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October 2, 2007

{     Star Wars Tees from Chop Shop     }    


Anyone who knows me knows that whenever Star Wars comes up I just shake my head and sigh ("Yeah, it's okay I guess, but dude, you've got a Star Wars BLANKET hanging on your wall."). I mean, if you're going to put three flicks up on a pedestal, then all I gots to say is this: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! And if we're playing by sci-fi-only rules, then my money is on Starship Troopers every time. Then there's what has been Star Wars merch in recent years. The franchise has been taken from already ridiculous and cranked into some Teletubba-Barneyforce-in-space-type-shit. Maximum cheese.

Well, the guys at Chop Shop have managed to wrastle the vintage Star Wars goodness back from the double-ended-saber-dweebs and made some shirts that people whom do not think wallpaper made out of toy packaging is cool might actually wear. Instead of the lame-o way S'Wars shirts have been done oh so many times before, they've gone and gotten all Von Dutch on Lucus' ass with three shirts (Vader, Chewy and a Raider) and given them a beautiful pinstriping design. They may still be geeky, but they're kinda upper-class geeky. Less Boba Fett bedsheets, more Storm Trooper helmet if you will. More saber-severed Luke, less cutesy what's-the-face- dumb-character-from-the-new-ones- that-I-don't-even-give-enough-of-a- shit-about-to-look-up-it's-name.

Check 'em out at the Chop Shop Store!



Your hate is legendary.
I'm sorry that Star Wars didn't have enough General Lees and Roscoe P. Coltranes for you, GSB. I think they tried to get Michael Keaton for the prequels but he was too busy filming "Jack Frost".

And I can't believe you're calling me out on that whole pedestal thing. Yeah, I've got the OG Star Wars Trilogy in my home on an actual physical pedestal of sorts, but it's not alone up there, it's accompanied by the other two greatest trilogies in all of Geekdom- Indiana Jones and LOTR. It's the Triumvirate of Nerdliest Fanboy Trilogies.
Wait, I'm just proving every thing you've ever said about SW nerds with this statement, aren't I?

Anyway, Chop Shop is blowing my mind with these designs. All of their gear is the poop, and these are no exception whether you're a fan or not.

Posted by: Adam at October 3, 2007 8:55 PM
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