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September 14, 2009

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There are a lot of small tee labels out there doing one-color, scrawly illo prints in the vein of classic 70s-80s punk and metal tees, Actual Pain being one of our faves (so much so they were 'adopted' by CrownDozen longtime favorites, Mishka). Well, fairly recently I stumbled upon the lookbook of young upstarts Riot Tuxedo, a crew of two making some absolutely perfect tees in their nasty simplicity. Printing badass, oldishly-new nasty skate-metal tees, reminiscent of shit the weird kid in high-school drew on the back of his notebook, these guys deliver a tee line that instantly hit the mark in my crusty, black heart.

These dudes print their tees up in a manner that looks and feels truly vintage, and that's before they're hand-distressed by Riot Tuxedo's own claws and paws. It all makes for an instant fave in your closet - one you better watch close when some slinky sleepover asks for something to wear the morning after, or you've got your fave crust band crashing at your place after a show, 'cause these shits'll be vapor...

So check 'em out at, and if you'd like to read more about Brian Anderson, the dude behind the curtain at RT, then check the quickie interview after the jump!

Q: Stussy or Freshjive? A: They both paved the way for streetwear...Top 5 pioneers for sure. But I owned more FJ stuff and they were an inspiration early on to do something in the clothing game. I had this awesome hand drawn Jimi Hendrix graphic tee they did, and i always got asked about it by strangers who dug it. I've talked with them on the phone and through the mail and they've always been super-cool.

Q: Who is the gnarliest of cartoon characters and why?
A: Wile E Coyote. Hes always In the dry hot desert, no water , no food...and the scrawny, mangy fella just wants to eat that bird...hes on a mission and he never gives up/ never dies , even when his clever plans (often involving explosives) backfire.

Q: What were you skipping class to do in high school?
A: Started out skipping classes like study hall to smoke a bit of the grass, then turned into skipping gym, math, history etc. My mom eventually got fed up...which basically meant that i could call myself in sick or whatever. So i id show up for like lunch just to see what was up with my friends for after school, then leave. We always had a rad fort to hang in. High school in suburbia outside Chicago for us 'troubled teens' was pretty typical and mostly revolved around Heavy Metal, skateboarding, mall rattery, drawing, chicks, bonfires, beer/weed and general delinquency. It was a blast.

Q: What's your average night out in Chicago?
A: There is always really enticing bands/shows coming through to catch. Just saw Sonic Youth, Ratt, and The Dead Weather in the past couple weeks. Decide on some place to eat.. food/beer/atmosphere..many good choices. Then usually we can easily score some cheap scalped tix near show time...( see next Q )

Q: What's your 2am after-party grub?
A: Flash taco -not the best mexican food Chi-town has to offer...but we seem to end up there often for some reason.

Q: Heavy Metal or Punk Rock?
A: Both - Thrash!

Q: If Riot Tuxedo sponsored three new or old bands, who would they be?
A: I think it's cool to work with bands that you can grow with and develop their visual aesthetic... kinda like how the Sex Pistols, Black Flag, or old Metallica had distinct artists doing a lot of their flyers, threads, album art, etc. We do float some tees to The Last Vegas - a kickass trashy rock band from Chicago, and I did a flyer for them that eventually became a shirt design for the both of us. Although I don't typically seek out bands to work with, it'd be awesome to find others that might be a good fit... hit me up!

Q: Favorite tee in your closet now that isn't RT?
A: My friends 7 yr old daughter Emily drew these killer skulls, one with a lot of teeth and the american flag stripes and stars in it, the other is black... All done with red and black sharpies on an old soft white shirt. It's the shit.

Q: Why did you start your own clothing label?
A: To have a rad studio/fort to hang in.

Q: What do YOU feel it is that sets Riot Tuxedo apart in the sea of tees?
A: I think there is a good analogy here involving Riot being the submarine, or a pirate ship, or maybe a rowboat...or maybe we're not even in the sea or some shit.

Once again, dig 'em up at!


all there gear is awesome!!

Posted by: jay at September 23, 2009 7:46 PM
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