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May 22, 2007

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Time flies when you’re having fun and if anyone can tell you that, it’s the watch makers of TOKYObay. Taking old school design and pinching it with a modern twist, TOKYObay has been making quality watches since 1991. Gaining notoriety ever since, recently TOKYObay unveiled a new line of watches and I was able to grace my wrist with one.

I’m always wary buying watches. It just seems in this modern age, as the kids call it, that one always carries a multitude of beaping, buzzing electronic devices that will remind you how much time you’ve wasted. With TOKYObay however, there is an aesthetic that is somehow soothing, regaling the times where your pockets carried your cash and not the means to planning your day.

Comfort wise, the watch felt great. It wasn’t cumbersome or akin to having a tracking bracelet on your wrist (how I know how this feels is a well kept secret). Best of all, while you’re enjoying the chance to stay prompt and punctual, you’re also sure to get some looks of admiration for being able to swing such a sweet watch.

An all around great line, TOKYObay is definitely a great place to park it and look over if you’re in need of keeping up with the time(s).

Check Out TOKYObay...


i seriously have no less than 10 tokyobays. so awesome.

Posted by: rachel at June 6, 2007 4:54 AM
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