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September 27, 2007

{     Nixon "Precinct" Backpack     }    


As the bells of class cancel the serene days of lounging and summer jobs, we find ourselves once again caught by the web of school. College, high school, or if we’re fortunate enough jobs that pay the rent and then some. In either of these circumstances we could really use some help to get by. Thanks to Nixon’s creative team, someone’s got your back.

Introducing the Nixon “Precinct” Backpack. This isn’t just a backpack, no way. This is a portable life saver. The “Precinct” Backpack is a huge leap from the bag I used to use in high school that has still left it’s impact on my poor posture. The “Precinct” model features enough space to carry your laptop and books, a place for your mobile phone, a nook for your audio player of choice and perhaps a CD or ten, and if you want to trim it down a bit some of it’s pockets are removable.

I gave this bag quite a bit of use and after thorough testing have to say it’s the best bag I’ve ever had. Ever. Thanks to Nixon for making another leap into the fray and covering my ass and yours (oh, and your back too).

Click here to check out Nixon’s “Precinct” model.


Looks rad, I like the boxy look. I'll have to keep an eye out...

Posted by: Garrett at September 27, 2007 6:29 PM
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