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September 6, 2007

{     SABRE - "Sunday" Shades     }    


Everybody's got their own take on how best to cure a hangover. My buddy swears by Pedialyte, the electrolyte stocked beverage used to rehydrate toddlers with diherreah. Another friend insists that eating a slice of Wonderbread before passing out will stave off the hang'. Personally, I'm a fan of two glasses of water and a multivitamin, but since getting my hands on the Sunday, I'm adding a mandatory half-day of wearing these bad boys to my list.

It's as though they were specially formulated to enable advanced post-party recovery: The voluminous lenses envelop your eyes in comforting darkness, the thick frame rests comfortably and securely across your noggin and their size and opacity shield you from the prying eyes of the annoyingly sober and chipper morning crowd. Essentially, they make an otherwise intolerable day-after bearable.
The Sunday comes at you in 3 colorways - white w/ black accents, black w/ white accents, and my fave- the black and blue combo seen above.

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It's got what plants need!

Posted by: Garrett at September 7, 2007 7:39 AM
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