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October 7, 2008

{     Insight - Fall/Holiday o8'     }    


After a season of prints seemingly inspired by the hipster beach bum, Insight seems to be leaning more towards the taste of the old-timey inspired hipster with their fall collection. A re-emergence to diamond prints, cool cut preppy dress shirts, and old skool plaid inspired garments. Don’t think they’ve forgotten the unique, wild style design scheme as they’re still represented in force. They even managed to make a skinny jean that is somewhat tolerable called "Loose Joints." I still hate the f*ckers, but I know some people out there still like skinny's so, a ray of light exists. Insight has simply managed to take the outrageous and comfortable fashions and blend them together. At the very least, I’d drop by their website and give their Autumn line a closer look.

Click Here to check out Insight


to the west virginia folks:

a lot of times Gabriel Brothers will have insight stuff for real cheap (5 dollar t-shirts and the like)

i scored a couple good ones there.

Posted by: Ryan Catcher at October 9, 2008 6:36 PM
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