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February 20, 2008

{     Sin In Linen - 2008 Calendar     }    


I've been a fan of Sin in Linen's pin-up and custom culture inspired bedclothes and housewares since day one, and I've always appreciated the classic work from which they've drawn their inspiration. With the release of their '08 calendar, I now find SiL not only paying homage to the old-school pin-up greats, but contributing to the modern canon themselves with a fun, sexy and classy collection of pics showcasing their products being cavorted upon by a bevvy of beautiful dames.

I was immediately reminded of the vintage promotional nudie/cutie calendars of yore, but with a decidedly more lighthearted and empowered twist. These aren't tasteless pictures of scantily clad gals draped over a company's product/logo, the Sin in Linen calendar trades in the sleaze for some clean and cheeky shots of real women who appear to be having *gasp* real fun posing for the pics included.


The calendar was shot by photographers Hurricane Lilly (of Rat City Rollergirls fame) and Rob Butler (aka RJB Photo). Among the lovely ladies featured are burlesque luminaries Go Go Amy and The Swedish Housewife along with pin-up stunners LaVeena Lotus, Rose Algren, LuLu Bell, Samantha Torpey, "Dirty Little Secret", Lucky Penny, Dee Dee Merritt and the astounding Audrey Forth (as seen at the top of the post). Sin In Linen founder and operator Sandy Glaze also makes an appearance (one of her jaw-dropping pics can be seen above), and she even managed to con her dear mother into an (decidedly more clothed) X-mas themed shot for the month of December.

I spoke with Sandy briefly about the calendar, the process for shooting as well as how she selected the models and here's what she had to say:

"I directed the shoot for the calendar in one day at my house! So the models are all friends of mine who I knew could come prepared. Most of them are pretty well known local burlesque dancers and pinup models.

It was a fun and crazy day. And of course, once the shoot was done we all got drunk and had a pillow fight wearing our heels. Cause that’s what girls do, right?..."

While the Sin in Linen product line often takes a backseat to the ladies cavorting upon/amongst them, it's great to see the pieces in action, in contrast to the usual static catalog shots. I actually own the sheet set Sandy is lounging on above (the black and white "Wallflower" Victorian set) and the calendar pic does a good job of showing how dramatic it looks in person, how the design really pops once you see it in context. I've owned my "Wallflower" set for a year now, and they still look that great despite repeated washings.

The calendar also serves as a nice snapshot of the huge variety of items Sin in Linen is now offering, from their custom throw pillows and kitchen and bar towels to the rad selection of prints available in sheet sets (my new faves: the Pink Leopard and the Tattoo Flash on Bone). Whether you're living the full-custom lifestyle and enjoy personalizing every aspect of your day-to-day existence or just enjoy the look of these pieces and the beautiful dames featured herein, I recommend picking up an '08 calendar and investigating Sin in Linen for yourself. I guarantee you'll look forward to each passing month...

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Adam, awesome find man.

Posted by: A.J. at February 21, 2008 6:57 PM

Calendar = Great. Sin In Linen = I don't know. I'll see something by them that I really like then the next thing will be really Hot Topicy. Although, the siren song of the Pin-Up Girls cal is certainly sweet music to my ears. Ears = Erect Penis.

Posted by: Lindsey at February 21, 2008 10:05 PM

I get what you're saying about "Hot Topicy" but they've really moved away from that over the past couple of years. And it helps to see the items in person, there's a level of quality there that you may not get from the photos online. One of my favorite things I own from them is one of their least-hyped products, a set of tumblers screened with some amazing Eric Kroll-esque domination/fetish scenes. They've made a fabric print that incorporates those images into a toile-like pattern that I'm just waiting for them to do more with.
I'd guarantee that if you see something from SiL that catches your fancy, were you to pick it up you would not be disappointed.
I'm getting Heather one of their aprons for when you two move in together. I realize it's more of a gift for you, let's just hope she doesn't.... (wink)

Posted by: Adam at February 21, 2008 11:52 PM
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