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December 31, 2007

{     GSB Top TRACKS & REMIXES in the '07     }    

A baker's dozen of my fave tracks from '07, and just because, my Top Twelve Remixes as well. More info and MP3 links after the jump...


Top Tracks
1. LCD Soundsystem 'Someone Great'
2. The Field 'A Paw In My Face'
3. The Teenagers 'Sunset Beach'
4. Jay-Z 'Hello Brooklyn 2.0'
5. Thieves Like Us 'Drugs In My Body'
6. KanYe West 'Good Life'
7. Pete & The Pirates 'Knots'
8. Aesop Rock 'None Shall Pass'
9. The Rakes 'When Tom Cruise Cries'
10. José González 'Down The Line'
11. Simian Mobile Disco 'Hustler'
12. Lil' Wayne 'La La La'
13. UGK feat. Outkast 'Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)'


Top Remixes
1. Snowden 'Anti-Anti (Treasure Fingers Remix)'
2. Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse 'Valerie (Baby J Remix)'
3. M.I.A. 'Paper Planes (Remix feat. Bun B & Rich Boy)'
4. Matt & Kim 'Yeah Yeah (Flosstradamus Remix)'
5. Amy Winehouse 'Tears Dry On Their Own (NYPC's Fucked Remix)'
6. Kanye West "Get 'em High (A-Trak Remix)'
7. Rihanna - "Umbrella (VNDLSM Remix)"
8. Justice 'D.A.N.C.E. (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)'
9. The Cribs 'Men's Needs (CSS Remix)'
10. Fat Joe 'Make It Rain (Remix w/ R. Kelly, Lil' Wayne, TI, Rick Ross)'
11. Feist '1234 (VanShe Tech Remix)'
12. Notorious B.I.G. 'Party & Bullshit (RATATAT Remix)'

1. LCD Soundsystem 'Someone Great' (mp3)
I had the hardest time deciding whether to put this or 'All My Friends' here, but the John Cale cover of 'Friends' decidedly one-ups the LCD version, so um, yeah, 'Someone Great' comes out on top. This is bliss.

2. The Field 'A Paw In My Face' (mp3)
No other song has done a better job of inducing that hazy feeling of running your hands over crests of tall wheat. It stutters and endears you, entrances you. Completely irresistible.

3. The Teenagers 'Sunset Beach' (mp3)
Another filthy winner from these pretty boys, it's pop supreme. Shimmers and builds, crashes in your sheets.

4. Jay-Z 'Hello Brooklyn 2.0'
So wrong, but damn, so so so right. And not only does Jay rock over the my fave beat from the Beastie's, 'Hello Brooklyn', but he invites Lil' Wayne on it to turn that shit from a yacht to a full-cannons battleship.

5. Thieves Like Us 'Drugs In My Body'
The going-out anthem for '07, it made you feel like you were going to have the best night of your life every time you stepped out. It made you feel debaucherous and dirty, fabulous and sly.

6. KanYe West 'Good Life'
This one 'Ye hit out of the park. It's right in every way, T-Pain included. "Let's go on a livin' spree" indeed, this track made me feel so, well, good every time I heard it. It's dumb, yes, but who cares? It's the funnerest song in '07!

7. Pete & The Pirates 'Knots' (mp3)
I loved these UK dudes this year, writing great rock jams that makes the whole room jump up and down. Damn, this song is so much fun! It's the quintessential band-playing-in-your-living-room-partying-while-your-parents-are-out-of-town song.

8. Aesop Rock 'None Shall Pass'
Hip-hop track of the year for me, Aesop just kills it and Blockhead brings the production we've been missing. The guitar in the background is so subtle, the chorus so solid, and when he says 'None shall pass' and the sample rolls, you just fucking drop.

9. The Rakes 'When Tom Cruise Cries' (mp3)
Off every radar (Stateside), The Rakes wrote a track about Tom Cruise crying in PTA's 'Magnolia'. It's epic, has the best fake-out fade-out come-back ever, is the only song to use that weird cellphone interference in your speakers sound, and the chorus was in my head for WEEKS. I'm talking 'Tom's Diner' stuck in your head dude. But in a really, really good way.

10. José González 'Down The Line' (mp3)
I spent several nights sitting in my car at night for some reason or another, listening to this song so loud with my eyes closed. It's the prettiest song released this year, hands down. Mr. Heartbeats did it again.

11. Simian Mobile Disco 'Hustler' (mp3)
At the minute mark the whole bottom drops out of this shit and it's like someone dropped the fucking Roman Colosseum on the back of your sweaty neck. The girl speaks about having no cash to buy records, how she steals her swag, then rocks it HARD. Being broke never sounded so rad.

12. Lil' Wayne 'La La La' (mp3)
Wayne was lyricist of the year in my book, and thankfully the most prolific as well. My iTunes is busting with Lil' Wayne tracks by now, but this is the one that I just can't ever turn down. Not his strongest lyrically, but the tinkling piano and hopscotch vibe guarantee this will be on my summer playlist for many years to come.

13. UGK feat. Outkast 'Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)'
Why this didn't blow up 5,000 times harder just confounds me. So fun, bouncy, and just a little grown up, I'd much rather this be chanted on the playground than a song about supersoaking a girl and giving her a superman any day. Oh well, guess they should have made a dance to go with it.

Honorable Mentions:

Everything else Lil' Wayne touched. For serious. Two that come to mind are 'Upgrade' & 'I Feel Like Dying'.

Snoop Dog 'Sexual Eruption'
Unfuckwithable. The video turns this piece of gold to platinum, and I have the suspicion that time will brush this one to the side of novelty, but I do so love it right now.

A Band of Bees 'Listening Man'
A great pop song brandishing brass that many thought even after multiple listens was at least 30 years old. It's the best love song written this year, with a great video to match. I love the Bees, you should too. Do yourself a favor and get this whole album.

Lykke Li 'Little Bit'
A simple couple strings and a heartbeat rhythm just kinda work their way into your bloodstream. Please, watch the video, you'll be hooked.

Chromeo 'Momma's Boy'
Another cheesy pop from Chromeo, this wasn't everyone's fave off their new album, but it was without a doubt mine. Great song idea? Check. Chromeo keys? Check. Smokin' guitar solo? Check.

Teenage Bad Girl 'Break Out The Wheel'
Thee Hardest Electro Track This Year. The Waters of Nazareth of '07. It just fucking grrrrrrrrrrinds.

The Cool Kids 'Black Mags'
Chicago's Cool Kids helped make hip-hop fun again in '07, bright colors, simple beats, fun rhymes, good times. This track about their BMX bikes is probably my fave, but you can't go wrong with 'Eighty Eight' or I Rock' either.

By Garrett in Notice

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