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May 10, 2007

{     "Dudson's Modern Tales" by Nathan Jurevicius     }    


Created by the man behind Scary Girl, Nathan Jurevicius, I just found out about his latest Canadian sensation, Dudson's Modern Tales. For Dudson’s Modern Tales, Nathan has taken a few of his popular Minitreehouse characters, made some minor adjustments, and created an animated series about their lives, each episode one minute or less. The series is about life's trials, accomplishments, and setbacks depicted thru Nathan's absurd eye. From Decode Entertainment:

DUDSON'S MODERN TALES is a collection of highly stylized shorts that center on Dudson, an off-beat, absurd cab driver, along with his friends who are an eclectic cast of characters. DUDSON is about getting through the day with all of life's frustrations and small victories. It's Dudson's world and Normal is the New Weird.

Better yet, Nathan has taken those characters and created a new line of figures. The Dudson's Modern Tales mini figure series consists of four characters, again, re-envisioned for this series - Arkski, Heenie, Naal and Dudson himself. The toys are perfect for the shelf next to your Minitreehouse vinyls, and a must-have for all you Nathan J. fans.

A little about the characters: Dudson is a taxi-driver six days a week, a mild-mannered dude whom enjoys quiet forest strolls and watching the birds. Arkski is a sweet mother of two and runs a small developing nation. She's also really into Cat Power. Naal is the determined keeper of the toadstool patch, always on the lookout for 'shroom-eating spiders. Finally there's Heenie, the crank junkie of the bunch. A speed-freak, an 80's night DJ, and a Bollywood stunt driver.

Finally, they're two inches tall and come in a blind box assortment - no chase or mystery figures. You can get the set online for $10 Canadian from Magic Pony. To see more pictures and read a bit more about them, just head over to StrangeCo. for more, and to see more about the "Dudson's Modern Tales" series just visit the Dudson website!


Yeah son, Holdin it down!

Posted by: manuel at May 11, 2007 12:37 AM
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