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March 23, 2008

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Ever since I found about the Anticon label and the various groups and projects that fall under the name of Anticon I knew I liked these cats. I think my first encounter with them was when I heard Doseone on the track Drawbridge with Aesop Rock, I'm not sure though, that could be a lie.

Either way, Dose's voice and flow intrigued me and I had to hear more from him and anyone associated with him. After a while I became familiar with all the guys and different groups and side projects that made up Anticon, (see Sole, Why?, Themselves, Odd Nosdam, Alias etc.) This was years ago and I have yet to become tired of their sound and the work they put out. When I heard that Why? was coming to a venue near me I made plans to take off that day from work or whatever else I had to do. I took my girlfriend to this little place in Virginia, about 70 miles from where I live to see Why? and the two other acts that went on before them, which were great as well. Doofgoblin was up first and then Cryptacize and finally Why?. Doofgoblin is considered experimental and IDM and I suppose that's an appropriate genre for him to be filed under. The laptop that he uses kind of crapped out near the end of his set unfortunately, but what was heard was good stuff. I think that Doofgoblin enjoys making the crowd think that there is going to be a steady beat, something that they can tap their foot to, only to suddenly and completely switch things up. I know that every now and then I was anticipating a beat and once I got used to something resembling a rhythm a sudden squelch dropped and everything changed. I find it rather funny actually because it's guaranteed to be something different every time and most certainly not predictable. Cryptacize took the stage next. They were nothing like Doofgoblin, they played actual instruments (guitar, auto harp, triangle, drums, and other assorted maraca-type sound makers.) It was one girl and two guys and the overall feeling was a very laid back and mellow one, soothing at times. Watching them play was fun as well because you got to see how they related to one another as far as when to play which note and have it drop at the exact moment that the drum hits. Very well put together. Finally it was time for Why? and by this time the small venue was close to being packed. The unmistakable voices of Yoni and Josiah Wolf could be heard as they made sure all the instruments were set up and in good working order. "I can't believe it! I'm getting to see Why? finally!", I thought to myself. It was a great show and one really cool thing I noticed was that they used a great classic electric piano, a Fender Rhodes Seventy-Three. An interesting side note to this is that when my parents got married and I was just a lil baby (yes, I was born out of wedlock. Oh no!) my old man's really good friend played the piano at their wedding. The piano he played was one Fender Rhodes Seventy-Three electric piano. Years later I acquired that same piano and I've still got it. It's got a great warm and deep sound to it that only can come from being analog, a perfect sound for, say, a band like Why?. All in all, as I said before, the show was awesome, but my only regret is that they didn't play 21st Century Pop Song, but what can ya do? They can't play every song right? Be sure to check out the new albums that Why? and Cryptacize have released called Alopecia and Dig That Treasure! respectively.

- Contributed by Jerry:

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