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August 24, 2009

{     Giro Flak cycling helmet and cousins     }    


You wonder if they exist. And they do. Differently from the Minotaur, Avalon and Hell, for what we know, there is such a thing as a magnificently glorious cycling helmet. I am not sure your hood has been swept by the bike crazy, but in mine you can even book bike classes for free in order to get as many commuters on bikes as possible. Hard to believe, but London is being turned into China! Plus helmets.

Hence the fashionable accessorizing of thousand of riders. The coolest are and will remain the ‘roadies’, i.e. the bike couriers: no accessories whatsoever, a rough bike and a tan. But to all those who are not cycling as part of the job, this helmet by Giro comes in to help by giving you lots of brownie points raising your already skyrocketing coolness levels to previously unachievable heights.

And if this was a contest, these others by Bern and Nutcase would be close second and third. Honestly cycling helmets should be the new customizable toy: lots of room for artists to put something not only in but also on our head.


And if you are about to leave a comment saying that these are really skating helmets, the certificate all this gear gets is a Sport Certification, making them legal for snowboarders and bike riders as well. And so is a horse riding helmet if you care to know!

- Giro Flak for $40
- Bern for $49
- Nutcase for $50


just what i've been looking for. thanks!

Posted by: Ryan Catcher at August 24, 2009 9:58 PM
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