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December 17, 2008

{     Converse X UNDFTD (Poorman's Weapon)     }    


BOOM. And here they are, the shoes I've always dreamed of - a new cut of Converse similar to chucks, but made over by LA-based streetwear giants UNDFTD. Honestly, I could give two Dunks and a Cobrasnake sticker whether or not these were made in partnership with Undefeated, actually preferring they not be so's I could actually track down a pair for a decent price upon release. But track them down I will, and I'll easily pay more for these than I ever have for any other shoe. Yup.

So yeah, these Chuck-ish Cons are inspired by classic military bomber jackets and designed by the Undefeated crew, looking sleek and simple at first but then bursting with subtle detailing. These high-dollar "Poormans" feature removable velcro logos, signature patches, contrast orange lining, and UNDFTD strikes on the side of the sole.

I am absolutely infatuated with this design and were Converse to offer these cuts in classic canvas, minus the Undefeated detailing then they just might have their next classic sneak. I'd buy these in black canvas over and over for years times infinity...


Get 'em exclusively at Undefeated and at in January. Sigh. A few more pics available at Wish me luck.


The cool

Posted by: malual at February 26, 2009 2:56 AM
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