this label has got some of the best t-shirts out right now, all illustrated by the best designers and graphic dweebs known to mankind. You've got stuff from the gals and guys at Struggle Inc., Design is Kinky, PK Militia, and many many others blowing minds these days. So go to the site, get a feel for what's going on, and then keep your eyes peeled for the next line (or the last line for that matter).

     » Syndrome


September 4, 2003;/h3>

{     Shot Glass Chess     }    

I saw a catalog that sells a shot glass chess set. Yes, that's right, SHOT GLASS CHESS. Winner gets drunk. I'm sure if you had a chess set, you could buy your own shot glass array, and assemble your own bastard set...not have to pay a catalog and wait for it to arrive. Just to make sure it works use Maker's Mark and Tito's Handmade Vodka to fill the pieces. Check it out here.

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{     what i like     }    

1. gramps
2. peanut butter and banana
3. golden mystery snail
4. iron and wine cd
5. 28 days later dvd
6. #6
7. butterfly (the cat)
8. xanax
9. seahorses
10.rice krispy treats
11.cocteau twins (still)
12.matar paneer

Contributed by: Stacy Broce


September 3, 2003;/h3>

{     The First List     }    

01. Arizona Green Tea with honey
02. my iPod
03. Final Destination 2
04. Jason vs Freddy
05. Strangers With Candy DVD
06. This site
07. new G5s
08. Clean canvas
09. Dirty canvas
10. the ocean
11. yesterday
12. tomorrow

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