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July 18, 2007

{     The Great Exhibition - RCA lowbrow graduates     }    

Why is the Royal College of Art graduate show any more relevant than that of any other art school? Because alumni include, in random order, Tracey Emin, David Hockney, Ridley Scott, Henry Moore.... Not only have most of the "Young British Artists" been involved with it to varying degrees (for example, the Christmas card benefit sale in which anybody could buy a piece by Damine Hirst without knowing it), but lots of other super famous artists have passed by its studios. Graduating from the RCA is a pass-port to the best art galleries in the world so.. you better watch out for the new graduates. One day they will be famous. And admired. And will sell each piece for millions and more.

More likely only a couple of them will know that level of universal fame, but thankfully the art world has many cracks and crevices and the particular niche known as lowbrow could well crown its new star from this bunch. Because the potential for the new Gary Baseman, John Burgerman or Dalek is all there and the students presenting works belonging to this current are many.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest lowbrow tribe graduated from the Animation programme, some artists making the most of simple black lines on the path drawn by David Shrigley, others working in 3-D and other tecniques. These are the ones to watch (many have websites worth investigating, should you have the time or be looking for the fluke of your life: buying a piece from emergincg artists doomed to fame).

Ed Suckiling - presenting Heather, which you can see entirely here, his inspiration for this work seems dark and grim, his lines simple and his voiceover an added dramatic element.
Martin Pickles - his Like Me Only Better is a hand drawn gem about Martin's psycosis and the (pill) solution to them. Raw and funny.
Johnny Kelly - his Procrastination is a colorful, simple line animation about this well known feeling. The final video is polished and very visually diverse.
Doctor Simpo - a true all around lowbrow artists doing Comic books, illustrations and animations. The style is colorful and riminiscent of late 60s and 70s comic books with a trash side. He is already publishing (independetly), so have a look around comic stores to buy a piece of his work.
Mark Reisbig - presented Time Is Running Out as graduation project: a little, wonderfully crafted world of its own. Beautiful tecnique and realization.
Micheal Zauner - It Good is a very mature product exploring once again the supernatural theme but with a very twisted, bizarre story and great visuals.
Nuno Costa - Twenty Questions is one of the best crafted pieces presented: a stop motion animation where care has been put in every tiny detail. The story once again revolves around a man and his unhappy life.


Simon Collins - his series of acrylic on alumunium was a real show-stopper. These pieces are sure to sell and Simon is, more than others, close to a solo show. You will hear from him again.
Laura Oldfield Ford - her murales, coloured in neon pink and acid yellow, were striking and at the same time contemporary and fashionable. Her work reminds you of zines: bad xeroxed copies of anything. Her zine is huge, cover walls and is a visually compelling piece of art.
James Green - presented a wall covered with tribal masks made with paper with street influences. You can read bits Munch, Haring and Picasso in his work but this does not dectracts from its originality.
Will Martyr - huge geometrical structures painted with as geometrical patterns and resembling cities, deserted but colorful. Not exactly lowbrow but not too far either: somewhat the composition reminds of comic books as well.


Rayn McClelland - I really wish you could all see Ryan's work because it is superbly cool. Often monocrome lines draw purpously ugly full-figure portraits of destroyed, currupted, dirty youngster: "...sun sets upon tarmac and wide-eyed kidults come out to play; frolicking in the shadows of neon light they act out their own ersatz rock ā€˜nā€™ roll fantasies, where reality and fiction collide in chemically fuelled narratives of faux decadence.They are the real sons and daughters of capital, their branded screams echo banshee-like against the tenements and shopping centres. Trapped in a culture that feeds them false promises en masse, escape from such daily horror is sought through binge-drinking, dancing, shopping and fucking." These works are sure to be snatched by some lowbrow lover and are soon due due to be exposed somewhere.
Gemma Anderson - her images presents people and what they have inside accoding to Gemma. Beautifully drawn but disturbing at the same time.

That's all folks: the Great Exhibition, 2007 RCA graduate show, closed on June 28th and since these students are free guns for hire. Keep an eye on these names: they may be going very far...

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Holly shit!!!
You are alive... been wondering about you. Have not seen a post since you were talking about yer crazy chaps in the london digs. Was sure that they took you away in the middle of the night and sold you to some Un-royal son of a saudi prince or something! I know there is some story to be told. Drop a line....
Really glad to see yer post!

Posted by: manuel at July 18, 2007 8:50 PM

This looks amazing. Heather was brilliant and Gemma Anderson's Man, Leaf, Mountain was just stunning.

Posted by: A.J. at July 18, 2007 9:18 PM

SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK! And with such a nice piece...

Posted by: GSB at July 25, 2007 8:31 PM
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