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June 3, 2008

{     Lil' Wayne "The Carter III"     }    


Finally it leaked. Lil' Wayne's The Carter III is here and since you'll read about it everywhere, there's not much I'm gonna say. Here are the two heaters off it that I can't stop listening to. They're not the best tracks by far, but they're stuck in my head and everyone else is gonna be posting the Hova joint anyways. They are the instant summer jam "Let The Beat Build", an aptly named burner produced by Kanye West, and "La La", the so-bad-it's-good track produced by David Banner (featuring Busta Rhymes). "La La" is really hard to like with its strange beat and, well, just wait 'til you hear it, and Wayne's rhymes are just plain dumb in parts, however it's still a fun track that I've listened to many times over already today. "Let The Beat Build" is another solid piece from Kanye, set up to knock you down all summer long. "That's how you let the beat build biiiiitch. It goes boom, ba-boom, ba-boom. It go boom, ba-boom, ba-boom. Let the beat build biiiiitch..."

808 and a snare. It may be simple, but it works. You just wait.

     » Lil' Wayne "Let The Beat Build" (zshare)
     » Lil' Wayne "La La" (zshare)

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