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January 22, 2008

{     David Flores' Mickey Mouse     }    


Stunning stencil artist David Flores apparently teamed up with Medicom this month to produce this bonkers signature Mickey Mouse, covered in Flores' trademark camo pattern. The five-inch figure is for now only for sale at for about $45 US, so now you gotta decide if the shipping is worth it to you... (correct answer is yes). It even matches the palette!


That is dope!!!

I'm not much of a Disney-head, but these vinyl pieces from Medicom are insane. There's a "Runaway Brain Mickey" modeled off the old-school Mickey cartoons, where he's all gnarly and rabid-looking that is just amazing, and really all of the pieces in this line are stunners, especially if you're into Disney even a tiny bit.

Posted by: Adam at January 22, 2008 8:16 PM

You know, I've always loved Disney stuff, but the few solid things they release are typically ruined by the sheer glut of franchise crap that flies out of the Walt-copymachine...

Here's the thing if you ever go to Disney: there are about 100 rides and attractions (total guess) versus about 125,050 shops that sell Disney riff-raff. However, out of those there are maybe 2-3 shops tucked into corners or little alleys that actually sell amazing collectors stuff.

You gotta be sure to seek them out because that's the thing about DIsney, they pump out tons and tons of pure shit because they know oh so well what we also know: people love to buy total shit. But that said, they're also very capable of dropping some of the most amazing little gems we've ever seen...


Posted by: Garrett at January 23, 2008 12:49 AM
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