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July 23, 2008

{     Slept On Sounds: Pelican City     }    


First: There's candy if you get into this car, I promise.
Second: But it's that hard Grandparent candy that's hard to swallow.

DOWNLOAD: Pelican City "Sesame Street" (zshare 320)


Listen: Pelican City is wicked. Hear that. That's a big beat my friend. I miss those, and this one is like a caged wild animal that might make Billy Squier's wiener shrivel. It's the type of beat that makes my body listen. So I'm already sold on this song instantly. And I hope you are too.

But there's more...

This track crawls and creeps until your nodding your noggin and asking for more, and when you start surrendering your body to the guitars - they taunt and tease and build that crescendo baby until it winds down with a piano searching for solace with each stroke but falling . . . short

. . .and then it becomes something completely different - like a little addendum that bookends some quiet frenzy with a novelty car horn. AWOOGA!

But it's good.

And that fuckin' guitar. Seriously. Back to the guitar. I haf'ta tell you what I see when I hear that guitar wail, because it's kinda fucked up and doesn't make any sense.

This track comes from an album called Rhode Island, but instead of the intended Pelicans and harbor and sea sounds - I see a silent and ghastly New York City. I'm surrounded by the tourist New York I went to on an Eighth Grade school trip. It's of course not the real New York that I imagine exists, but the one that my pop-imagination has replaced it with -- the only thing baring a close resemblance to this is the New York is from a comic, DMZ.

I guess I like my New York un-Giulianied Dirty. Gritty. And dead. (Go read the first issue of DMZ here, it's free and legal and encouraged).

Dead New York: I look up. I'm in the midst of nothing. Just cold lonely air, staring up at mammoth buildings that'd dwarf my mountains back home - I know the names of some of them, but I can't recall them. They're not real. They're all like giant adults and I'm a house cat who can't find a leg to rub on.

And then I hear that beat. The one that could neuter Billy Squier, and I hear a guitar amp crackle and I know I'm in some serious shit.

And it starts. Crazy dead fuckers start chasing me. And I run.

And the song plays.

And it's way more chilled out than the quicken twitch of the God Speed! You Black Emperor song used famously in the WTF? EMPTY LONDON OMG! scene of 28 Days Later, but Pelican City fills my imagination and I roll with it. It's got the same intensity and immersion necessary to keep my feet moving in this marathon so I go go go with it.

There's too fucking many empty cars and locked buildings in this dead alive town...

My heart slams thru my chest, and I want some water. And I run. And all that silly word verbiage I used above like "taunt and tease" and "searching for solace" really pisses me off now.

This becomes life and death. I'm going to get ripped apart. I'm going to. Get. Ripped. Apart.

DEATH, it's gonna happen. And whatever my reward is when my legs give out and I hit the pavement and the scraped knee and nausea are the least of my worries - this song is here.

And the piano searching for solace, and it's there. A pulse. A rhythm. A religion. It's there. This song. It's me. Me.
I don't know dude, that's just how I see the song.

It's a beautiful soulful song, but I see almost-corpses chasing me in a very panicked way. And usually when I run I imagine I'm Renton and I got Iggy beating me senseless, but there's more than a lust for life, there's a lust for sound, something that gets antiqued by the quick pace of shit today - Where an album is out a couple months before it's out and the next big thing is already boring and drained of life.

So maybe the panic, the running, and the zombie story weren't really pointless, eh? Maybe metaphors for today's music.

Gawdd. I hope so. If not this whole thing be laaaaame.

Anyways. Back to business: I found this track lurking in one of those old CMJs. The ones that came in paper you could cut out and put in a jewel-case. I've been sorting thru a couple dozen of these, going all nostalgia on some, but mostly feeling I slept on some greatness. I got a couple tracks I'm going to share with the lot of you in the hope of shedding some light on some slept on sounds. Shit that just DOES IT and does it RIGHT.

But there's also another agenda, and another rant if you wanna follow me:

I think the blogs are clogged with too much of this razor bass smash and grab stuff. Call it Electro-House, or Neu Rave or whatever you want, but it's really starting to get played out.

At first THE BLOGS were great for finding new music, but now it seems the over exposure has helped homogenize it. They went from tastemakers to school lunch ladies - serving the same scheduled shit. And sometimes you get pizza or the taco salad boats - but more often it's steamed broccoli and cheese or "mystery meat".

((I really considered killing this addendum - this damn novelty car horn going too loud at the end of all of this non-sense, but it needs to be said. I think about it a lot.))

Now I ain't talkin' shit just to talk shit. I love this type of music. This music seems solely constructed to make me shake my ass. These evil europeans nerds and laptop mixing messiahs know exactly how to make a track JUMP. JUMP. JUMP THE FUCK UP. But sometimes I need to chill. And not Iron and Wine chill, but something different - something not sadly (yeah I used sadly?! WHAT?!) - I need something smooth, that makes me see Zombies.

I need tracks like this. I need Pelican City.

Anyways. Check it: 2 surprises on this one, but you gotta promise that you'll download and listen first so as not to ruin it.

After you've come back highlight the spoiler text below:

Welcome back compadre. As promised, below are two surprises, way hyped up now and I hope was worth your time.

1. You know that change up at the end was fuckin' tight. Sunny Days, everything A-OK! Novelty Carhorn or perfect ending? Hard to decide...

2. PELICAN CITY is an alias used by DJ DANGERMOUSE when he recorded two downtempo albums and one EP during 1999-2002. He actually did a lot of cool shit before the grey album, check it out sometime.

     » Download: Pelican City "Sesame Street" (zshare 320)

     » Pelican City info on Wikipedia


why'd did I get tagged in facebook for dis shit awww shucks

Posted by: hated chinee at July 26, 2008 4:52 PM
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