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December 19, 2008

{     Holiday Gift Ideas (Part 2)     }    


Concrete TV DVD Set : If TV Carnage were all sex and violence x 20,000 you'd have Concrete TV. I've been watching this on Manhattan Cable access for years, wishing, waiting and wanting to share it with everyone I know the whole time. Now it's out on DVD and I can. Get a cinder block full of A/V awesome thrown at your whole soul.


SSS: The Dividing Line : Short Sharp Shock Ladies and Gentlemen. Short Sharp Shock


Bird Barbie : It's like everything I ever hoped would happen to my sister's Barbie dolls was made real. Is this sexist? Sure. But ask yourself this Rachel Maddows of the world: Would you laugh if Laura Bush or Sarah Palin got this treatment? I thought so.


Snuggie : From their website: "Blankets are OK, but they can slip and slide, plus your hands are trapped inside." Exactly! Thanks Snuggie! You are all I ever want to wear, ever again. Ever. As a matter of fact, can you take me to our leader? I want to give him all I own and study at the compound.


Coonskin : Ralph Bakshi's classically controversial cartoon movie about street life in 1970's Harlem. Super, supercharged racial movie worthy of review in our new "post-racial" era.


Bloodbath- The Wacken Carnage DVD/CD: Santa will you come down from heaven and grant my wish to be eaten by this DVD?


Logos From Hell: A WMD for the Cryptologic Jihad. This new release is the tip of an amazingingingingly rich body of illustrative goodies rooted in darkness and crafted with love. Riddick Owns.


Îíî-òî êîíå÷íî äà, îñîáî åæåëè... íî äîâåäèñü îíî äî êàæäîãî - òîãäà ïîæàëóñòà ;)

Posted by: advillduece at December 20, 2008 2:46 PM

Yeah what he said.

Posted by: Aaron at December 20, 2008 3:40 PM
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