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November 6, 2007

{     Snapshots from the London Art Fairs     }    

The London Art Fairs ( Frieze, Zoo, Pulse, Year 07, etc.) which wrapped up in the UK a few weeks ago have been well documented on most all of the major art blogs by now. What most lacked though was a distinct absence of what they are supposed to be all about: the art. Well has come to the rescue. A few hundred snapshots have been posted on of all the work we thought fit to bring to your attention.

A conspicuous lack of credits may leave you wanting for who made what and what gallery exhibited them. We apologize. With too much to see in too short a period of time we only had the capacity to document the frenzy photographically. A justification took the form of an equation that went through our heads while racing around the fairs. It looked like this: No credits + only art = no egos = no pretentious hierarchy = judgement of the validity of the work based on it's own merits = (we hope) better reporting.

I know some of you still might think we're throwing the artist out with the bathwater (refer to aforementioned apology). If you're THAT interested in who'ses and what'ses we suggest you dig into the fair's websites under their exhibitors section and suss it out yourself. They've got all the details covered amply. Or just set the flickr page up on slide show and enjoy the cascade of creativity.

     » London Art Fair Snapshots
     » Frieze Art Fair
     » Zoo Art Fair
     » Pulse London Art Fair
     » Year 07 Art Fair


It's almost as though I were there with you, trapped inside your camera, only able to open my eyes 150 times.

Posted by: Adam at November 5, 2007 8:39 PM
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