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September 9, 2009

{     Daisy De Villeneuve for TFL     }    


TFL = Transport For London = tube lines never functining = iconic tube (subway for those across the pond) symbols = lots more

Well, TFL has regular makeover and when they launched their new ticketing system, they had nothing but free Tracy Emin card holders distributed to random dazzled passangers.

The current makeover is by daughter-of-semi-famous-parents extraordinaire (very common title where it does not matter if you have anything at all to say as long as your lineage is even remotely rock and roll) Daisy De Villeneuve.

The London-based illustrator works mostly with simple kiddy felt-tip markers, which, as we know since our own childhood, are a pain since you never get a uniform, non streaky surface.

Well, arguably, Daisy's work for TFL is not pretty: all those ugly over imposing lines are all there and so is the annoyance we felt a children looking at them.

However her work is rather pungent and deep and in this image in particular, designed for the London Fashion Week, you almost sense the inner ugliness and anxiety those in the fashion world are rumoured to experience.

Lots of Daisy's other work is prettier but not less intense. Check her out!


here and gone so fast once again.... come back tacita!!!

Posted by: GSB at October 26, 2009 10:59 PM
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